Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yeast Bacteria & Electro-Frequencies

I am reading myself in circles on the fungal fragmentation of the immune system, and I do not see anyone addressing the electromagnetic (fungal) frequencies behind physical and chemical disorders. By observing how the release of chemicals and toxins lead to the physical distortion of bones, muscles and tendons I am beginning to consider that fungus, mycotoxins and related pollutants are triggering all kinds of brain injury and spastic shrinking of the tissues. What is capable of shrinking muscles and tissue? To what extent are fungus, yeast and mold infections being completely overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment of many kinds of early spastic related, and/or brain damage inside the womb or contracted in early childhood.

I ask myself, what can alter or interfere with biological growth processes, with cell division and with healthy chemical balance of the cells and of the blood? Yeast, surely! What if bacteria, fungi and yeast are visible forms of a smaller non-visible electrical building block of life that use them to break down matter? Some intelligent electrical frequency that guides elemental building blocks (fungus) to break down matter.

If yeast, bacteria and mold can alter the dynamics of human cell function, then how do they do it? They do it with electricity and with magnetism. They alter the polarity of the cells causing them to fall apart instead of holding together. That is what bacteria and fungus are suposed to do. Once the physical cellular structure has reached the point of exhaustion, yeasts, bacteria and fungi begin to grow and do what? They break everything down, they digest matter turning it into building block material again, and that's it.

How do yeasts, bacteria and fungi carry out this process of digesting and breaking down large complex blocks of matter? They would have to alter the electrical frequency of the cells. They must have a key to unlock the cellular codes and return all elements back to a prototype form. On the invisible spectrum this will be an electro-magnetic polarity key and on the visible spectrum it is chemistry. However, in observing how yeast and fungi effect complex molecular binding of atoms in humans and animals, the background alchemy is that fungi alter the magnetic composition, then the chemicals do the rest. The chemicals are the visible manifestation resulting from altering the electrical magnetism of the cells.

All of that can be reversed, if you know how to fine tune magnetism.

How much do birth defects have to do with chronic yeast, mold or fungal infections passed onto the foetus in the building of the human embryo? I write this, because these are not 'mysterious' processes. Each defect has its own characteristics, and that means is has a twin cause characteristic. That twin is probably one of the root cellular processes that can interact with the building-blocks of life: Yeast, fungi and bacteria. Maybe not in isolation, but all of them together in certain combinations effect matter. Maybe alone each of them is harmless. Maybe together, in certain strengths and combinations, the essential building blocks with the codes to break down matter can cause defects to occur?

How does matter get broken down? The microbes cooperate and coordinate in chemical relationship strings to dissolve matter and return complex structures back into essential building block material. Physical matter is broken down into particles by fragmenting the electrical frequency of the cells. The basic harmonic behind this process is a briliant piece of design engineering.

Here you have the physical material world, which is configured to allow unique physical experience interactions (life), and yet it also has to carry out basic functions of life and death. How can elements capable of entering the code strings and taking them apart, returning complex material forms back to their building block state, exist without posing a constant danger to life? Bacteria, fungi and yeast have the codes to dissolve matter. How do you then stop them dissolving matter?

I guess, you give them coordinated chemical packages designed to be effective through specific cooperation. The signal is us. When certain conditions allow yeasts, fungi and bacteria to multiply that is the electrical 'allowance code' to go ahead and dissasemble the cellular structure. We humans are so out of balance with our chemistry and our microwaves, antibiotics and pesticides, toxins and yeast provoking sugars that we create the environment which allows the combination package of yeasts, fungi and bacteria to begin the process of digesting matter. Sometimes even intruding into the womb, the chamber of life, chemically altering natural growth cycles.

Scientists are becoming concerned with an ongoing reduction in western fertility and lower sperm counts. Is yeast, mold and fungi behind this growing problem? Maybe it is?

Electro-Magnetic Frequencies
I was thinking about how molds and yeast multiply, and how these organisms have their own chemistry, their own frequency resonance, their own electrical signal and their own magnetic resonance. The weather changes from dry to humid, from cool to stormy, bringing changes in the electrical and magnetic resonance of the atmosphere. The yeast and bacteria are carrying out behavioural life cycles in relation to whether it is hot or cool, humid or dry and how much electricity in in the air.

The last 'allergy' reaction I had was not related to what I ate - but it was triggered by the weather. A massive thunderstorm was building and the electrical charge of the air changed in the early hours of the morning. I was asleep. The electrical charge effected the polarity of the yeast and the fungi and it was like being hit by a train. I woke up real fast. There you have the KEY, or the magnetic resonance key. That is why we cannot have an imbalance of these basic yeasts and molds in our bodies, because they are altering the magnetic resonance and the magnetic polarity of the body.

I don't have the scientific language to explain what I observed. The key words are: Magnetism, polarity, frequency, electricity, chemical transformations, increasing charge, decreasing charge, electrical keys, magnetic keys, acidity. That is why people get so sick or are effected by changes in the weather. The magneitc signals and the life cycle behaviour of the yeast and fungi react to the electricity in the atmosphere. That is what we are feeling when we suddenly feel weak and sick due to changes in the weather. The electrical polatiry of yeast and mold disrupt the magnetic polarity of the body, which in turn disrupt the body functioning at a cellular level.

To put this in perspective, a virus can be dealt with by the immune system; but if the disruption is a massive electrical dis-resonant charge - how do we deal with that? Why do some people get badly effected by wireless signals and pulse microwaves and other people appear not to be effected? Do the people who are electrically sensitive have food or pollen allergies and maybe Candida? Yes, it is often related. Is it possible areas charged by microwave radiations or powerlines increase yeast/mold growths, creating an undetected health hazzard for the people living in those areas?

My theory is that the yeast and fungus cells react to poweful electrical fields making the human cells with fungus overgrowth vulnerable to those frequencies. It is possible that the yeast and the fungi cells increase during heightened electrical activity. Whatever they do they certainly do something. They may even conduct the pulse waves into the body causing increased discomfort.

It is not just one element but a combination of infections that lead to an overloaded immune response. Mass growths of fungi, yeasts and bacteria would allow certain bacteria to colonise the joints because the body cannot clean up and eliminate the overgrowth. To make matters worse colonies are growing in the colon and other areas of the body, reproducing, spreading and living out their life cycles. Therefore, creating for themselves the acidity and the magnetic polarity environments they need to exist. That altered polarity is what makes us sick.

My next consideration will be oxygen, cellular hydration, magnetic resonance and immunity keys.