Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inner Strength

"... and even if I pass away and am reborn, I will always be working, all the time and everywhere, to make the flower of Aikido bloom in this world."
The Secret Teachings of AIKIDO
- Morihei Ueshiba

It is not the easiest of things to teach oneself inner discipline and so cultivate inner strength. Inner strength is not force .. it is balance.

For thousands of years humans have conditioned themselves to believe that force is strength .. force gives us the advantage .. using force is preferred to not using force. Those times are now over. Times of restriction bring change.

Most humans have invested their lives in moving in the wrong direction .. where our energy .. our thinking .. our behaviour .. have been invested in following the path of force to get what we want.

We dominate Nature .. animals .. we dominate each other .. and very few people understand or even question the inner use of energy that we invest to create and maintain this out-of-balance world.

Always, in the natural cycles of Yin and Yang times of growth and prosperity are followed by times of restriction. Just as times of restriction are followed by times of growth. You can observe these cycles in Nature.

Take the common Dandelion (or any weed) .. often to be seen growing in the cracks that appear at the side of the road. Over many years I have observed the Dandelions that inhabit the cracks at the edge of our society. They adapt extremely well to variations in the growth cycles.

Sometimes the Dandelions are very large, with tall stalks, large green leaves and an abundance of yellow flowers. Not growing in a field or garden .. but growing in cracks between slabs of concrete. At other times the Dandelions are very small, with bonsai leaves and tiny flowers. It is the same root.

The same Dandelion root can adapt to each fluctuation in the growing cycle. Sometimes there is growth and abundance. Sometimes there is restriction and the root adapts to those conditions very fast. It is the same root!

Humans are not much different to Dandelions. Humans can also adapt to changing cycles. Adapting to change is inner strength and not force. Our strength is in our ability to adapt, which is really about how we internally use energy.

Going back to the Dandelions .. in times of restriction cycles the root does not grow big leaves and then cut back to small leaves .. and small flowers. The root produces small leaves and small flowers immediately in that season. How does the root know?

Energy = Inner Strength
You can train yourself over time to utilize, direct and apply force .. but inner strength is awareness, which is energy .. and that comes through observing yourself. Change (adaptation) is observing "what is". Observation is the energy of change.

You watch outwardly how Nature changes and adapts .. revealing the inner strength of the plants, birds and wild animals. Then the same observation applies to yourself. Observing ones own self is the natural compost nutrients that cultivates inner strength.

Growing in the cracks between your thoughts is intelligence.

If we do not look at the weeds growing in the cracks of our towns and cities .. we are not going to see them. People just walk past these plants and grasses. It is the same with "thought". If you do not observe and pay attention to your inner self .. you do not see the seeds of intelligence growing in the cracks between each thought.

Usually, our thoughts are on auto-pilot. Thought is its own self appointed king or queen of the mind/brain .. and thought takes all the energy to itself .. feeding its many fears and emotions.

Thought is like the slabs of concrete paving over the foundation of the real earth .. and intelligence is the real earth on which the concrete slabs are constructed. Intelligence can exist without thought .. but thought cannot exist without intelligence.

Energy is the key to unlock this labyrinth of the petty self.

The art of observation is not observing each and every thought .. but to observe the energy behind the thought .. because thought is simply a form of energy. On a deeper level, thought is how we use and apply energy.

The strange thing about energy is that observation changes the fundamental nature of energy. We can use energy on a totally petty and self-serving level .. or we can use energy on the highest levels. Observe the energy and the energy changes.

Back to the Dandelions .. the roots of the plants somehow mysteriously know the conditions they are awakening into. It is energy that tells the plants or communicates to them the nature of the cycle they are growing into. Alternating cycles are energy signatures.

In a way thought (the petty self) is like a one arm bandit .. you know! Three lemons .. three oranges and you get a payout. However, you are not putting coins into the one arm bandit .. but you are investing units of energy into the machine.

Humans invest life energy into the thoughts of the petty self as they keep pulling the lever trying to get three lemons or three oranges to appear .. the jackpot .. I want .. I need.

Trying to follow each and every thought of the petty self is like getting lost inside a never ending labyrinth. Observing the energy dissolves the walls that create the labyrinth of thought. Our selfish thoughts are energy constructs. It is simply how we use energy.

The strange things is that energy unlocks energy.

It is so simple .. a basic Universe of interactive energy that allows all things to communicate and exist. You can have bacteria intelligence, weed intelligence, tree and bird intelligence, grass intelligence all based on one fundamental: Energy!

We humans are too smart to figure out something so simple.

Like that inner strength cannot be simple. Inner strength cannot be subtle .. it cannot be small .. it has to be large. Inner strength is power. It is superior. Imposing. Powerful.

In Nature, a dark sky full of stars does not press down on our heads!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Europa Returns To Europe

Is Europa an extraterrestrial colony?

The mythical goddess Europa will soon appear .. wait for it! On Europe's new banknotes, called the 'Europa' series. Europa will appear on the watermark and in the holograph of the Euro. Bringing security and possibly divine intervention.

Don't laugh! I am serious!

Meanwhile the U.S. media are trying to make jokes about the new Euro banknotes being protected by a mythological deity [a woman] .. at the same time the U.S. Dollar has a pyramid with an all seeing eye printed on it !!!

The other more secretive factor no one wants to talk about is man's relationship with symbols and the unseen effects symbols have on human beings and on "energy" or "Qi".

Putting Europa onto the new Euro bank notes is not some conspiracy of esoteric magic .. it is a very real down-to-earth phenomenon, that affects our human world in a similar way to electricity.

Electricity cannot be seen .. but it can be felt. An electrical current brings your computer to life, but electricity is a dangerous force. If you touch it .. it can kill you. Yet! You benefit from its use each day.

An electrical spark starts your car... where would we be without transport? But don't touch the car battery .. you may not survive !!

Much more subtle than electricity is Qi / Chi / Prana life-force. Qi is your bodies life-force .. without which you cannot survive. Yet! How many of us are aware that it exists? Qi is in all living things .. plants and animals .. even inside crystals. Pyramids are rich in Qi .. that takes us back to the symbol on the Dollar bill.

Symbols have their own subtle energy. All symbols (of the ancient world) are based on Universal principles. They may have mythological meaning .. but they also have deeper meaning. Symbols can effect humans on superficial levels of thought .. or they can interact on deeper levels and layers of reality.

For me .. these symbols tell a story of the origins of mankind .. including relationship with the Heavens .. the mystery of the Universe .. the Constellations. Like a very ancient map leading to a very ancient treasure. This treasure and the path are inside us.

Europe takes its name from the myth of Europa and the Bull, the story of which is written in the heavens in the hieroglyph of the Constellation of Taurus.

According to a particular tradition and viewpoint that sees the myth as describing the spiritual purpose, archetype and geomantic nature of Europe, Europa (the goddess) is represented by the three lands known historically as Scotland, Ireland and Britain (i.e. England and Wales), known collectively and historically as The British Isles, whilst the Bull (the god, Zeus) is signified by mainland Europe.

As in the myth, the Bull rises out of the Black Sea with Europa on his neck and shoulders, his head down, back arched. In the good version of the myth, the Bull flies, for the cherubic or loving Bull is winged. Scandinavia is believed to signify the wings of the European Bull.
Peter Dawkins, Europa & The Bull

The move to put a holographic Europa on the Euro currency is much more than the lesser media minds making nervous jokes. Woman can lead countries in Europe .. but not in the United States.

Is Europa the Pleiadian Zone?

The story of Europa and the bull (Taurus) has to be an origins story disguised as a Goddess and a Bull. It was originally the mythology of the constellation of Taurus.

I do not understand the symbols .. but I understand the 'energy' behind the symbols. People generally do not understand that the human mind is designed to interact / interface with gylphs, pictograms and symbols.

This is why humans can design electrical circuits, read electrical plans, design and build complex structures using stone, wood and metal. It is part of how the human mind works.

If I take a computer apart and put it back together again, the motherboard, the processor, the RAM and the video cards .. are all easily understood by the human mind as three dimensional symbols. My mind instantly processes the structure as a complex symbol.

Why did ancient humans (our ancestors) conceive of the existence of a Fourth Dimension? We already live within the Fourth dimension, only our minds cannot see it. We do not directly interact with that dimension although it exists all around us.

How does this relate to Europa's holographic symbol?

Symbols are a form of energy that relate to and interact with all dimensions, from the lowest dimension to the highest dimension. The energy within the symbols can be as useful as an electric-current and they can be as dangerous as an electric-current.

This is why mathematicians can construct and test theories using mathematical models. Numbers and mathematical symbols are a language that applies in logical form to dimensions other than the one we currently inhabit. It is the same with pictograms and glyphs.

I have this theory that the whole Earth is an extraterrestrial colony and that humankind came from the Stars .. and that long before the imbalance occurred, the different Nations lived in harmony without wars.

But, that was a long time ago...

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Growing Red Thai Ginger Indoors

This is my successful "Karmic Red Thai Ginger". Planted at the end of June, 2012 .. from small sprouted ginger corms. Basically, in four months the plants produced nice fat ginger roots and are still growing strong [November].

I do not know what is under the soil. However, the surface ginger has grown exceptionally well.

I rooted the fresh dried ginger inside plastic bags, to keep the roots moist. Then I broke the sprouting corms off from the parent root and I put them into a compost soil that allowes better drainage .. soil that does not become soggy and wet. The planting soil is more like a natural biological coconut fiber type compost .. with no peat added.

Although the plastic planting container is deep, I planted the rooted ginger corms close to the surface. This method seems to work best of all. I think it is best to remove as much of the parent root as possible .. otherwise the larger root seems to root itself and slow down the fresh corm growth.

With the Red Thai Ginger, I sprayed water inside a plastic bag and left them until the small buds began to grow their own roots..

I am trying something new with the ginger I bought a few days ago. That is, to put the best looking roots on top of moist soil and cover the whole plastic grow container with a plastic bag. I spray them lightly once a day.

You can grow your Indoor Food Garden in anything. This container was from store bought baby Pak Choi .. and is perfect for rooting garlic cloves or ginger. The reason I do garlic is because I can grow my own fresh garlic greens.

It is really easy to do!
All you need are fresh garlic cloves. I break off the outer cover to allow moisture to soak into the heart of the cloves. Then I soak the whole garlic in some water for half a day.

I then place this onto my indoor container soil and cover with a plastic bag. In this case I am sprouting the ginger and the garlic in the same container.

Once the garlic greens start sprouting they can be planted into another container .. or simply remove the plastic bag and start growing the greens. The same can be done with onions. You can soak and plant baby onions indoors .. and harvest fresh onion greens.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Best Ginger In The World

The best Ginger in the world
Is the ginger you grow yourself

This is not my "Karmic Red Thai Ginger" .. which is still growing (indoors). This night-ginger is my first indoor growing of sprouting ginger corms from February, 2012 .. which, I have just "harvested".

Seriously! I did not harvest much ginger root out of this long season .. but even if you only get one ginger root .. it is the best ginger in the world. By far the best ginger. I have never tasted real ginger root until today !! That is the ginger I grew myself.

The first mistake I made is that I over watered the soil.

If you try growing your own roots indoors .. in plastic containers .. do not drown them in water. The first plastic container I used was too shallow .. and the sprouting root corms were too wet. So, I lost 70 percent of the growth.

I was so happy to have the beautiful tall ginger leaves growing from March through until November. Ginger greens are like beautiful slender potted plants. So lovely, that you do not have to grow ginger for the roots .. you can grow the ginger for its beauty.

I did not realise that I over watered the first ginger roots because the tall green leaves were so beautiful and growing so magnificently. The more they grew .. the more I watered them. This is how we learn = never be afraid to make mistakes .. and never be discouraged .. but learn from any "mistakes".

I later discovered that beautiful tall ginger greens do not necessarily mean beautiful crisp ginger roots. Most of the ginger under the soil had rotted away .. and were useless as a food source!

Except for these two ginger roots .. which had grown closer to the surface. Small but beautiful! These small ginger roots are the best ginger I have ever tasted!

I was surprised! I thought the fresh roots would taste sharper and stronger than store bought fresh ginger root. I was wrong! My own ginger tasted sweeter and more savory than normal ginger root from the market. Of course, this is Europe .. the ginger closer to home (in Asia) is probably a lot fresher '-)

I put the washed home grown ginger into a small pot of water to keep them fresh until I have used them. First I tried stir fry vegetables with ginger, fresh garlic and lemongrass. Usually, I do not stir fry .. I steam my vegetables or eat them raw .. and this was the surprise. My own fresh grown ginger was so sweet and not at all sharp or bitter. The taste was so gentle .. and so fragile. I was really amazed by the flavor.

I planted my "Red Thai Ginger" in June, 2012 .. into a deeper plastic container with the ginger corms at the top of the soil (not buried deep in the soil). Those roots are still growing [indoors] .. and the ginger greens are still green.

I will do another post on my "Red Thai Ginger" .. which was planted on the surface of deeper containers and was not over watered. Those ginger roots are really sprouting out of the soil [of an indoor garden].

I have this problem that they are so beautiful .. I do not want to harvest them. Today I began a new ginger sprouting batch .. which I will explain in another post. If you live in a warm climate or have a greenhouse .. you can continually grow your own fresh ginger all year round.

I have one important thing to say! In our society, today, we are so conditioned to get more .. get bigger .. if it is small - it is not worth it. So, what I am saying is the opposite...

It does not matter if you only grow enough ginger for two or three meals .. it will change your life! This is where words fail me. There are no words to describe or explain how growing your own food can transform you .. other than: Eat it!

In that respect, "small is beautiful".

What I have learned from the ginger plant is: Okay! We eat the local food from the farmers and growers .. that feeds our physical bodies. But .. we become enlightened when we eat the smallest part of the food we grow ourselves.

Do not think only of "the large" and eat only "the large" .. that makes us greedy .. but also think of "the small" and eat "the small" .. especially if you have grown it yourself.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Climate Change: The Ancient PIcts

In the Highlands of Scotland, the carved stones of the pre-Celtic Pictish people of Alba are the legacy of a mighty warrior race who defied and defeated Rome, who slaughtered hordes of invading Angles [Germans], and who quickly sent the invading Viking warriors back home.

By 845 A.D. the migrating Irish Celts had secured the Kingship of Pictish/Celtic Alba (Celtic Scotland). A Celtic Scot, Kenneth, Son of Alpin, son of a Pictish princess ruled over both Picts and Celts.

The Picts were a fiercely independent people, of which little is known today, other than that the Romans feared them. Rome built Hadrians wall in an attempt to stop the Picts attacking their Garrisons. The Picts were also said to be magnificent sailors, equally feared by the Romans.

By the end of the tenth century the Picts had completely and mysteriously disappeared. It is considered one of the greatest mysteries of the Scottish Highlands.

I don't think it is such a mystery... Being such masterful sailors, I think this unique and very different (to the Celts) Pictish ethnic race left the North of Scotland after their defeat and "Mac Alpin's Treason".

Rather than share Scotland with the Pictish Rulling families, the Gael warrior king Mac Alpin [son of Alpin] brutally murdered the families of the seven Pictish ruling households, securing power over Scotland for the "Gael line of Kings".

Climate Change & Turmoil 834 A.D.
I have this theory that "Climate Change" defeated the previously undefeatable Picts. Not just extreme climatic change in Alba/Scotland .. but more widespread climatic changes that affected the Vikings, the Angles, the Romans, the Gaels (Celts), the Gauls and the Normans.

I have this theory, that these cultures were all looking for and fighting over "resources" as well as "land" and "food". That is my theory...

Half Naked Picts & Naked Celtic Warriors
Half naked Picts in the North of Scotland, who took time to completely tattoo their bodies with elaborate designs. Naked Celtic warriors fighting battles against the Romans. Obviously, the climate had to be much warmer than it is now.

I also think that the mysterious Picts were a different ethnic race than the Gaels / migrating Irish Celts. The descriptions of the elaborate full body tattoos makes me think of the Japanese.

I don't think the Picts "disappeared off the face of the Earth"; but that once the seven ruling houses were destroyed .. the Picts sailed off to new lands. Most probably, because the climate was changing rapidly, and it was getting too cold to run around half naked in the Highlands of Scotland.

At the time the Picts were defeated, there was clearly some kind of mass migration/resource chaos taking place across ancient Europe.

Around 834 A.D. to 839 A.D. the Irish Gaels / Celts were on the move migrating in increasing numbers to Scotia - the Scottish Highlands. The Picts were fighting a wave of invading Celts. They were also fighting new waves of Viking hoards as well as Norsemen who conquered the Shetland Isles and the Orkney Isles as they pushed South.

It is clear from the early descriptions of half naked and naked Pictish and Celtic warriors that the Northern climate was a lot warmed than it is today. I think that after 834 A.D. climate temperatures began to radically decline leading to a push from Rome to control greater areas of land and dominate Europe as a move for self-survival.

I also think that the Mayan's had unique and extensive knowledge of these naturally occurring climate cycles, and this is why they became so expert in predicting each new cycle. The Mayans and many original Native Cultures knew about and understood these naturally occurring Earth climatic cycles.

Let's say that the ancient Picts began to experience a much colder climate than the one they were used to. At the time of the Picts, it was getting COLDER .. and today the climate appears to be getting WARMER. We are used to a much cooler climate .. just as the ancient Picts were used to a much warmer climate.

Climate & Civilisations
When climate temperatures alter RAPIDLY civilisations fall and decline as other civilisations rise and grow. Population density alters in relation to adaptability and ethnic / cultural resourcefullness.

For example, white Europeans adapted very well to a cooling climate .. using the advantage to colonise most continents on Planet Earth. As temperatures rise, Europe and America are going into decline in a similar way to the Picts and later the Gaels / Celts and the Gauls.

To say: We have to do something to stop changes in the Earth's climate .. is like going to the shore of the oceans and commanding the waves to stop.

The Earth's climate has been changing for millions of years!