Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Floating Platforms - In The Sky

In the dream I saw, 'high altitude platforms' floating above the planet. People would transit up to the platform, and work or rest while they waited for the Earth to rotate beneath them .. If engineers would build this today, you could transit up to the station platform, do your work up there, swim, rest, watch the stars or watch the Earth below - and when your destination arrives you transit back down .. sound good?

It was 2075, sixty-five years after the New Moon Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. They were watching us from the future .. looking back into their past .. where we have thirty to forty years to build floating platforms - in the sky .. My first reaction was: We don't have access to the technology.

They were from the 'future' .. travelling back in time.

How many years does it take society to radically change? Forty years to move from lumbering, tear up the atmospheric projectiles - to floating platforms? It hardly seems possible. Yet, if our society can create such a revolution in travel, I am sure one of the floating platforms will be called 'Eyjafjallajökul'.

They invited me to observe their society and their way of life. Perhaps because the great smoking vapor of Eyjafjallajökul created the psychic seed needed to give birth to a totally new Intercontinental Hub. That is what people from the future call it, they called it a 'Hub' - floating platforms in the sky.

The people of the future did not fly across the Oceans, across continents, in projectile shaped composite materials. The skies of the future were as silent as the European April 2010, Eyjafjallajökul volcano ash skies. In this respect, one could look back and consider that the volcanic ash in Northern Viking Iceland, brought change within the consciousness - leading to the design of floating platforms.

The circular or disk shaped platforms floated high in the atmosphere, as people shuttled back and forth from the Earth's surface. Travel was gentle and slow, timed to the natural rotation of the Earth below. They said the larger platforms were 'cloaked', so as not to be viewed from the Earth's surface. The skies above cities were clear and peaceful.

"The platforms are highly popular," the guide explained, "people love them."

The massive 'Hubs' floated high above the Earth balancing within the planet's rotational field. Local inhabitants were easily transported to and from these International floating hubs, where the travelers waited for their Earth destination to arrive, based on the Earth's rotation. Land-hub connections were outside inhabited areas. This meant that human habitations were free of 'air travel'. How did they do this? Populations in the future are a lot less than today.

Perhaps people of the future seeded technologies into this era? However, their appraoch to life was also radically different. They said the floating hubs were very popular with travelers, where people could rest or work. Large oval shaped Earth viewing areas were built into the floors. Individual view areas were also build into the rooms. People could observe the stars overhead or they could view the Earth below.

The Hubs were areas of travel, a meeting space, as well as stationary study platforms where scientists, geophysicists, geologists and oceanographists worked. There was a gentle mixing of priorities between people. No one was going anywhere fast, and people in the future preferred it that way.

Rather than sit in an office and work, people transferred to the Hubs and worked as they waited for their Earth orbital destinations to arrive. The Hubs were International. There were no borders up there.

That's our future '-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tremors & Ash - Iceland Continues To Shake

Geologists have warned that new tremors under the volcano adds new unknowns to the ongoing eruptions. As the ash billowing from the Eyjafjallajökull appeared to lessen, powerful tremors were felt across the countryside.

Across Europe, the ash is slow moving. When you are dealing with volcanoes each sunrise reveals Nature's slow, precise, hour-by-hour progression. The skies are cloudless. As the sun rises the whitish density is thickening day-by-day and becoming a dull grey. This fine ash covering is all the way from Northern Scandinavia to the Southern French Mediterranean coast, heading across Greece, Turkey and forecast to reached the Middle East.

We have this incredibly slow moving ash building up concentration over most of Europe, and on the surface of the planet this flash in the pan fast moving society of humans are stunned. The much greater force of nature on a head to head with human society .. will probably bring change from way up there to our world down here.

It is tough for an animal that is used to doing what it wants, when it wants, and do it fast .. to be brought to a complete standstill. If the eruptions cease, maybe we can pretend we won - until the next eruption .. but what do we do if Katla erupts? What do we do if Eyjafjallajökull continues for months? I guess, we organise our lives differently.

Individual airlines and businesses will not survive long term disruption on this scale over longer periods. I imagine air travel will be organised in a different way, probably not run by companies for profit.

If you are a structural engineer you look at the weak point and find out where the bar bends or breaks. Air travel breaks at: "We are not making a profit". If we had a different reason for these services then maybe the bar would not break. If we had different values. Otherworld concepts like 'co-operation' come to mind.

In the 2010 Viking Sagas - the powerful invasion of the great warrior Eyjafjallajökul, defeated the spreading cultures of 'Life for Profit', and went on to father new communities of 'co-operation'. The Saga Writers may say: The people in the South had become so corrupt that Odin sent forth his youngest son, Eyjafjallajökul. The great Viking went forth at Odin's bidding to clear the ancient lands of the 'Profit' tribes, who had so debased the lives of his children that no one knew anymore who they could trust.

The people in the South laughed at the appearance of Odin's youngest son, Eyjafjallajökul .. although his might was great and his appearance covered all the land. Because of this arrogance Odin sent forth the great dragon Katla .. and the tribes in the South were met with guð og dreka [god and dragon] fighting side by side .. and the people for profit said: There is no hope! But the people of the heart said: Why is there no hope? We have cooperation to guide us.

This is how Sagas are written once the events unfold .. written by the societies who live through the event and adapt to the event, move with the cycle, are part of the force that alters who we are and how we live.

Some view Eyjafjallajökul as an annoyance, an inconvenience, while others see a Viking warrior in the skies bringing change - something new - the end of the dinosaurs. Is the volcanic ash to blame for our current situation? Or are we to blame, as everyone argues how to deal with this. Or is the problem the way we humans organise our lives, our society? Look at the 'only for profit' dinosaur .. it is already a fossil and only the first son, Eyjafjallajökul has crossed our borders.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Airlines Claim: "There Is No Ash Up There" :o)

News reports suggest pilots want to take off within European airspace and conduct low level flights, as airlines say they are 'unconvinced' by threat of volcanic dust clouds.

As the volcanic clouds thicken some pilots are asking, why can't we fly beneath it? The Dutch have sent a plane up and they claim, hey! There is no ash up there! On Saturday, German Lufthansa flew 10 empty long-haul planes to Frankfurt Airport from Munich. The pilots flew the planes at low altitude under so-called visual flight rules, in which pilots don’t have to rely on their instruments .. as the planes were empty with no passengers on board the flights were allowed. The Lufthansa planes flew at various levels between 3,000 and 8,000 metres.

I don't find that funny .. how can you have pilots from all over the world taking off over Europe and flying between 3,000 and 8,000 meters following visual flight rules, with no reliance on their instruments? Because if something does go wrong .. a crash would cost airlines less than the losses they are making not flying .. and that is a fact.

I surmise that National and International air routes all have their flight altitudes, their flight paths (take off and landing) and cruising flight corridors. A highly complex system set out over European airspace, that airlines have to follow, and that connect to International flight corridors and routes. On a technical level I imagine it is encoded into the autopilots of the planes, and is set as part of the flight system, with altitude regulation, connecting to the flight controller hubs - who have to regulate the air traffic.

Flights using visual flight rules, when landing, the incoming flight path is a lot lower than it normally is. Sending 7 planes in one direction when the whole airspace is clear of any other traffic, under low altitude flight using visual flight rules is not the same as resuming commercial flights across Europe .. and what if the weather changes en route?

Visual flight rules (VFR) are a set of regulations which allow a pilot to operate an aircraft in weather conditions generally clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aircraft is going. [Wikipedia VFR]

Even better than that! "Visual Flight Rules require a pilot to be able to see outside the cockpit, to control the aircraft's altitude, navigate, and avoid obstacles and other aircraft."

I am sure there are Airlines, pilots and passengers who would take the risk and see what comes .. To avoid collisions, the VFR pilot is expected to "see and avoid" obstacles and other aircraft .. You have go to that link and read it all.

Rules governing flight during periods of generally good visibility and limited cloud cover (i.e., a pilot’s ability to fly and navigate by looking out the windows of the airplane). Aircraft flying under the VFR system are not required to be in contact with air traffic controllers and are responsible for their own separation from other aircraft. The visual flight rules (VFR) system is utilized almost exclusively by recreational pilots or low-flying piston-engine airplanes.

Airlines are said to be conducting test flights on 'ash cloud safety'. It's safe until one of them comes down. The flight issue seems to be the unknown question of where the ash is and where it is going - due to ongoing weather fluctuations and the fact that the ash is entering the same air routes aviation use to fly around.

This is the old situation between commerce, industry and safety. As we see, it is not economical to be 'safe', when facing a complex unknown. Businesses who rely on the whole flight industry are losing a lot of money. The flight industry are losing a lot of money. The latest news is that airlines are searching for a safe path through the volcanic ash '-)

The volcanic ash plume does not show up on the radar of commercial aircraft .. maybe the pilots can just look out the window and try to fly through it.

Smaug Woke Up ..

I am not a Vulcanologist, although I am not totally Volcanically illiterate - I know Mr. Spock (Star Trek) comes from Vulcan '-) .. and I have seen a volcano - I even climbed on one. It's called, Àrd-thir Suidhe [Gaelic] - Arthur's Seat - and is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Of course, it was (for me) a dangerous climb. I was told, "This is an extinct volcano." .. I thought .. who says it will stay extinct?

I read J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit! They once thought Smaug was extinct, until he woke up and started flying around! .. Leaving Arthur's friendly, slumbering extinct volcano behind, I happily climbed back to our here-we-are-now reality level, and formed my own Historical Philosophy.

As a kid I read everything I could find about the ancient world. I was fascinated by Troy, and disgusted by the Roman Empire - who blanketed Europe in a mono-linear cultural dictatorship that lasts until today. I was fascinated by the ancient world, its cultures and artifacts .. but our view of that world is a Disneyland version. If you cannot go there and see it, you do not really know what happened.

From the bits and pieces of clues I gathered, a pattern began to emerge (in my mind). I began to understand that Empires (civiisations) grow in times of abundance, when the Earth is relatively quiet. During times of chaotic upheaval in the earth's climate Empires and civilisations decline, or come to an end.

Most recently, the expansion of Europe into the other continents of the world, and the growth of America as the world's dominant power .. all took place in a quiet period where all out expansion and growth had no counterweight to it. Humans were just free to expand, cultivate, dig, extract, fly, increase populations .. which could be described as times-of-abundance. So, current generations generally know only unrestrained growth, unrestrained indulgence, take what you want, get what you can - the more the better.

The fact that the Katla sub-glacial volcano in Iceland has not erupted in the last 90 years, is an indicator that the 50 year eruption cycle was broken by this period of calm where human populations expanded unrestricted and unchallenged .. by nature.

Look all around you .. every species has its counterweight so that balance is maintained. Only when man interferes and introduces a non-natural species into a country, where there is no counterweight, do problems arise. In Australia rabbits (introduced by the Europeans) have become an 'invasive species', whose unchecked spread cause serious (and sometimes irreversible) ecological damage.

The counterweight to man is Nature itself. I don't think human populations will be left to grow unchecked. In 2010 we have inconvenient disruptions brought about by hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and severe storms. In the future the inconvenience is going to be man's counterweight.

As a species we are intelligent enough not to over-populate, but man overpopulates anyway. Doing what he wants, when he wants, in the way he wants has become an Alpha Dog signature of the dominant male and his dominant side-kick. It is a sign of power and prestige to breed as often and as many as you can, to dig as deep as you can and bring out more, to grow bigger and expand in food production, in food sales, in exports, in population, in success .. without thought and without end.

As I write there is an unprecedented cloudless hole over the skies of Germany and France. It has been like this since the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, as all air traffic ceased. Totally cloudless skies, I have never seen anything like it .. I often wondered, what would it be like to live on a planet where not one single plane crossed the sky? A planet where planes do not exist, and the skies are silent and peaceful. I imagined one would have to be born on another planet or live in another time to know the stillness of a sky without planes ..

"His fire belched forth, the hall smoked, he shook the mountain-roots. [...] He issued from the Gate, the waters rose in fierce whistling steam, and up he soared blazing into the air and settled on the mountain-top" - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland's Katla Caldera Sub-glacial Volcano

Geophysicists are warning that Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull eruptions could potentially lead to a larger eruption of the Katla subglacial volcano. Eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull in 920, 1612 and in 1821, were followed by much larger eruptions at Katla.

In terms of volcanic explosions, the current activity at Eyjafjallajökull is considered by Vulcanologist as being relatively small. Nearby Katla is considered to be the most dangerous volcano on Iceland. From our perspective, as 'volcanically illiterate' observers, the only question is: When will it stop?

Probably, to a Vulcanologist, that is a very stupid question .. once a volcano is active and sending ash high into the atmosphere, eruptions can continue on and off for weeks, months or years. The last time Eyjafjallajökul erupted - in 1821 - activity continued until 1823. The Katla volcano is known to erupt every 40 to 50 years, and the last known eruption of Katla occurred in 1918.

Iceland's Katla is a volcanic caldera under a glacier .. at this point no one really knows will there be an eruption of Katla or not .. but assume there will be an associated eruption - the next question is: How bad can it get? Forget about European airspace, if the caldera erupts it will be a question, for the people of Iceland, of wind direction.

If the wind is stationary at the time of a Katla eruption the ash would fall on Iceland, and that could be a disaster for them. Obviously, they do not want a severe amount of ash to blow across Reykjavik and have a serious eruption cover farmland in ash, killing farm animals en mass - if the eruption was serious enough.

The fact that April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption has blown across Europe and is being sucked East into the Jet Stream, means that the cloud of ash did not blow West across Iceland [out into the Atlantic]. Sat24 gives a birds-eye view of the volcanic ash flow across Europe.

Sitting under a ton of ice, if the Katla caldera explodes it will throw a massive amount of ice, water and steam out, and the water ash mix carries into the atmosphere (which is water friendly). The reason Earth does not look like Mars, is because the Earth's atmosphere is 'water friendly'. You have this dynamic living reaction taking place, one that seeded life on this planet .. and we are watching that process in tiny miniature each time a volcano erupts.

What do we do? The first reaction is, if only we could stop it. That is the wrong reaction. To stop this process now would be to create an even more destructive explosion later. You can delay it, but you cannot prevent it .. and so the first relationship with these environmental changes is to realise that the Earth knows what she is doing - just as simply as your heart knows how to beat.

The rational (scientific) mind questions that the Earth is a living conscious being, and they would say - how does the Earth know? The answer is, the Earth knows in the same way your body knows how to survive. It is a biological process on one level and a ecological psychic living biology on other levels. For example, what tells your blood to clot when you cut yourself? From the day you are born until the day you die, your heart beats. It is the same with the planet.

We humans, the animals, plants, insects, birds and fish come from the Earth - so how could our biological processes be different than the Earth's? It isn't different .. we are a biological miniature of the Planet we are born from and inhabit. The Earth just has bigger and longer cycles, heartbeats, blood flow, breathing of the atmosphere, pulse of the Ocean - over thousands of years, rather than minutes.

I think that this timeline - our space in the continuum - is not as bad as it could be. The Iceland eruptions could have been a lot worse .. they could have been devastating. I have seen probable futures a lot worse than the one we are living now. Therefore, people have nothing to complain about, even if they are stuck somewhere and unable to travel. We are fortunate these eruptions were as mild as they have been. We still have a chance. We are still navigating the currents of the past, into the present and part of the future.

It is wrong thinking to think that the current eruptions should come to an end now .. because, it is possible the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions, letting off pressure, letting off steam, are reducing the explosiveness of a potential Katla eruption.

As inconvenient as this may seem, and as frustrating as it may seem, it could be a lot worse. Eyjafjallajökull is gently, for a volcano, letting off steam. Just be aware that the Earth has the same body you do, only it is a lot bigger and supports all diversity of life. So, Katla may explode in the future - it will explode, no one knows when - but from the signs we are receiving .. we are lucky .. things are not as bad as they could be '-)

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Changes Our Lives

Silent, peaceful, skies free of planes are called 'travel chaos' .. but down on the ground those under the flight paths and flight corridors have a new experience over their heads. There are no planes. The skies are silent. It's peaceful.

Late last night there were only stars in the night sky. All fights across Northern Europe were grounded. The 'chaos' may last for days, the effect may last for months. Faced with erupting Icelandic volcanoes and melting glaciers, Europe has gone strangely silent .. the steam and gas from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano fly high into the atmosphere .. changing our experience of life on Earth.

For those who are travelling, their movement through the air has come to a stop. The cloudless night sky was lit only with stars. The sun rose early this morning into a clear sky, covered with a very fine whitish haze. The sun is the only thing moving across the sky. We live in a changing world.

The Eyjafjallajökull volcano is one aspect of change that tells us we can no longer wake up in the morning and assume the day ahead will progress as we planned. Until this weekend our world was one of automatic assumptions, mechanical robot like movements, dependence on a system that worked like clockwork. We assume and take it all for granted.

There is much more to this event than volcanic ash and smoke. How we humans live on this planet is about to be altered in ways none of us can imagine. The key is how we adapt. Societies are going to have to reorganise. International communities are going to have to adapt to the changes ahead. These Earth Changes have nothing to do with the 'monkey brain' Global Warming science .. this is 'The Earth', this is the planet we live on.

You cannot put a global emissions tax on volcanoes .. can you? The Earth is a living gardener. Water, soil nutrients, conditions for growth, all it takes to support life and what it takes to decompose matter, return its structure to organic molecules and grow it again, is Earth. Part of the Earth's bio-active system are volcanoes, storms, hurricanes, flooding .. We are living under the roof of an eco-intelligent living biosphere, out of which we receive everything we have.

Just as a gardener may add nutrients to the soil or water the earth over days, weeks and months - the Earth also has cycles of activity, distributing minerals, watering vast areas, venting life into the atmosphere .. and if we lived 500 years it would make sense to us. The Earth's cycles of distribution and nutrition have 200 or 1,000 year spans. There are greater cycles of 10,000 - 26,000 and even greater cycles. We would need Time Travel viewing technology or Remote Viewing skills to understand that.

As people talk about chaos and disruption - expect more of it .. as we are entering an Earth cycle which manifests dramatic change over a longer period until things settle down and the garden starts to grow again. We live in a garden, travelling through space.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Northern Europe: Not A Plane In The Sky

With International Airports shut down across Europe, while waiting for the slow drifting volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano to cease and disperse .. today - Friday, April 16 is a day to remember .. cos there are no planes in the skies.

The last two or three days the Chemtrail spraying flights ceased, and today you can see they are not up there, because there are only blue skies and more blue skies .. and not one cloud, no haze, no long white chemlines, no flights taking off and no planes landing.

How peaceful it is.

Ocean scientists can study and observe the effects of shipping on life in the ocean. It is more difficult to assess the affect of non-stop activity in the skies over our heads with planes flying across the heavens at various altitudes. Our minds and our bodies adjust, we live with it and take it for granted. The flights never stop, and so how is one to know the general effect and what it would feel like to live without it?

Today, I know what it would be like to live without it .. it is fantastic .. I love it .. I now know the price we all pay having the skies over our heads crammed with those noisy giant polluting monsters. These are the skies of my childhood. The silent, still skies where you could lie in the summer grass and watch the heavens without a plane booming its presence across the heavens (one every minute).

I now understand, in the 60's there were not all these planes shooting back and forward across the skies. I now understand where the peace has gone. The silent skies I loved so much as a child. I now understand the price all of us pay to live under the spread of flight corridors, and landing corridors and take-off corridors, and how we adjust to ignore the planes crossing the skies day and night ..

I know this and can assess the damage .. because today - on this most wonderful day - it is not happening. The skies are clear, nothing moves up there, everything is silent and still. For the first time in a long time the blue sky is really blue.

On the lower horizon I can see a slightly darker haze that is not normally there (I watch the skies), and I assume this is why all flights have been cancelled. I can also say the gift this Icelandic volcano has give us .. as dangerous as they are .. the gift is priceless.

I now need some brilliant Tesla mind to create a Star Trek type transporter that allows trade to take place between countries without all these planes flying back and forwards across the sky. Maybe create a disk shaped craft that silently zips into hyperspace A and arrives at hyperspace B with no pollution, and no noise and no messing up the skies.

I used to be able to look up at the stars and see the stars. If you watch the stars late at night, you see blinking lights of planes all over the sky, in the North, South, East and West. So, tonight is going to be interesting .. at last I understand the price we all pay living under these moving flight corridors.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcanic Ash Begins Drift Across Europe

On March 20, the Iceland volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier - the first since 1821 - caused an evacuation of the small population living in the area. Now, more recently, the volcano began a more powerful eruption sequence spectacularly melting part of the glacier, and sending rivers of water crashing down to flood the land below.

We are living through spectacular times where nature does what nature does. Volcano's are part of the life support system of this planet. They seed life onto the planet, but when they are active it is not so good to be downwind of them ..

The New Moon April 14 eruption, sent explosive plumes of smoke and ash 6,000 meters into the air from fissures of the active Iceland volcano. A dense cloud of ash has begun drifting slowly over Northern Europe. A finer cloud is drifting South, down across Britain and eventually across Southern Europe.

Flights have been cancelled across Britain, as the fine ash can cause engine problems (seizure) in planes. Down on the ground the slowly drifting ash will probably cause a cooling of the weather, and if the volcano really erupts will potentially effect food production.

It was 1816, called "The Year Without Summer" .. low Solar activity and the largest eruption known in over 1,600 years - The Mount Tambora eruption of 1815. We humans can be very arrogant, and forget how vulnerable we are - how dependent we are on climate, water and stable weather patterns to grow our crops.

Everything we have today is built on our ability to feed ourselves, growing crops for food. You need water, but you do not really need energy as you can eat your food raw. Our technology, the way we live, our computers and transport systems depend on our ability to grow food and obtain water. People tend to forget that. We should show more respect to the Earth, because the planet provides us with everything we have and everything we need.

The volcanic ash and dust wont go away too fast. It is dense and slow moving, and I would imagine that changes from an eruption evolve across years - not days or weeks. The 1783 Laki eruption (South Iceland), sent 120 million tons of Sulphur Dioxide into the atmosphere, and across Europe. The meteorological impact of Laki resonated on, contributing significantly to several years of extreme weather in Europe. In North America, the winter of 1784 was the longest and one of the coldest on record.

The Vatnajökull glacier is Europe's largest glacier, with an area of 8300 square km and with an ice sheet up to 1000m thick. On March 23 MSNBC wrote, "Scientists say history has proven that when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupts, Katla follows — the only question is how soon." Experts are warning that these eruptions could go on for a long time.

Atmospheric cooling occurs when large amounts of Sulphur Dioxide from an eruption combine with water vapour, creating a sulphric acid mist that reflects sunlight away from the Earth. The April 14 eruption is inside the main Eyjafjallajokull crater and is much more powerful.

Authorities in Britain claimed Thursday that the volcanic ash clouds are so high in the upper atmosphere they will cause no health problems .. although residents in the Shetlands Isles, Scotland reported a strong sulphuric smell of rotten eggs .. maybe the Shetland Isles are not part of mainland Britain? I guess they're classed as Vikings.

Volcanic activity, from my own observations, are magnetic as well as what we observe in terms of spectacular eruptions, magma flow, clouds and ash. From what I am seeing, I would imagine that something much finer that we do not see flows out from an eruption altering the climate (weather) long before the slow moving ash spreads into the upper atmosphere. The only word that comes to mind is Aether, that mysterious force whose existence is denied by modern science.

Dense ash and dust clouds stopping flights and closing airports is the most obvious outcome of a large volcanic eruption, but there are finer mostly overlooked activities, electrical fields and kinetic energy oscillations. Therefore, do volcanoes when active show fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field? The lava does not explode out, it bubbles and dances - reacting to something unseen.

I imagine that magnetic or Aether fluctuations / alterations precede the spread of ash into the upper atmosphere and out into the lower atmospheric streams. As matter (movement) is the visible form of energy (magnetic force), wind currents are energy .. something other than ash is being seeded into the atmosphere. The clouds of ash are the visible spectrum of that something else. [I have a good imagination]

Of course, layers of volcanic ash are going to suffocate pastures and any growing living matter nearby, and animal forms don't want to breath it in. However, long term the primordial nutrients from volcanoes nourish the soil - and the elements falling with the rain must also feed primordial nutrients into the soil, fertilising our planet.

Sadao Shoji and Tadashi Takahashi (Japan) reported in October 2002 that volcanic ash soils are among the most productive in the world. They concluded that, "With proper management volcanic ash soils are capable of high productivity and long term agricultural and environmental sustainability."

In the short term volcanic eruptions close to populated areas are either an inconvenience or they are a threat to life. In the long term this is one way planet Earth distributes nutrients for long term wealth of future generations. I am sure the ash must revitalise the earth, atmosphere and soil in some way .. cooling the planet, retaining water and increasing rain penetration, perhaps increasing water retention of the soil '-)

Keywords: Iceland Eruption Chokes Europe's Skies - Iceland Flooding Past The Worst - How Volcanoes Affect The Weather - Volcanoes & Climate

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturn Square Pluto Smolensk Plane Crash - 2010

The Tupolev 154, plane carrying the delegation of the President of Poland, crashed on April 10, at 10:56 AM while trying to land at Smolensk, Russia. At the time of the Smolensk crash Saturn Retrograde in Virgo was square to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn .. The lineup was: Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus in Pisces, with Pluto square Uranus .. and with Mercury and Venus (in Taurus) square Mars in Leo.

The pilots should have listened to the Russian flight controllers who suggested they divert their flight to Minsk (due to thick fog around Smolensk), but from an Astrological perspective, with Mercury square Mars (communications are heated and nervous) and Venus square Mars (I do it my way) mixed with Pluto/Saturn square single-minded determination/power struggle .. so they insisted on landing the plane where they wanted to land and not where the experienced 'Flight Controllers' were diverting them to land.

Even more extreme is the Pluto [retro] square Uranus in Pisces: I will find out for myself and make my own decisions .. independence .. with Pluto square Uranus really indicating the end of an era. I feel that Uranus would add a surreal effect to the already confusing and tense situation. The plane was heading into heavy fog [water in the air] and Uranus would add that woozy effect, where the pilots aborted three attempts to land and crashed on the fourth attempt.

The 'revolutionary' aspect is that Poland has to replace (renew/renewal/sudden dramatic change) those who were lost in the crash. This covers the President, influential banking figures, high level military figures as well as influential parliamentary figures. That is where Saturn comes in.

Saturn, ruler-of-order, the father, the leader, the teacher .. is retrograde. The severity of Saturn's lessons effect all aspects of society (the world), because they are Karmic. I am not an Astrologer, but I observe and listen to the planets (in relation to our longer life span). If you imagine that your spirit incarnates on Earth - who is your teacher? Well, Saturn is one of them.

The planet Saturn rules your karmic signature, and you teach yourself in relation to your inner relationship with that Karmic giant. Your spirit returns to the Earth, and Saturn's energies know your 'signature'. But lessons of Saturn can also effect Karmic groups, societies, nations as well as the whole world. This is why ancient Civilisations feared Saturn's overall effect.

Your ancestors - the ancients - did not worship the stars .. they understood the Alchemy of the Stars (cosmos), the science of the stars. The stars and planets are the guidance system of the soul. The spirit navigates through the deeper relationship and understanding of the planets. Lifetime after lifetime you incarnate on Earth, and your spirit/soul navigation system is already in place. When you are born you meet very old Karmic friends .. Mercury, Mars, Venus .. They know who you are .. That is my philosophy [I just made it up :) ]

I do not agree that Saturn represents some dark, authoritarian, repressive control force. Throughout a persons life, or a nation, or a world .. Saturn gives enough slack for you and your associates to finish yourselves off .. and later the unseen teacher sweeps you away with your own self-designed consequence(s) of how you lived [creating who you are now].

With the Uranian influence, Mars-Venus-Mercury square, and the elder father figure signifying 'discipline' in retrograde .. with Pluto (transformation/change) squaring those principles .. this means the decisions made in the moments landing the plane decided the long term future - to be blunt 'decided the future..' Discipline in retrograde means it all comes back on/to you.

If any individual uses the order of Saturn to make decisions that create/effect the future of a society, in retrograde those forces of Saturn are going to come back and reflect on you all your prejudice, how you used Saturn's structural power.

Of course, Mars represents Military power - but Saturn does too. The military use authority, strict order and restriction to achieve their aims. It is no surprise that there was a strong military presence involved in the plane crash. The Governor of the central Bank was also on the plane. Banking is also ruled by Saturn's precise, orderly and consequential powers.

I view Astrology differently than the traditional approach. I see planetary effects/events covering incredible time spans - affecting societies, nations and the world in the most profound and mysterious ways. The small ego of man 'I am' .. distorts and gets in the way of the great teachers and friends of mankind (the planets). The petty little ego works for his own power (or for their collective group power), and no longer do they work together with the great masters of past - present - future .. the planets.

A lot of people do not understand Saturn .. people claim that Saturn is a repressive force, and is to blame for extreme order designed as suppressive authority. Sure, one thing is true, Saturn rules authority/discipline .. but that means the planet's energies also rule those IN AUTHORITY - the law-givers.

The end of the Kali-Yuga and the emergence into the first opening of the Lotus Blossom will cast the energies of Saturn in a new light. Those who have misused or desire to misuse the powers of order, exactness, discipline, of the 'father' .. will come face to face with the Karmic discipline/power of Saturn.

The 2011 - 2012 - 2013 phase shift is a turning point in the unravelling of human ignorance. Men have misused their connection to the discipline of the father (Saturn), and they will collectively and individually face their teacher. I imagine that the next three years will see Saturn turning established social order on its head, giving the potential for balanced male/female societies to re-establish order .. and that is the order of compassion, the order of balance of the heart, the order of banishing fear and hatred from the heart, the order of self-discipline.

Those groups and institutions who steal and fight over the Earth's resources are lacking in self-discipline. I imagine that some of those people will on-their-own find a change of heart. You see, you can cheat people now (in the short term), but you cannot cheat yourself over longer periods, because it all adds up. Truth comes back to self, lifetime after lifetime. Those cultures who rule in cruelty with Saturn's rigor come to inherit the same demise.

AstroChart AstroDienst
Aspects: Mercury square Mars - Venus square Mars - Saturn opposition Uranus - Saturn square Pluto - Uranus square Pluto + Venus / Mercury in Taurus (can be dense) - Mars in Leo - Saturn retrograde in Virgo - Uranus in Pisces - Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Source of Pearl River Drying Up In Yunnan?

This is from the front page of the Zhujiang Evening Post, March 26, 2010 - On the front page of the Zhuhai Evening News (珠海晚报) is a picture showing the source of the Zhujiang River, or Pearl River, which is apparently near to drying up.

The photo was taken on March 25 in Yunnan province, Zhanyi county (云南省沾益县), and released by Xinhua. The caption informs that the water level has lowered significantly; the trace of the current water imprint around half a meter higher than the water.

The Xi Jiang [Zhu Jiang] (Pearl) River is the third long river aside from the Yellow River and the Yangtze. The drought that is blazing through southwestern China has been covered in newspapers all across China this week.

Yunnan Province is in the far South of China on the border to Tibet, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. The the origin of the Pearl River, Qujing city is located in the eastern of Yunnan Province, it is the third longest river in China, which forms the Pearl River Delta that flows out into the South China sea between Hong Kong and Macau. Beginning high Starting high in the Yunnan-Kweichow mountains, the Xi Jiang runs for more than 1,300 miles (2,000 km) .. The Pearl River Delta is one of the most advanced regions in China and its per capita GDP and income are among the highest in the world.

In 2007 the Autumn rains in China fell by 90 percent [Reuters] .. the current drying up of the source of the River Xi has been a long term - and will continue to be a long term issue in an area that produces much of the rice and fish consumed across China. In 2010 the worst drought in a Millenium is creating severe food shortages in China.

Cultivation of rice in Japan, India and China require vast amounts of water. Perhaps in the coming years, in a world experiencing a dramatic fall in fresh water supplies, people will apply the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka [see - The One Straw Revolution]. Of course, letting go of the dams .. as it will probably take 100 to 200 years for the river systems to recover from the mess human interference has created.

Drought turns southern China into arid plain - Human Error Worsen Drought - Dams Have Dried Up In Southwest China - China Plan 15 Mekong Dams

Sunday, April 04, 2010

EaSter OsiRis and StarGates

Ea*Ster - Osi*Ris - Star*Gate .. The original resurrection mythology surrounding the Egyptian God Osiris, and later adapted by the founders of the Roman Catholic Church, has nothing to do with a living human being or any living human form. The origins of Easter, going all the way back to Egypt, are a code .. Astro-theology is involved, but the code goes further than planets, seasons and cycles.

Osiris (and Easter) - The ceremony of Osiris was a four day event which took place on the week after the full moon, during the vernal equinox season. AstroTheology

Why would religious doctrines around the world associate their ceremonies around Moon cycles, the Equinox and mushrooms? Take Christmas and the death of Christ .. not only is this time associated with the Winter Equinox and the last chance to find Amanita Muscaria before the snows arrive .. but Easter and searching for those little round eggs hidden in the forest or behind trees .. open up to reveal brightly coloured eggs [how brightly coloured - psychadelic?] with gnomes and faeries and dancing hares.

I wonder if the time of the Easter resurrection - of Amanita and other hallucinogens - until mid December when death on the cross (passing of the December Equinox) brings to an end the growth cycle of the mushrooms .. is the cycle of resurrection beginning at the March (Vernal) Equinox .. the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox. Mycelia growth takes place primarily throughout the Spring and Summer months depending on rain and soil moisture.

The largest mushroom fruiting seasons occurs each year - in Spring and in Autumn, during warm wet weather .. Amanita pantherina, will fruit in Spring if the weather is wet enough .. Truly amazing .. were priests and everyone else so dependent on fungi that they designated key fungi fruiting seasons as 'sacred'? The dark cold frosty winter is no friend to wild mushrooms and fungi .. are people around the world unknowingly worshiping mushroom growth cycles :)

Recent Fungi research indicate that Autumn fruiting fungi are adapting to spring fruiting. Imagine life on Earth has long cycles, as well as the short convenient cycles you know. Imagine there is a way (for priests) to tell where they are in the long cycle [the Mayan Long Count]. The general masses have an awareness of seasons, and elite priests have information about much longer 'seasons'. For thousands of years the priests are observing the Astro-theological cycles - and they keep it a secret.

The priests are 'fallen' from their original function, just as societies generally fell into dumminess (focus on mundant matter). You have the priests mechanically observing and counting the base matter of these longer cycles. Then comes a period where the so-called return of Christ or Buddha cycle as wild Autumn fruiting fungi/mushroom adapt to fruiting in Spring. This signals the end of the old age and the beginning of a new cycle. Rebirth. The phoenix. Resurrection. Amanita shows the way into the new cycle when he/she fruits in Autumn and in Spring. I have a good imagination ..

EaSter OsiRis StarGates

Humans on Earth are aware of and follow the yearly seasons - the short cycle. Mythology talks about a much longer cycle. This knowledge is encoded in myths of Osiris, Isis, Buddha, Christ, Xmas, Easter .. and when you observe these cycles beyond base matter, beyond physical matter, then we are talking about meta-physics, Terence McKenna, secret societies, secret knowledge, underground bases, UFOs, extraterrestrials and timetravel.

Physical material existence is not only being nourished by the light coming from the Sun. I imagine the Sun is part of a much larger system, probably geometric in its layout and life on Earth receives this energy through the Sun - but the energy comes from the center of the Galaxy.

Moving in the direction of StarGates - do religious authorities and secret underground societies (Osiris) worship extraterrestrials ?? For example, East Star - the star of the East - Easter - Oaster - Ost (East) Stern (Star) .. Okay, so what is the East Star at the time of the March Spring Vernal Equinox? The Sun is in Pisces (Fische / Fish) the Christian symbol for Christ .. Vernal Equinox 2010 - star of Spring Omega Piscium.

I found a Star Map for March 20th 2010 Spring Equinox .. and as the Sun sets in Pisces (in the West in 2010), behind Mars is the constellation of Leo, in the East .. and on this occasion the Star in the East [on the Ecliptic] during the Equinox is Regulus in Leo. Regulus in the Constellation Leo is the star sitting on the Earth's Ecliptic.

Osiris (God of the underworld) is associated with the Constellation of Orion - and if you research any Interactive Sky Map .. you will see the belt of Orion - in 2010 - on the Celestial Equator at the Vernal Equinox, and just below the Constellation of Orion you will see the constellation of Lepus (the hare). East of Lepus is Sirius, the Dog Star. Figuring out Star Maps is not one of my strong points, but it would seem that times and dates for certain events are hidden in the stars.

Equinox 20 March 2010 @ 17:32 / Equinox 20 March 2011 @ 23:21 / Equinox 20 March 2012 @ 15:14 / Equinox 20 March 2013 @ 11:02

The Easter Orion StarGate is probably a phenomenon that just passes over our heads unnoticed by all and many :) .. but there is an extraordinary presence during this time as during each Equinox point. That presence is some kind of doorway, gateway or portal, which is obviously perceived by the whole world. Therefore all peoples of the world share this phenomenon, we are just too dumb to understand it - and the conditioned mind of man (thought) is happy with the stories it has been told. Heaven forbid that any of you would ever figure out for yourselves that this is a very real cosmic phenomenon with far reaching implications.

The ancient people of the world, our ancestors, observed the growth cycles of plants, trees, fungi - in association with cosmos [the stars and planets] .. and modern man calls this Pagan. What does that mean? Our ancestors were paying close attention to the most sophisticated living technology - advanced beyond anything man can create today. A precise self-regulating, self-healing living system that we cannot begin to understand, let alone replicate.

All religious leaders depend on the primitive, self-regulating living planetary technology for the resources that build the places of worship, or for the ink to write their doctrines, or for the paper to print and distribute their doctrines, or for the cloth to weave their ideological robes .. Humans really are dumb as well as arrogant!

Be aware of what your 'superior' societies provide for you .. I was never taught Astronomy nor Astrology in school - although the most amazing canopy of stars and planets appear over our heads each evening. Libraries of books with other peoples words of knowledge fill our towns and cities, and yet there are no telescopes or star observation centers for people to look for their own knowledge with their own eyes. Look up and educate yourselves, our origins are hidden in the stars.