Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Face In The Web of Life

A woman's tear stained face appears at the mysterious window known as The Web of Life. Her face and her tears are the life and blood of the Burmese people. The rest of the world look on in shock and horror, as the terrible monster of Globalisation rolls over the broken bones of the impoverished people living in this ancient land.

Global corporations and banking institutions, dance hand in hand the dance of death, extracting the earth's resources and in the process killing the human soul one country at a time. People around the world, for now in relative safety, observe the Global monster devouring planet earth, devouring its human populations, its bio-diversity, its rivers, oceans, forests and cultures.

The stench of death progresses, stealth like, around the earth country by country. The Burmese monks today are the Germans, French, Spanish, Greeks and Italians of tomorrow. Trees, forests, bird and animal habitats, the ocean's creatures, fresh water rivers and humans are being devoured at a rate unknown to the earth's inhabitants until now.

All of mankind are part of the web of life. Destroy the people of Burma, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and of China and you destroy the expression of the human soul as well as the unique diversity of the planet we are inhabiting.

James: "I can appreciate that people feel a natural stewardship to earth, and many can now see the consequences of hyper-consumption and how it has diminished the quality of our ecosystem. But the earth is not a delicate or fragile thing. Nor is it separate from us energetically. We are all connected, and it is because of this interconnection, and the super-resilience of earth, that the Event Temples will focus on energetically supporting people first and foremost. - Event Temples

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

EarthStar Chronicles

Now and then there are humans born who can see wood elves. When humans can see wood elves, they can also see the trees. In each forest on earth there are trees. The humans who can see wood elves realised that within the trees grow teacher trees.

There was a time in earth's history when the orcs were cuting down the trees. The orcs were cutting down the wise teacher trees, but as humans generally could not see wood elves, trees nor teacher trees - it did not seem to matter that the orcs were cutting down the trees in the forests. If you don't see the trees, you wont notice when they are gone...

One day a human who could see the wood elves, noticed that the orcs were cutting down the wise teacher trees. The human went to the wood elves and asked them why the orcs go out of their way to cut down the key teacher trees who hold together the forests? Obviously, at this rate the orcs would soon have no more trees to cut down. They seemed to need the wood of the trees to fire the decline in man... "The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise.." Saruman - Lord of The Rings

The wood elves told the humans that the elves taught the trees and the trees taught the humans. One day, when the humans waken up, they will remember [and they will go seek out the wise trees......] Humans once talked with trees and they will do so again. The trees taught humans to look and to understand the stars. Today the humans look at the stars and do not see the trees. They have forgotten the ancient knowledge. The trees came from the stars.

During storms, the wise trees drop a branch or two for the rune maker. The wood elves told the human that the runes taught man about the structure behind the stars. The trees taught humans to observe the heavens and the branches of the trees taught man about the force that moves behind the stars. Mankind has forgotten this knowledge. When man remembers the wisdom of the runes he can return to the stars. The orcs are not cutting down the trees in the forests, they are cutting down mankind's return to the stars.

One day humans will remember the wisdom of the stars and they will turn to look for the trees who showed them this wisdom. The forests fuel the seeded journey of mankind in ways that man has yet to understand. The wise trees are the navigator trees, and the orcs are cutting apart the shared journey of humankind. When you cut down the forests and trees you cut down the shared journey of mankind.

The - future - humans who see the wood elves are looking for the trees.
The - present - trees are looking for the humans.
- Zen-Su