Monday, July 30, 2012

Human Mind Is Part of Nature

I was fourteen / fifteen years old when I began reading the Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti .. and he said: You are your own teacher and master... love the Earth you live on and love yourself...

As a young child I also remembered earlier lives on Earth .. and these earlier lives were all inside me now. These other life experiences were not outside of me .. this was not a theory or intellectual idea. These experiences were inside me like small fragile butterflies .. all with different wings and different colours .. different personalities and flight paths.

The Ancient Masters told me that the many "energy butterflies" converge inside the energy shell of a transitional spirit being to form "Buddha Consciousness" .. where the twelve butterflies merge into the thirteenth butterfly (you) to become one enlightened being.

The human mind is undivided part of Nature.

You [your mind] is part of Nature. You are Nature and Nature is you. That includes "Earth Changes". It does not matter who you are or where you are born... In the mind of Buddha, there is no higher elite and there is no lower mass of unrefined humans .. with their conflicts and struggles. All of mankind is ONE.

We generally live on Planet Earth as though we are needy, impoverished beggars. We struggle, we fear, we suffer and we lose confidence in ourselves .. because we do not know ourselves .. we struggle to survive and lose sight of our inner connection.

Terrible storms hit the surface of the Planet we live on. How many of us can trust to feel the love, even when our lives are in danger? How many of us would find the inner sensitivity to die with love if we die in a storm?

I almost died in a storm [more than one] .. I was almost swept out to sea .. I almost died as a child .. but something saved me from death in the moment disaster struck. In the future, one day, I will leave the Earth like all my brothers and sisters before me.

Why do we fear death? Where is the love?

We have been saying since 2003 that 2012 is not the end of life on Earth. That humans are part of Nature, we are part of the the Earth. Our bodies are made from water, minerals, elements, crystals, sub-atomic particles, electrons and basic matter. So are our minds and thoughts - formed from these elemental energies.

We are an undivided part of the Earth we live on.

If you are in danger, then feel the deeper part of the storm. If you are afraid, transcend the fear. If you are frozen, overcome your own resistance. If you are in turmoil, find peace. If the waters rage, say thank you and find gratitude. Enter the chaos and transform it from within.

Love is the most powerful force on Earth.

Love is not an abstract esoteric, fleeting, elusive, non-practical mirage.

In the trees, forests and plants is the real love. Inside birds, animals, fish and insects is the real love. All these creature innocently tolerate human ignorance that is destroying the Planet we live on. I have often saved many injured birds and they die peacefully .. gently .. without problems...

It is time we humans support Nature with our minds. This is simple to do. Through meditation we can transcend all suffering of the petty ego and we can extend our superior minds to enhance life of Earth.

The human brain is limited by ego / self / thought.

The Earth is Cosmic Mind formed as physical matter.

The human brain is elevated and transformed through compassionate connection to Universal Mind. Love can change the weather. Love can change the environment. Love can change the way we live on this Planet. Love can change who we are - lifetime after lifetime.

The love is not a fleeting esoteric non-realistic phenomenon...

You are love .. and you are real .. you are here .. active and part of life .. now!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tao of Severe Storms

Torrential rains and severe flash floods crossed South Russia, Japan and China throughout July, 2012. People were killed in sudden flash floods along the Black Sea Coast as a months rain fell within a few hours causing massive landslides.

Japan was next to be hit by this deluge of water from the skies and recently the Chinese Capital, Beijing was brought to a standstill by a reported deluge of six months rain falling within a few hours. Water just loves to run over concrete and use the roads we build as river pathways.
"In just one day, it rained as much as it normally rains in six months in Beijing," said Zhang Junfeng, a senior engineer from the Ministry of Transport who runs weekend tours of Beijing reservoirs and gives lectures on water conservancy. "No drainage system can withstand rains this big."
The real problem facing us is that people do not understand how the Planet we live on functions, with long cycles, to maintain all life forms living on this Earth. In my mind "be happy" that you have storms .. because all life needs water!

Plant chlorophyll is a form of water .. blood is a form of water. If you live on Mars, you are still going to need water. If you colonize the Moon, you are still going to need water. The Planet Earth is one of the most water rich living Cosmic bodies in this Solar System.

The Tao of Severe Storms
I have been in some serious torrential storms .. out in the middle of nowhere .. out in the mountains where there is no one to help if things go wrong. I have had my beloved tent torn apart by hurricane winds and downpour of rains that would set fear in the heart of comfortable city dwellers.

During serious torrential downpours in the mountains the whole area is turned into a symphony of fast moving rivers and vertical waterfalls within a few hours. If you have your tent (or house) in the wrong place .. you will have a serious problem.

I have experienced fast flowing rivers rise to within inches of my tent .. and I have slept in a wet sleeping bag on a wet floor on a wet moorland with days of rain ahead and no option but to find the inner strength to see it through. I don't advise anyone to do this!! Nature is dangerous even when we have the knowledge to deal with what Nature can throw at us.

How did I react in facing the awesome destructive power of Nature?

I was in awe of what I saw and experienced... I was in love with Nature and I deeply respected her powers. I understood the secret of the cycles of this Planet. I understood - just by watching and observing and feeling the love [both ways].

One hurricane in the primordial mountains blew down my tent... It is not so comfortable to get out there in driving torrential rain and try to re-peg the fly lines of a tent that is being taken down by a massive natural power so great, our minds can barely comprehend it.

What is the Tao?

As you are looking at the storm, the storm is looking at you.

Inside my tent, I was sleeping happily though the hurricane and driving rain .. out in the middle of nowhere .. on my own .. when a Taoist gust of wind wrecks my tent. I have to get out of my sleeping bag, put on my rainproof mountain jacket and go out into that dark chaotic primordial force.

The only thing I remember is looking up. It was the middle of the night. It was pitch black. Floods of water were drenching me from head to foot .. and yet I paused to look up.

Above me was eternity.

As dark as it was - and I could barely see the tent to re-peg the lines - but I could see the power of the storm above me. I could see into eternity. I could see the immense depth of falling rain. I could see the power. It was like the power of the love of the Earth. The ancient "Tao of Storms".

I stopped everything I was doing and stood totally transfixed by an unseen power so great that we humans can only respect that power and show that respect in love and gratitude .. because this is the primordial power that keeps all of us alive.

1. I showed respect to the land and to the ancient Ancestors of the land.
2. I asked the Spirit Ancestors where to place my tent.
3. I received Guidance where to place my tent.

The Earth has 50/60 year cycles of flooding, as well as 100 and 1,000/2,000 year cycles that are natural regeneration weather cycles. It is like wheels within wheels of interconnected cycles. Totally natural .. from the Earth .. related to the Sun and is all part of the natural life process of this Planet.

Our Ancestors knew this and they carefully observed the movement of water and drought over many cycles .. they documented and shared this knowledge and they applied it to their lives on a day to day basis - as well as over many generation time spans.

The Tao of Severe Storms is to look up .. be aware .. know your place in the scheme of things .. pay attention and love Nature. Show respect for Nature and feel gratitude for the primordial force that has maintained life on this planet over millions of years.

The primordial force (The Tao) is timeless. It is the same force now that it was in the beginning. The Tao knows no death .. it is never born. Nature is showing us this, because Nature is born from The Tao. To say, thank you .. through gratitude, we feel a deeper change within mind that is one with the Earth.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Levels of Being

Currently, there is a lot of crisis in our world .. turmoil .. and excitement energies created inside this vortex of upheaval. Our world is changing and a lot of people are frightened by these out-of-control changes.

One of the primary problems facing us are not the energies of "a world in chaos"; but we are the biggest problem facing ourselves. To understand this you have to look at Nature and try to understand the natural world that is all around you everywhere, every moment.

Our egos do not respect Nature. Human beings are slaves to the wants of their own ego self. We do not love the animals and trees and plants .. because we do not love ourselves. The ego is like a parasite feeding off the life energy, taking everything it can for the satisfaction of its own demands.

As the life energy drains away to feed all the selfish thoughts, fears, sorrows and desires .. the ordinary human is left EXHAUSTED.

47 K'un / Oppression (Exhaustion)

There is no water in the lake: The image of EXHAUSTION. Thus the superior man stakes his life On following his will.

When the water has flowed out below, the lake must dry up and become exhausted. That is fate. This symbolizes an adverse fate in human life. In such times there is nothing a man can do but acquiece in his fate and remain true to himself. This concerns the deepest stratum of his being, for this alone is superior to all external fate.

The Commentaries
The image derives from the relative positions of the two primary trigrams: water is under the lake, therefore drained off. The trigrams individually yield advice for conduct in the time of EXHAUSTION: K'an, abyss, danger, indicates stalking one's own life; Tui, joyousness, indicates following one's own will.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
Translation from Chinese into German by Richard Wilhelm

Two Levels of Being
Nothing was easy for me as a child. I had to face a lot of hardship and not survive the hardship - but TRANSFORM IT. In order to transform difficult and opposing energies, one has to move beyond the petty demands the ego makes on the mind.

The most important factor in my life, facing any hardship, is that I knew that any difficulty was like an unseen energy of Initiation that was teaching me and showing me The Way.

My teachers were invisible beings who appeared inside the canopy of Nature .. their Cosmic Internet. They were like tall beings of light, wearing flowing energy robes like wise beings from Ancient Greece.

They never made things easy for me...

For two thousands years the ego has been destroying Nature, cutting down the forests and ancient trees .. destroying natural habitat .. all out of FEAR. If people connect to the higher mind the ego dies = comes to an end.

The way the ego exhausts the energy of human beings is to create never-ending sorrows, suffering, enslavement to the self with all the external toys, wealth, status and gratification.

The most important factor of the ego-self is SURVIVAL.

Rather than co-create the future .. we lose ourselves in "surviving" .. struggling .. fighting .. looking for an advantage .. like we are playing some kind of chess game with our lives.

Our energies are so caught up in selfish behaviour that we do not have the energy to listen to or connect with the Invisible Worlds .. because it is very hard and there are no easy options .. when face with truth. That is the Second Level of being .. the world of higher energies.

The Commentary above: 47 K'un / Oppression (Exhaustion) .. gives a clue to how one discovers a way through a time of EXHAUSTION. When the lake drains away all that one is left with is oneself.

All material actions are finite .. they are limited .. they have an end point. Exhaustion of the ego was inevitable. The movement that created the ego has an end, which is part of the law of Nature.

We have relied too much on our greed for the material.

Ego self feeds from the destruction of the material world. It is totally insane. At the same time the law of Nature does not allow the ego to live beyond its own end-point. The energy is limited and does not renew itself.

The Biggest crisis
The biggest crisis facing mankind is coming to the end of a limited self-serving energy based on destruction and exploitation of the natural world. The draining away of a lower sub-psychic energy. Another way of putting this is: To lose one's mind.

It is the wrong question to ask: How do I go beyond thought? One has to be aware where the life energy goes and understand the various paths of one's own nature. It is not a question of thought; but it is a question of the flow of energy and silent observation.

Jiddu Krishnamurti once asked, talking about fear: "Why do you never fear THOUGHT?" Thought / ego is the most dangerous thing known to man.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Golden Eagle Baby "Phoenix" Survives Wildfire

Here is a story where a 70 day old golden eagle chick survives a raging wildfire in Eagle Mountain, Utah - that destroyed the eagle's nest. The baby golden eagle was rescued by Kent Keller, a volunteer who puts bands on nest eagles to track their longevity and migration patterns.

Kent had put a tracking band onto the young eagle born inside a nest high on a mountainside in Utah County, on the 1st of June, 2012. Unfortunately, target practice (gunfire) sparked a blaze that spread over 5,000 acres of natural forest. A wildefire blaze that destroyed the baby eagle's nest.

Target shooting started at least 21 wildfires in Utah by June, 2012...

Let's get back to Nature and the golden eagles! Six days after the fire Kent returns to the nesting area to locate the baby eagles body, retrieve the legband and close the file. The nest was completely burned .. but among the ashes, at the base of a Juniper tree - (June 28th) - he saw the legs of the golden eagle chick.

The baby eagle was alive! The eagle chick was badly burned by the fire that destroyed his nest, but he was still alive... Near him were rabbit and squirrel carcasses, evidence his parents had tried to feed him after disaster struck.

Phoenix had suffered burns on his beak, head, wings and talons. His flight feathers were melted to within an inch or two of his wing and tail. He was very underweight at just over five pounds.
It took Keller six days to obtain permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Division of Wildlife Resources to take the eagle out of the area so it could receive help.

During that time one of the eagle's parents continued to drop food to the youngster. But because of his injuries, the eaglet was unable to eat any of it, Erickson said.
Not allowed to save eagle's lives without permission??? Duh !!!

Anyway, Keller was eventually able to get the badly burned and dehydrated eagle chick to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah - where you can donate to help them feed and rehabilitate "Phoenix" and many other baby animals in need... I just sent my donation!

Eagle Mountain's miracle survivor, baby eagle "Phoenix", has been re-hydrated at the rescue center and has begun eating beef heart and venison.
Phoenix also suffered burns on his feet and mouth, but his eyes were left unharmed. He is extremely underweight at just over 5 pounds, but has had a good appetite, according to Erickson.

"He is a prickly, 'stabby' pin cushion with all of those melted feathers, and if he survives his first few weeks he will still have to go through an entire body molt which will not happen until this time next year," Erickson said. "It is nothing short of a miracle he survived."

With crossed fingers and a bit of luck, Erickson is hopeful that Phoenix will "rise up from the ashes to take his first flight and from there, go on to be a wild bird again.

"He is the perfect poster child for this mostly man-caused fire season." DesertNews
Human interactions with the golden eagle will be limited - during his recovery - so that he can be successfully released into the wild again as volunteers at the rehabilitation center will work to keep him as wild as possible.

The recovery of the golden eagle depends on how much follicle damage there is to his wings .. if they are not too burned, he should be able to molt into new feathers next year and hopefully be able to fly by June 2013.

Wings Tattered by Flames Talons Scorched
No one really knows how the eagle chick survive the flames that engulfed his nest. Either he jumped - a 25 foot fall - to the ground below .. rolled another 100 feet .. and then got himself back to the base of the cliff. Or one of the parent eagles took the chance to lift him from the nest!

Seriously pay attention to the astonishing events of this eagle chicks survival. A 70 day old golden eagle chick - just born into this world - has instinct and the knowledge of fire, danger and how to survive.

How can that be?

If golden eagle phoenix jumped from the nest to save his own life? Where did he get this deep instinct and knowing? Human's don't have it! Human beings have lost this inner connection with Nature's instinct.

In my mind, the spirit of Nature sends us warnings and sends us communications for us all to get back into balance. Not only to learn respect for Nature; but for us to learn respect for ourselves as living beings on this amazing Planet.

If you love Nature, you love yourself. If you love yourself, you love Nature.

Sometimes, unique situations create totally unique beings on Planet Earth...
The Wildlife Rehabilitation nonprofit center of Northern Utah, which treats about 1,800 animals a year, is accepting financial and food donations to offset the cost of caring for the golden eagle.
Today, the trees are singing!

If you cannot donate - don't worry! Just meditate the love and the compassion from your heart that golden-eagle-phoenix wings renew between now and June 2013, when he will potentially be released back into the wild to create a new family of eagles, with a new nest and a new generation of co-operation between Nature and Mankind.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Protect Yourself With Compassion

It may seem there is a lot of fear and anxiety in the world pulling everyone under .. but this fear is because we humans - on a spiritual level - are crowded around a spiritual doorway / passageway - not going through to the other side. The inner transition from dense physical reality to the union [root: we are one] of the physical world and the spirit worlds is happening now.

One could imagine that in our timeline we are currently driving our super technology elite expensive cars on mud roads full of potholes, mud roads that have been flooded and washed away ahead of us. No matter how much you pay for the car .. Nature is more powerful than you and your technologies.

Driving a car is symbolic of the movement of all human beings into "The Future" .. we drive or move step-by-step into the path ahead of us. No matter what is our social status - each human being is moving together with all brothers and sisters.

In the present world we live in today, we imagine that we have superior technologies to those of the past. However, this may not be the case. In the future the "superior technology" is the Tao of The Human Mind.

You don't have to wait - like frozen in time - to understand that the human mind is superior to all technologies. You can discover it now .. for yourself .. in this moment .. without mudslides and potholes along The Way.

Compassion is the science of Nature!

Alchemy of Transition
Learn and apply the "Science of Nature" orginally called: Alchemy. The Alchemist is the Spirit, where base metals are the physical incarnations. The transformation of base metals [lead into gold] - is the Spirit's transformation of its own physical incarnation(s).

The Passageway is the path of transmutation. The furnace is the Heart. The Alchemy of transmutation takes place in the mind. The ego-self is fear and therefore, ego sits frozen at the inner transitional doorway lifetime after lifetime.

Protect Yourself With Compassion
We lost the deeper understanding that compassion is protecting the spirit that inhabits the physical body. Either the mind is in a primitive state and we respond to situations feeling resentment or hatred, which affects us directly. Or we feel inwardly this compassion and it protects us on a higher level.

Resentment is like a radio frequency that connects us to lower frequencies. It does not matter what radio station you tune into .. fear, sorrow, hurt .. they all connect back to a noise of a lower frequency that feeds the fear and anxiety.

It is not easy to understand compassion.

The Master of Aikido, Morehei Ueshiba understood compassion. At the same he was not a man you could throw around. In, The Art of Peace, he wrote: "No matter how heavily armed your opponent is, you can use the Art of Peace to disarm him (or her). When someone comes in anger, greet him with a smile. That is the highest kind of Martial Art.

One could say that compassion is the Art of not losing One's Balance.

For two thousand years the world has been conditioned to worship the external - that which is outside oneself. This is why you see so much greed and everyone out for themselves. The mass of humanity have gone down that road.

Compassion questions that road .. and asks: Is this really the Way to go?

Compassion is not only that you see the birds and the animals and you feel this love where you respect these creatures and understand them .. or where you feel love for your fellow human beings. People are soon going to realise, compassion is as essential to our well-being as food, water and air.

The biggest change that lies ahead is compassion.

Many times in my life things have fallen apart around me and a sort of twilight zone appears where you know you have to make a decision. It is like standing on a plateau observing the expanse of your own life. Either you are going to go indulge in the lower levels of feeling sorry for yourself - self-pity with all its associated feelings .. or you know you have to turn away from that path and go your own way.

The inner world creates the outer world.

Perhaps compassion is taking responsibility for one's own inner state of mind.