Friday, October 29, 2010

Corn Wheat Sugar Coffee

If you type "corn wheat sugar coffee" into search engines you get, commodity trading... What does that tell you? For those of you whose brain freezes over at the mention of economics the basic facts are...

Changing climate, growing populations, loss of food production to increasing urbanization, loss of fresh water, fresh water 'stress', ecological stress, flooding of farmland, extreme drought, tsunami, hurricane and coastal inundation, commodity speculation (affecting prices & farmers) as well as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather disruptions and world economic wars, conflicts, every man for himself, political turmoil and toxic waste pollution.

Type "food prices" into the search engines in 2010 and you get, 'new legislation' - 'food price crisis' - 'rising cost of food' - 'food prices soar around the world' - 'rising food prices' .. I wonder why?

As a planet we are blindly heading into a chaotic and inhuman crisis in the supply of basic foods. We are intelligent enough to avoid this. We do not have to even have this 'crisis' - while in France alpha male workers burn toxic rubber tires in 'protests' - polluting the fragile atmosphere of the planet that gives all of us life fighting dense lead-headed politicians dither around in circles with no skills other than that they are career politicians who desire 'power'. The males only seem to want to FIGHT.

It is like the blind-leading-the-blind-leading-the-blind.

Hourly Action In Gold From Trader Dan - JSMINESET
Wheat is slowly grinding higher on dryness fears in the winter wheat growing areas here in the US. The entire grain complex continues to experience supply concerns which is working to push food prices inexorably higher, notwithstanding the load of BS being dished out by the official government agencies that tell us food inflation is tame. I guess they think that we are too damn dumb to believe our own eyes. Corn is slowly closing in on the $6.00 mark while wheat is back above $7.00. Soybeans are over $12.

If that were not enough, Sugar is now up near $0.30 pound, an incredible price. Coffee, while weaker today, is at levels last seen in September 1997! Nope – no rising food costs anywhere in sight...

The Australian Sydney Morning Herald headlines: When Food Runs Out
"An impending food crisis could see escalating prices and shortages in many countries as the cost of staple foods and vegetables reached their highest levels in two years, with scientists predicting widespread droughts and floods."

Investor Ideas headline: The Rising Cost of Survival
"We continue to be shocked and amazed at the size of the cotton moves. These are, without question, going to translate into higher prices for consumers but more at the low end.”

COTTON? You people are so DUMB = D-U-M-B ..
Hemp fibers - used by mankind for thousands of years - are a better local alternative to water greedy / fertilizer greedy / pesticide greedy cotton than any other fiber.

Investor Ideas write, "Fresh water for irrigation and drinking is getting harder to source and more expensive. Food, the energy used to produce our food, and cotton – most of the world lives in cotton – are all moving higher."

If I can (on this Blog) with no financial resources and no financial research income - FOR FREE - research this essential information ... and I have NO RESOURCES ... THEN why can the RICH Governements etc and so on ... not access the same information? With all those trillions and billions of tax-payers dollars and euros?

Around the planet... global tax dollars pay for the ILLEGALisation of HEMP production, HEMP research and local HEMP fiber production alternatives to COTTON [for example]. But there is much much more .. as a planetary society we do not have to be taking this disasterous route. We are not a "Global Society" we are a "Planetary Society", because what goes with the PLANET goes with US.

I should add the isolated small-minded greedy selfish male now wants to build for HIMSELF a GLOBAL Society .. another way of controlling the limited resources he thinks he owns and rules in the tiny kingdom of his own insanity. Why is he so afraid of HEMP FIBERS ???
Among other things ...

I really like BLEACH's Ichigo Kurosaki, who says: "I cannot save every human being on this Earth; but I do what I can..."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moderate Earthquakes Egypt Australia Afghanistan

A 4.6-magnitude earthquake is said to have shaken southern Egypt Thursday [October 28 2010] with no reports of damage or casualties, Egyptian authorities said. The quake occurred at around 11 a.m. (0900GMT) with the epicenter 10 kilometers underground and 78 kilometers west of Isna, Luxor Governorate, said Salah Mohamed Mahmoud, head of Egypt's Research Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, official MENA news agency said.

A moderate earthquake hit Srinagar Thursday, a senior government official said. The tremor measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale was felt around 9:29 AM throughout the Valley, including Srinagar. The epicentre of the earthquake was Hindukush in Afghanistan. There were no immediate reports of any casualty or damage.

An earthquake measuring 4.5 shook the Australian outback NSW early on Thursday. Canberra seismologist Kevin McCue said the quake occurred at 1.18am (AEDT) and was located in far western NSW about 100 kilometres northeast of Broken Hill and a similar distance southwest of Hungerford on the Queensland border.

In Indonesia Mount Merapi, on the Island of Java erupted again Thursday spewing ash and toxic clouds. Scientists warn that pressure building beneath the dome could trigger a more powerful explosion.

Russia's Kamchatka volcanoes spewed giant ash clouds Thursday forcing flights to divert. Ash clouds from both the Shiveluch and Kluchevskaya volcanoes sending ash 10 kilometers into the air are disrupting flights in the area.

Space Weather Giant Sun Twister: Earlier today -October 28 2010 - a twisted filament of magnetism on the sun suddenly untwisted. At its peak, the twister--or rather, untwister--towered more than 350,000 km above the stellar surface. It appears to have hurled a fragment of itself into space, but not toward Earth; the blast was not geoeffective.

Big Bright Object Near The Sun: Don't panic, it's just Venus. The brilliant 'evil twin' of Earth is passing between our planet and the sun this week... Venus will continue its flamboyant passage for the next few days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Earthquakes Tsunami Indonesia Erupts

Hundreds of people are missing after a 7.7 earthquake hit off the coast of Sumatra, the same undersea fault that ruptured in 2004 creating a devastating tsunami that spread across the Indian Ocean killing hundreds of thousands of people living on the coast.

Mondays 7.7 quake leveled homes generating a tsunami and killing 154 people, with hundreds more people missing. The ten foot high tsunami has increased the devastation for the people living on these islands. Villages are so remote that rescuers are having trouble reaching the area through continuing rough seas. Officials say ten villages were swept away in the tsunami which spread 600 meters inland, some say that thousands are missing.

Mount Merapi volcano, on the Island of Java also erupted after a series of underground quakes alerted authorities to begin evacuations of the area. Thousands of people living around the volcano fled as the eruptions sent clouds of ash falling onto the land below the volcano. Reports say that a few people were killed by a series of three eruptions.

Why the region is so violent: Like Alaska's volcano-dotted Aleutian Islands, Indonesia's islands lie along a deep-sea trench -- an undersea boundary between two enormous plates in Earth's crust.

In Indonesia's case, the denser crust of the Australian plate is diving beneath the more buoyant crust of the Eurasian plate, forming the Sunda Trench. Friction between the plates heats rock to the melting point, supplying the magma that wells up to form the volcanoes that dot the islands – and triggering the earthquakes.

Similar subduction zones encircle the Pacific, earning the chains of volcanoes that stretch from the Andes to the western Pacific the collective moniker Ring of Fire.

Monday's quake generated a 10-foot tsunami that struck the Mentawai islands, just off the Sumatran coast. The general region has been keeping some seismologists awake at night because it also contains a section of the subduction zone that has been building strain for more than 200 years. If that strain was to be released in one event, the quake would top magnitude 8.5, a so-called great earthquake.

On April 7, 2010 a 7.8 earthquake hit the same region without setting off a tsunami. Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation in the world with 237,556,300 people densely packed on an archipelago and many islands.

Update October 28 - Disaster supplies are still not reaching the quake tsunami zone where clean water, food, blankets, clothing, medical attention, emergency shelter and hygiene kits are urgently needed.

House of Representatives Speaker Marzuki Alie says there is no need for legislators currently on foreign trips to return to Indonesia because of the Mentawai tsunami. Marzuki added that foreign trips were an important part of legislative duties. "The Mentawai people are already taken care of. We must not let the Mentawai tsunami stop us from doing our jobs," Marzuki told reporters in Jakarta on Thursday.

The Indonesian Government, struggling to get emergency supplies to those affected by the latest earthquake announced earlier this month plans to spend 100 Trillion Rp to upgrade their military. The defense minister said that 16.8 billion Rp would be needed for military upgrade over the next five years.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

European Prophets "Future Warning"

It is difficult for the modern mind to understand the very ancient ways of the oldest part of the human brain ... because people today are conditioned only to be aware of the short-attention-span, which one can equate with The Meatrix.. I love it when the pig flies through the air .. "count me innnnn .. " .. so funny!

Bibliotecapleyades - European Prophets allows for an interesting research into the visions from the past and the probable futures of mankind = who are we and where are we going?

Imagine you are driving on a motorway into the future with many other drivers .. where all entrances to the motorway are the 'past' and the road(s) ahead are the probable future(s). The motorway itself is the way many people drive into future destinations.

The situation in France - October 2010 - escalated into a power struggle between the severe Saturnian official RULER STATE and angry victims of the state. Having studied the warnings of the past, we feel there is potentially a third way between the two painful extremes of STATE and VICTIMS of the STATE.

A 'third-way' exists, whether the people on Earth use it or not.

Why does prophecy exist? Does it exist to reveal a future one cannot avoid or does prophecy exist to allow freedom of motorway exit and freedom of choice? '.)

In an ideal world the people of France would awaken to create an intelligent future .. To create a future worth living. Why not? However, the restrictions of FATHER-STATE apparently makes this transformation impossible. A greedy minority feed from a divided majority, leading to violent conflict.

The extreme rigidity of parasitic greedy minority and angry majority could lead to the worst prophecies from the past ..

"A great revolution will spread over all of Europe and peace will not be restored until the white flower, the Lily, has taken possession of the throne of France. Not only religious communities, but also good lay Catholics, shall have their property confiscated. Many of the nobility shall be cast into prison.

"A lawless democratic spirit of disorder shall reign supreme throughout all Europe. There will be a general overthrow. There shall be a great confusion of people against people, and nations against nations, with clashing of arms and beating of drums. The Russians and Prussians shall come to make war in Italy. They shall profane many churches, and turn them into stables for their horses.

"Some bishops shall fall from the faith, but many more will remain steadfast and suffer much for the Church. There will be a great persecution of the Church, begun by her own children."

- Prophecies of Sister Rosa Columba of Taggia

Many Celtic Seers, both men and women, were forced to enter the church, which became the ruling force across Celtic Europe at that time. I was also born into my Celtic heritage aware that the ancient lineage of my ancestors had been destroyed by the church. The Celts were a race of seers, able to communicate with the invisible worlds. many of our 'ancestors' ended up inside the church leaving a fragmented picture of the future for us to follow.

"O Paris, execrable city, for how long have you deserved my indignation! Your inhabitants will one day curse you, for that you have steeped them in your baleful atmosphere, and even those to whom you gave refuge will hurl their maledictions at you, because they have found death in your bosom!"

It seems inevitable that many prophecies will play themselves out in 3D reality. It also seems that humans lack a fundamental intelligence expressed as an inability to change direction when danger-signs and warnings emerge. All parties seemed locked in violence until the bitter end. Then what?

After a long and violent struggle, people will have to begin again - unless the Earth herself intervenes and make survival so important that people no longer have a choice.

In 1790, Helena Walraff predicted: "The Pope will be forced to flee, followed by four cardinals. He will find refuge in Cologne."

Perhaps some of this is unavoidable because of 'karma' .. hundreds or thousands of years can add up to a swing-back in energy whose path(s) cannot be 'predicted'. Those paths are fixed-futures because of the nature of the behavior of humans. In this way Souls are educated over thousands of lifetimes within 3D reality.

Do we really have to manifest for ourselves the worst possible future?

Earth Chamber 11 does not believe that humans are fixed on a set 'future' .. in which chaos and violence forms our future and the future of our children's children. What if you (the reader) considered that your spirit would be born into and inherit a future world you create! What would you do if you were the 'future child' inheriting the future you create now?

Anyone reading through the 'ancient prophecies' will see a pattern, mostly set in conflict and a lack of vision and direction. Celtic Seers had a hidden sense of humour - predicting the inevitable fall of those who brutally destroyed their culture.

Where does you direction come from? Not from authority. Not from ruling religions. Nor from belief.

Your 'direction' comes from the light of the soul .. that spark of eternal light outiside 3D physical reality. This amazing living soul-guidance is eclipsed and suppressed by every religion on planet Earth today - but not in the FUTURE .. In the future the inner sacred light is guiding the people on Earth.

The physical-material battle, struggle, frustration and fear of survival is not the path leading us to a 'future worth living'. We wont reach the exit through anger, frustration, sadness or conflict. The warnings are clear if you have the eyes to see and the heart guide you. The future is the way of the heart, no matter where one lives on this planet.

Friday, October 15, 2010

China's Cotton Dragon Vs World Hemp Dragon

Sometimes when you pause and look at something in a new way, how you respond to a problem changes. If you go against the 'trend' and you look at a thing backwards, it changes not only your perspective; but it changes how you see your way ahead.

One example of this is the currency revaluation / devaluation we want to sell in your markets hysteria .. when the real concern is a countries PURCHASING POWER. That is one example of looking at a problem backwards. All eyes are on 'exports' .. for example, China's exporting power .. when in reality those exports come FROM SOMEWHERE .. they come from resources.

When I look backwards at the current hysteria around currencies .. I see BUYING POWER .. a country has the power to buy cotton. That is one example of buying power that translates into production and exports = a countries wealth.

Part of buying power is also about STRATEGY, and China's advantage over the rest of the world is that they have a national strategy. There is no 'invisible hand' of the market .. they know what they are doing.

Oct. 14 Bloomberg -- Cotton futures climbed to a record on signs that China, the world’s largest user and buyer, may boost imports to meet demand from textile makers.

Commodity speculation can makes prices fluctuate (in my opinion bringing instability into the market), but speculation is (in my view) the shadow cast by large movements of resources, catching the beady eye of futures traders.

As the U.S. Dollar fell to an all-time low commodity buying sprees can send prices soaring, as many commodities traded on the open market are priced in the U.S. Dollar. But this type of speculation obscures the undervalued world of real resource trades.

Why would you buy a cotton T-shirt or cotton jeans? Because someone makes it and sells it to you. Why would textile producers buy cotton? Because you will buy their products. I do not agree with the theory that, demand fuels supply. Because if Hemp jeans were on the market I am sure the demand would be just as high. So, where are the Hemp jeans?

This is what I mean about looking at an issue backwards .. you can often end up looking at the future and seeing the outcome when you understand 'seed-prices', flooding, export restrictions, damaged crops, lack of water and last of all 'demand'.

Then you have special interest conflicts where, for example, India regulate cotton exports in an attempt to protect its own textile producers from high raw cotton prices. A high world market demand for raw cotton pushes prices to an all time high at a time when Indian cotton farmers have produced a bumper harvest. However, the Indian government’s policy to regulate cotton exports for the domestic textile industry, means that Indian farmers face heavy losses as a result of deferment of cotton exports.

China's Cotton Dragon Vs World Hemp Dragon
Looking backwards at an approaching world crisis in production and supply, changes how you deal with that problem. For example, rather than politicians and bankers arguing over who floats or suppresses the value of their currencies the action would be to implement a realistic move on the world market chessboard.

As institutionalised observers tear their hair out over China's revaluation of their currencies purchasing power, not a tweet is heard about Germany, whose exporting engine power has a currency value higher than the European Euro value shared by many European countries all in one pot. °>)

China are not only buying cotton to fire up their textile production into 2011, but they are also planning long term production of hemp fibers while the rest of the world argues about currency manipulations. It seems as though the West has become merely a consumer-of-goods as the East becomes mainly a producer of goods.

The artificial suppression of the use of hemp-fibers other than in China and Canada is also a form of currency manipulation. Political interests stop farmers growing hemp fibers locally, therefore artificially suppressing the supply of hemp fibers to potential local producers. Destroying 'demand' and the potential for increasing local and national demand of home produced textiles. Not only textiles .. as hemp fibers can be used in building, insulation, plastics, cordage, textiles, fabric, compressed hardboard, flooring, car manufacture, paper, food, oil, fuel etc and so on ..

You can sit and do nothing but write laws and consume the products of emerging nations or you can get up off you '-)s and produce something yourself .. as the most optimistic outlook will be that the World's hemp dragon will save the world from future crop crisis, weather anomalies, export restrictions, trade wars and intellectual arguments.

Let the intellectuals sit around and argue .. let the political alpha-dogs beat their chests and howl at the moon .. but for the rest of us .. we have to get something done and we have to do it soon. It does not matter what state the world is in, planting hemp and supplying local fabric textiles will ease the pain. Oh! Hemp can be used for bandages too!

Keywords: Is Belgium Next? - Fall In Euro Boosts Exports - China Use Hemp for Poverty Alleviation - Why Hemp Could Save The World

Monday, October 11, 2010

Athenian Real Estate Panic and Bank Crisis

How Trading Bankers Always Collapse - A Guide To The Future? It is no accident that the fall of Greece, Europe and America has its roots in ancient Athenian sneaky tricks and slight of economic hand between 'wealthy friends' .. This is a PDF file from Martin Armstrong AthenianCrisis found on the website of .. the Gold website that (as Gene Roddenberry said) dares to go where no man has gone before °>)

Martin Armstrong politely calls this a "banking crisis" .. are we headed into another banking crisis? But EarthChanges11 asks: Is BANKING the correct word for this crisis? Armstrong goes on to say that, corruption between the governments and the bankers is nothing new ..

During the 4th Century BC, money that was donated to the Gods became the 'temple treasure'. Typically, the government would borrow from this hoard of cash. In Athens, there was one of the early banking crisis events in what we would call the Secretary of the Treasury so to speak and his banking friends .. The Temple kept its donations in the Opisthodomos.

The Temple was not earning interest on its hoard of cash. The treasurer agreed to lend the money to personal banking friends who would then pay the treasurer interest that he could then personally put in his pocket. When the banking crisis hit and there was a liquidity problem, the banks could not repay the loans to the Temple.

Demosthenes (384-322 BC) tells us that banking transactions were completely confidential in Athens. He tells us that the rich could "conceal [their] wealth... in order that [t]he[y] might obtain secret returns through the bank .. [go read the PDF]

Aristotle in his "Politics" argued against the idea of supply and demand insofar as he saw the problem from the demand side disconnected from supply. Aristotle thus saw that the problem that demand would rise and fall and sometimes exceed the supply without just cause.

You really have to make an effort to read this report and understand what is it showing you, because as long as you are ignorant of the forces blindsiding you into the illusion of elite banking welfare for the rich .. you, your children and your grandchildren will be slaves to that illusion.

The basics of real 'economics' are land, water, shelter, food and resources. Watch any of the Survival Videos by Ray Mears .. begin with his Sweden Survival video series: Ray Mears in Sweden part 1/7 which are fun to watch .. or go search his other wilderness extreme-survival locations.

I have studied univeristy economics, but I cannot separate economy from local resources due to ancestral awareness and I cannot separate economics from basic survival .. my early Pictish / Celtic Scottish ancestors lived for thousands of years in a direct living relationship with land, water, resources and food.

My basic tutorial is: Place a paper currency on the table in front of you and place beside it blades of grass, vegetables, rice, lentils, seafood, fish, meat or herbs .. even the simplest herbs have more nutritional value than the printed piece of paper currency.

History of Banking - How To Build A Fire - Ray Mears Fire - Fire In The Desert - Fire Log - Buttress Tree Fire - From Fungus To Fire - Venison & Seafood

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Red Toxic Sludge Is Radioactive Warns WWF

"Radioactive and highly corrosive material contains toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and chromium... " says the World Wildlife Fund

As attempts are made by sludge officials and scientists to play down the ecological disaster caused by a tsunami of Millions of gallons of toxic red mud that poured out across farmland in Hungary, the WWF had been warning of leaks from the containment pit since June 2010 .. but no one was listening until now.

The WWF says it is fearful of the long term environmental impacts of the toxic mud disaster in Hungary. Covering around 40 square kilometres of land the toxic sludge has already made its way to the river Danube, killing all life in the now polluted Marcal River.

A video report by AlJazeera uncovered information that workers have been warning of danger and potential 'disaster' since the 1970s.

The AlJazeera report reveals that the dam was constructed using waste materials. Coal and wood ash were used to build the dam, which appears to be central to the gradual dissolving of the walls locals claim were aggravated by filling the dams with much more red sludge than the firm had permits for.

A June 2010 WWF aerial photograph of the wall of the Kolontar sludge reservoir clearly shows damage and leakage - three months before dam walls breached, killing seven, covering 40 sq km with toxic red sludge and sending a plume of caustic pollution down rivers into the Danube.

With rain forecast there are now fears that the continuing cracking of the wall of the reservoir could collapse sending a new wave of caustic red sludge into the devastated towns.

WWF - Our Chemical World

UPDATE - 11 October, 2010 have reported that "Hungary Takes Control of Alumina Plant, Detains CEO on Sludge" .. The government is taking over management of the company and freezing its assets. Magyar Aluminium Zrt.’s chief executive officer has been detained and the Hungarian government will take control of the company after a reservoir burst last week unleashing toxic sludge that killed at least seven people.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bee's Show Signs of Virus Fungus Infection

On August 8 2007 I wrote a post suggesting that the thousands of honey bees were dying from colon collapse and not 'colony collapse'.

I have been wondering if the intestines of the bees are collapsing due to many factors: "This is not colony collapse disorder, the bees have colon collapse disorder." The moment you use anti-biotics on the bees, you destroy their healthy intestinal bacteria, leaving them vulnerable to illness, fungus and mold. Colon Collapse Disorder

I later found information from the late Dr. Hulda Clark saying the same thing, and I posted that in November 2008 .. Dying Bee Populations ..

The cells in the honeycombs are much larger than the bee would make themselves. Due to the fact that the cells in the honeycombs are both deeper and have a larger diameter the bees have to work extra hard to fill it with honey – exhausting them.

Unfortunately all kinds of pollutants such as fungus have an easier time to settle into those king-size cells. As far as we can gather, most commercial beekeepers treat the bees with an onslaught of chemicals:

• anti-fungus
• antibiotic medicines
• pesticides
• fumigation

A new study has been published by researchers at PLoS One, "Iridovirus and Microsporidian Linked to Honey Bee Colony Decline". This study was carried out through an unusual co-operation between military scientists and entomologists, carried out at the Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland.

Although the research confirms that the bee's colon's are being compromised by a Bee virus, fungal pathogen .. the fact is that the colon of the bees are compromised (weak) and that is due to a number of factors stressing the bees out.

Just as in humans, stress weakens the function of the colon in animals, birds and insects. It can be a combination of ecological stress, the stress of being moved around, the stress of increasing the size of the bees to get the hive's to produce more honey, the stress of wide alterations in the climate or variations experienced when the bees get trucked around.

The colon is the number one defense of the bodies immune system. So, any animal whose probiotic bacteria are depleted will show signs of rapid fungal and/or virus growth. This can also happen in humans .. if the beneficial probiotic bacteria are destroyed through anti-biotics or other means, then fungus and bacteria grow unchecked inside the colon. It is the beneficial probiotic bacteria that keep fungus, viruses and bacteria in check.

In the background summary the researchers write: In 2010 Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), again devastated honey bee colonies in the USA, indicating that the problem is neither diminishing nor has it been resolved. Many CCD investigations, using sensitive genome-based methods, have found small RNA bee viruses and the microsporidia, Nosema apis and N. ceranae in healthy and collapsing colonies alike with no single pathogen firmly linked to honey bee losses.

The key question is: Why are different bee colonies all over America and around the world suffering from mass deaths of worker bees? It appears to be a combination of different factors in each case all resulting in the same outcome .. the deaths of hives.

It may also be the way industrial beekeepers are breeding the queens, causing either a genetic deformity or the queens are passing some kind of weakness into the hives .. and if the queens are mostly coming out of these industrial queen producing factories then it makes sense that the centralization of queen bees would increase the dangers of nationwide breeding defects.

I am not a scientist and I am not a specialist, but I have done my own research and I observe. Take Candida Albicans, for example. Candida is often passed from mother to child so that babies can be born with various degrees of this fungus growing in the gut. It has to be the same for bees. The bees inherit any defects the queens might carry with them into the hive. Nature created diversity to avoid these problems and that is why bee colonies have survived until now over millions of years.

Bee industry breeding centers are mostly breeding queen bees cos it is big business .. so that humans now breed the breeders of bees. In May 2010 it was reported that, "A Pest Threatens Hawaii Honey Bee Industry." A small hive beetle is threatening Hawaii's $6 million queen bee export and honey industries. SIX MILLION DOLLAR QUEEN BEE EXPORT INDUSTRY

Humans are doing a lot to the bees to totally stress them out and destroy their genetic strengths, and in my opinion to destroy the bees colons through damaging the probiotic bacteria that protect bee health. That means pesticides, fungicides, anti-biotics, unnatural increase in bee size, interference in natural breeding patterns and feeding bees sugar water solutions rather than the beneficial anti-bacterial honey that they produce and that humans consume to benefit their own health.

Cherbuliez on Bee Probiotics

Probiotics the cutting edge for bees

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nature's Marijuana Sets Out To Save California

06 October 2010 Hot News .. Nature's Marijuana - often working under the pseudonym Cannabis - will attempt to save California from 'bankruptcy' by healing the states debt problem. Hundreds, if not thousands of Californian taxpayers .. [they gave us the Beach Boys] .. added for 'backup vibes °>)

.. are preparing to give a needed boost to the Californian States tax budget ..

The Planet's Plant has been serving mankind for thousands of years, throughout Earth's history, providing mankind with its fibers as well as healing substances as yet unknown and un-researched by modern science.

Marijuana is one of the oldest cultivated plants forming one of the oldest historical relationships with man, giving fibers for cloth, building, insulation, paper, rope and twine, .. Hemp is the name of the soft, durable fibre that is cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus.

This is not just about 'medical marijuana', this plant can save trees by providing paper. Trees take such a long time to grow and to grow healthy trees requires a lot of water .. Hemp can grow in drought plains and the plant does not take a long time to grow. We seriously have to stop using trees for paper.

Hemp fibers can replace and reduce the demand for Cotton [a plant that just sucks water and requires massive chemical/pesticide drama - polluting the environment and destructuring the soil] .. and the West diddle away while CHINA grows and produces Hemp fibers and Hemp cloth ..

China: Hemp to increase farmers' income

Is Hemp illegal because it is a plant that would increase local autonomy, decrease dependance on central producers and having boosted local production would destroy the Global Centralization of resources and production? I think that is a good question!

Hemp Replace Cotton - Hemp Facts - MarketWatch: Cannabis - Hemp Vs Cotton - The Hemp Fields of China - Hemp Paper Now!