Monday, November 30, 2009

The Gold Horse Prophecy & Crystal Skulls

I was doing some research into two unrelated areas (I thought) - the 'crystal skulls' and 'gold prophecies' - more their alchemical attributes. First I came across the Nick Nocerino - Crystal Skull Interview [Part 13], a discussion about the Native American Skulls with 'Swift Deer'. A few days later in my 'gold' search, I suddenly found the information below relating to Swift Deer's 'Path of The Twisted Hairs'.

How did my mind know to surf the information and join the two through apparently unrelated searches. The answer was: "We are the Crystal Skull". They represent us in clear terms. They embody some connection to our eternal soul. We have to awaken to this truth and not look 'outside' at the world or at the skulls, or at the prophecies. We have to look inside and find the reflection within, find the truth within and from that observation understand the external world.

The Gold Horse Prophecy
For three years prior to 1254 BC, they dreamed and worked together with the Ark of the Crystal Skulls to "see" the potential and probable paths of evolution for humanity and planetary destiny. Their collective vision, recounted by a trained orator, is 24 hours in the telling.

The prophecies are told as a metaphor of a horse race with eight horses of different colors representing mankind's different choices at critical turning points in our interaction with each other, with nature and life in general. In the original speaking of the prophecies, the sweet Medicine animals were seen as dogs for the dog is the "keeper" of the belief systems of a people.

As a result of the impact of the Spanish destruction and conquest and the introduction of the horse to this continent, the elders saw that the "medicine" or alchemy of the race would change. The medicine of the horse is that it is the "carrier" of the belief systems of a people; thus it became a Race of Horses.

Of the eight horses in the race, there are four that represent the four directions of the wheel of life and they hold the balance in the race. They are The Red Horse, which carries the earth changes. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, reactivated volcanoes, critical changes in weather patterns - all these are the earth's way of rebalancing and purifying herself. These have escalated in the recent years both in frequency and intensity, as she has to deal with the destruction and imbalance humans continue to propagate.

The White Horse carries the impact of economic, industrial, technological and scientific forces on people and countries. The sacrifice of nature and people's freedoms and inalienable rights worldwide on the altar of profit and power are the legacy of this horse and feeds directly into the impact of the Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse carries the dark energy of mankind. Quite simply, it carries the worst in us.

The Gold Horse carries Beauty, Power, Individual Autonomy and Freedom in Peace. It also carries humans living in harmony with each other, caring for and protecting the Earth and the life she gives to us. It carries a world without ignorance, war, poverty, pestilence, and famine. The Gold Horse carries the best in us-our shining, our potential for greatness as enlightened humans, as Rainbow Warriors.

The Prophecies speak of the need for the collective presence and intent of 144,000 rainbow Warriors, i.e., awakened humans, fighting for peace, harmony, and individual autonomous freedom to bring the Gold Horse to victory.

According to the Prophecies, the Dark Horse is leading the race at this time and lunging ahead of the Gold Horse. What does this have to do with you and me, really?

Read the Prophecy @ The Gold Horse Ranch

Keywords: The Deer Tribe - Elders of The Twisted Hairs - Nick Nocerino - Crystal Skulls - A Civilization Shift

Dark Horse - Kali Yuga

Reading the Golden Horse Prophecy, I realised that the prophecy has many layers, and in some way the dark horse is the Vedic Kali Yuga: "We now live in Kali-yuga, the iron age, the most degraded of the four ages (kali literally means "quarrel and hypocrisy")."

The Western mind is so out of balance, because it sees life in linear terms of 'black and white', 'good and evil', 'light (good) evil (dark)'. The Western mind is opposed in its own duality - right side of the brain, left side of the brain. The eyes 'see', the ears 'hear'. This views the world through horizontal lense, with no vertical axis.

Horizontal -------------- always moring in one linear direction <---------->
Ancient Cross + (all principles are united)

I don't agree that the 'dark horse' carries the worst of us, or represents the worst of us. Because nature is never black and white. Anything out of balance will create problems. The power of the dark horse is not 'bad' and the power of the gold horse is not 'good' - because an out of balance 'gold horse' will create its own kind of disorder.

For the Ancestors day and night are balanced, they co-exist, they are related. But if daylight wants to throw away the dark night then the balance has gone. I see that the dark horse is running on its own out of balance and humans today are not strong enough to bring this aspect of themselves into balance. It is a runaway horse. People just go along with that. They are not sorting it out inside themselves.

All institutions, all religions, all political dominations and corporate industries are full of the out-of-control drive and power of the dark horse. Everyone is fighting and everyone wants to be 'strong', and be the 'alpha dog', and have power, take control. They are so addicted to the character of this energy (the last stage of the Kali Yuga Period), that they are insane with the effects of this drive - it is like a drug.

Jiddu Krishnamurti left a lot of subtle clues for people to discover. He said that the two 'horses' have to run together, in balance - not one pulling ahead. He said: If you are driving three horses - each desiring to run independently of the other two - unless you are able to control them and drive them all together, you will not reach your destination."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ClimateGate - Evidence of Global Frauding

Did Saturn square Pluto set off the ClimateGate Tsunami?
"Why Does it Feel Like Something’s Going to SNAP?!!" - Saturn-Pluto2009

Something did go 'snap' ... The Pseudo-Science Man Made Global Warming emails flooded the Worldwide Web, engulfing low-lying scientists with a rise in awareness as streams of consciousness burst their banks, sending food waters across the Genetically Modified Blame pastures... Destroying 13 years of carefully planned bio-engineering...

"The planet Saturn rules structures, commitments and the principles we live by and by which we make our commitments. The planet Uranus shines the light of Truth and inspiration, while Pluto purges the structures of our world to expose hidden truth and agendas... " November2009

"A folder containing documents, data and emails purportedly "hacked" from Britain's Climate Research Unit (CRU) may be smoking gun proof of a worldwide conspiracy to exaggerate the existence, causation and threat of global warming. And the list of apparent conspirators includes many of the world's leading climate alarmists -- the very scientists on whose work the entire anthropogenic global warming theory is based." - American Thinker

'Secretive scientists' source code goes walkabout - The Register
Leaked emails expose manipulation EcoFactory

Anatomy of Data Manipulation:
Witholding of information - modifying data - hide unwanted results - truth doesn't matter - witholding data - control the message - hiding data ... The Examiner

MassMedia Non-Coverage of - Climategate
'Scientists' Fuel Global Warming - Wired
Global Warming Is A Hoax - The Examiner

What do you get when you cross a scientist with climate change?
- Funding!

A Scotsman, an Irishman and an Englishman were asked about climate change.
The Scotsman said: It's caused by the weather.
The Irishman said: It's caused by the Climate.
And the Englishman said: I have an idea! Let's TAX it ...

Only those who know will understand !!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... '-)

Buddha Boy Says No To Animal Sacrifices

Palden Dorje, the Nepal Buddha Boy, has called for an end to animal sacrifices. He has asked organizers to stop a Hindu festival where thousands of animals are typically slaughtered. He urged people to recognize the compassion in their hearts, and their connection to one another through the all-encompassing soul.

Palden Dorje plans to make an appearance at the mela on the 24th of November, when the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of animals take place. Organisers of the festival have refused to allow him to speak at the festival, where he intended to preach compassion and ask people to carry out a vegetarian 'blessing' to their Goddess.

In a recent interview, Bomjan said that the goddess represented the mother of all living beings, including the animals and would never be pleased with the sacrifice of her own children. "Human beings have turned brutal by offering animal sacrifice to the goddesses. This practice must be stopped now," he said.

The Nepal Government will not stop the slaughter, citing 'religious sensitivity'.

Bomjan said that in the past, human sacrifices were also considered to be essential for Hindu festivals. But they had been stopped.

"We also used to burn widows on the pyres of their husbands as part of tradition," he said. "But didn’t we end that atrocity?" Prabhupadanugas News

As many States in India have banned animal sacrifices, more Indians cross into poorer Nepal to indulge in the 'mother of all sacrifices'. Between November 24 and 25 half a million animals will be slaughtered at Gadhimai Jatra in Bara district in the south of Nepal. The sale of animals to the richer Indians, is big business. Ritual-Sacrifice Tourism disguised as 'religion'.

Pramada Shah, president of the Animal Welfare Network Nepal explained that, "In India today there is greater awareness about animal sacrifice and animal suffering so it is sad to see that Nepal caters to those devotees who will be able to conduct sacrifices that are illegal in their home states." [70 per cent of devotees come from India to sacrifice animals] Guardian Weekly

The Gadhimai killings are condemned as the world’s greatest wanton cruelty of animals and are a severe danger to the environment and public health. The slaughtered animals are not eaten but the carcasses are left in the open while rivers of blood drench the fields.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fungi Religions and Psycoactive Roots

As we come to and pass beyond 2012 there is a growing rift on this planet between the 'rationalists' and the 'way out there' crowd. I sense that until 2050 this opposition will become almost irreconcilable. The reason for this is fear. The rationalists are terrified of the unknown and see the 'way out there' crowd as a threat to their stability. This is similar to the Catholic church viewing the Gnostic writings as a threat to their need for order and control.

It is a question that can never be answered: Is religion the harbinger of chaos or order? At present, on Earth, the dominant religions are for 'order', and in this respect I include politics to fall under the canopy of a 'religion'. Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and Conservatism are all mind altering religions. Stemming from Catholicism to all outgrowths of modern day religions, the identities of Islam and Judaism are as opposed to their Catholic mentors as a Conservative is to their Socialist counterpart.

Going back to the roots of religion as a rational brotherhood of 'order and stability' one has to study the Vedics and follow the progression into Buddhism - where the Europeans took their spores and gave birth to Conservative religion in its present day form.

"In my father’s house are many mansions." This concept comes from the Egyptian Book of the Dead directly. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will refresh you." Comes, word for word, from a saying of goddess Isis above the portal of the Temple of Dendera. Origins of Religion

I was wandering among the trees of the forest of Odin (Odin's Wood), when I came upon a bright red mushroom - the AstroTheological fruits of Autumn. my photograph of this mushroom captures the key element that binds all religious organisations and political associations. The problems we are facing over the next 50 to 100 years will highlight man's addiction to substances and his own subsequent loss of substance.

The rulers (priests) of ideology, political power groups and corporations are the first level of addiction to power, of addiction to various substances (including alcohol) and of addiction to imposing 'order' [true order is a natural process of intelligence]. The next level of this mental decomposition is the mass addiction to material existence. The world's need for energy takes the form of addiction rather than intelligent relationship.

Humans are addicted to their toys, to the tools created to distract them and keep them in a state of semi-consciousness. However, this is simply a continuation of primitive ancestors who were addicted to their rituals and beliefs. Therefore the psychedelic experience has been translated into a technological experience, and the human being is lost in its prime indulgence whether it is playing with plants or playing with techno-addictions.

There are people on this planet who stand in the mid-point between the rationalists and the 'way out there' crowd. These are people who cannot take substances and they cannot fit into the status quo. Fortunately, I am allergic to any form of mushroom [or drug], and I am allergic to all forms of ideology. From early childhood I cannot take the most basic Aspirin nor Antibiotics, I am allergic to common mushrooms - and this perspective has caused me to question things most people take for granted.

This level of sensitivity allows me to go into a wood and sense the mind and essence of any plant, fungi or creature. So, from an early age, I could see those other realms without the need for any psycho-active substance. Therefore, I listen to what the plant world has to tell me. They do have information relevant to the world of humans.

Are mushrooms safe? I don't think any mushroom is safe. Fungi exist to unlock and breakdown matter, and return it to a primal state. From the largest to the most microscopic forms of fungi their function is 'death'. In this I include Candida Albicans. All material life forms carry fungi in their unreleased state, coded to become active at death and break down the physical bonds.

Over thousands of years priests have taken mind altering substances to commune with their 'gods', and once in that realm the first thing they see are beings dressed in various sacred geometric forms. The structure of each religion expresses its ritualistic fungus experience.

In their psychoactive forms the enzymes in fungi have a causal effect on the functions of the brain, creating a 'little death' experience. Just walking in nature is a life altering experience, without the need to ingest psycho-active substance. The early human tribes became addicted to ingesting plants as drugs, and this dependence continues until today. It is the action of an animal that refuses to grow up. Out of the mycosilium of these fungi grew 'religion', the institutional addiction in its logical cerebral form.

Priests were originally chemical alchemists. They understood the science of drugs, and they used this science to probe and lift the veil of consciousness. They would leave their worldly earthbound presence and would first encounter beings dressed in structured sacred geometric forms. Therefore a Buddhist priest sitting in the Himalayas would see beings similar to the Tibetan Mandalas painted on cave walls. Buddhist Temple Paintings

Priests in Persia or Arabia would see beings dressed in the forms expressed in their sacred art, just as the Romans adopted the Greek form of the psychedelic template one could call the background operating system of the human psyche. This is the hidden code that allows you to interact with the surrounding desktop reality. That is why the masses feel comforted to see their religious leaders dressed in code form. It's the oldest circus on Earth.

Leading into 2050 children will appear who see beyond the elemental codes that ordinary humans experience when they play with the mushrooms. Vedic seers and ancient Buddhists painted the first layer of code on the walls of caves, because that is what it is - the first layer. You could call it the introductory layer, basic elementary system codes that interact with all layers of physical reality.

The first-level reality source-code, whose guardians (technicians) are the fungal mycelium, define the point where matter crosses to anti-matter and anti-matter crosses to matter. The physical-material world signature for this crossing is 'death'.

"That's why the gurus and all the priesthood grow like mushrooms, offering you all kinds of things, including the clever psychologists, and the philosophers." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hadron Collider Creates Event Singularities

Deep down under the earth, at a location near Geneva, the restart of the Large Hadron Collider experienced an unexpected power cut. Testing was stopped because 100 meters above, on the surface, a little bird eating bread had apparently shorted out a compensating capacitor. With power cut to a cooling plant the subsequent rise in temperature led to the cancellation of the test. The short circuit had caused a power failure affecting a quarter of the 27km Large Hadron Collider, resulting in a temperature increase of three degrees Kelvin (K).

Fascinating situation, lets call this the 'Baguette Singularity'. In essence, the collider has created a time travel paradox, coming from the future and haunting the monster of its own creation. My theory of the Baguette Singularity is based on one question. Do they know what they are doing? Probably not. If they knew what they were doing would it change anything? Probably not.

"One theory is that the Higgs boson has traveled back in time to prevent its own creation." Could it be that the Hadron Collider is being sabotaged by its own future? Not exactly, this is a rather simplistic view of the forces that move around a Higgs boson particle.

The Higgs boson particle does not exist. It is simply a methodological structure applied to try and imagine the unimaginable. A singularity is the force that transforms anti-matter into matter. The Higgs boson is a tiny shadow, a nano-particle in the never to be imagined field of a Singularity.

The human mind cannot imagine a methodological structure for a Singularity, because to imagine it the mind would have to experience it, and once experienced the physical form ends - leaving only pure mind. Any Singularity theories eat their own tail.

The essence behind my 'Baguette Singularity' theory is the fact that birds do not carry around baquettes. They arrive and eat them where they fall, but they do not fly around with large pieces of bread. Therefore it has to be a 'Singularity' occurring on the surface, creating chaos in a chaotic string of events, the outcome of which is at present unknown.

The collider may be buried deep underground, but is already creating event singularities within its circular caverns. A more sophisticated theory is the 'Samhain Singularity', the time of the crossing of the ancestors, where the bird is the Phoenix and according to an old European legend, anyone who bakes bread or journeys after sunset on Samhain runs the risk of conjuring bad luck. Should a candle suddenly go out by itself on Samhain, as though being blown out by wind or by breath, this is said to be a sign that a ghost has come to call.

In European traditions, at the end of Summer, bread symbolizes harvest, fulfillment and material security. Summer for growing, Autumn for harvesting and winter for the eating of bread. If you look up to the heavens, the stars tell another story. Crossing the November night sky, the Constellations Lyra and Cygnus can be seen almost overhead. Cygnus, the Swan, is sometimes called the "Northern Cross" as it has a distinctive cross shape, but this Constellation is normally described as a flying Swan.

"The Madrid Codex also contains star-studded information. Near the dead mummy of the Death God, is a Turtle with three "bread" units on his back. (M.71-A) If the Turtle is Lyra (once called the Turtle constellation (See Allen, Star Names and Their Meanings), then, again the three units on its back should also be stars. Lyra, or the Turtle is located where the stars of the Summer Triangle is located, and sure enough, the three "bread" loaves on its back are in the shape of a triange. It is from this triangle that a blazing nova appeared and a meteorite from that direction fell into the Atlantic Ocean." From: A Loaf of Bread or A Star In the Dresden Codex

The particle accelerator, 100m underground near Geneva, was undergoing tests ahead of its restart in November 2009. The testing process was stopped after the power supply to the collider was unexpectedly cut.

Keywords: Cygnus X-1 - Hadron Collider - Cernunnos: Gundestrup Cauldron - Stars of Noah's Ark