Monday, November 30, 2009

Dark Horse - Kali Yuga

Reading the Golden Horse Prophecy, I realised that the prophecy has many layers, and in some way the dark horse is the Vedic Kali Yuga: "We now live in Kali-yuga, the iron age, the most degraded of the four ages (kali literally means "quarrel and hypocrisy")."

The Western mind is so out of balance, because it sees life in linear terms of 'black and white', 'good and evil', 'light (good) evil (dark)'. The Western mind is opposed in its own duality - right side of the brain, left side of the brain. The eyes 'see', the ears 'hear'. This views the world through horizontal lense, with no vertical axis.

Horizontal -------------- always moring in one linear direction <---------->
Ancient Cross + (all principles are united)

I don't agree that the 'dark horse' carries the worst of us, or represents the worst of us. Because nature is never black and white. Anything out of balance will create problems. The power of the dark horse is not 'bad' and the power of the gold horse is not 'good' - because an out of balance 'gold horse' will create its own kind of disorder.

For the Ancestors day and night are balanced, they co-exist, they are related. But if daylight wants to throw away the dark night then the balance has gone. I see that the dark horse is running on its own out of balance and humans today are not strong enough to bring this aspect of themselves into balance. It is a runaway horse. People just go along with that. They are not sorting it out inside themselves.

All institutions, all religions, all political dominations and corporate industries are full of the out-of-control drive and power of the dark horse. Everyone is fighting and everyone wants to be 'strong', and be the 'alpha dog', and have power, take control. They are so addicted to the character of this energy (the last stage of the Kali Yuga Period), that they are insane with the effects of this drive - it is like a drug.

Jiddu Krishnamurti left a lot of subtle clues for people to discover. He said that the two 'horses' have to run together, in balance - not one pulling ahead. He said: If you are driving three horses - each desiring to run independently of the other two - unless you are able to control them and drive them all together, you will not reach your destination."