Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feathered Star Serpent Reborn

The timing of Comet Lovejoy is in itself pretty spectacular. The comet's approach was detected on December 2, 2011 by astronomer Terry Lovejoy in Australia. It was identified as a Kreutz sungrazer, fragments of a giant comet that broke apart in the 12th Century. NASA suggest this was the Great Comet of 1106. Well, on December 16, 2011 Comet Lovejoy flew through "the hot atmosphere of the Sun" and emerged intact. This fact alone raises many questions about the nature of comets and what is really going on close to the surface of the Sun.

Are Kreutz Sungrazer comets remnant parts of a larger original Quetzalcoatl "Feathered Serpent" Comet? According to Mayan Prophecies, the green feathered robe of the snake/serpent rise in the East.

December 2011, during the Winter Solstice period - the three days where the Sun stands still (December 22, 23, 24), Comet Lovejoy rises in the East just before Sunrise [as seen from the Southern hemisphere] .. the comet's tail is green.
NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank, commander of the ISS watched the comet from the orbiting Space Station: “Two nights ago I probably saw the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in space and that’s saying an awful lot because every day is filled with amazing things. Just before the sun came up, the Earth’s limb was lit up as a thin sliver of blue and purple and then there was this long, green arc that extended probably 10 degrees or so from the horizon,” said Burbank.

Burbank described the tail of Comet Lovejoy as a green glowing arc at least 10 degrees long.

The Mayans were not only observing cosmic cycles; but they understood the cycles .. where you have COSMOS as a perfect mathematical witness (timing of events). One could say that during the time when the green feathered star meets the Sun and like a Phoenix is reborn from the fires, in the time when the Sun's return marks the new cycle .. great change will happen on the Earth.

Comet Machholz & The Return of Kukulkan
Quetzalcoatl is composed of two words: quetzal + coatl. Quetzal refers to feathers and coatl refers to a snake thus the traditional translation of Quetzalcoatl is “feathered serpent.”

Yet quetzal does not simply refer to any old feathers of any old bird. Quetzal refers specifically to the bright green tail feathers of the Resplendent Quetzal bird from southern Mexico. Of all the birds the Maya and Aztecs could have used to represent Quetzalcoatl, they chose the Resplendent Quetzal. Why?

The Resplendent Quetzal, known simply as the Quetzal to Mexican peoples, is known for its brilliant green feathers. More specifically, the Quetzal was known for its long green tail feathers. The tail feathers of the Quetzal are longer than the entire body length of the bird. A bird that flies across the sky with a really long tail is a logical choice if the Maya intended to represent a comet.

They would use the timing of the planets, stars, comets and galaxy to signify quantum timing of events; because the ancient ones knew that cycles affect humans as well as affecting seasons, growth, harvest, earthquakes, changes in sea level. These are natural changes in cycles that have been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

If you understood those long-count cycles then you would give reference points that people can see with their own eyes. Natural changes in cycles could also be observed as changes in weather parameters, changes in the seasons, temperature changes as well as cosmic - seen in the heavens - changes.

There are probably smaller disruptive climate/weather cycles on this planet - like ripples crossing on the surface of a pond. During natural occurring climate disruption cycles, seasons for growing cannot be counted upon, there is severe flooding or drought, severe storms, probably more powerful earthquakes.

Comets were likely associated with upheaval and disaster, because the ancient stargazers used them as a cosmological clock to understand where we are now within the greater and smaller cycles.

Sun Charged Comets
Humans rarely look at relationship of events. For example, the comet is not plunging through and "surviving" the encounter with the Sun's atmosphere .. in my view the Sun is charging or recharging the comet. The observed vortex like serpentine tail is part of a not well understood interaction between the Sun and the comet (feathered serpent of the skies). See: The Electric Comet

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soul Beyond Time

Looking back .. looking forward across time ..orbs of light hovering silently above Planet Earth at the end of 2011 looking into the eyes of 2012...

What is light? What is the mind? The soul, obviously

Obvious: easily seen, recognized or understood.
Latin - lying in the path / in the way .. right there in front of you.

What does it mean when something is lying in the path right there in front of you? Apart from that it is obvious? The PATH .. the WAY .. is not always physical. In other words, when difficulties arise and individuals or communities have to overcome those difficulties .. awareness of the path [beyond physical existence] can often form the future.

If the soul is a "time traveller" then the spirit inhabiting 3D physical reality is navigating THE WAY ... Which may sound strange to anyone not aware of the ancient cultures of Japan (Zen), Tibet (Buddhism), China (Tao), Keltic, Toltec, Mayan, Native American, Egyptian, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis .. and so on ..

Looking back at yourself across the bridge of time implies all time and space.

The way implies all aspects of the soul being able to stumble on "the obvious" .. right there in front of you on the path .. on the way .. past-present-future. All is one. All is oneself.

On Earth each culture was given the task to retain the original spirit, the obvious, sitting there on the path. The source of life on Earth, the source of life, the source of human beings and of creation. However, the path contains the past, the present and the future .. as one .. undivided.

Soul Beyond Time
What if you would meet yourself on "The Path" .. ??

Who you are across the illusion of time and space. The past looking into the eyes of the future. The guidance coming from yourself. The compass being the navigation of your soul. You being the pilot of the ship. Life being the ocean. Your body being the ship. The spirit being the energy that moves the ship...

If you see yourself across the bridge of time .. looking straight at you .. past-present-future .. then time has no meaning. Perhaps you come across yourself on the path. North - South - East - West. Surely, the soul has all directions in its field.

The Earth has all directions in its field .. North - South - East - West .. where North would not exist without East and West would not exist without South. It is the same with the soul. It is the same when all directions within a human being look inwards.

Humans have "polarity" [North and South / East and West] with a core .. the center of the cross .. holding everything together. Some called it the Sun, some called it the Soul. In Alchemical traditions North - South - East - West exist and can be observed; but the core holding it all together is the Alchemical element turning base metal into gold.

If I were an "Alchemist" I would be looking for myself on "The Path".

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Our World Is Changing [..Us]

I wanted to call this post "What An Amazing day" !! Which it was .. I have never seen or experienced a day like today. We had (in Germany) strange warmish Santa Ana type winds. Then add to that a chorus of clear blue skies, then dark storm clouds, then bright rainbows, then clear blue skies, then clouds from nowhere, hail, rain, high winds, then no winds and now clear blue skies.

We see in the world news that Los Angeles, California was recently whacked with unusually powerful Santa Ana winds. Really, one would have to go ask the Chumash... unfortunately, they were all but wiped out.
Brian Fagan: The Chumash
The Chumash launched their canoes from open beaches. They had great respect for rogue breakers and were prepared to wait patiently for a quiet interval. Then they would carry the tomol into the water until she was just afloat. While the captain held her bow into the waves, passengers and cargo would be positioned aboard. Then the crew scrambled in, while a fourth man held the canoe, then gave her a sharp push offshore as the paddlers worked to take her beyond the breaker line.

Each paddler sat on his heels on a pad of sea grass, paddling with an even rhythm, using his shoulders to do the work. Soon the tomol would be ewe 'alhoyoy'o, moving swiftly through the water. A skilled crew could keep up a steady pace all day, paddling to a canoe song repeated over and over again.

The Helek's crew found their speed depended on the wind direction. With an 8-knot following wind and swell, they could make 6 to 8 knots. But if the same 8-knotter blew from ahead, the tomol made no headway against wind and waves. Almost certainly the Chumash seafarers made their island journeys and fished offshore during calm weather and during the morning hours, when winds are calm. Under such conditions average passage speeds of 7 knots to and from the offshore islands were probably not uncommon.

Fernando Librado told Harrington, "Canoe faring is dangerous, and drownings are frequent. There would be no coming home, for a wind or wave might capsize a tomol and a man could drown . . . Rather than make the crossing of The-Ocean-where-the-Islands-are-in-Front . . . the Indians hug the mainland shore.. :" Chumash seamen rarely made passages at night, but when they did they navigated by the stars. For weeks on end they would leave their canoes ashore, especially in September and October, when the celebrated Santa Ana winds blow [83] strongly from the northeast. But Chumash seafarers were vital to a society living on both islands and mainland. As members of the Brotherhood-of-the-Canoe, they served as sea traders, exchanging scarce raw materials from the mainland for manufactured goods from the islands. Everyone's survival depended on cooperation, on the exchange of foodstuffs and raw materials between widely separated communities, both in times of plenty and in drought years, when food was scarce.

Most of the year, "The Ocean-Where-the-Islands-Are-in-Front" appears benign and predictable, forming a sheltered channel where moderate winds and air temperatures rarely fluctuate, rarely become too hot or too cold. Bright skies and clear days cycle for weeks on end. Natural coastal upwelling of cold water from the depths of the ocean replenishes the surface layers of the Pacific with nutrients. Chumash fishermen harvested plankton-feeding anchovies by the thousands as they moved inshore in summer. They also harvested the larger fish that fed on the anchovies. Not completely dependent on fish and sea mammals, the Chumash hunted mule deer, ate shellfish, and foraged for acorns and other plant foods. One Spanish missionary wrote, "It may be said for them, the entire day is one continuous meal:"
This has nothing to do with "Climate Change" [The Idiots guide To Reality] .. the closest word is TRANSFORMATION. Whatever this transformation it effects all things. This is a transformation of the cycles and currents, the weather, the atmosphere, water, volcanoes, atmospheric temperatures, humidity, wind currents, Jet Stream, ocean currents all the way down to us humans and animals.

The mild temperature (for December) with weather more akin to March / April .. all the Seasons in one day. Bright blue skies and sunshine, dark grey storm clouds, bright rainbows, light rain, and then suddenly out of nowhere a slow turning downward pressure that moved through the town like something out of a dream.

That downward wind pressure was like a giant gentle tornado of leaves without any cloud. It punched the side of a building and the whole plaster facing just crumbled to the street below. I never saw anything like that in my life. The rotating wind was not even violent. Yet, it hit the building with a frequency that fractured the plaster covering the bricks.

Behind the storm wind came a low dark cloudy rainstorm filled with light hail-stones. The storm winds were not cold. These were not icy storm winds. A lot of the hail fell as mushy rain. The wind was not blustery; but pleasant. It seems the twisting rotation power - as slow moving as it was - was enough to take down large trees.

We humans, as well as the animals and plants, are simply going to have to adapt to this transition / transformation.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hemp! Mercedes of Southern Europe!

I don't pretend I can see the future ...
Is Hemp the Mercedes of Southern Europe?

Let's start with Spain and Greece... You see EUROPE is not created out of banks, central banks, governments and Chinese imports! Europe is the on-the-ground co-operation between people living in Europe. It does not matter if they speak French, Spanish, German, English, Italian or Greek. It also does not matter what currency they use, because the ultimate currency is "trade" .. which means exchange.

1. Any resource (not banks) is an "economy"
2. Bankers deal in other peoples money (resources)
3. Humans trade resources
E=HR² (Economy equals Human Resources squared)

Printing debt is not going to bring Southern Europe out of a recession.

HEMP is the Mercedes of plants. You take Industrial hemp and you grow it all around Southern Europe. Local producers turn the hemp fibers into many different resources used by humans. You can make fabric for clothing, bedding, insulation materials. You can make paper using hemp fibers. You can make computer covers and electronic main boards out of hemp (that do not heat up when used).

Hemp materials can be used in car production. Hemp fibers can be used to make structured flooring materials. The fibers are an alternative for wood. Compressed hemp can be used to make tables and chairs. Hemp can also be used in all areas of house construction. It can be used as a filter material. The list is endless...

Every country in Europe would benefit from the production of hemp fibers and materials. Europe would be less dependent on imports from China and from the rest of the world. Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (even France) could become exporters of hemp materials and of hemp products.

Once you've got that going the Europeans could start planting natural mixed forest trees. Not planting them in straight lines; but planting them like a natural forest. In fifty years all of Europe could receive benefits from those trees, as well as altering the climate to the benefit of all.

Climate Change? C0² ???

Climate change began (in modern times) with the Romans cutting down the great forest that covered most of Northern and Southern Europe. All we have done in the last two hundred years is to accelerate the destruction of the forests all over the entire world.

Therefore, a carbon tax is not going to benefit the climate - planting trees will!

It is really very simple .. you have hemp growing everywhere all over Europe together with the planting of natural forests. Let's call it the "Greening of Europe". There you have your natural production all over the land that people can use as a "resource" whether those people have money or not.

In other words .. when you have wealth .. let's say sixty to seventy percent are producing wealth of resources. Then you can allow those who do not have such a great amount of wealth to use resources to support themselves (like hemp growing wild or growing all over the town). Because hemp will save you and save your children's children, by saving the planet '-)

Hemp Forests
As I said .. I don't pretend to see or know the the future.
But can you see those hemp forests growing?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where Is Europe's Gold!

The big question recently being asked is: Where is Europe's gold? Italy say they have their gold and France apparently have their and some of Germany's gold. No one really knows how much of Europe's (Germany's) gold is held in the US.

There is an interesting Interview by Jim Rickards: The US Wont Give Germany Their Gold. He suggests that The US hold most of Germany's and other countries gold reserves. He also suggests that whoever owns the gold can make the "future" world currency...

Tracking Down Germany's Gold
Time For Accurate Accounting!

Will Germany purchase Italy's gold to stop it leaving Europe for China? As the Chinese - it has been speculated - wanted Europe's gold up front as collateral for any loan. All of Europe's gold can be used in the future to create a European (world) trade currency of value.

There has been a lot of Europe bashing over the past few months, with especially negative commentary from the US and from the London. These comments are mostly opinions rather than anything real. We have a world where each monkey-ego party looks down on all the other monkeys .. haha!! Try looking in the mirror.

Europe Seek Balance
When you look at the situation from a sociological perspective the whole world picture really gets quite interesting. A lot of the criticism coming from the American continent has been that Europe will never create a United States of Europe, they are too divided - socially, economically and politically.

Take a look at North and South America. Canada in the North, American in the middle and Mexico in the South are no different than Northern and Southern Europe. In Canada, the French speaking block want to partition Quebec and one of the issues of secession include a return to historical boundaries that predate the Confederation of 1867.

Then you have the Canadian/American question. Two distinct regions that fought to remain as they are. Each maintains their own currency and political agenda. Then in the South, radically different from their Northern partition is Mexico. This is not really much different from Europe. I have not even reached the issue of Indian RESERVATIONS...

At least Europe did not place racially different cultures on reservations. When the US try to tell Europeans how to get their act in order .. perhaps first they need to address the current situation (that they created) of Native Americans living in terrible states of poverty inside the reservations. Indian Removal Act 1830

No one moved the Greek people onto reservations and took all their land, their resources, their heritage. At least the various cultures in Southern Europe still have their connection to the land, their heritage and their way of life. Sort out the reservation issues and then tell Europe how to fix their problems.

The European Dream
In a similar way to North America, there is Northern Europe with a totally unique culture (the Nordics), with France in the middle (the Gauls) and Southern Europe with their own totally different dynamics to those in the North (Mediterranean cultures).

Who knows? Maybe France can act as the diplomatic navel bridging North and South. The colder Northern landscape of Europe is more like Canada, France is like America (in-the-middle) and the warmer Southern landscape of Europe is similar to Mexico.

I disagree that the unique cultural heritage of each European country has to be ground down into a standardised EU corn-powder. It is a mistake to underestimate that uniqueness (diversity) can co-operate on the highest level. In other words, each culture has their own uniqueness and out of that comes a wider co-operation / working together. Because it is in everyone's interests to work together on a higher planetary level.

The most interesting question for the EU is: Which language? In attempting to create a "European Identity", which language will glue the pages of the book together? French? Italian? German? English? Spanish? How many generations will it take to stop the Germans speaking German or in another vein how many generations will it take to get the French to speak German? As one example. Across in North America the Mexicans have not yet given up speaking Spanish...

Being in the middle, I think France is perfectly placed to mediate (or bridge the gap) between North and the South. The French understand both Northern and Southern cultures. You need to look at this through the eyes of an engineering project. When you build a bridge, structural tension have to be matched with flexibility and some form of shock absorbers.

I personally see three interacting forces at work in Europe: The North, France in the middle and the South.

Danger of Losing Values
The gamblers and institutionalists who created this economic mess have no sense of affinity to any culture - and that should be a warning sign. Those individuals who could not care less who they harm or who they bring down (as long as they survive), are exactly those who lack a unique identity, a sense of culture, a sense of wider belonging and a sense of social and cultural responsibility.

It may be that two main regions of Europe have to interact and co-operate with a third orbiting region learning to interact almost like a controlled orbit. This would give time (10/15 years) for the orbiting regions to come into the trade landing zone. In my imagination each part would support the other; but co-operation would be each at their own levels

Instead of North America where the Native tribes were wiped out or moved onto reservations .. you would have a European hub coordinating flight paths, trade, exchange, beneficial projects and energy security - each at their own level. The stronger Northern zone would support the Southern zone in a structured environment where both can co-exist in harmony.

If you have a system in place where the growing problems of the South do not drag down the Northern economies, then the stronger Northern economies can support Southern Europe. It does not matter how you value the special currency exchange, because the core principle behind your actions are unity - strength and co-operation.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

El Hierro: Dreams of The Future

As of 09-11-2011, just off the coast of El Hierro (Canary Islands) underwater volcanic activity is creating land. The underwater volcanic cone is growing towards the surface of the sea, sending out a bubbling Jacuzzi of turbulent water, volcanic debris and volcanic gasses.

The really amazing thing is the nature of this ongoing underwater eruption. The less volatile basalt magma is being produced as well as a more explosive silicon dioxide rich magma, and both forms are erupting out of the active underwater volcanic vents.

In my imagination I would surmise that we are witnessing the building blocks process of land renewal. One form of magma creates (or provides) a solid foundation, while the other form (silicon dioxide) glues it all together. It is not clear whether this erupting magma will settle underwater, changing the coastline water depths - or if this will be a long term above sea level land creation just off the Southern coast of El Hierrro.

Some weeks ago I saw media headlines, that there is no way this eruption will create land (an island) .. and I think how stupid can people get? Our physical life span as humans is short .. but our spirit wisdom has a much greater span and knows many things. In the "future" you are going to see people listening to these events through the mind-of-spirit, which is where our ancestors drew their deeper understanding of nature and cosmos from.

Here we have this totally amazing event and a lot of people don't yet understand. Over the last 2,000 years humans have been programmed to look at life through a fragmented knowledge microscope. Therefore, land rising or sliding into the sea is separate from the economy, politics, trade, society ... but we are soon going to find out that changes in the physical form of the planet are not divided from economy, politics, trade and society.

When things get tough, too many people start predicting dark things. If life is not "stable" human thoughts create turbulence to add to the real-time events. For example, economic commentators recently speak only negatively about Europe. When I did my Tarot card reading for the Euro, I thought to myself: This reading is ridiculous. It's like, the Euro is never going to survive.

The Dream
So, the eruptions around El Hierro are increasing and the volcanic cone is growing towards the surface of the sea .. Greece appears to be in chaos and Italy is not far off as the attacks on the Euro continue. The volcanic activity around El Hierro is showing us that we are actively entering a time of changes that we cannot "control". It is not just this island, there is going to be a lot more.

I have this dream where I see what seems like the island of Crete or Southern Greece. I see the people there surrounded by beautiful surroundings and a lot of light. I did not see suffering, I did not see chaos - I saw balance. In the dream people were people again. Something new was happening. People were working together and there were local markets and free exchange.

This dream was not only a physical environment, it was an environment of the PSYCHE .. an energetic and emotional environment where anyone in Europe would want to go and be part of to find peace and wind down. In the dream it was a "learning environment" where knowledge and teaching was also being TRADED or shared. You see, humans are THE economic resource out of which all else comes into being.

In other words, the human interacting with the environment and with each other (society) creates trade, exchange of knowledge, co-operation, exchange of value and love. This is what we have lost over the last 2,000 years. But we are going to find it again. It's called COMMUNITY. This time a Planetary Community.

The Euro
I was still thinking it is looking bad for the Euro, regardless of what Greece does. They may have to return to the Drachma? I had another dream. It was called: The new Euro. I guess it is like stepping-stones taking society over a cross-current to the other side where something new will come into being.

As the old system falls apart there are these currency wars. Beggar thy neighbor to save yourself. Attempting to destroy the Euro. The question arose, what would the world have left? The U.S. Dollar? The Swiss Frank? The Yen? They all devalue their currency to be more competitive... Then you have the Chinese Yuan - pegged to the U.S. Dollar. In the International game of financial Chess, the Chinese castled their king (the Yuan) and the queen - which can move in any direction on the board is probably their gambit (Gold) to win the match.

It will take China years to prepare a stable Chinese Gold currency standard, and the world is burning NOW.

That leaves Europe and Russia. The move towards a solution has to be a Planetary solution. It cannot simply be a few nations. Meanwhile around the world there are going to be amazing changes. Forget tectonic plates grinding against each other. This planet has an astonishing capacity to transform its physical environment. We live on a very dynamic world.

In order to understand why economy, politics, trade and society are not separate from El Hierro type events .. just look at the levels of disruption that can effect a small island economy. This ongoing eruption of hot lava into the sea alters the ocean floor, kills fish, boats and planes have to avoid the area, it creates uncertainty. It has its advantages in that tourists may travel there out of interest; but others may avoid the island out of fear.

The interconnection between physical reality, the Earth, nature and the inner state of the human psyche - how we think and how we act - is far greater than we realise. There is also an underrated resource inside human beings that is also an undivided part of nature .. that is the spirit. When the spirit of man connects to the spirit of nature there is balance in all things.

Ongoing El Hierro Eruption
Earthquake Report: Eruption Activity Updates
Earthquake Report: Economic Impact of Aerial Eruption

Undersea Volcano 70 Meters from Surface
VolcanoDiscovery: El Hierro Updates
Volcanic Activity Could Last Months

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Euro: Lenormand Card Reading - Success

I decided to do a four card reading for the Euro!

When there is so much turmoil and a rush for all parties to jump in to push things in their favour. The struggle and the often calculated turmoil creates confusion. They create a lot of waves. Are those waves big enough to sink the Euro? Is it a good thing for the Euro to sink?

In terms of the I Ching or Sun Tzu, it is not always a good thing to retreat and give way losing all the ground that you have gained. Sometimes, retreat and loss can be worse than standing your ground and finding a solution.

Of course, when great pressure is put on a fractured situation all parties desire to run in different directions and save only themselves. However, if retreat leads to loss of everything one has gained (and worse), then running away is not a valid option.

To gain some clarity I decided to do a simple four card reading for the direction of the Euro using, Madame Lenormand: Cartomancie Francaise / French Cartomancy.

One could say there are sort of "seismic tremors" around the Euro .. and key players are using the media to predict a catastrophic eruption that will destroy all European economies. To a lesser extent there are people who suggest that the tremors will not lead to a destructive eruption and that running away may create a disaster.

"Trust Yourself"
31. The Sun - 35 The Anchor - 27. The Letter - 34. The Fish

The Sun - Use your talents and trust yourself. The Anchor - You should insist; you have what it takes to do it, all you need is time. The Letter - can be "good news" or a warning; plans are at risk. The Fish - Act quickly without losing your head: Success.

I would imagine that the Euro may possibly lead to a future paradigm change in world currency / currencies. However, old institutions never welcome paradigm changes - so this brings resistance and fear. The old paradigm system often creates patterns of behaviour to which those parties are attached. However, this reading would indicate that the change is greater than the sum of our actions.

Sometimes in life situations arise where one cannot go back to the old system one has left behind. In terms of Germany and other countries the old currency would have had to have been left in place to accompany the Euro. That would have been Franc/Euro in France and DM/Euro in Germany etc. But once you have made a certain type of action going back can often be made impossible.

I feel that these four cards indicate there would have to be a new "going forward" rather than going back to the old. In fact, the NEW is already here with the rising Sun - and so I would imagine that even if Europe tried to go back they would still have no choice but to come around and try to reconnect with "The New".

The attempt to destroy the Euro is based on damaged principles. The old way of doing business cannot extend its reign into the changing energies of the future. If you have an old fixed wing plane flying people to a destination and a new anti-gravity ship that is much more advanced, then who will travel in the fixed wing plane?

Those European countries who did not join the Euro made tactical mistakes they do not want to correct. It may be that in the future Scotland, Ireland and Wales change this around leaving only London out in the cold...

31. The Sun is creation, strength and success [this is probably the powerful ideal the Euro was formed under]. 35. The Anchor is stability, security, a haven [providing a haven of protection to the trade ships (society)]. 27. The Letter is information, creative ideas, a message, good news or can be a warning [That news in itself is a part of the process / journey of the Euro]. 34. The Fish is success in business, wealth, money, prosperity [this can lead to a new level of good fortune].

Because the cards compliment each other and all support (together) and show signs of growth, advantage, fortune, well-being, stability and a haven ... it would seem absurd to go back to square one and start again from the past.

The Letter, appearing between The Anchor and The Fish implies "communication". It also implies how we think or view something. In other words, what is communicated in the letter? How does the written word influence our minds? The danger aspect is that the word can also indicate an (organised) attack on the Euro and signal a threat. Because of the positive outlay of the cards I see the "threat" as minimal in its power as the key factor in the journey is the fundamental character of the Euro: Strength, safety, stability, communication and good fortune / success.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iceland's Katla Seasonal Harmonic

Maybe there is just nothing happening and the world's media are desperately looking for an attention headline to grab the attention of the "99 %" .. and so they grab at the slightest volcanic tremor in or around Iceland. The recent media blah blah is the imminent eruption of the Katla volcano. In reality something else is taking place .. but what do they care?

If you want to know about eyafjallajökull, Grimsvötn, Katla or Laki - then ask the people in Iceland.

In the last two weeks [October 1st to the October 15th 2011] there have been cycles of undersea earthquakes around Iceland apart from tremors under the Katla volcano. This does not mean that a volcanic eruption is taking place.

West of Iceland
2011-10-06 -- 57.95°N 32.58°W -- Mag5.6 REYKJANES RIDGE
2011-10-05 -- 57.97°N 32.59°W -- Mag5.3 REYKJANES RIDGE
2011-10-05 -- 58.00°N 32.66°W -- Mag4.7 REYKJANES RIDGE

Iceland Region
2011-10-16 -- 63.52°N 22.54°W -- Mag3.9 ICELAND REGION
2011-10-15 -- 64.07°N 21.42°W -- Mag3.8 ICELAND
2011-10-15 -- 64.06°N 21.41°W -- Mag3.8 ICELAND
2011-10-09 -- 63.62°N 19.11°W -- Mag3.5 ICELAND
2011-10-05 -- 63.65°N 19.10°W -- Mag4.1 ICELAND
2011-10-05 -- 63.65°N 19.09°W -- Mag3.9 ICELAND
2011-10-04 -- 63.66°N 19.14°W -- Mag3.3 ICELAND

Depending on the season and the rotational tilt of the Earth, the distance from the Sun, the cycle of the Moon and the position of other planets we humans either see triangulation of endlessly rotating earthquakes or one major earthquake is triggered. It is normal to see day-by-day - week-by-week - month-by-month sequences of earthquakes all around the planet. There is no way to predict when or how a volcanic eruption will take place.

For example, seismic activity under Canary Island, El Hierro resulted in an undersea eruption reducing the numbers and magnitude of the following tremors. No one could have predicted that. In fact, it is just as well that the volcanic pressure was released out at sea and not directly on the Island itself. These are the unknown and surprising dynamics of Nature that modern man barely understands.

It may be that undetected underwater eruptions are happening or have been happening around the vast ocean floor from which the Island of Iceland emerges. Therefore, the seismic activity around Katla volcano is a harmonic of the overall activity below the ocean floor. The last thing the people of Iceland need in October 2011 is an eruption from Katla.

IceNews reported ...
Iceland volcano: media continues to play up possible Katla eruption.
IcelandReview commented ...
Foreign Media Speculate on “Imminent” Katla Eruption

Katla volcano could erupt at any time ... or it could erupt in 2012 - 2013 - 2014 ... the eruption of Katla is not something anyone can predict. It is not really something anyone wants to happen. No one knows how violent that eruption could be. There is also the aspect of observing "what is" rather than speculating on what "should be".

Real events as they unfold in 3D "what is" are the catalysts of "the future". Once an eruption takes place it affects climate, weather patterns, rainfall patterns, temperatures and it affects the farmers, the local populations, neighbouring countries and air travel. When an eruption takes place - it affects "the future". At the moment our collective future is that no eruption is taking place.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bermuda Azores Canary Islands Triangle

Most recently seismic activity began to rattle under El Hierro the smallest of the Canary Islands. On Friday 7 October, 2011 a magnitude 4 quake hit the middle of the North Atlantic near the Azores Islands, Portugal. On Monday October 3, 2011 two magnitude 4.5 quakes rattled an area 130 km off Bermuda.

On Saturday 8 October, 2011 a magnitude 4.3 tremor was El Hierro's largest quake so far in a long series of seismic tremors to be detected around the Island.

If you draw a line from Canary Islands seismic activity to the Azores, then to Bermuda and back to El Hierro .. what kind of a triangle is that? Would you call that a "Scalene Triangle" .. I am not sure? Let's say it is a triangle. I have this theory that earthquake activity display triangular harmonics of any give size.

By "Triangular Harmonics" I mean that I don't believe that earthquakes are random events created by the smashing together of tectonic plates. The weakness of smashing or sliding tectonic plates theory is that the effect would not be location-restricted as claimed by scientists who propose this theory.

When you watch the daily seismic activity maps over a period of time, you start to realise that tectonic plate theory does not answer what you are seeing on those maps.

I see larger and smaller seismic [harmonic] triangulation events that probably reveal another hidden structure to the physical planet. In other words the physical structure of rock and earth is overlaid onto a precise mathematical geometrical structure. The underlying structure conducts energy / magnetism. On our 3D level volcanoes play a part in that essential structure.

On the opposite side of the Canary Islands one cannot ignore Sicily [Mount Etna] .. maybe triangular is the wrong word .. as the harmonic resonance is not flat but is a -hedron in nature. Tetrahedron, octahedron .. I mean the harmonic is not LINEAR and does not travel across the land or under the sea as a flat wave. The seismic harmonic is greater than the focal point of measured activity.

Geologists claim that Bermuda is a volcanic sea mountain that formed from the mid Atlantic ridge. The Bermuda Islands form the edge of a volcanic caldera. The archipelago of the Azores are composed of nine volcanic Islands. The Canary archipelago comprises seven main volcanic Islands.

Is it possible these three hot spots of recent activity are not isolated incidents unrelated to each other?

No one knows why the quakes under El Hierro are slowly increasing in magnitude. The concern would be not only that there may be a potential eruption from one of the volcanic vents on the island; but a large magnitude earthquake may potentially set of landslides. Of course, one has to take the Canary Islands as a whole. Although the Islands are separated by water - underground they are connected by volcanic activity.

I am not a scientist - but I would imagine that the same forces of nature created all the Islands on the Canary island chain. I would also imagine that there is an unseen connection between the Canary islands, the Azores and Bermuda. For fun I decided to type into the search engine: "mystery of canary islands".

YouTube: Mummies & Pyramids

I may be wrong .. but is it possible that the Canary Islands, the Azores and Bermuda did not rise as tiny volcanic Islands out of the sea as described by modern geology .. that these Islands are a result of surrounding land falling into the sea. In other words the Islands are what is left of catastrophic landslides, a sudden rise in sea level and catastrophic Earth Changes?

For those of you with imagination here is a link to Bibliotecapleyades:
Atlantis Forgotten

Sunday, September 25, 2011

El Hierro Canary Island Earthquake Tremors Alert

The earthquake activity has increased below the smallest of the volcanic Canary Islands, El Hierro. Volcanic Risk Alert has been increased to yellow - see: Earthquake Report

A new series of tremors under El Hierro have increased in magnitude over the last few days.

2011-09-25 27.70°N 18.08°W Depth14 Mag2.8 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-24 27.69°N 18.07°W Depth14 Mag3.1 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-24 27.70°N 18.08°W Depth14 Mag3.3 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-23 27.77°N 18.09°W Depth16 Mag2.5 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-23 27.71°N 18.03°W Depth19 Mag2.9 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-23 27.68°N 18.05°W Depth11 Mag2.5 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-23 27.68°N 18.06°W Depth12 Mag2.7 El Hierro (Canary Islands)
2011-09-22 27.67°N 18.04°W Depth14 Mag2.8 El Hierro (Canary Islands)

El Hierro has the largest number of volcanoes in the Canary Island chain. Scientists suggest that the Island has experienced at least three volcanic landslide collapses, creating tsunami or mega tsunami waves.

I discovered interesting information about tsunami's in the Atlantic...

Tsunami Warning
Islands of volcanic origin, such as the Canaries, have an especially large potential for triggering a tsunami. That the Canaries constitute a danger was shown 300 000 years ago when a part of the island El Hierro slid into the sea, triggering a mega-tsunami which carried rocks as high as a house for many hundreds of metres into the interior of the east coast of what is today the USA. The danger of a similar island collapse is seen by scientists particularly at the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Here, following a volcanic eruption in 1949 almost half of the mountain range of 20 km moved westwards towards the sea, leaving a large tear in the volcanic basalt. In the event of a fresh eruption, a huge part of the volcano could loosen itself due to differences in the types of rock and diverse water deposits within the now active volcano. As a result, the densely populated east coast of America would be massively threatened. According to a computer simulation by Stephen N. Ward and Simon Day, a tsunami (purple-red on the graphics) would rush across the Atlantic if the slopes of the Cumbre Vieja.volcano were to collapse into the sea.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Himalayan 6.9: Dodecahedron 27th Parallel North

A devastating 6.9 earthquake in the mountainous Himalayas sent landslides rumbling down the rocky slopes, which is a major signature of earthquakes in a mountain region. It makes earthquakes extremely deadly for the people living in these areas. One does not only have to contend with falling buildings; but there is the enormous danger from the slopes of the mountains themselves.

The September 18 Sikkim/Nepal earthquakes hit a vulnerable region. The point is that no one really totally understands what is taking place. We struggle to survive - but we fail to understand.

The only way I can explain it is that the unseen structure of the Earth is like a dodecahedron. Something that we do not see holds together the physical structure of the planet. Just as the human skeleton has structure, the inner Earth also has 'structure'. The 'bones of the planet' are connected based on the same Sacred Geometry that gives structure to humans, animals, fish and birds.

The reason it is important to be aware of and understand the larger structure, is because the whole structure is moving - expanding/contracting. Therefore, one sees related earthquakes or volcanic activity on the same parallel. The magnetic grid gives life to the Earth and regulates all things. The grid regulates atmosphere, temperature, weather patterns, rainfall or drought, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is a complete unified system

Humans have designed their world to mimic Nature. All human devices have an electrical principle, including vehicles such as cars, boats and planes. All aspects of our world requires an electrical generator or battery - we live and function from an electrical grid, where the current is the unifying principle behind all functionality.

The September 18 series of quakes hit the Himalayas around Latitude 27°N

18-SEP-2011 - 13:54:18 Lat 27.38N - Mag 4.6 SIKKIM, INDIA
18-SEP-2011 - 13:11:57 Lat 27.45N - Mag 4.8 SIKKIM, INDIA
18-SEP-2011 - 12:40:48 Lat 27.73N - Mag 6.9 SIKKIM, INDIA

What caught my attention was the 2.8 on Latitude 27.67°N on September 22, Canary Islands.

Most likely the Earth's physical mass sits on an underlying geometrical framework/structure in the same way that a computer operating system gives functionality to a desktop system. You don't see the code behind the visible functions. Most humans live on the planet and do not see the code behind the land under their feet. Who cares if the inner planet is built on a dodecahedron type structure?

What if the land and sea floor structure has a 'virtual reality' existence based on energy that can change. What if it can be upgraded in a similar way to an operating system upgrade. What if energy can change the physical land mass.

Even if it could change - even if it was designed to change - it would still have to have a basic geometrical order, otherwise it could tear the planet apart. The geometrical order would be the crystal-magnetic dodecahedron base operating system. As long as you maintain the geometry of the basic source planetary structure, you can overlay almost anything onto that living holograph.

Large magnitude earthquakes on the 27th Parallel North in the Himalayas create landslides. So do larger earthquakes around the 27th Parallel North on the Island of El Hierro, Canary Islands (Spain). The Island of El Hierro is historically know as a tsunami danger. Volcanic eruptions and severe tremors release landslides. In the Himalayas the land slides down the mountain into the valleys and on El Hierro the land slides into the Atlantic Ocean.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Return To A GOLD Standard

If you pay attention to the stories being written, the world is in a crisis. To be more specific - the world is in an economic crisis of massive proportions. Greece will or will not default. That was a discussion played out over the USD some weeks ago: default or no default. In the background there are advocates for a return to a "gold standard" to stabilize the world's currencies.

What is a market? What is currency? What is an economy?


These tools are an external component of your mind and how you bring order to your world. Therefore, markets, trade, currencies and economics are tools we use to interact with the 3D physical world. You could use theft, deception, fraud and manipulation to get what you need; but then there would be chaos as everyone would be using deception as a trading tool.

Markets, currencies and economies are all external manifestations of the way your mind works, they are extensions of your thoughts and of your strengths or fears. How you interact with the world creates economics and trade using a currency of exchange.

Let's take Greece as one example. If I was trying to sort out the imbalance of struggling forces, which are CAUSING instability, the first thing to understand is that all the different views are creating a mass of disturbance and not solving anything. The different and fractional forces fighting over Greece are causing more problems for that country. If there is a hole in the boat one has to practically fix the hole.

Where is it going to be fixed? Only at a local level.

As I said: Economies are the result of peoples actions within society. An economy exists as a tool "a servant" of the people and not that people exist as a tool "a servant" of the economy.

If I was a modern Greek hero I would work for the return of the "Gold Standard" as a true alchemical process within the consciousness of man. The reason it is the gold standard is because it is the highest standard of integrity and purity. The standard from which mankind has fallen into the state he is in today. A loss of integrity, a loss of honor and a loss of higher values.

The true return of the gold standard is through change in our behavior. People don't lie to each other, greed is not the primary driving force, people do not steal from each other, people do not cheat each other. The same goes for institutions, banks and politicians.

From street level all the way up to the lawmakers no one trusts each other. The people do no trust the politicians and the politicians do not trust the people. On an international level Europe do not trust Greece and Greece do not trust Europe. Each party has something to hide. Power groups co-operate to hide their dirty laundry while blaming society for the dirt and the mess.

If humans cannot trust each other, it does not matter what you base the currency on - the situation wont be healed. If groups are cheating each other then they will cheat with gold or silver as they cheated with paper currency. Give a dog a bone...

The real issue and the real crisis is a human one leading to a greater political and economic chaos. It became 'normal' behavior to lie. It became 'normal' behavior to cheat. Greed is the alpha trait of the alpha dog. Greed and a loss of humanity became a ruling psychology in politics as well as in markets.

What everyone is not paying attention to nor understanding is that these behaviors are 'energies' - they are magnetic frequencies that have cause-and-effect. In other words the internal house you are living in is an energy-field of greed, lies and deception with an equal magnetic value.

When the alpha quality is greed then the future outcome is chaos, loss of value(s), collapse, conflict.

I personally see the return of the 'gold standard'. I think a lot more people out there are seeing and feeling the same thing. That the alpha value is no longer lies, cheating, greed and deception; but that from base society people discover and apply new value.

For example, local people invest at a local level using their own people's bank to finance projects they benefit from on a local level. Finding a sense of self-worth, self-responsibility and application.

Cheating and lying on a large scale causing suffering to thousands of people will leave a bigger scar on the deceiver than it leaves on those who suffered as a result of mans inhumanity to man. Go back to Ancient Egypt .. the weight of the scars of greed are not only weighed in 3D terms.

If a persons heart is corrupt - nothing outside is going to change that. Change of heart does not come from outside. The Golden Rule / the builders Plumb Line to measure the foundation of the heart is not held by an outside hand. The plumb line measuring the exactness of the heart is only held by the hand of the inner heart. Each one of us holds the Golden Rule to our own heart.

In that connection to the Inner Golden Rule, the application of a true Alchemical Gold Standard is the foundation.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Earth's Climate Could Be A Lot Worse

As bad as things may seem we people of Planet Earth in 2011 do not have such a bad climate... it could be a lot worse than it is. In fact, our ancestors had to deal with dramatic weather changes a lot worse than we have today. Changes in weather and geography that send landmasses and coastal continental boundaries under the sea.

Weather conditions on Earth are going through rapid change - causing the climate to change - but that is normal for this planet.

The changing weather patterns are not MAN MADE .. it is a natural part of living on this planet - dramatic change is part of living down here. A mind that is not able to adapt to extreme shifts in climate is unnatural. To show you why that is look all around you at NATURE.

If adaptations to rapid shifts in global climate was not normal for the creatures of Earth, then they would find it almost impossible to survive. As scientists and biologists are finding out .. plants, animals, fish, birds and insects rapidly adapt to changes in temperature/climate.

Let's all get some perspective here '-)

Let's move our focus from the ponzi "man-made climate" scheme to look at areas where humans really do a lot of serious damage. The main area of damage is that humans kill a lot of animals, birds, plant and tree species, fish and insects (bees). Humans kill all these species for a number of reasons:
1. Eating animal meat
2. Over fishing
3. killing dolphins/whales
4. Cutting down trees
5. Pesticides
6. Habitat destruction
7. Pollution [oil spills etc]

For example, we don't have to cut down all these trees over the last 100 years .. we can grow HEMP !!

Simple things like paper and plastic alternatives = Hemp. Just simple solutions that work for us and that work for our planet. Changing from pesticide/industrial fertiliser agriculture to organic/permaculture gardening farming. Another simple solution is to design or use cities/towns as natural food growing areas. You know! People plant fruit trees, any trees, vegetables, herbs, everything green... all over the towns and cities - on public land

On the sea shores and out at sea key areas are designated no-fishing zones.

You can easily create micro no-fishing zones [they do not have to be giant areas] .. just areas where no-one can fish and where fish and shellfish populations can recover.

If you want to talk about "Climate Change" then lets talk about the effect humans have on animal climates, fish climates, insect climates, tree and plant climates, bird climates... Let's deal with that FIRST - without always thinking only of ourselves.

My favorite is the mystery of Atlantis .. but even if you don't think that Atlantis ever existed - the facts are that humans have survived a lot worse than people today. Finding Atlantis

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquakes 38th Parallel North

I don't know how I came to this .. it began when I noticed that the recent Colorado 5.3 and the later Virginia 5.9 earthquakes in the U.S. were both shallow quakes and seemed to be hitting the same circle of latitude.

The Virginia earthquake at a depth of 5 kilometers was measured 38° Northern latitude and the earlier Colorado/New Mexico earthquake at a depth of 4.9 kilometers was measured 37.13° Northern latitude. From my research I then realised that the long series of earthquakes (aftershocks) hitting Japan are revealing seismic stress between the latitudes of 37° North and 38° North.

I am not a Geologist and so I had to go back and do some bare bones research on those earthquakes.

The 9.0 Honshu, Japan quake hit at 38.32°N, on March 11 2011 .. and this was a long series of quakes (or aftershocks) that continue to rattle the 38th Parallel .. although the shocks have subsequently moved down to rattle the 37th parallel over the last few weeks.

09-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.3 - 38.51°N
11-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 9.0 - 38.32°N
11-03-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.7 - 38.07°N
07-04-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.1 - 38.25°N
10-07-2011 Honshu, Japan - 7.1 - 38.04°N
23-07-2011 Honshu, Japan - 6.4 - 38.93°N

Since March 2011 this narrow band of seismic activity has been relentlessly shaking an area between 36°N and 38°N off the coast of Japan .. where an area within those latitudes have experienced 6.0+ 7.0+ aftershocks. More recently, Greece experienced a 5.0 at a depth of 5.6 kilometers at latitude 38.40°N. Next came 5.3 Honshu, Japan at latitude 38.40°N and another 5.1 Honshu, Japan at latitude 38.43°N. 

07-08-2011 Patras, Greece - 5.0 - 38.40°N
11-08-2011 Honshu, Japan - 5.3 - 38.40°N
17-08-2011 Honshu, Japan - 5.1 - 38.43°N

In the area of Japan one would not be surprised by aftershocks at the same northern latitude as the 9.0 on March 11, 2011. In the U.S. seismic experts were said to have dismissed claims that the 5.3 August 23 earthquake in Colorado and the 5.9 earthquake on August 23, in Virginia are connected.

Both quakes registered at a depth of 5 kilometers, with the Colorado quake close enough to the latitude 38°N .. but they are not connected in any way.

23-08-2011 Colorado, USA - 5.3 - 37.13°N
23-08-2011 Virginia, USA - 5.9 - 38°N

If they are not connected then we wont be seeing many more 5.0+ or 6.0+ earthquakes anywhere near the 38° northern parallel.

What if they are connected? If this level of unusual seismic activity around the 38° northern latitude is connected - would it not be a good idea to find out why, in order to understand what is taking place?

38th Parallel North
It is an interesting latitude. One that has an almost mysterious and civilization changing connections. The 38th Parallel passes straight through Athens, Greece. Mount Etna, Sicily lies between 37°N and 38°N. The 38th Parallel runs straight through the Mediterranean Sea. It also runs through Shandong Province, China - known for its mysterious mirages [Penglai city 37.50°N].

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oops! Wrong World! Wrong Coordinates!

I seriously think I ended up being born in the wrong world on the wrong planet and in the wrong dimension! I know I walked through the time portal door and somehow I ended up here .. on this planet .. in this time in history and it is totally the wrong place and the wrong time.

For example, I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that China now has a gigantic appetite for importing corn. Okay! That's cool .. why not? Then you read the article and your whole world gets turned upside down... Like a future world of overweight, sick, diabetic Chinese.

The reason I had these thoughts is the reason China is importing more corn than the planet can grow!

The reason is they are eating more pork and the Chinese farmers have been advised to feed the pigs corn. So, it's not like real people will be eating the corn; but pigs will be eating the corn so that people can eat the pigs. That makes sense and I am seriously trying to rediscover the correct co-ordinates to the place I was supposed to go to - instead of ending up down here.

It is not eating the pigs that could widen the waist size of the Chinese... Its the corn syrup. That is why I seriously need to find the right coordinates to get off the planet. Can you imagine the effect on gravity billions of fat Chinese will have on the rotation of the planet? It may even change Earth's orbit around the Sun.

You have to read the article laying out why China wants so much corn.

Apparently, there is a growing demand (in China) for sweet drinks sweetened with corn syrup. As if sweet drinks sweetened with corn syrup is essential to maintaining and sustaining life. This is where I know that someone sent me to the wrong "Incarnation Co-ordinates". I am working right now to get that sorted out.

Go and research - high fructose corn syrup - in your favorite Search Engine and see what jumps out of the monitor at you and then you may know why I am convinced that I am on the wrong planet.

Here we are in 2012 (Sorry! 2011) and on the one hand you have people in Africa starving to death and on the other hand you have a whole industry of consumption where those who have food are sick and dying of malnutrition, because the food they eat is pure indulgence. The "health benefits" of these processed foods are well documented.

When I was growing up everyone was eating pork and drinking sweet fizzy drinks .. but not me. I would eat the potatoes, the carrots, the cabbage and the cauliflower .. but I would look at the lumps of iffy coloured meat and I never liked the look of that stuff and I very quickly stopped eating it.

All those brand name sweet drinks .. those "treats" for the kids .. I did not like them either. I liked home made Dandelion and Burdock Lemonade or simply water. I really should have realized then that there had been a serious router error when I arrived in this insane world where people live to eat rather than eat to live.

India - who already went the way of China - are facing an increasing diabetes problem and overweight. The people in India can read English; but none of them would ever read anything like: William Dufty's, Sugar Blues. Let's be honest .. no one in China is going to educate themselves to Corn Sugar °-)

Okay, human beings are on a fast lane to extinction .. but at what cost to the planet? Why are humans so greedy? It's as though no matter how much they get it is never enough. The pork, the chicken, the beef, over fishing the oceans. With this self-indulgent diet the men become impotent and so the black markets in tiger bones and rhino horns increases as the money pours there to kill these animals to 'cure' their sickness.

The funny part is this so-called civilization has some fear of HELL .. you know .. a much worse place than here. I think their idea of "hell" is somewhere they cannot indulge themselves. Somewhere - a world - where they cannot feed this desire for desire - because already most of them are living inside their own self-made self-created "hell" at the expense of everything else around them.

To see China go the way of America .. means we need new co-ordinates - fast.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Future Oceans: Smaller Fishing Boats

The European union are trashing fish stocks and are trashing the oceans - damaging the sea floor with bottom trawling and giving the fish no-chance with factory trawlers...

Feeling concerned, we were recently talking to "ourselves in the future" to find out how they overcome this monolithic oceanic environmental disaster.

In the next 300 to 500 years fishing the oceans will become an "extinct preoccupation" for mankind. One of the reasons for this is compassion. Unlike the people living on the planet today, who live inside a non-sustainable bubble of perpetual greed [living to eat rather than eating to live] .. people in the future do not have this beginning of the Century sickness.

The people in the future have compassion.

Naturally, people today can also have compassion [the future is now] .. but let's be realistic .. today's world suffers from abnormal greed (consumption) = get it while you can and get as much as you can at any cost.

You may ask how can anyone connect with the future?
It is very easy .. you look back from the future at yourself now °-°

Being concerned for the oceans and this most ancient unexplored habitat, the question is not really about fishing quotas .. the question is the way humans behave on the oceans. It is not what we do, but the way that we do it. The real problem is the massive greed of these giant factory trawlers and the ease with which modern fishing trawlers can locate fish shoals

We were told - looking back from the future - that in the first phase the way they dealt with over-fishing was not to focus on quotas; but to reduce the size and numbers of the fishing boats. In the first phase all bottom trawling is totally banned.

The way to control the size of catch is to reduce the size of the trawlers catching the fish. Giant factor trawlers will eventually be extinct (like the dinosaurs).

Obviously the numbers of trawlers allowed to fish on one day will also be reduced. In the beginning each group of trawlers have a certain window [restricted time period] in which to fish and return to shore. The groups are rotated and these restrictions allow dwindling fish stocks to recover from the massive over-fishing taking place on all the oceans of the world.

The biggest change to fishing the oceans will take place on land. Gradually, over time, humans will stop eating fish. Some of you may be horrified at the though; but this is the way it will go .. because the people of tomorrow are not the people of today. The reason most people today cannot comprehend this is because the 3D vibration is too dense [focused on personal greed].

As you see, the problem facing mankind and the Earth - of the rapidly dwindling ocean fish stocks - is not such a great problem if you apply intelligence .. all you have to do is ban factory trawlers .. reduce the size of the fishing vessels .. reduce the numbers of fishing vessels allowed to fish at any one time and ban bottom trawling of the oceans.

Eventually, mankind stops fishing altogether .. and by then humans are living in and on the oceans as well as on land.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Seismic Swarms Under South Canary Island Volcano

In the last week 720 earthquakes have been registered on the South Canary Island volcano known as El Hierro. Irish Weather have a very good update on these seismic swarms and the history of this small volcanic Island.

The Southernmost Island in the Canary Islands chain formed from a series of eruptions .. and in terms of the Earth's geological history is still actively forming. It has been 200 years since the last eruption on El Hierro, which is covered in hundreds of volcanoes. The Canary Islands formed from the summits of an undersea volcanic mountain range that is still active today.

In 2009 researchers explored the underwater Casablanca Seamount, lying at the eastern edge of a long chain of undersea volcanoes that formed the Canary Islands and thought to be extinct. The scientists found evidence of fresh lava flow, the area was teeming with life. Although these areas have experienced a quiet period in tectonic activity - the problem with volcanoes is that they have a much longer activity time scale.

Volcanoes have activity cycles that span hundreds of years and some volcanoes have activity cycles that span thousands of years. In my opinion, the Earth itself has its own volcanic activity cycle that can trigger many eruptions worldwide within a key period of activity .. I think we are experiencing this greater cycle now. The movement of the plates may unfold as a hundred years of tectonic change - which is nothing in terms of the Earth's time cycle.

The other part of this is something neither science nor religion address. Religion states that: God created the Earth (past tense) .. and science ignore the other state entirely. The other state is that the Earth is in a permanent state of transformation (creation) .. not in the distant past .. but it is endlessly so. The beauty of this is not that life WAS created; but that life is endlessly BEING created. It doesn't stop. It is an ongoing process.

Islands of Fire
Not all volcanoes form where tectonic plates meet.

Don Anderson, "Volcanic Bombs"... Over the past decade, his work at the California Institute of Technology has made him famous for his belief that mantle plumes simply don't exist. Forget fountains from the centre of the Earth, he says: volcano chains are due to cracks or rents in tectonic plates. After all, plates stretching 10,000 kilometres are unlikely to remain perfectly unbroken. Break the skin and it seems reasonable that molten rock would flood up to fill the gap. Bingo, you've got a volcano - without a mantle plume.

Life Is Not An Accident
The Sun, the Earth [the entire Galaxy] together maintain the conditions for life here on this Planet. Humans live on the Earth, orbiting the Sun - which orbits the Galactic Center. The Earth maintains temperature, oxygen levels, moisture levels, precipitation etc. In my view, a big part of the Earth's life supporting climate system relies on volcanoes. Modern science have totally underestimated the regeneration effects of volcanic ash, gasses, water vapor and unseen elements in maintaining life on Earth.

We are currently seeing a gradual increase in volcanic activity around the globe. I don't think current volcanic science can account for that nor even take it into consideration. Science has become monocular, rather than observing the larger picture behind the small event. The changes that devastated the ancient world were not isolated incidents. There were earthquakes, tsunamis and catastrophic eruptions that affected every civilisation at that time.

It is not only the Earth. We can look out and see shared signs of change in the Sun, in Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The effects sweep through the whole Solar System, as though we are one organism - as though we are all part of one body.

I imagine that this effects the whole Galaxy. The Native Peoples called it a "purification". I see it as a living intelligent 'operating system', from which humans based their science of computers. I don't think we are coming up with anything new. We are copying nature .. which means someone knows about the background force.

Our ancestors based their sciences on this force. One can see evidence of this in the alignments of megalithic structures, in pyramids, in ancient temples above and below ground and in the design of ancient cities .. most of which now lie hidden under the sea. They were not worshiping 'gods', they used ART as a science. Look around you - at nature - it is what the Earth does .. which is to use Art as a science.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Future Design: End of Power Grids

Future Design - Volcanoes: Design Tectonics, are going to revolutionize our world. In the next few years scientists are going to find new compounds and new organisms issuing forth from volcanoes around the world. So, pay attention! Our future is being created from the Dragon Volcano's Breath!

Future Design: End of Power Grids - in a way is also due to the changes these ongoing volcanic eruptions will bring to the Earth and to humans living on the Earth. Volcanoes don't just spew ash, water vapor and lava .. volcanoes emit forces we don't even know exist.

Some words that come to mind are: magnetic ash, vapor magnetic eruption, local magnetic field eruption, volcanic radiation (it's an energy / source), volcanic electricity .. and there is a lot of activity we don't yet have words for. For example, science will discover that the biggest part of an eruption is an unseen energy that radiates across the land and fills the atmosphere. This radiation can alter or effect the winds circling the Earth.

We are seeing that now, as a significant number of serious eruptions have taken place in a short time span from Eyjafjallajökul in March, 2010 until the current eruptions of Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Iceland has a larger role to play in the long term mixture of gasses, water vapor, particles and electro-ionic ash emissions high into the Earth's atmosphere. The reason all this will lead to the end of the Power Grids is not due to the eruptions alone; but the effects they have on the weather and the climate.

Take some of the big European producer economies. They could only sustain themselves from monolithic central grids, because the climate was mild, there was an extended historic fall in major eruptions (world's volcanoes), and there has been no real weather disruption or Solar flares to worry about in our modern electronic world. The problem now is that volcanoes do not only affect the Earth; but they cause an interchange in the magnetic relationship between the Earth and the Sun, as well as alterations in magnetic density between the Earth's outer atmosphere and what we call 'space'.

It is rather simplistic; but 'space' is everything outside the Earth's biosphere.

Central power grid's supply masses of energy over long distances. They are not 'eco-friendly' - as they are not so efficient - and they are very vulnerable to power disruptions. That is what we are headed for: multi levels of power disruptions over long periods of time. Either people will realise now that it has to change or people will adapt and create new local systems as the power surge goes down and it becomes clearly non-efficient.

In the future, science will discover plant like materials to create 'solar nets'. This will be a fine mesh material that captures energy and that can easily be placed on the roof or fitted to outer walls, used like a mosquito net and can even be added to sailing vessels or community areas floating on water. The 'solar mesh' will capture energy during the day and at night. You may wonder how they capture energy at night; but that happens when people begin to realise that the night (after the Sun goes down) is packed full of energy.

The Earth stores energy on the night side.

These solar nets will capture energy at night in a much more efficient way than during the day. They just soak it up. You can imagine what this will mean for impoverished rural communities all over the planet. What this will mean for Africa and Nepal etc. This future discovery is going to revolutionize their lives. Volcanoes are going to make all of that happen.

So much new science is going to come out of volcanoes - you have no idea! They are the great alchemists of this planet. Volcanoes bring us life. They hold secrets that we have no idea exist. The most surprising secret of all is that sustained eruptions of volcanic materials and energy affects the human mind. Eruptions do not only bring life to the planet; but they affect biological man, his brain and his mind. That is very important to understand.

Modern man began to look OUTSIDE at the world seeing himself separate from the OUTER environment he was studying. Future man will understand that he is PART of the environment - not only in consciousness; but biologically. The volcano particles become part of us. They enliven the biological animal changing his/her structure magnetically as well as chemically. Humans will begin to understand that information from these particles also comes into our bodies and into our minds.

You brain - including the major organs and glands - is continually carrying out chemical analysis of your environment. It analyses and responds to pollution, toxins, ions, yeasts, fungi spores, oxygen levels, moisture levels and micro-nutrients. Heavy metal toxins can damage the tissues - but living organic micro-nutrients in the air can nourish the tissues. Depending on the levels of moisture or dryness in the air the brain alters the breathing capacity right inside the lungs. When you are healthy you don't even notice the change.

So, all our brains have been analysing the changes in air chemistry since the first major volcanic eruption and some of that is being built into the inner structure of the cells and into the tissues, also into the tissues of the brain. Really, this is where all our 'discoveries' come from across the ages of man. The brain - acting on its own in-built intelligence - analyses the environment and sends the information to our consciousness. The brain tells us what we need to know and we respond to that information with 'science'.

From 2013 we are going to see a massive shift to local energy sources - and by local I mean at house level. There are too many factors weighing down on the way we do things today. Monolithic central power grinds are no longer sustainable. When the disruptions begin to hit industry, as in Japan, then it would be self-destructive to try and hold together a paper house in a hurricane.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Iceland To The Mediterranean

Almost running through the middle of Iceland is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the divide between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Iceland's Hekla and Katla volcanoes stand on either side of the ridge in the Southern part of Iceland.

Hekla began showing signs of unrest around June 5, 2011 - as sensors began to pick up unusual movements in the Earth's crust. Mount Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes, usually erupting every ten years. However, Hekla has been quiet for the past eleven years in terms of active eruptions - the last eruption took place in February, 2000. Moving South-East to Katla, one of the largest volcanoes on Iceland, a big melt sent floodwaters cascading across the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, with floodwaters making their way to the sea destroying two bridges on the way down.

There is a very nice video by on Irish Weather showing the changes in the glacier and the extent of the flooding. The flooding took place on July 9, 2011 following the slight tremors at Hekla days earlier.

I personally, think that the July 9 eruption at Etna is related to what was happening on Iceland. The reason is the upward movement of the African Plate. I don't see it as the African Plate simply moving upward; but that the plate is twisting - almost rotating - as this movement triggers changes all the way from Iceland to Southern Italy and the Mediterranean. In a way Iceland is still in a primordial state as the glaciers continue to form the landscape and perhaps so is the Mediterranean.

Earthquake Report: Etna Erupts 9/7/2011

The ongoing plate boundary activities not only show signs of tectonic stress release; but there is also the process of changing landscapes, tectonic design, rifts forming, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes and tsunamis. All this is part of Europa's ancient past: A volcano avalanche in Sicily 8,000 years ago triggered a devastating tsunami taller than a 10-story building that spread across the entire Mediterranean Sea, slamming into the shores of three continents in only a few hours. Ancient Tsunami Devastated The Mediterranean

Although this was a truly spectacular event of its time, smaller eruptions and avalanches occur on Mount Etna until today.

A devastating tsunami every century in the Mediterranean
Tsunamis can occur in European waters due to earthquakes caused by the African Plate drifting northwards underneath the Eurasian Plate.

Ten percent of all tsunamis worldwide occur in the Mediterranean. On average, one disastrous tsunami takes place in the Mediterranean region every century. Geological research and historical records report of many powerful tsunamis that have taken the lives of thousands over the ages. Greece and southern Italy are mostly affected. Tsunami Alert System

In our time the beautiful Mediterranean appears stable and peaceful .. it is a seismic active region .. but no one has seen the kind of devastation experienced in 1628 BC at the end of the Minoan Civilisation and later in 365 AD when 50,000 people lost their lives in Alexandria. In today's world we imagine that the past 2,000 years of tectonic stability is normal and usual for the Earth ...

Iceland & The Mediterranean
Okay, Iceland is way up in the North Atlantic, an Island of "Ice and Fire" .. covered in glaciers with active volcanoes and in my view still forming in an almost primordial state. The landmass emerges from the backbone of the "Mid-Atlantic Ridge". Sicily and Mount Etna live down South in the Mediterranean, where temperatures can rise - on average - to 35°C [95°F]. Iceland and Sicily do not seem to have a lot in common; but historically they may be related.

People today do not seriously consider that we live on a dynamic changing Planet, on which landmass upheavals are common. Two thousand years may seem a lot to humans who live up to 80/90 cycles around the Sun - but two thousand years is less than a nano-second to the Earth. In my mind the events, in 1628 BC that ended the Minoan Civilisation and devastated the Mediterranean coast, were part of a much bigger picture of events that probably stretch all the way to Iceland.

Irish Tree Rings and an Event in 1628 BC
In prehistoric times, oaks growing on the surface of Irish raised bogs were recording rare extreme events.

These extreme events are characterized by the simultaneous occurrence of the narrowest rings in the lifetime of trees throughout a wide geographical spread of sites.

Significantly the dates of these extreme 'narrowest ring' events coincide with the estimated dates for major volcanic eruptions as recorded in the Greenland ice-cap. One of these events occurs in the decade of the 1620s BC and coincides very precisely with a previously suggested volcanic event at 1626 BC (now 1627 BC) put forward by LaMarche.

One is led to the inevitable conclusion that some major hemispheric event took place in the decade of the 1620s BC, and a strong circumstantial case can be constructed that the event was volcanic in origin. Since the dating is based on precisely dated tree rings no further refinement of the date of the event - probably 1628 BC - is required. Thera Foundation

I do not think that everything unfolded in 1628 BC .. but that generally there was an age of upheaval affecting probably the entire world. However, at the same time unusual catastrophic changed affected much of Europe, altering Scandinavia and reaching all the way to Iceland. Although some researchers point to a possible asteroid impact, already we are seeing increasing tectonic upheaval worldwide with no asteroid impact. If anything, it is more likely effects from the Sun and the orbits of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the Moon.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Great Changes To The Human Mind

Naturally - the current 3D obsessed human being focuses on 3D physical survival .. which is a primary mistake as the human (and animal) 3D forms are a tiny drop in the ocean of the human soul and of the spirit. Some of my best friends are trees .. others are volcanoes .. others are clouds .. then there is the wind .. then there is the rain .. rivers bring water and the oceans are rich in fish...

"Great Changes To The Human Mind", will be much greater than changes to the 3D world (on which we depend physically).

All humankind, on all continents, are entering a thousand year revolution, in which the SOUL will imbue the SPIRIT with energy and light .. but do not be afraid of the 'shadows' because darkness is the container in which the light shines brightest of all .. all duality is born of the light and the dark .. neither is good and neither is bad .. yin and yang are one.

First there is an incredible change happening in the heavens above our heads .. but what are the heavens? Well, we are the heavens!! We are born from the heavens and we passage the heavens when we leave the Earth. We come and go .. and this process has taken place for many millions of years.

For those of you who have the sensitivity to look deeply at the sky .. pay attention to the light .. watch the depth of colour .. you will see the changes ahead.

Ordinary science and ordinary 3D thought sees only what it invents - interprets - measures in its own terms .. but there is a much greater change (challenge) approaching, that will totally dwarf all thought, all measurement and all interpretation. We may inhabit 3D bodies; but we are SPIRIT walking on Earth representing the SOUL.

The greatest challenge that lies ahead for human beings is the "Great Change To The Mind". Of course, the mind is beyond all limitations of human thought .. but the human being has to be able to be one with the mind - without methods or techniques and without fear.

It is not about volcanoes, it is not about continental shift, it is not about 3D transformation of the physical environment (all of which will take place) .. it is about the integral structure of the human mind and the relationship to universal mind. It is not even a question of extra-terrestrials and other world Galactic Federations .. because the beginning and the end lie within our consciousness.

Each human consciousness is a universe in itself. Soon, scientists will begin to rediscover ALCHEMY and its true meaning.

The whole universe is inside us and we are inside the universe.

Realising this will create a much greater change on Earth than any physical 3D upheaval or physical transformation. Such a transformed mind can easily deal with the radiation contamination spreading from Fukushima. We cannot currently deal with the man-made radioactive contamination, because we are fragmented, partial and at odds with our planetary environment.

Extraordinary change is coming to our world. The tectonic shift lies within.
This is a change of consciousness, a change of the workings of the mind.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Design Tectonics: Extraordinary Beauty of Colour

The past few days have been extraordinary day in terms of brilliant colour and depth of light...

I am watching the almost magical volcanic rejuvenation of fluffy clouds in the skies above. Clouds that are once more vibrant and alive - whose colours range from white to dark grey - with shades of burgundy red, yellow ochre, orange and various shades of brown. Over the last five years cloud cover (when it happened) was mainly of a pathetic flat, dense, gas like chemtrail variety. More like particle layers of aerosol than of dynamic living natural clouds.

In the 60s and early 70s the skies were filled with bright dynamic colour, fluffy clouds, high levels of rainfall (in Europe) and cooler temperatures in Spring and in Summer. Because I am a cloud watcher I always paid attention to the varieties of cloud cover and their affects on climate and on the weather.

Mainly in the 90's blue skies began to look a dull pale lifeless blue-grey as the beautiful dense clouds (and the valuable rain) dwindled almost to 'extinction'. The skies were not as blue as they had been and the clouds were scattered - or absent .. to be replaced with days of long white chemtrails and seemingly endless battles between man and nature. Ozone levels rose and Northern Europe began to see Summer temperatures more common to Southern Greece.

As I watch the skies change - since the increase in volcanic activity around the world and the increase in the duration of eruptions - I see an 'Alchemy of The Skies' taking form above us. Nature is the artist and the heavens are the living canvas upon which Nature paints its magical living work of art.

Today, the skies were filled with giant fluffy white and grey cumulus clouds of every shape and size .. bright with light and alive with colour, the natural clouds had returned. However, even more spectacular is the brilliant colour of the sky behind the giant floating clouds. It was not just the colour 'blue' - but the atmosphere was alive and filled (overflowing) with an intense light.

By mid-afternoon the sky was alive with so many densities of blue, indigo, light-blue, purple-blue, violet, ultramarine, ocean-blue .. it was truly amazing. This was not only the colour of the sky .. there was a depth of light shining through and out of these colours. This 'artists' depth of light returned after the recent series of volcanic eruptions since Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull in March, 2010...

Since the re-awakening of Eyjafjallajokull I have observed stunning climate and weather changes as the various living alchemy of the volcanoes slowly spread and mix across all layers of our atmosphere. From the upper to the lower atmosphere, volcanic emissions seen and unseen affect our world. I think current human knowledge is aware of (can measure) ten percent of the true volcanic emissions from eruptions.

The steam, dense and fine water vapour, gasses, aerosols and ash particles visible to man - billowing out of volcanic eruptions - are simply the shadow we see being forced out of the vents by a more powerful invisible force. A more powerful, life enriching force, issues forth during volcanic eruptions. Wilhelm Reich called the rich blue life giving force 'Orgone Radiance'. I think that life forces we do not know exist pour out from volcanoes during an eruption that feed and nourish the Earth in complex ways.

Even more mysterious volcanic forces bolster the Earth's atmosphere. We may not be aware of it, nor notice the difference, because the process is slow and involves the work of many chemically different volcanoes over many years - and then it takes a long long time for those alchemical forces to significantly alter the Earth's atmosphere. Planet Earth re-forms life giving matter over hundreds of years.

If you look up now you will see the changes taking place above you.
Changes that will effect future generations for a long time ahead...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Design Tectonics: Volcanic Cloud Alchemy

On June 21 Solstice, 2011 and on June 22 after the Full Moon Eclipse there has been amazing cloud alchemy in the skies over Europe. Months before the May 2011 Grimsvötn eruption there was generally a growing lack of rainfall, and no thunderstorms, no lightning. Rainbows had almost become 'extinct' as the skies above showed less natural cloud cover.

Since the Grimsvötn eruption there have also been a number of spectacular ash cloud eruptions exploding from volcanoes around the world. The explosive eruption of Puyehue, Chile and the Nabro volcano, Eritrea with continued eruptions of volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

One of Russia’s largest and most active volcanoes erupted Friday sending ash more than 10,000 feet into the air. Officials said a much larger eruption is "likely".

Shiveluch has had over 60 large explosive eruptions during the past 10,000 years. Catastrophic eruptions took place in 1854 and 1956, when a large part of the lava dome collapsed and created a devastating debris avalanche. The last significant eruption ocured in late May 2011 resulting in ash being sent to a height of 7.5 kilometres above sea level. The ejection was accompanied by an earthquake at the volcano that lasted more than 10 minutes.

It is difficult to capture the endless exchange of cloud colours that are evolving as the ash particles and unseen elements interact in the Earth's atmosphere. As the Sun was setting on June 23, the clouds revealed their composite characters. There were colours up there I have never seen .. I wonder if volcanoes had a part to play in Turner's paintings...

High levels of ash in the atmosphere during 1816 the "Year Without a Summer", led to unusually spectacular sunsets during this period, and were an inspiration for some of Turner's work.

As the Sun was setting on June 22, the nature of the clouds were like lazy drifting volcanic dragons of the sky. The human eye is better suited to viewing living colour and light. Cameras just cannot capture those ephemeral colours.

In those drifting clouds were sulphur yellows, dark-orange and browns .. magenta-browns, burgundy reds with dark ash greys buried in the deepest part of the clouds. I have never seen such a range of colours expand and transform within the few minutes of one Sunset. This is not just 'colour' those clouds have life in them. Volcanoes are clearly the great Alchemists of the Earth.

Even more than that, theories that particles, gasses and ash emitted from volcanic eruptions only affect the upper atmosphere is ... idiotic, to say the least. Of course the particles known and unknown enter the lower atmosphere and the soil. Not only are we breathing in these particles, but they fall as rain.

At least eighty percent of the life giving alchemical forces emitted in volcanic explosive eruptions are unaccounted for in terms of current knowledge. Each volcano has its own variety of gasses, water, elements, particles, electrical charge, distribution of ions, micro-nutrients, metals, crystals, density of aerosols and things we just do not have any knowledge of (as yet).

Each volcano is a Master Alchemist and at times where different eruptions coincide all over the world, the alchemical forces collide and interact in the Earth's atmosphere, changing the chemistry, altering the alchemy of the skies. We breathe it in as the elements form moisture.

Solar Pulse
There is one other major force we have not yet discovered in volcanic ash, water and lava .. that is the influence of the Sun. Solar flares do not simply zap through the planet like a passing storm .. the magnetic oscillations charge up water and lava. Rivers, ground water, aquifiers, lakes, ice flows and lava are all charged by the particles of the Sun.

We drink the water .. plants animals and trees take in the water and we become part of the Sun's evolution. Probably evolution is the wrong word .. I mean transformation. The lava also transmutes the quantum molecular information from the Sun into frequencies that we can absorb, and sends this signal out into the atmosphere communicating through chemistry, alchemy, electrical charge, magnetic charge, particles and gasses.

We become magnetised by the Sun.

We are effected by this whole process in so many ways. Turner expressed this in the form of his magnificent paintings; but all of us are effected whether we know it or not. If you pay attention, you are going to know it, feel it and be able to express the "art" of the Sun in your own way.

In a way we are the Sun's work of Art .. well the whole planet is the Sun's painting .. "work of art" .. but who is the ARTIST? In a strange way we are the artist - but that is getting ahead of the discovery!

The ancients knew what they were talking about when they said: The Sun of the Creator... but we are not talking about 3D human form. Yes! The human beings on Earth are affected by this spiritual cosmic process; but we humans are not the source of that intelligence .. at our best we are the canvas on which the cosmic painting is completed.

If you want to really understand this process keep watching the skies and keep watching the clouds, the weather, the alchemy unfolding in front of your eyes and you will see your own transformation in those clouds up there .. because what is up there is in your lungs and in the cells of your body .. and what is your body? Your body is a mirror of the spirit.