Saturday, August 20, 2005

Copperheads & The Trail Of Tears

Most of my life I have observed a strange association between the behaviour of animals, sea creatures and birds that relate in an intimate way to events in our world. Not only obvious signs where animals sense the danger of earthquakes or approaching storms, but signs where nature seems to talk to us directly from the invisible world. These deeper signs are more complex and they speak a very ancient direct language, a sign language that is understood through the heart and less through the rational mind.
Take, for example, the latest unusual and therefore attention catching behaviour of Copperhead snakes in Littlerock Arkansas. Nearly 100 Copperhead snakes are using the Cedar tree as a place of gathering ... The snakes began to swarm in the back yard of Arkansas, resident, Chuck Miller.
He knew it was too early for the Copperheads to swarm plus he'd never seen so many snakes together before. Copperheads don't usually move into groups, or "aggregates," until late September to October for hibernation. Unusual Summer Swarm of Arkansas Copperheads
The actual behaviour of the snakes is even more interesting. The snakes are gathering mainly around a large cedar tree:
"The snakes tend, as they move toward the cedar tree, they have been exhibiting unusual behavior which has not been described before in copperheads. They raise their heads and it looks like they are sniffing the air. Then they go down to the surface of the ground and rub the sides of their heads against the soil and then move up into the air again, like they are trying to sense something. They do this around the cedar tree. Afterward, they move off in almost a direct line up to the top of the ridge."
The most obvious questions have been do the Copperheads sense an approaching earthquake, as snakes are sensitive to vibration or an extremely severe and unusual change in the weather? However, look at the above description of their behaviour around the tree.
Trail of Tears, one of Illinois' state forests, is situated in western Union County, five miles northwest of Jonesboro and 20 miles south of Murphysboro. Just over 5,000 acres are within the State Forest. Two species of poisonous snakes, timber rattlesnakes and northern copperheads, occur here.
The area was used extensively by prehistoric Native Americans. Individuals and small groups hunted game or gathered nuts within the Ozarks, but established their settlements closer to the Mississippi River or Clear Creek. Chert was mined (for making tools) at Iron Mountain, east of the Forest.
As settlers of European descent entered (around 1803), Native Americans were pushed south and west. In 1838-39 the Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw nations were forced by the U.S. Army to move from the southeast to reservations in Oklahoma Territory. They overwintered at makeshift camps 4 miles south of the Forest's southern boundary. Bitter cold and starvation claimed hundreds of lives. The cruel trek came to be known as the "Trail of Tears." The State Forest's name memorializes the tragic event.
Arkansas is one of the four routes on which the Cherokee Indians were forced to walk "The Trail Of Tears" from Georgia to Oklahoma. There is more. Not only does the history of the area stretching from Illinios to Arkansas meet with the brutal treatment of the Cherokee, but another story emerges that relates directly to events in the USA today.
The Copperheads Anti War Movement - 1863
Not every person living in the North during the Civil War favored making war against the Confederacy. Such persons came to be identified as Copperheads. Often affiliated with the Democratic party and residing in the Midwest, Copperheads favored a negotiated peace settlement that would allow the South to leave the Union. Some of them were arbitrarily thrown into jail without proper habeas corpus proceedings after publicly advocating their views.
By 1863, America's northern states and southern states had been fighting a bitter, bloody civil war for two years.
Both sides felt the pressure of the costly struggle. The south was beginning to suffer from a lack of supplies and men for its armies. The north was beginning to suffer from a lack of fighting spirit. Many Americans in northern states did not support the war policies of Union President Abraham Lincoln. Some said openly that they did not care who won the war. They just wanted to be left alone.
Coal miners in Pennsylvania protested against a law drafting men into the Union army. They rioted and attacked officials who tried to take them. Soldiers were sent to Pennsylvania to put down the riots. Farmers in Ohio also protested. They refused to be drafted.
The law said a man who was drafted could stay out of the army by doing one of two things. He could pay the government three hundred dollars. Or he could pay another man to serve in his place. If a drafted man could not do either thing, then he must join the army or be shot as a deserter.
In the wartime economy of the north, prices were rising much faster than wages. Even a man with a good job had a difficult time feeding his family. It was impossible for him to pay the government three hundred dollars or pay someone else to serve for him in the army.
Poor men protested against the law. They said it was unfair. "It's a rich man's war," they cried, "but a poor man's fight. The rich man's money against the poor man's blood."
The leaders of the anti-war movement in the north were members of the opposition Democratic Party. They wore on their coats a copper penny showing the head of a native American Indian. This gave them the name "Copperheads. " One important Copperhead was a former congressman from Ohio, Clement Vallandigham.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Seeing With The Ears

Hearing With The Eyes
Light is so incredibly important because our eyes have become the dominant reality. Because of this we have talked for the past 3,000 years about "the light", seeing the light, knowing the light, entering the light. And yet we have not done it. Talking is ephemeral and has nothing to do with action. We talk about the light because we live only in our eyes. Because of this imbalance humans have built little boxes of flickering light, and they sit in front of these boxes worshiping their false reality... Socrates - The Cave Dwellers

No doubt Socrates foresaw the coming dominance of the eye brain, and those poor dwellers may just as well be sitting in front of a box of flickering lights!

Sound is a vitally important part of our sacred dream, and yet we look but do not see. We do not see because we do not hear. The harmonics of light are encoded as sound. If you do not use your eyes to hear, then you will not listen. If you do not listen, then you will not see the light. The truth has been hidden from you only because you do not hear the truth. Truth is a sound encoded in light. If you do not hear the sound you will not see the light. Light is a harmonic, and sound is the harmony that gives form to light. With your eyes you are hearing sound in the form of light, which is why the controllers feed you pictures that flicker to fill your brain with dis-harmony.

Have you noticed how the "religious books" on earth are filled with violence? Out of that violence they developed the violent boxes of light. Day and night it saturates into your brain, because your brain has to sort out the disorder while you sleep. This is the reason the beings of light advised me to avoid those programming stations, and for over 25 years I have not looked at a dis-resonance box ... I have looked at the stars instead!

Neruda Interviews - Interview 1

Sarah: "But why can't we get even partial truths about this picture of reality -- about ETs and the Federation? Someone, the media or government or someone else is keeping this information from us. Like the story you were telling me about the Martians. If this is true and Clinton knows about this, why aren't we being told?"

Dr. Neruda: "There's a cynical part of me that would say something like -- why do you watch six hours of television every day? Why do you feed your minds exclusively with the opinions of others? Why do you trust your politicians? Why do you trust your governments? Why do you support the destruction of your ecosystems and the companies and governments that perpetrate this destruction?

"You see, because the whole of humanity allows these things to occur, the wool is pulled over your eyes and it's easy to ration information and direct your attention to mundane affairs like the weather and Hollywood."

Sarah: "That's fine for you to say -- someone who's IQ can't be charted. But for those of us with average intelligence, what are we supposed to do differently that would give us access to this information -- to this larger reality?"

Dr. Neruda: "I don't know. I honestly don't know. I don't pretend to have the answers. But somehow humans need to be more demanding of their governments and even the media. Because the media is a big part of this manipulation, though they're not aware of how they've become pawns of the information cover-up.

"The truth of the matter is that no one entity is to blame. Elitists have always existed since the dawn of man. There have always been those who had more aggression and power and would dominate the weaker of the species. This is the fundamental structure that has bred this condition of information cover-up, and it happens in every sector of society, including religion, government, military, science, academia, and business.

"No one created this playing field to be level and equal for all. It was designed to enable free will and reality selection based on individual preferences. And for those who have the mental capacity to probe into these secrets behind the secrets behind the secrets, they usually find pieces of this larger reality -- as you put it. It's not entirely hidden -- there are books and individuals and even prophesies that corroborate much of what I've spoken of here tonight. And these are readily available to anyone who wants to understand this larger universe in which we live.

"So, to answer your question: 'what are we supposed to do differently?' I would read and study. I would invest time learning about this larger universe and turn off the television and disconnect from the media. That's what I would do."

"Maybe this is a good place to wrap things up. Unless you have anything else you'd like to add."

Dr. Neruda: "Only one thing, and that is that if anyone ever reads this interview, please do so with an empty mind. If you bring a mind full of learning and education and opinion, you'll find so much to argue with in what I've said that you'll not hear anything. And I'm not interested in arguing with anyone. I'm not even that interested in convincing anyone of what I've said. My life will go on even if no one believes me.

"The WingMakers have built a time capsule of their culture and it's magnificent. I wish I could take people to the original site so they could stand before each of the twenty-three chambers and witness these wall paintings in person. If you were to do this, you would understand that art can be a portal that transports the soul to a different dimension. There is a certain energy that these paintings have that can't be translated in mere photographs. You really need to stand inside these chambers and feel the purposeful nature of this time capsule.

Wingmakers - Neruda Interwiew I