Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Internet Time Travelers From 2044

Can you listen forward in time or does the information come back to you from the future? Chicken or the egg? Future or the past? Who knows? If the human soul is a time traveler then the future and the past are one - divided only by the illusion of time and space...

It was 2044 - but the people - the surfers of the world wide web were more advanced than we are today in 2010. Looking back in time they did not surf the world wide web.. they observed reality surfing the Cosmic Web.. of which we are a small chicken-egg lying in a nest [a quantum nest].

Observing the end of 2010, future web surfers were surfing a long series of past historical events [similar to slamming the brakes on ice], that had been seeking to artificially shape the future of the Internet.. The Register: UN committee could hand governments internet; It News: UN talks on Internet Regulation labelled "offensive" - US Congresswoman offers resolution: Hands off the internet!; The New American: UN Seek Global Internet Regime; Review Online: Protect The Internet...

Of course, the future Cosmic Web Surfers from 2044 [twenty forty-four] were free to look back in time and view the Earth's history, because there were no restrictions in their future, at that time... for them!

So, what happened?

If you look back from the future, what you see across the Ages of mankind is much much more than any kind of 2010 leak(s) [if you know what I mean].. There is reality, what is, the fact as it is and truth. Today we can attempt to paint the truth this colour or that colour, camouflage it and distort it; alter it or hide it from sight - but the truth is the truth no matter what we try to do with it.

Truth comes from the heart. You see it and you know it. You may turn away from the truth; but that is your problem. In the future they inwardly do not have those problems, which frees them to explore far beyond the world we know today.

It is like standing on the shore and looking out to sea, where you see ships sailing beyond the horizon. Very soon those ships disappear from sight. They have gone to a place far beyond the shores you stand on now.

Human beings have been doing this kind of 'beyond-the-horizon' navigation since the beginning. This is what the human species were born to do. Eagles have wings, dolphins swim in the oceans, horses run wild across the plains and trees bear the fruits of the earth.. and humans have a spirit too '.)

The Cosmic Web time travelers looked back at the egg that gave birth to their civilization and to their freedom. If they can look back, can we look forward? If you look into the future and see yourself.. who is the architect of your existence?

All this went far beyond the struggles of human beings on Earth and who controls the Internet.. It all went to the heart of the architecture of the human being and the human mind. If the planetary species of man is designed to be free.. having the wings to fly and the dynamics of a dolphin in water.. the endurance of a horse and the fruits of the tree of life.. what a marvelous thing that is!

If the many coloured and varied species of mankind on Earth was designed to be free, to search, explore and navigate the oceans of life - then who is the architect of that species? Is the signature of the architect seeded within the human race?

In the end, future time travelers from 2144 [twenty one forty-four] taught their nest-egg in 2044 how to surf the Cosmic Web. They looked back in time and it opened their eye(s).. and so 2011? Let's roll ..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Volcanic Jet Stream Weather Dragon(s)

If I were living in Tolkien's Middle-Earth I would probably say: The Icelandic Dragon Eyjafjallajokull issued from the top of the mountain, whose roar and breath of fire and smoke was so loud that he awoke the great slumbering Indonesian Dragon the people call Merapa. Rising high on the air currents above their mountain abodes, the two dragons took form within the great winds of the Earth. Their serpent like bodies coiled around the planet. In their rage they soared inside the great mother winds of the Earth, changing the great lands before them...

In Lord of The Rings, Tolkien wrote: "It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him"

Unfortunately, this has to be translated back into the analytic language of the current world mind-set, in terms of 'volcanoes', 'volcanic activity', eruptions and how certain key and well positioned volcanoes send their ash clouds directly into the 'Jet Stream', altering weather cycles and climate.

The Jet Stream is said to steer Atlantic low pressure systems. In reality this is a highly complex multi-layered barely understood living dynamic system that cannot be divided into individual parts. The mechanical parts list sun activity, ocean temperatures, La Nina, the Great Ocean Conveyor and volcanic activity (or not).

In April 2010 the ash and particles from the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, in Iceland, were circulated around the globe via the North Atlantic Jet Stream. These climate changing charged particles were rapidly carried in a stream across Europe and into the Middle East. The December 2010 path of cold weather and increased precipitation is similarly following the volcanic ash cloud/particles released in April. I would call this the Dragon's tail.

Severe weather, flooding and unusual snowfall have reached beyond Turkey into drought stricken countries in the Middle East. Lebanon, Egypt and Greece have been pounded by high winds, snow, hail and heavy rain. Isn't that whole area where Eyjafjallajokull's volcanic particles breathed currents of life (charged particles) into the high flowing Jet Stream?

In November, 2010 Mount Merapi in Indonesia began to seriously erupt and those magnetic particles were also carried high into the planet's atmospheric arteries. Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull and Indonesia's Merapi volcanoes are connected to the path of the: Ocean's Thermohaline Conveyor System, resonsible for transporting warm salty waters into the North Atlantic.

Gulf Stream slows 30% in last 50 years

I feel that current volcanic activity around the planet is altering the Earth's weather thermostat in ways we do not yet understand. The biggest part of a volcanic eruption, the Dragon's breath, travels unseen and undetected -- unless there are spectacular sunsets for the eye to see.

The Jet Stream determined the position and direction of the volcanic ash cloud over Europe during the April 2010 eruption. Earth scientists describe the Jet Stream as a concentrated narrow stream of 'strong winds' - but this stream surely has to be a charged magnetic current of the Earth.

Wind (verb), O.E windan - to turn, twist [vortex]; where the wind (noun) means a current of air. Well, what else has a current? Electricity? Magnetism? Electro-magnetic current? Lava-flow? Lightning in volcanic ash plumes?

In the early 90's volcanologists claimed that the Jet Stream stops volcanic ash plumes from rising higher into the atmosphere, they cap the rise of the ash plume and I would say, the Jet Stream transports the ash around the planet (diluting it). In my mind the two forces - Jet stream current and the ash plume current - have to be similar [attract each other].

Why doesn't volcanic ash plume just spread out in a dense cloud and drift around at ground level? Because their current is designed to interact through magnetic attraction to the current in the atmosphere. There is this dynamic electrical highly charged attraction between volcano [Earth] and atmosphere [sky]. It's all magnetism...

Is the recent volcanic venting experienced throughout 2010 a catalyst for the deep winter weather we are seeing?

In my mind the Gulf Stream Current, the Jet Stream and the Great Ocean Conveyor Current have to interact (act together). Obviously they are not unrelated to each other. Therefore, what part does vulcanism play in fine-tuning these regulators of the Earth's climate?

That also means periods of relative inactivity as well as periods of increased volcanic activity, or what could lie ahead: a multi-venting of the planet's volcanoes within shared-venting time periods.

Over the last thousand to two thousand years continents on Earth have experienced low levels of volcanic venting. By that I mean a volcano here, a volcano there with long periods of quiet. We have forgotten as a planetary species what it means to experience: "Lots of them and all at once." As Bilbo Baggins might say.

Mystifying and dangerous, volcanoes also breathe life into the atmosphere. We see them and we hear them; but we barely understand their behaviour and their effects on the world's climate.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fall of Roman Empire Over 500 Years

Reason(s) why the Roman Empire fell:
Decline in Morals - Corruption - Failing Economy

A decline in morals, especially in the rich upper classes and the emperors, had a devastating impact on the Romans. Immoral and promiscuous sexual behaviour including adultery and orgies... The power of the Praetorian Guard, the elite bodyguards of the emperor, led to political corruption and grew to such an extent that this massive troop of soldiers decided on whether an emperor should be disposed of and who should become the new emperor!

Reason why the Roman Empire fell: Wars - Military Spending
The Government was constantly threatened by bankruptcy. The cost of defending the Empire, the failing economics, heavy taxation and high inflation was another reason why the Roman Empire fell. The majority of the inhabitants of the Roman Empire failed to share in the incredible prosperity of Rome. The flow of gold to the orient to pay for luxury goods led to a shortage of gold to put in Roman coins. Roman currency was devalued to such an extent that a system of bartering returned to one of the greatest civilisations the world had ever known.

Reason why the Roman Empire fell: Decline in Ethics and Values
Life became cheap - bloodshed led to more bloodshed and extreme cruelty. The values, the ideals, customs, traditions and institutions, of the Romans declined. The basic principles, standards and judgments about what was valuable or important in life also declined. The total disregard for human and animal life resulted in a lack of ethics - a perverted view of what was right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and undesirable. Any conformity to acceptable rules or standards of human behaviour were being lost...

Reason why the Roman Empire fell - Multiple Causes over 500 years

Best is you go to the link and read in detail the summary of reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. It kind of looks familiar.. in many ways #-)

I imagine - for some strange reason - that human beings are a PLANETARY SOCIETY .. not a global society and not a divided continental society .. we are born from the Earth, we live on the Earth and we are all human (whatever that means) .. we share this planet.

The Internet has made us aware that we humans share planet Earth. People read my Blog from every continent on the planet.. does it really matter what color skin you have or where you are born? Human is human, right?

So, what is the answer to this approaching disaster?

"...So after all this long evolution we are still barbarians. And we shall remain barbarians - I am using that word, one is using that word in the real sense, not in the Roman sense. The Roman sense was anybody in the ancient Rome who does not belong to the Roman Empire, or who didn't speak Latin and so on. We are using that word 'barbarous' in the sense that we are extraordinarily primitive, self-centred, amazingly violent, incredibly violent and brutal. In our gesture, in our words and so on. We are still tribalists - the British, the French, the Indian with their division of Sikh and all the rest of it. And if we are that now after centuries of evolution we will be still that in the tomorrows. So the future is now. Right?" Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sunday, December 05, 2010

New Moon Volcanic Eruption Ecuador

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupted Saturday, December 4 2010, sending ash and lava a mile into the sky. This volcano in Central Ecuador began to show increasing activity on November 22, ejecting volcanic blocks (rock fragments) from the summit. As reported on USGS Weekly: Satellite imagery on 29 November showed an increase in sulfur dioxide concentrations around the volcano.

In Quechua, the Native South American language, Tungurahua means 'throat of fire'. This stratovolcano - over 16,000 feet high - began its approximately 100 year eruption cycle in 1999, melting the small mountaintop glacier. The volcano has been active with ongoing periodic eruptions since then.

Timing (time of year/seasons) and circumstance play a part in volcanic upheavals and the effects they will have on weather patterns. This current zone of activity, happening in the winter months of the Earth's orbit, is the 'danger zone'. The planet may be facing a prolonged series of extended volcanic activity in the years ahead before any of this quietens down again.

The most recent series of eruptions in volcanic active regions of the world have been in less densely populated mountainous areas than, say Italy. From observing the increase and timing of quite violent eruptions, I would surmise that Etna or Vesuvius could potentially become just as spectacular as Mount Merapi in Indonesia. Even more so with Mount Fuji in Japan. Similarly, Iceland's Eyjafjallajökul or Katla eruptions could have an equally spectacular affect because the ash drifts across much of continental Europe.

Mount Etna is overdue for an eruption if the earlier pattern of Vulcanology is anything to go by. Preceding patterns of Etna's eruptions listed on the USGS 'Global Volcanism Program' site, reveals the last activity was in May 2008: "6-km-long lava flow; ash emissions; 13 May 2008 opening of a new eruptive fissure". The last 2 year no-activity phase was 1972-1973, after which Etna began a lengthy but gentle series of activity until May 2008:

12/1971 (CSLP 33-71)
Periodic explosions from La Voragine crater
02/1974 (CSLP 20-74)
W-flank eruption rapidly builds cone; explosions and lava flows

Many of the volcanoes erupting now, between November/October 2010 and February/March 2011, are known as 'active volcanoes'.. and my theory is that when you put these active volcanoes together with seasonal timing of the eruptions you have the potential for catastrophic devastation depending on the position of the Earth's orbit when the volcanoes erupt.

Apart from letting off steam and releasing pressure from deeper activity around the Earth's layered fault lines - volcanoes stimulate the forces of life on Earth. They are 'bringers of death' and they are also the 'givers of life'. They breathe life into the atmosphere, they fertilize the soil and sometimes they even create Islands in the sea.

The new cycle of erupting volcanoes are relieving pressure and stress from within the Earth, as we are definitely entering a new zone of the planet's volcanic activity. It has been relatively quiet down here on this planet in terms of volcanic devastation over the last 200 years or so.. but things are heating up again (as is part of the natural cycle). Apart from the danger and destruction, it is fascinating how life is sustained under pressure by these fiery giants.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Roulette Wheel of Debt...

This is a very good report from Monty Guild and well worth reading carefully and in depth. However, I slightly disagree with the 'Market Watcher' comment about a strong Germany, Sweden and Holland supporting their weaker sister nations in the EU... "We believe that the banks from the responsible European countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Holland are undoubtedly holding debt of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc., often because they were pressured by their own politicians to support their sister nations in the EU."

I am not an 'economist' :) .. but I studied economics and I understand their perspective.. Only, I see things in a different light - one my Celtic ancestors revealed to me as a child. It has to do with the 'strong' and the 'weak'. Basically, my way of seeing relates to our common shared environment.

When you share resources such as the Earth's planetary resources and a large part of the planetary species are 'weak', then there are no 'strong' as in Germany, Sweden and Holland. In our present culture the strong are simply better at hiding their debts than the weak. The strong lenders are better poker players than the weak. They finance their lending from thin air and demand 'assets' and 'resources' back to pay off the 'debt'. They are just better players...

In a Celtic society the strong extend their benefits and stability to all nations in order to expand the solid base of their strength and share it. But in today's world being strong is simply how good you are at destabilising others. This is our world in 2010 and has been this way since the Roman Empire.

The market does not have answers for the types of crisis we are facing as a planetary society. It is not the market that will bring us out of this. The market is a tool, like a computer.. and the mind of the humans behind the computers have to radically change.

Humans use computers like clubs.. the mon(k)ey has a long bone in its hand and it hits the other mon(k)eys to gain dominance. This is how we are using computers today. It is a 'club'. And we do this, because the human animal does not understand the ability and capacity of its own mind. So, how is it going to understand a computer?

I was taught that the strong make the weak strong.. that is why they are strong. They are not afraid when others grow and develop. They know that their development lies in the shared strength of all. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and France are on this planet with everyone else sharing a planetary wealth given to us from the Earth and from the Sun. This is why our ancient ancestors honoured the Sun and respected the Earth.

If we do not acknowledge the Sun as a giver of life and the Earth as a provider of all our needs, that means we are weak.. and weakness means seeking advantage, putting others at a disadvantage and seeking control of the Earth's resources. Every country is doing that, because no one respects that the planet gives us our wealth.

In the culture of a planetary society there is a need for population balance so that the people living on the planet can share the resources and be strong together. We are heading for food shortages, because human beings are living outside the laws of nature.. the laws of balance.

We are currently a world in chaos, because we do not know how to live in balance. If we would live in balance weak and strong would not be an issue in this world...

Our shared view is too mono-simplistic. The number one fact is that the tools we have now face us with the fact that humans are a planetary species. Then add to that the birds, animals, rivers, oceans, trees, fish, insects, plants, reptiles, micro fauna and the Earth itself.

Nothing lives in isolation.. that is our strength!