Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Throw Away Fishing

"Between 40 and 60 percent of all fish caught by trawlers in the North sea is discarded..."

We live in insane times where nourishment of the human species is shackled to generating EU profits, North American Profits... where people have to consume more than they need, because a growing commercial market demands it. People have become cooperative slaves to the ever increasing consumer demand/supply of global economics.

Firms have to keep growing, catches have to increase, food production has to be greater than the dramatic increase in world populations. Basic housing costs have to increase in order for the rich to get richer (to keep up with inflation). Society needs more... more fishing boats, more factories, more cities (generating more demand), and more children to create future demand. Society needs to generate more profit devouring more resources, and so we need more people to create more demand, so that more companies us can get rich.

Where does this more come from, and where does it lead us?

Throw Away Fishing Endangered Species

"A British trawler has sparked an international incident after being filmed taking a boatload of endangered fish caught in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and then dumping the majority overboard in UK waters."

But the insanity does not stop there. People no longer care for this planet. All people care about is how much money they can earn and throw away... easy come easy go. At the same time the planet cannot sustain these levels of insanity.

The long term destruction of native cultural practices worldwide, in which the local people were the stewards and guardians of the resources of the earth, has resulted in a brainless mass of grey humanoids who no longer know where they came from, nor where they are going.

At the bottom of this stinking heap of factory farm waste is a small group of psychopaths called the "EU". Maybe they are aliens? Regardless of their agenda, it is a shame on mankind that the people on this planet destroy life with no regard, so that they can continue to follow their masters - for what?

Fortunately, for the earth, a big storm is coming. The survivors of that storm will be those who feel compassion for life on the Earth. The famous "Prophecy Rock" petroglyph is known as the Hopi Life Plan.

Sacred Vision Of An Apache Elder