Friday, May 27, 2011

Iclandic Ash Brings Rain Cycle

After the beautiful blue skies on May 24 the fine particles of volcanic ash seemed to cool everything down. As blue as the skies appeared there was a noted lessening of heat radiation reaching us ground dwellers.

By May 25, the first heavy cloud formed (maybe with a little help from weather engineering) and there was significant rainfall. By May 27 the high strata clouds are dense enough and volcanic grey enough to block the sunlight and cool temperatures to 13°C from 24°C .. although I am sure a subtle change of weather patterns are taking place.

I imagine that a horizontal wave eruption as well as the vertical column of gas and fine ash trigger changes in climate. Powerful wind streams push around the Planet; but in reality the winds are being sucked almost like a vortex. Volcanic magnetic particles play their part in regulating these air currents.

The drop in temperature goes all the way from Norway to Spain, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 13°C and coastal areas 10°C, while not affecting Southern Spain, Italy and Greece. Even on a cloudless May 24, the intense radiation from the Sun was reduced by the ash. With temperatures of 24°C the Sun's effect became pleasant rather than burning/exhausting.

Months before the Grimsvötn [May, 2011] eruption clouds did not form and if they formed the rising Sun would quickly evaporate them, resulting in long periods without rain (over many months). For the first time the rising Sun does not evaporate the cloud cover. Temperatures remain cooler and the clouds hold their own.

I feel that volcanoes regulate the climate in powerful ways over extended periods, in the sense that their effects can last years - perhaps centuries. In this petroleum age people put petrol in a car, use it up and go get more petrol. But, imagine a system where the energy unit lasts 100 years without a refill. That is the volcano effect.

Volcanoes alter the climate and bring essential elements into the atmosphere that charge up the Earth for extended periods until new eruptions are needed and a recharging of the atmosphere takes place.

June 1 2011
There was one grueling cloudless day with 30°C - which signals a very real danger to precipitation and atmospheric water levels. I was not sure that Iceland's Grimsvötn was the key to cooling Europe's weather (as things stand) .. but so far so good!

The intense drought seems to have been broken. For the first time in many months cloud cover established itself as the rain continued to fall throughout the night. I realised that 'night-rain' is an essential and vital part of atmospheric/earth precipitation.

I imagine night rain [let's call it Moon rain] has a totally different harmonic vibration and is a vital part of plant growth and soil sustainability. If I was a Universal Gardener I would want a good portion of my rainfall to be night rain...

I cannot ignore the June 1st Northern Europe partial Eclipse of the sun .. as I recall the 1999 Full Eclipse across Europe brought with it a heavy grey mass of cloud in which observers did not really see the actual Eclipse .. well this buildup to the June 2011 partial Eclipse is similar.

I find this extremely interesting .. we have the 2011 'Grimsvötn eruption' and the timing of the Eclipse. I do not think anything in nature happens by accident. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the inner understanding of the 'human soul' .. if only you could understand events from your soul!

The rainfall has certainly increased - as well as the cloud cover - and I think in the future human beings have to learn to work with nature and learn from nature. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. There is a right way and a wrong way to affect the weather [if you know what I mean]...

Temperatures in mainland Europe have dropped from 30°C to 11/14°C .. and considering the extreme heat and the extreme dryness - I feel that Iceland's Grimsvötn saved us from a deadly and prolonged drought .. but the details of that I will leave for a future post ...

Thank you Grimsvötn .. our hearts beat together as one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unknown Particles Precede Grimsvötn Ash Clouds

I knew that the Grimsvötn eruption had sent out a blast of particle force, probably magnetic in nature, ahead of the 17 kilometer towering ash cloud. We do not yet appreciate the invisible side of nature I call the 'background field'.

That is how I know that an as yet unknown 'particle force field' was ejected in the blast, and because these particles are much lighter they travel faster. So, imagine you look at the sky and there are two reality fields superimposed on each other like two interconnected and interrelated layers.

The more dense layer is the physical world you see in terms of the sky, clouds, colour, light, volcanic dust, a haze = 3D reality. The other layer is perfectly set into the 3D layer we all recognise as Nature. The other layer is colourless, invisible, subtle and undetected by 3D measuring instruments [there you have the detection problem].

Only the human brain/mind is capable of perceiving and detecting the other layer.

The clue to this lies in observing the field, what could be called the Unified Field. Although it is invisible to the human eye, the field can be observed by the mind. Something in the older part of the brain - maybe the Third-Eye - is tuned to perceiving the field.

The 3D world only exists because of the Unified Field .. The invisible holds together and maintains the visible. I saw the faster particles released from the Grimsvötn eruption; because I saw the wave reflected in the field.

I thought to myself, let me watch and see if I can see this reflect in the weather, in the atmosphere - which also means colour, texture, light. By the evening of May 23 I felt that the first edge of these particles from the Grimsvötn eruption were reflecting in 3D reality. I don't think they travel at the speed of light; but more likely they travel around the speed of sound.

Those particles were filling the air by mid morning of May 24, 2011 - and their effect was showing in the clouds, change of colour intensity and changes in light intensity. In our present state, we may not be able to observe those particles directly; but we can observe their presence through their effects on what we can see = NATURE.

These unknown particles intensify in the atmosphere and seem to merge, as the following fine layer of volcanic ash arrives (undetected) and interacts with the first wave of this unknown force. I could see the ultra fine aerosol particles forming in the clouds.

The heavier dense ash cloud spreading across the Atlantic from Grimsvötn is still 12 hours away. Yet, I could see a fine grey ash in the cloud formations similar to the colour and density changes caused by the April, 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption. It is unmistakable, the light, the sky and the clouds reflect this.

Looking with the eyes of an Artist, you look at depth of colour, intensity of colour, intensity of light and intensity of shadow. The artist notices shade and depth of field and also notice the quality of colour and the quality of light.

By May 24, 2011 with the more dense ash cloud 12 hours away the sunset set alight the fiery deep red reflected on clouds after volcanic eruptions.

May 25 2011
Not only have the ash particles arrived; but the effect is identical to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption of April, 2010. Beautiful blue skies, not a cloud in the sky, clean intense colour, a clean intense light. Do volcanic eruptions clean the atmosphere?

On the far horizon a slight brownish haze can be seen; but the skies overhead are the cleanest shades of blue. I suspect the sunlight is interacting with these particles in a different way. It is a kind of living alchemy. I imagine there must be chemical reactions taking place up there that are a part of maintaining life on this planet.

The sunlight is so intense that it is bringing out the depth of colour in the leaves of the trees. Even more interesting is that whatever is released from the volcano is being breathed by us surface dwellers. We are breathing volcanoes!

Just as happened a few days after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, breathing the air outside for an hour or longer causes a slight dryness and irritation in the throat and a dryness in the nose (if you breathe through the nose).

I know for a fact that whatever came out of that volcano does not stay way up there in the upper atmosphere; but that the particles, chemicals and fine dust also cruise at ground level. In fact, maybe the lower strata eruption never was way up there in the atmosphere! Maybe the effect travelled all the way from Iceland at ground level and above .. Viking protons ..

Grimsvötn spewed more ash and rock in the first 24 hours than the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption emitted over 40 days. Grimsvötn was a much bigger eruption in a much shorter time.

Grimsvötn is a civilisation changing volcano. It has cataclysmic potential. But, Like Eyjafjallajökull the volcano also has the potential to create beautiful skies.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Grimsvötn, situated in central Iceland at the Vatnajokull ice cap, is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes. I think we seriously do not understand eruptive cycles - but one day we will! These eruptive cycles have patterns. Long count patterns in which the volcanic activity is ongoing.

It is stupid to think that the explosive eruption (the release of magma, ash and plumes of steam) are single events. The activity is part of an ongoing cycle we do not see most of the time as it happens deep under the earth's crust. The visible eruptions are the above-the-surface phase of deep patterns of volcanic activity.

The danger with Grimsvötn is that one pattern of activity shows as an extended eruption of magma and ash over longer periods before the volcanic activity subsides back below the crust.

November 4/5, 1684 - January 1685: Subgalacial eruption, explosive eruption, fatalities, damage to land/property.
May (?) 1783 - May 26 1783: Regional fissure eruption, Sub-glacial eruption, explosive eruption, lava flows, fatalities, damage to land/property, evacuations.

Historically, eruptions from Grimsvötn can be of longer duration and they can be a lot stronger and much more devastating than observed in our current time. We are sitting here in ignorance and we do not really know the long cycle. However, what we do know is that this eruption is more powerful and is sending out very thick ash clouds, causing havoc in Iceland.

When Eyjafjallajökull erupted in April 2010 the ash clouds were carried away from Iceland because of the wind directions at the time. In May, 2011 the ash is being blown over the Island rather than out to sea. Grimsvötn volcano is close to the center of Iceland while Eyjafjallajökull lies with Katla on the South coast.

In the 1600s eruptions from Grimsvötn were extremely destructive and are known to have continued over months. This is a very dangerous volcano, due to its central inland location and its size. It seems to vent off for short periods over hundreds of years and yet within those cycles the volcano does produce dangerous eruptions.

I could be wrong? But I wonder if the extreme eruption cycles correspond to the weather or climate cycles? In other words, the Earth's temperatures rise and fall over thousands of years. We humans are vaguely aware of the shorter hundred year(s) temperature curve change. Scientists can see geologically that the Earth's temperature varies over hundreds and over tens of thousands of years.

I imagine the Earth weather is steered by magnetic and electromagnetic fields; but so are the volcanoes and perhaps also the Ocean temperatures. It would make sense to have the whole natural system on one circuit. That would probably tie in with the Sun. Taking this further the whole system ties in to the center of the Galaxy and so 'electromagnetic fields' is a primitive understanding of this vast system.

If I am correct, then this is coming from the center of the Galaxy, it affects the Suns and transfers through to the Planets throughout the whole Galaxy. Changes in (ion) frequency do not only trigger Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; but these invisible rays (or fields) change the particle composition of the magma in ways we cannot yet detect.

The ash clouds are dispersed carrying the new field into the atmosphere in the form of aerosols and atomic particles. Our system is not a static set foundation with set codes that cannot be changed. Our system is open and set for change, with the command control coming from the center of the Galaxy.

The base 3D structure is open for change.

Unseen and undetected particles so fine we do not know they exist spew out of Grimsvötn and cover a much wider field than the more dense ash clouds and spreading fine particle volcanic dust. I will only know when I see changes in the sky if they travel so fast that they travel days ahead of the ash cloud.

If this Planetary upgrade is as big as I think it is then formerly extinct volcanoes will become active. Extinct volcanoes are a key element that the Earth does not need too often; but I am sure there are civilizations in the past who experienced what we are experiencing now, when suddenly a volcano comes to life.

I think those are exceptional times; but also that we are living in exceptional times. If that happens those volcanoes will be command control of an exceptional change and transformation on the Earth. The next hundred years will see very interesting times...

Will Grimsvötn Bring Rain To Europe?

In the future people will not be studying 'theological textbooks'; but people will be observing and studying nature in all its forms and will share their understanding of the world we live on. Discovering the cycles, understanding the cycles and respecting the cycles.

As Europe suffers a very serious four month 2011 Spring drought, where the rains simply did not fall and the cooler Spring months were more like a hot Summer, now Iceland's Grimsvötn erupts!

Being 'volcanically illiterate' I do not know what this eruption will bring; but I am interested to find out and so I will observe and learn. Part of learning is imagination. You can observe something and try to figure things out for yourself using your imagination.

People's first reaction has been Grimsvötn = think Eyjafjallajökull / Airports .. however, I studied the images and I thought 'rain'. I know that it could go the other way and have the effect of drying out the atmosphere and worsening the drought. If the eruption is big enough then it could potentially change the climate and bring rain.

I wonder if volcanic activity is also the Earth's way of regulating the climate in times of extreme heat across various natural climate cycles where temperature changes are more extreme.

This is quite exciting, because if the eruption is large enough and it does cool the atmosphere/climate, then it may create perfect conditions for rain and that would show (or prove) that the planet's intelligence is a dynamic living system tuned to a very fine frequency.

Of course, the Earth is providing all the conditions for life, otherwise we would not exist. I am thinking that the volcanic ash and cloud (electrical charge) can alter the cycle of dry weather that has remained in place for many months. I will only understand completely what I am seeing by January/February 2012.

Reports are suggesting the May 21, 2011 Grimsvötn eruption is the largest for this volcano in the last 100 years. The magma flow and clouds of ash are currently greater than those witnessed at Eyjafjallajökull in 2010.

I did a bit of research and discovered evidence that increased volcanic activity does regulate the weather and initiate climatic change:

Volcanic Eruption Increases Rainfall in Southeast Asia
Scientists studying tree rings over the past to demonstrate that the majority of volcanic eruptions can increase the rainfall in Southeast Asia thus challenging the common perception that the volcano as a catastrophic destruction.

Scientists studying tree rings over the past to demonstrate that the majority of volcanic eruptions can increase the rainfall in Southeast Asia thus challenging the common perception that the volcano as a catastrophic destruction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When The Weak Influence The Strong

The I Ching or Book of Changes
Translation from Chinese into German by Richard Wilhelm

31. Hsien / Influence (Wooing)
Nine in the third place:
Every mood of the heart influences us to movement. What the heart desires, the thighs run after without a moment's hesitation; they hold to the heart, which they follow. In the life of a man, however, acting on the spur of every caprice is wrong and if continued leads to humiliation.

Three considerations suggest themselves here. First, a man should not run precipitately after all the persons whom he would like to influence, but must be able to hold back under certain circumstances. As little should he yield immediately to every whim of those in whose service he stands.

Finally, where the moods of his own heart are concerned, he should never ignore the possibility of inhibition, for this is the basis of human freedom.

The Commentaries: Nine in the third place
"The influence shows itself in the thighs." For he cannot keep still.
When the will is directed to things that one's followers hold to, this is very base.

Since the two lower lines are weak by nature, it is not surprising that they let themselves be influenced by others. But this strong line could easily master itself and not yield to every stimulus from below. It makes itself contemptible by conforming to the aims of the two lower lines, its followers.

The Hexagram, in this reading indicates a man in a strong position who is weak and whose 'supporters' are weak, leading to danger of moral weakness and degeneration.

Lack of self-composure is not only related to single personal acts of uncontrolled behaviour. The situation is far reaching and is related to all courts of INFLUENCE and does not rest solely on one 'event'.

31. Hsien: Influence is related to all aspects of relationship between male and female, husband and wife, father and son, prince and servitor, superior and inferior. The I Ching is not talking about judgement; but of the difference in force, energy and balance.

In the universe and in all things there is a constant and living flux between force, magnetism, curves in space, growth and decay. The gravity of a black hole is different than the gravity of the Sun or the gravity of the Earth; but they all interact. In terms of the I Ching 'superior' and 'inferior' forces have a totally different meaning than people understand them today.

For example, if China studies and applies the principles of the I Ching: The Book of Changes, that would be viewed as taking a 'superior' position. Yet, this is not an intellectual judgement!

The man who is carelessly thrown this way and that by every influence he encounters is viewed as 'weak' or 'inferior'. His relationship to outer forces is a sign of his inner state - of his inner Chi/Qi .. meaning the one who is thrown around by outer influences has (inwardly) weakened Qi (loss of gravity).

Consider again the position of a weak man in a position of influence whose followers (supporters) are weak. Nothing on this Earth or in this Universe exists in isolation without influence of inner and outer forces. Everything is in a state of relationship. Everything is in a state of flux.

Inside this reading of the I Ching 31. Hsien / Influence, all aspects of relationship of these particular forces (in or out of balance) have contributed and are contributing to current events. Learn, not to look at the event; but look at the energy contained in the event and understand its nature.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Increasing Tectonic Magnitude Across Mediterranean

In the last two months following the March 11, 2011 Japanese quake and tsunami a number of high magnitude earthquakes have been crossing the Mediterranean between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

This increase in high magnitude tectonic activity stretches from The Greek Island of Kos to Crete, across to Malta and Sicily, through to Southern Spain and out through the Straights of Gibraltar all the way to the Madeira Islands.

Increasing Activity: Mediterranean
On April 1, 2011 a Mag 6.1 undersea quake [south eastern Aegean Sea], off the north coast of Crete, was also felt on the Island of Malta. A series of low magnitude quakes otherwise known as an 'earthquake tremor swarm' were felt on the Island of Malta on April 24, 2011. On May 8, 2011 a Mag 5.1 struck near the Islands of Nissyros and Kos [Dodecanese Islands, Greece]. By May 11, 2011 the larger magnitude 5.1 quake hit Southern Spain creating significant damage.

On May 11, 2011 two earthquakes hit the Southern region of Spain, a magnitude 4.5 and a magnitude 5.1 later followed by a 4.7 magnitude earthquake off the Madeira Islands, Portugal.

For this area of the world low magnitude tremors are normal. This region takes the stress and movement of the African and Arabian Plates, the Iberian Plate (Spain/Portugal) and the Eurasian Plate. The many hundreds of small tremors are simply releasing stress and maintaining balance. However, we tend to forget how dangerous this area is. Historically, there have been civilization changing quakes, tsunamis and volcanic explosions in this area across the ages.

The way I see it, we have come through a long period of low magnitude tectonic activity and mild volcanic activity throughout the world. We know that in the distant past the Earth has released devastating tectonic and volcanic activity. I think it would be prudent to consider that we are entering a natural Earth cycle of increased tectonic and volcanic activity.

One very interesting aspect of this change will be the natural human response. I see a totally new generation of geologists, volcanists and seismologists who have a revolutionary understanding of the dynamic processes of the Earth.

In ancient times the period in which the children and grandchildren are born imbues them with a knowing of those times and how to adapt, understand and deal with the energies of those times. Therefore, you get 'children of the storms' .. Nicola Tesla was a child of lightning and thunderstorms .. and all people on all continents are born with the ability to understand and adapt to the changes taking place in their era.

The Earth is the 'teacher' and our passage on Planet Earth is the Initiation of Spirit born into matter. Earthquakes and our response are part of the teaching learning process. Geological upheaval is a relationship with the Earth in which those generations learn, adapt and apply the wisdom of their times to deal with those changes.

You may find this video interesting:
Secrets of the Black Sea - Uncovering the Roots of Early Civilization

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Earthquake Predicted In Rome Happens in Spain

This is totally wierd .. but we live in very strange times .. I saw today that people in Rome were leaving the city for a few days because of rumours of an earthquake. Headlines were: "Italians Flee Rome Over Earthquake Prediction" ... and this was apparently due to a prediction made many years ago by a planetary seismologist, Raffaele Bendandi, who died 30 years ago.

Apparently, Raffaele Bendandi (strangely) predicted in 1915 that on May 11, 2011 a huge Earthquake would hit Rome. The people there are giving his prediction a couple of days to be sure as some vacate Rome for two or three days, just in case. However, two quakes in succession hit close to the the South coast of Spain May 11, 2011.

The first earthquake, magnitude 4.5 hit the small town of Lorca, in the region of Murcia and two hours later this tremor was followed by a stronger 5.2, causing extensive damage. Earthquake Report are a good source for information.

Due to the shallow depth of the quakes [10 kilometers] the shaking and the damage was greater. EMSC reported a third afterquake in Southern Spain magnitude 4.5 with three smaller tremors over the last five hours.

Reports say that up to 10,000 people in Lorca have been displaced due to the extensive structural damage done by the shallow quake. This could be part of the series of quakes in the Mediterranean area over the past few weeks.

The Southern Coast of Spain is an Alpine fold and thrust belt called the Beltics and it looks like all the recent quakes across the Mediterranean are under pressure from the African Plate as it pushes up. In the same time period Southern Italy and Sicily experienced minor quakes of 2.0 to 2.6 - but the higher magnitude hit Southern Spain some 50 kilometers from Murcia.

Fortunately, Spain's Nuclear Power Plants are way up the North.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Don't Be Afraid Be 'Brave'

Out in the darkest corner, blocked and stagnant, hidden by shadows, is 'fear'. That is the dark little tunnel you go down when you run away from something you don't want to face. The energetic symbol is a complex aroma of crossing emotions that appear like powerful cross-currents on the ocean's surface. You hit those currents trying to navigate the little boat of your life and they can drag you under. That is when you experience fear.

In an attempt to be stronger some human boats form groups, hoping that the combined sum of their boats all tied together will support them; but that is just another kind of fear. That just means they all go down together en-mass when they hit a big one.

I had a very strange dream where I was way high up in space looking at all of Europe, where something big had happened. This is why I say: Don't be afraid be brave.

The something big was maybe like Japan? Strangely, it brought everyone together. As big as it was it was filled with LIGHT. When I say 'light', I mean mankind waking up to who they really are.

When little groups form extended boat communities tied together with the cords of self-interest and they then seek advantage over other travellers of the oceans, this is fear rising up from the depths of those cross currents and taking form within each of the boats.

You see, fear is natural .. it is an ocean current one learns to navigate. On a higher level fear is a passage of initiation. It is a doorway one passes through when courage enters the heart and those currents of fear no longer cause paralysis.

Don't Be Afraid Be 'Brave'
The English word 'brave' existed in many languages prior to the forming of the English language: Catalan brau, French brave, German brav, Scots braw, Italian bravo, Norwegian brav, Spanish bravo .. and this word described a state of fearlessness, inner courage and confidence to remain calm in the face of danger.

Courage, whose origin means: The Heart

You can imagine that all those little groups who tie their boats together so that they don't have to face the natural current of life are probably living without courage, they are a flotilla of fear, they are already afraid before anything happens - that is why they tie their boats together.

They are so afraid, that when change happens all they can think of is their own survival. Being all tied up in their little flotillas, they cannot take any kind of individual direct action. In a way those flotillas of fear are a bigger problem to mankind that fear itself.

Fear is natural. It comes and goes. It is a challenge. It can be overcome. One can discover hidden skills and find the courage to go through fear and become stronger. But, those flotillas do not come and go - they are fixed - where everyone agrees there is no need to learn to navigate the natural currents of fear because the flotilla is the answer.

Higher Energies
In this dream, for each person on the planet there was a representative of themselves on a higher dimension. Just imagine intelligent, light-filled representatives of all the people in conflict down on Earth. Those higher energy beings were sort of 'up there' looking down. Then imagine what 'heaven on Earth' means in this context...

It may be that our 'higher selves' are the collective architects of our awakening. The 3rd dimension is not a problem for them - they can transcend the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions and therefore manipulate matter. We are the 'matter' they manipulate. Those of us down here are the alchemical elements being transformed or transmuted from lead to gold.

Division = Fear
One place you do not want to be putting your energies is into the highly corrupt area of 'division', which is a total distraction from your true self. Division is a fragmentation of elements caused by the shadow of fear entering the heart.

Rather than pass through the passageway of fear on discovering the free energy of courage (powered by the Solar Heart), those caught in division are being defeated by fear because they do not have the courage to go through into the light.

A lot of people talk about 'the darkness' and how division and conflict come out of darkness, when in reality the division comes out of the fear to pass through into the light. So, people sit around the fire of fear at the entrance to the cave rather than go through and this is where division comes from.

The Blind Shall See
A lot of people on Earth are not aware of their own higher dimension self - in existence now. I saw a few of them and they are pretty amazing; but their earthly counterparts are .. ?? Yes! Well! .. somewhat compromised ..

Most of the world religions existing today took their texts from a much older body of information and guidance in existence long before there were 'religions'. That includes healing those who are blind. It was not a physical 3D blindness that was being healed - it was another kind of blindness.

The ancient texts were designed to convey the reality of the higher dimensions of the self and the true nature of the Alchemist .. which is yourself. It never was an 'outside force'.

Japan & Europe
This is really hard, no one likes to be shaken up - but the fact is we have no choice. Watching Japan has not been easy. Perhaps because of Japan's true relationship with the rest of the world and in relation to what took place there tens of thousands of years ago.

In truth, we have nothing to be afraid of .. other than fear itself.

The changes and transformations about to happen on Earth are not coming from the 3rd dimension, they are not haphazard co-incidental changes. This world we are in has not made the best of decisions about which direction to take; but we have not taken the worst possible road - although sitting in the middle-of-the-road has its own dangers.

Feeling gratitude in facing a profoundly changing environment is perhaps the spark of light which signals to the heart that you are ready to move beyond fear and into the light of a new dimension here on this plane of existence.

When you live in the 3rd dimension as though you are on the 4th dimension .. that is 'Alchemy'.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Reincarnation FoR DuMMiES

If you think you are here on Earth on a one-off basis then apparently you can totally trash the Planet and you don't ever have to face the consequences. But, if you are 'wrong' then you will not only be-the-consequences; but you ARE the consequences of your actions now. The pollution and radiation you accept today will potentially damage your 'future' DNA .. if your spirit returns to a post Fukushima x 10 radioactive world.

You Are Your Grandchildren's Children
Well, if you are not your grandchildren's children then you can afford to totally trash the Planet and never have to face the 'consequences'. But, what kind of a human being would leave future generations to inherit mutated and degraded, polluted and radioactive DNA? Maybe a stupid one?

Celtic Tibetan Ancestors
Over tens of thousands of years our human ancestors were concerned and aware as to what kind of world their grandchildren inherited, because they knew they were coming back as their grandchildren's children...

Orgone Radiant Indigo-Blue Children
What better way to try and destroy high-level incarnations into this 3D world than to contaminate the human DNA and the Genes with man-made radioactive death-particles.

So, what if your spirit wakens up into a transformative state and has to re-incarnate back into a 'compromised' physical form? Let's hope you have the ability to transmute matter and overcome the severe limitations being created on Earth today.

Heaven Is Waiting
Who would want a bunch of destroyers-of-the-earth in 'heaven'? How do you graduate from destroying the Earth to being a well-behaved occupant of 'heaven' ?? Maybe you don't '-)

What If You Have To Come Back & Fix Your Own Mess?
Let's say you burn down your own house! Then you have to re-build it ..

Or maybe, someone builds the new house for you? But who pays for it? The state? The same state building Nuclear Power Stations? Hahaha .. Perhaps you split off into an alternative reality appropriate to your contribution or non-contribution to this present day world!

Return of The Spirit
Spirit enters matter, connected to energy, connected to the Earth, connected to the Universe, connected to the Soul. Born from the materials of Earth - your spirit is the 'child of the Earth'.

Destroy The Earth & You Destroy Yourself
Who told you that you can come down to this wonderful Planet and destroy it? Who told you that you can live on the Earth and destroy it? I would like to know, because when I was born I was not told these things.

When I was born I was show all kinds of consequences and disasters resulting from 'destroy the Earth' behaviour. When I was born, I was shown all kinds of consequences of selfish, self-centered, do-what-I-want behavour.

Didn't any of you get the same advice?

I thought this was a basic 'rule' when you arrive on this dimension as a Spirit Being entering these dimensions ...