Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mass Removal of BLM From Public Land

Alternative Timeline - Wednesday 13 January, 2021

A controversial winter roundup of all Bureau of Land Management officials began in earnest today, as aging politicians and out of work cattle ranchers strongly protested the roundup of individuals who had protected them and their lifestyles for over half a decade. The courts turned down the appeals against the roundup of BLM officials, ruling that these wild humans pose a threat to future safety of wildlife and the sustainability of public lands.

State officials and concerned citizens used helicopters to begin the roundup of all BLM officials across the United States, who will be moved to humane holding centers in the desert where they will be contained and fed for the rest of their lives. Sheryl Crow defended the removal of the BLM from public lands as being humane and in balance with federal laws.

"We waited a long time for this day to come, and so I cannot say I am not enjoying this roundup." said a local observer...

By mid-afternoon at least 1,330 BLM officials had been moved to their holding area North of Nevada, as key Whistleblowers helped officials with the roundup.

The beginning of the end for the Bureau of Land Management came in 2010, as increasing protests at the removal of wild horse herds across the United States led to a major turn in events. New Findings of illegalities, and a growing wave of individuals who could no longer keep quiet about the secret agenda behind the illegal removal of wild horses from public lands, led to the complete removal of the BLM from America's public lands.

"It sure is a day to remember," said Ginger Kathrens, creator of the Cloud Foundation, as she helped coordinate the roundup of rogue BLM officials throughout the state of Montana.

The end of the BLM can be seen back in 2010 when they began a winter roundup to capture thousands of wild horses and remove them permanently from the Calico Complex in Nevada.

Upon hearing about the BLM’s plans for the large-scale removal of 2,500 horses in northwest Nevada near the Black Rock Desert, more than seven thousand citizens submitted public comments to the BLM opposing the Calico Mountain Complex Round Up, scheduled to begin on December 1, 2009. Public comment has been extended through November 22, 2009 according to the BLM. Lynn McKormick

Elko County Commissioner and rancher Demar Dahl's, "Horses are a resource, let's eat them..." comment, will go down in history as the defining moment when the true agenda for ranching land management let the cat out of the bag:

"We need I think to recognize that the horse is a resource. All of us love Bambi and all of us love deer, we all recognize that a deer herd has to be managed and we manage them and we control their numbers. And how do we do it? We eat them. The horse is a resource, there are horses that are good for companionship, good for pleasure riding, good for working cattle, good for jumping. There are some horses that I can tell you, and I have known horses all my life and I love good horses, but there are a lot of horses that are just to be eaten and that is their best use. And there are plenty of people and plenty of pets in this world that are willing to utilize that resource. And I think that common sense should dictate that we give the BLM sale authority and allow that to happen." American Herds

Thursday, December 24, 2009

China Logging Russian Forests To Death

China's hunger for wood is said to be driving the destruction of one of the last great untouched regions on earth. China is being accused of causing damage to wildlife and forests in neighbouring Russia. BBC News Video

Workers processing the Russian owned sawmills are Chinese. The trees are being cut illegally, and the wood cut will be sold to America & Europe to fund the growing Millionaires in China and Russia. Illegal logger companies who are successfully cutting down the forests in Russia, are said to be run by China.

Technically, the forests being destroyed are 'protected'. But the great force of the Chinese Dragon seems to have easily overcome the Russian bear. All the illegally cut timber is driven over the border to China, where exports link the growing wealth of China to the ineffective markets of Europe and American allowing this crime against the Earth to continue unchallenged.

Battling Siberia's devastating illegal logging trade - Wagons brimming with logs accumulate in the Siberian railway station of Dalnerechensk, more than 8,000km (4,971 miles) east of Moscow. They are waiting to cross the nearby Chinese border...

"There's pressure on forests in north-western Russia, touching Scandinavia, but the main problem is in far-eastern Siberia where the mafia is particularly violent," Mr Bismarck told me. "We went to a dozen Chinese wood-processing companies across the border and most told us that they export all over Europe.

Russian forest inspectors I spoke to said there was little they could do against such well-funded and organised gangs. Their situation is made worse by the firing of thousands of their colleagues when the then president, now prime minister, Vladimir Putin scrapped the Forest Service in 2001.

Climate deal must acknowledge Russia's forests: Putin ... (AFP) – Nov 2, 2009 - MOSCOW — A global warming pact to be agreed next month in Copenhagen must take into account the carbon dioxide absorption potential of Russia's sprawling forests, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

Ooops! Someone in Moscow should inform Prime Minister Putin that his directive to reduce the capacity of the Russian Forestry is allowing China to invade Siberia, take over and chop down the forests - essentially destroying Siberia's future, Russia's future and all our futures... There is no carbon dioxide absorption potential in a cut down forest '- )

It amazes me... the Russians apparently have the capacity to detect incoming missiles... they can pick up Unidentified Flying Objects... They can detect aircraft intrusions into their territory... and yet they cannot detect the steady Chinese invasion of the Siberian forests.

I don't know? Maybe the Chinese can blanket the area with a super-conductive cloaking device that numbs the Russian defence and allows an endless speedy shipping of Russian Siberian forest into China, who have themselves frozen the destruction of their own forests due to fears of ecological degradation... Destroy the forests and you ultimately destroy the people. That is what the Romans did to conquer and colonize the lands of the Celts and the Gauls across Europe.

The Romans cut down and destroyed vast areas of woodland and primeval forests growing across the vast continent of Celtic Europe. ... Map showing the lands of the Celts and the Romans

In Pliny’s time Italy was almost completely stripped of its forest cover. For this reason the Romans had to import most of the timber form all parts of the Empire and metallurgic industries, which depended heavily on charcoal, moved out of Italy. The centres of mining and metal smelting became the most deforested areas of the Roman Empire. Pliny must have realised that human industry and activities put forests at risk of destruction. In a world where trees were a scarce resource it is not surprising that Pliny wrote with awe about the massive forests in Germany: "In the northern region is the fast expanse of the Hercynian Oak Forest, untouched by the ages and coeval with the world, which surpasses all marvels by its almost immortal destiny." Environmental History -*- Celtic Europe

Clairvoyant thinking in ancient Greece and Rome
Plato, Critias, III.

"There were large forests in the mountains whose traces are still visible today. If, in these mountains, some only nourish bees, not so long ago trees were cut for large construction needs [...]. The soil provided infinite foraging possibilities for livestock and also collected Zeus' annual rainwater, which did not run over bare soil into the sea as it does today. Since the earth was still thick and received water which it stored in impermeable clay, it let water it had absorbed in the heights run down into the valleys, providing abundant springs and large rivers everywhere."
Cicero, 2nd Philipics.

"The destroyers of the forest are the worst enemies of public welfare."
Pliny the Elder, Natural History, XXXI, 30.

"When the forest that contains and disperses storms is destroyed on the hills, disastrous torrents are certain to build up." Europe & The Forest

Is it possible China sabotaged the Copenhagen Climate Deal, not because of Carbon Emissions and Co2, but because of their world economic land degradation policies, such as illegally logging the Siberian and other essential forests around the world to feed the Industrial engines of a rapidly growing economy?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen: Trade Not 'Global Warming'

Copenhagen: It's all about trade, not global warming, and China is the target
by Doug Hanchard
The run up to the Copenhagen Summit has been fraught with controversy. For two weeks delegates and ministers have thumped their policies as better than others or criticized plans that do not meet their respective leader’s goals. Demonstrators arrested, countries wanting a free ride or exemption for those that emit CO2 at ratios that they believe is what they can achieve. Others are simply ignoring the issue altogether. And then there’s East Anglia, the single largest black eye to the global science community in decades. Right or wrong, this incident threatened the outcome of any deal that could happen. Connie Hedegaard, President of the Copenhagen summit said it best prior to the start of the talks: to get an agreement it’s a political solution and not a scientific one.

A deal needs to be signed, global leaders know that it must — or face consequences back home. As the opening gambit in the negotiations began to take hold, to get the text of an agreement done the real deal making started to make the public rounds - money. Japan offered $8 billion to help countries that need it. The script was soon followed by other nations, with the EU offering billions more.

As the second week of the conference began in earnest, the bickering continued with leaders not concentrating on the science or the naysayers at all, but instead the money and who was going to contribute what. Then a new carrot and stick was brought to the table: The United States announced $100 Billion. That woke every delegate up, but would it work and get talks moving in the right direction? For a few hours it did as government leaders from around the world started showing up. Cards were being laid on the table and it was time to call any bluffs and get a deal done. Some countries however don’t want to spend any money on emissions controls or technology.

China, the single largest emissions (per tonne) target in the world, knew that it was going to be at a disadvantage no matter what they did or do coming into Copenhagen. The arithmetic was not going to work in their favor; population ratios, manufacturing output, and the sheer volume of anything industrial in the country was going to hurt China’s economic interest, let alone what emissions technology was going to cost. China wants a ratio of reduction based on existing industrial indicators. The world wants reduction based on previous stated tonnes produced in either 1999 or 2004. China has flat out rejected such a model. Such a static model would be impossible to achieve for them, and other nations should recognize this and haven’t.

For many countries, particularly in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. the Copenhagen Treaty is the perfect instrument that conveys to China, that it should no longer be the low cost provider of manufactured goods. Everyone thought that the WTO would help equalize imbalances and it backfired. China’s solution was to fix its currency, which has prevented any equalization occurring.

Lost in all this is the work that scientists around the world have been trying to tell leaders, the world is getting warmer and climate change is happening. There is hope that the noise can be eliminated and a true emissions treaty can be signed. Scientists know all about politics, the question is, can they get around the economic rhetoric? At Copenhagen probably not, but if the nations can sign a deal of ANY kind, they can get a foothold that starts in the right direction.

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of Copenhagen: Presidents and Prime Ministers recognize that greenhouse gases are a problem they have to deal with. The naysayers of global warming are finished. As of 6:00 P.M. Copenhagen time, no deal has been signed and the talks continue with none of the world leaders indicating immediate departure. ZDNet - It's All About Trade

Friday, December 18, 2009

Are Sunspots Disappearing?

Below is an article from 2008 predicting a decrease in solar activity, which if it continues would mean a cooling in the Earth's temperature. It would also means that the sun, increasing or decreasing in activity, effects the Earth's climate and all the other planets in the Solar system.

A linear fit to the changing magnetic field produces a slope of 77 Gauss per year, and intercepts the abscissa at 2015. If the present trend continues, this date is when sunspots will disappear from the solar surface. [Livingstone & Penn]

Let us all hope that they are wrong, for a solar epoch period like the Maunder Minimum inducing a Little Ice Age will be a worldwide catastrophe - Sunspots May Vanish by 2015

Sunspot cycle more dud than radiation flood
By Dan Sorenson - Arizona Daily Star | Published: 05.19.2008

The 11-year cycle of sunspot activity should have bottomed out last year, the end of Cycle 23 and the beginning of Cycle 24. That would have put the peak in new sunspot activity around 2012.

Two years ago, William Livingston and Matt Penn wrote a paper for the journal Science predicting that this could not only be a dud sunspot cycle, but the start of another extended down period in solar activity. It was based on their analysis of weakening sunspot intensity and said sunspots might vanish by 2015.

That last long-term down period, 1645-1715, coincided with the Little Ice Age, a period of bitter cold winters. The paper, rejected in peer review, was never published by Science. Livingston said he's OK with the rejection.

"I accept what the reviewers said," Livingston said. "'If you are going to make such statement, you had better have strong evidence.' " Livingston said their projections were based on observations of a trend in decreasingly powerful sunspots but reviewers felt it was merely a statistical argument. Watts Up With That?

Now we come to 2009 and the expected increase in the Sun's activity has not manifest, instead 2009 saw extreme low level of activity as Livingstone and Penn had suggested in their analysis from 2005 data. As reported in ClimateGate articles their research (counter to popular belief systems) was not published.

Sunspots Today: A Cheshire Cat
[Livingstone & Penn - 2009] The present condition of solar activity minimum has more spotless days than since the 1910s (2). The Cheshire Cat behavior is related to magnetic surface fields often appearing without accompanying dark spots.

Sunspots recently are behaving like a Cheshire Cat: the smile is there (magnetic fields) but the body is missing (no dark markings). We are unsure about past cycles but at present sunspots, with their usual umbrae and penumbrae, are failing to materialize. For hundreds of years the Sun has shown an approximately periodic 11-year alteration in its activity where the number of sunspots increases and then decreases. Sunspots are dark regions on the solar disk with magnetic field strengths greater than 1500-1800 Gauss. The last sunspot maximum occurred in 2001. Sunspots Today

NASA September 3, 2009: The sun is in the pits of the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century. Weeks and sometimes whole months go by without even a single tiny sunspot. The quiet has dragged out for more than two years, prompting some observers to wonder, are sunspots disappearing? Are Sunspots Disappearing

If the popular 'Co2' Global Warming is correct, then the Sun does not and cannot play a part in the Earth's climate and weather cycles. Well, that would be like saying when the Sun rises light does not reach the earth. Of course the Sun alters and effects the climate of the Earth, and our ancestors knew it...

KeyWords: Recent Solar Minimum PDF -*- The Solar System Regulates Earth's Climate -*- The Next Ice Age -*- It's All About The Sun

El Niño - Solar Cyles & Climate

A Correlation Between Sun Spot Cycles and El Niño
Dr. James H. L. Lawler 1997

There is a correlation between Solar Sun spot cycles and El Niño events.

Every year following a minimum number of solar sun spots is an el niño year. The el niño events also happen at other times in between these 11 year cycles, but every solar minimum is associated with an el niño event.

Since the el niño event happens on the average about every 6 years the sun spots predict about half of them.

There is a long record of accurate solar sun spot observations starting about 1600. These number of sun spots fluctuate from a quiet time with very few, 10 or even less, visible sun spots to major activity, up to about 200 sun spots visible on any given day. These follow roughly an 11 year cycle with peaks every 10.57 years on the average, but with as much as 1.5 years variance observed in the cycle length. The cycles alternate with leading North and South magnetic poles. Every other cycle has leading NORTH magnetic poles, and the alternate cycle has leading SOUTH magnetic poles, thus the real full cycle is 21 years, not 10.57. Dr Hale noticed this and he plotted every other cycle "upside down" to graphically represent this "Hale" 21 year pattern.

In addition to the Hale cycle, there is a longer range 110 year pulse of activity, the magnitude of the peaks grows from about 11 cycle maximums to a maximal activity of about 200 sun spots visible on any given day, with peaks centered on roughly 1785, 1860 and 1960 and then activity declines with peak activity reaching only perhaps 100 sunspots ca 1690, 1810, 1910, and projected to 2020 with a decline from the recent peak activity of 1989-1991 at about 210 sunspots. The peak activity of circa 2001 should be ca 160-180, and by 2010-11 down to 140-150 with the peak ca 2021-2022 down again to about 110-120 sun spots. 1996/7 is a Solar minimum.

From 1600 until about 1700 the sun was going through an unusual period of minimal activity, the "Maunder minimum", where the climate of Europe became unusually cold. For example ice froze on the canals of Holland for the first time in recorded history.

There also was another minimum circa 1200-1300 that is not well recorded. In Europe we have no solar records at all, but Chinese records do partially record this solar minimum. The results were catastrophic world wide. In Peru the Wari culture had such a long drought that the population of the capital city declined form about 50,000 to about 25,000. They literally starved to death. The Mesa Verde Indians in Colorado, now USA, abandoned their entire main cultural site and moved to where they could find enough water. In Europe the cold forced a major change in customs. First the Kings and Queens and then the "Lords and Ladies" moved into smaller, private, warmer bedrooms, instead of living in open, drafty, and poorly heated "Great Halls" of the Castles as was the custom prior to 1200.

Since 1700 the sun spot activity has peaked regularly every 11 years, (10.57 actual mean period) with minimum activity below 20 sun spots, even below 10 sun spots visible on any given day for typically over 100 days in a row. There have been three super cycles of about 110 years observed.

The trees leave a record of bad growth years in their rings. This unusually small tree growth pattern has been observed in Germany in the Spesart and Trier forests back to 820 AD, and in the USA in 20 different zones back to before 1800 AD, and in Indonesia back to 1500 AD. They all coincide exactly. Looking at tree ring data we can project these solar cycles backwards with some confidence to about 820 AD adding 6 more super cycles and over a hundred 10.57 year cycles.

As mentioned before these solar cycles alternate. The spots come in pairs with leading north magnetic poles one cycle and then next cycle leading south magnetic poles in the next cycle; so in order to accommodate and represent this Professor Hale alternated every other cycle above the axis below the axis. This "Hale" presentation follows a 21 year period rather closely. The extreme el niño events follow the hale cycle even closer than the 11 year cycle, and 1976, 1954, 1933, 1912, 1892. and 1866 all were extreme el niño cases with severe droughts world wide. If we add 1997 that will complete the predictive nature of the observation and tend to confirm the hypothesis.

El niño events, unfortunately, are not all that well recorded. While I was in Peru in 1996 I went to the national library for two days and made a brief search of the records. Prior to 1890 only very scattered records in personal diaries telling of unusual weather conditions exist. There are no formal records at all. From the other records I was able to add 1878, 1866, 1857, 1842/3, and 1832 events. This needs to be researched better, since I had limited time and could not do as thorough a job as is really needed. But knowing when to look, some of the years el niño is expected, should aid in the research.

What happens, and WHY? The sun spots appear to be associated with more energy reaching earth, and solar minima are associated with less heat, or global cooling. The oceans are vast reservoirs of heat for earth and by Le Chatelier's principle will try to react so as to minimize any change in solar heating. Thus the oceans and weather react to release heat from the oceans to the continental masses at minima. In this time Peru receives both more heat and more water. But if Peru gets more water, some other area must get less... in fact most will get less since there is less total energy to produce water vapor. Thus el niño is associated with drought in most places. Australia, areas of Indonesia, the US high planes and the Russian/ Asian steppes all suffer. The monsoons also fail in India. The el niño brings added water from the ocean, to costal Peru and moderation (warming of the coldest months, cooling of the warmer months) of the pacific Peruvian costal climate, but also dumps water causing mud slides etc. in California. Thus it is a truly global phenomena.

Because the climate is a global event, we have been able to take tree ring data from logs found in water well and foundations etc. of Roman structures in the Roman times and piece together a coherent picture from living trees back to about 300 BC. Add in few Aurora Borealis sightings and Chinese sun spot records and we have been able to reconstruct (see 5th chart below) a reasonably accurate record of sun spots back to pre-Roman times. Add in teh Brostle Cone Pines and we have a record back to 5000 BC. Climate El Nino

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Mystery Spiral Stargates Over Norway

In the Arctic skies above Norway on 9 December 2009, around 07:50 AM a spiral formation appeared, and was observed for a few minutes before sunrise. Morten Kristiansen, observed the light phenomena from Sortland in northern Norway said that a "large ring appeared, and then spread out, sending a green beam down to earth." Meteorologists, astronomers and Armed Forces have been unable to explain the lights... The Telegraph

The Galaxy like Spiral Photographed over a military base in Skjold is now said to have been a failed Russian Intercontinental missile test... Wow! If this is true then the Russians have obviously changed their military strategy. They intend to wage their wars and defeat their opponents through astonishment and amazement, using absolute beauty and applying universal principles of colour harmonics and orgone blueray energy resonance. Astonished by beauty is a highly advanced form of defence. Therefore, if this was a 'failed' missile test I wonder what the successful test will look like. YouTube NorwaySpiral

The Russians claim that the Bulava missile was test-fired from the submarine Dmitry Donskoi in the White Sea early Wednesday but failed at the third stage, the defence ministry said in a statement. The apparent failed Russian missile launch created one of the most beautiful spirals in the Arctic sky. Digital Journal

Of course, it is a complete coincidence that many of the photographs and videos of the phenomenon look like Crop Circles and Spiral Galaxies in the sky - Medway Crop Circle. It can only be a coincidence that the skyspiral is similar to the spirals our ancestors carved on Neolithic stones... Spira Solaris

Is it a coincidence that perfectly carved ancient 'rock art' spirals appear on megalithic stones and cavern walls on every continent? Native America, Aboriginal rock art, prehistoric carvings, Celtic and Tibetan... Identical Crop Circle Spiral, in Goettingen - Germany July 12, 2009.

Keywords: Mystery Spiral Appears Over Norway - Ancient Wisdom Spirals

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Mayan Calendar Is Not A Calendar

Although I have posted information about 2012 and so-called Mayan prophecies... I am not sure any of the information we have is correct or accurate. The distorting factor is thought's limited perception.

The Europeans went into North America and the religious hierarchy of the day destroyed most of what they found there. In Scotland and Ireland they smashed or buried what they could not smash. Celtic crosses and ancient monolithic stones, with symbols of 'Christ' (in some cases). All this evidence was swept away by a colonising human tsunami. They did the same across North America.

Having smashed or secreted away the Mayan stones and gold plates, where did this 2012 date come from? It would have to predate modern man - surely? No, it's modern... Nothing is going to happen to the world in 2012... Focusing transformation into one year is like putting all trees on the Earth into one seed. It is not the way the universe works. The whole planet, the solar system, has entered a 200 year cycle of transformation and that cycle began around 2003 [if you want to date it].

The Calendar they are using is not even Mayan, it is the less precise Aztec Calendar which has 260 days, a 13 day week and a 52 year Calendar round. Some recently began to call this the Mayan Calendar Prophecies -- pause for a moment on this contradiction. How can a mathematical Calendar make prophecy? For years I did not question it, but now I am questioning it...

I guess as the Europeans were smashing, stealing and destroying the ancient artifacts, some of them stopped to ask the local priests (before they killed them) - "By the way! What is it we are destroying, do any of you guys know?" and the local people said "Oh! Don't worry... It is only a Calendar! Go ahead and smash it..."

Nothing carved on the so-called Mayan calendar matches our current measurement of linear 'time'. We count earth-rotation sun cycles, and our ancestors counted moon rotation cycles. The modern European Calendar was created by the Romans and then adapted. It is a production calendar, an economic calendar. One that cannot successfully be superimposed onto the carvings called the Mayan Calendar.

2012 is a modern 'New Age' concept born out of some hidden theology that is designed to help us pretend we know where we are going. The guidance system people are using is warped... What if the Mayan Calendar is not a Calendar. Their Art is part of a Quantum Science we barely understand, where the pictographs interact with an operating system frequency we humans are not aware of. It seems to apply as a calendar because of it mathematical precision.

Do subatomic particles have universal mathematical precision? Yes, they would have to as they make up the building blocks of material reality. Having destroyed most of this hieroglyphic technology, modern man is studying one fragmented cog of a living machine that covered thousands of kilometers resonating over tens of thousands of years.

It was originally a StarGate technology. It was brought to earth from another time or another dimension. This level of technology did not originate on Earth and our understanding is limited. We human monkeys are looking at these Glyphs and we are counting Earth/Sun rotations, as the surviving fragments are being used to convince people that these civilisations built such a complex mechanism to count cycles of destruction.

The basis for the cycles is Sacred Geometry. It is the oldest Science on Earth. Out of those principles you can build houses, bridges, computers, design works of Art, weave fibers, combine chemicals... Sacred Geometry is the Science that applies to everything. Within this there are layers and layers, from the most obvious to subatomic and beyond. Idiots guide to these Glyphs is that they are a Calendar. If you go beyond that then what are they?

New Age philosophies try to combine mathematical Calendars with Spiritual development... That is the same as the Romans and every current religion on Earth. Linear thought applying linear structures to universal Spirit. Maybe it is the other way round. Maybe Spirit can use Sacred Geometry in it's free state. Therefore, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar, because there is no Mayan Calendar - it's not a 'Calendar'.

Whoever designed these Glyphs across Egypt, Tibetan, Celtic, Vedic, Tolteks, the Aztecs... were all describing the same principle as Art and as Science. This is the origin of Alchemy. They are not merely outlining a complex Cosmology, they are expressing particle physics in its subatomic forms. This was a resonant living technology, utilising the frequencies of the earth to activate and maintain connecting frequencies.

When matter meets subatomic resonance then the walls of reality come tumbling down. It was viewed as a Spiritual Science, because consciousness (mind) is the medium that can ride the subatomic wave. You no more worship Spirit than you worship Matter. When the surfer surfs the wave they are part of the movement of the wave. They become the wave. The wave does not worship itself - it simply IS ... [beyond measurement]

Sunday, December 06, 2009

ClimateGate Mass Manipulation & Fraud

No one knows for sure, but it appears that humankind is entering the end of the KaliYuga (the dark age) and will begin to emerge into the 'Golden Age'. The KaliYuga is the age of iron, the patriarchal age. During the age of the KaliYuga human society is said to reach its lowest ebb. This is the period where the 'unworthy' command power and where the ending of the KaliYuga manifests an inner revolution. Humans are said to move from base-matter to consciousness.

During the Kali age, all the Vedas become so scarce
that they may not be even seen by men.

The fraud uncovered as ClimateGate signals the ending of an Empire. Those of you who observe using your unique mind and using your unique intelligence will see beyond Carbon Tax and Carbon Trading - financial games that will do nothing to change the levels of Co2 in the atmosphere..

Beginning with the age of the Roman Empire, and continuing political and military control of the Earth's populations through Roman Catholicism, two parties are locked in an eternal embrace: The deceiving elite and the mindless/believing masses are one and the same entity. The elite equal the masses, just as the masses equal the elite. They depend on each other. In some strange way they are one organism. The desire to control and the desire to be controlled are one and the same.

For thousands of years the so-called 'gods' controlled the behaviour of humans by having them believe that sudden and dramatic changes in weather are a punishment. This is called the science of 'behaviour modification'. Today, people all over the world believe that drastic changes in the weather/climate are punishment from the father 'God', as politicians tweak the programme to read - human made climate change.

Powerful storms, destruction of crops, flooding, droughts, landslides and earthquakes are acts of God. You have sinned, you have disobeyed God's laws, and now you are being punished. It is the same principle behind 'man made global warming'. Rather than it being religious propaganda, it is now political propaganda.

Perhaps in the Middle Ages you would pay money to the ruling church and your sins would be absolved. Today you pay Carbon Tax...

Certainly, we humans on planet Earth are going to face catastrophic changes to our world, but not as a result of punishment of God and certainly not as a result of human Co2. These climatic changes are NORMAL. We live on a planet that has catastrophic cycles. These natural planetary cycles create times of stability and times of sudden and unexpected sea level rise. Volcanic activity will increase and then decrease. Warm climates will become cooler and cooler climates will become warm (hot even).

In 2009 the planet is cooler, the facts do not meet the Global Warming statistics as GoogleGate censors ClimateGate.

Those involved in this censorship of basic information are actually censoring themselves - because the laws of cause and effect mean that the controlling elite are as advanced and as intelligent as the controlled masses. In terms of consciousness the masses are not separate or divided from those who 'control' them.

By the laws of cause and effect - as the masses get dumber and dumber so too do the elite get dumber and dumber. In higher consciousness terms, if you desire to influence another your consciousness has to be connected to that which you influence. This means that you are also effected by the control mechanisms you employ. As the people you influence degenerate, so do you...

In terms of higher consciousness the 'ruling elite' are as dumb as the masses they control.

If YOU - all people of the Earth - are causing Climate Change, then all you have to do is stop using electricity, stop driving cars, stop heating your homes, stop destroying the Earth's forests, stop flying, stop ocean cruises, stop eating meat, don't use electricity, end all wars, stop manufacturing weapons... and demand that your politicians do the same...

What if your individual state of mind is the factor creating or solving the problems? If the elite and their scientists tell you that you are causing the fluctuations in weather, then surely it is your mind! Surely the problem is how you think, how you use your mind to direct your physical body?

If you are cutting down the Siberian forest to import the logs to China, is that not an indicator of the primitive and corrupt state of your mind seeking short term gain for short term profit?

We humans are not facing a global meltdown, we are facing the meltdown of our own humanity, the destruction of our minds - leading to the destruction of our bodies. A global tax will not change or resolve the situation other than to allow the dumb elite and the dumb masses to continue business as usual.

Climate Change was the main factor behind the fall of the Roman Empire, where the question shifts from 'blame' to adaptability. How do you adapt to a changing climate? Is there a hidden intelligence inside your DNA that naturally adapts? Is the HEART the core navigator of adaptation?

The Spirit's Global Positioning System would be: Heart/mind connected to Earth intelligence, cosmic guidance positioning from the soul in harmony with the changes made on planet Earth. No-fear - no blame - cooperation - compassion - inner guidance - being part of the change.

The truth is you are part of the change rather than the ClimateGate deception claiming you are the cause of the change. That you are part of the change is self-empowering. You did not create it, you are an embodiment of this planetary transformation. When you understand this you do not have to delete and censor people searching for the answer...