Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Mayan Calendar Is Not A Calendar

Although I have posted information about 2012 and so-called Mayan prophecies... I am not sure any of the information we have is correct or accurate. The distorting factor is thought's limited perception.

The Europeans went into North America and the religious hierarchy of the day destroyed most of what they found there. In Scotland and Ireland they smashed or buried what they could not smash. Celtic crosses and ancient monolithic stones, with symbols of 'Christ' (in some cases). All this evidence was swept away by a colonising human tsunami. They did the same across North America.

Having smashed or secreted away the Mayan stones and gold plates, where did this 2012 date come from? It would have to predate modern man - surely? No, it's modern... Nothing is going to happen to the world in 2012... Focusing transformation into one year is like putting all trees on the Earth into one seed. It is not the way the universe works. The whole planet, the solar system, has entered a 200 year cycle of transformation and that cycle began around 2003 [if you want to date it].

The Calendar they are using is not even Mayan, it is the less precise Aztec Calendar which has 260 days, a 13 day week and a 52 year Calendar round. Some recently began to call this the Mayan Calendar Prophecies -- pause for a moment on this contradiction. How can a mathematical Calendar make prophecy? For years I did not question it, but now I am questioning it...

I guess as the Europeans were smashing, stealing and destroying the ancient artifacts, some of them stopped to ask the local priests (before they killed them) - "By the way! What is it we are destroying, do any of you guys know?" and the local people said "Oh! Don't worry... It is only a Calendar! Go ahead and smash it..."

Nothing carved on the so-called Mayan calendar matches our current measurement of linear 'time'. We count earth-rotation sun cycles, and our ancestors counted moon rotation cycles. The modern European Calendar was created by the Romans and then adapted. It is a production calendar, an economic calendar. One that cannot successfully be superimposed onto the carvings called the Mayan Calendar.

2012 is a modern 'New Age' concept born out of some hidden theology that is designed to help us pretend we know where we are going. The guidance system people are using is warped... What if the Mayan Calendar is not a Calendar. Their Art is part of a Quantum Science we barely understand, where the pictographs interact with an operating system frequency we humans are not aware of. It seems to apply as a calendar because of it mathematical precision.

Do subatomic particles have universal mathematical precision? Yes, they would have to as they make up the building blocks of material reality. Having destroyed most of this hieroglyphic technology, modern man is studying one fragmented cog of a living machine that covered thousands of kilometers resonating over tens of thousands of years.

It was originally a StarGate technology. It was brought to earth from another time or another dimension. This level of technology did not originate on Earth and our understanding is limited. We human monkeys are looking at these Glyphs and we are counting Earth/Sun rotations, as the surviving fragments are being used to convince people that these civilisations built such a complex mechanism to count cycles of destruction.

The basis for the cycles is Sacred Geometry. It is the oldest Science on Earth. Out of those principles you can build houses, bridges, computers, design works of Art, weave fibers, combine chemicals... Sacred Geometry is the Science that applies to everything. Within this there are layers and layers, from the most obvious to subatomic and beyond. Idiots guide to these Glyphs is that they are a Calendar. If you go beyond that then what are they?

New Age philosophies try to combine mathematical Calendars with Spiritual development... That is the same as the Romans and every current religion on Earth. Linear thought applying linear structures to universal Spirit. Maybe it is the other way round. Maybe Spirit can use Sacred Geometry in it's free state. Therefore, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Calendar, because there is no Mayan Calendar - it's not a 'Calendar'.

Whoever designed these Glyphs across Egypt, Tibetan, Celtic, Vedic, Tolteks, the Aztecs... were all describing the same principle as Art and as Science. This is the origin of Alchemy. They are not merely outlining a complex Cosmology, they are expressing particle physics in its subatomic forms. This was a resonant living technology, utilising the frequencies of the earth to activate and maintain connecting frequencies.

When matter meets subatomic resonance then the walls of reality come tumbling down. It was viewed as a Spiritual Science, because consciousness (mind) is the medium that can ride the subatomic wave. You no more worship Spirit than you worship Matter. When the surfer surfs the wave they are part of the movement of the wave. They become the wave. The wave does not worship itself - it simply IS ... [beyond measurement]