Friday, January 30, 2009

The Fall of An Empire

Countries and economic institutions around the world are not experiencing economic collapse, the world is experiencing the fall of an Empire. Throughout known HIStory empires have grown, spread and have collapsed. The key word is: EMPIRE. Anywhere you build a hierarchical empire you will experience its fall, even if that fall takes thousands of years. It will still fall.

Throughout the universe, crossing differing planetary species, anyone who uses space-time to organise hierarchy systems otherwise know as Empires, will create a monster problem. Hierarchical structures prefer to spread through force, using military action - including deception and the manipulation of vulnerable populations and groups. The monster empire infects planetary consciousness with rigid codes designed to further the continuation of the empire, even when it is falling apart. This is what you see happening around you now.

The behaviour of the hierarchy/empire is to draw all resources into its dying zone and consume all that it can in order to survive. It is a self-serving system without intelligence, feeding its own power base until it cannot feed any more. The empire model is not the only way to organise social skills and interactions, nor is it the only way to build civilisations. Other models require a higher level of individual and planetary responsibility, and this kind of move out of the lower order is often called, "shift in planetary consciousness", by empire conditioned societies.

We just shifted! What does that mean? It can mean that the monster just died, leaving the survivors no choice but to reorganise. Populations at all levels of development within an empire depend on the hierarchical monster at the levels they are allocated. Therefore, in countries where development is poor and populations are starving, the level of allocation is "aid" - another form of social and planetary control.

Observing the behaviour of various empires from outside the planet system, one will often see a controller/intruder hidden from the populations, parasitic in nature, feeding off the situation. This is what parasites do, they feed from suitable hosts: those whose behaviour suites/matches their energies.

A common childlike description of a planetary community emerging from a parasitic empire, is "New Age". In reality, the emergence is more like colon evacuation. It is not a pretty sight and it is not such an illuminating experience. Whether they are inside you or you are expelling them, parasites make you sick either way. This process cannot be described as a planetary shift in consciousness, because the real shift comes once the global colon is free of the parasitic-empire-phenomenon.

For example, empires have died and they have later rebuilt themselves over many thousands of years - recreating the fall over and over again. Empires are not so intelligent to realise that falling/failing is part is their irreversible future. They are built on the desire for power and control, not on an intelligent life-style. They also deteriorate at each rebuilding. Look around you at the architecture and design of towns and cities, listen to the noise, smell the pollution. It is worse than the times of the Roman Empire, but they were also dying from the lead pipes. Perhaps design is the wrong word. Cities are not designed, they spread like a poisonous cancer on the earth.

How do empires rebuild themselves? They feed off fear and confusion. They feed off the behaviour of their hosts. They require suffering and conflict, and the internal division of the species they feed from. They feed off cruelty and selfishness. So, a shift to another behaviour is going to destroy the parasitic empire without the need to go to the bitter end, where the dying monster falls on top of you.

Things like integrity, honesty, goodness and love are antidotes to any parasitic force inhabiting the currently feeble mind of man. Being at peace with oneself. Seeing where the division originates. Observing the inner environment, and applying inner observation to the outer events unfolding across the planet. Inwardly observing the disorder as it arises, as seeing dissolves the energy creating that disorder.

During this cycle of events the invisible immune system of the planet, and of the hidden psyche of mankind, are eliminating the toxins and poisons of the parasitic empire. Together with that go a few humans, who are so poisoned (internally) that they appear no longer to be human. Scientists are discovering that a parasite can alter the behaviour [chemistry] of its host.

Human beings are children of the earth. The physical form is born from the earth. Humans depend on the earth for resources. Global populations depend on the internal balance of the earth environment for life. When that planetary environment is gone it will be like Mars. These are the resources being used up, damaged, under stress when a species lives according to some insane system. In this world living according to a system is convenient, until the system collapses on you.

The challenge is not so much how to survive the global economic collapse, but how to live without creating a new empire when the current system finally crashes and dies. In Tolkien's, The Hobbit, Smaug fell into the lake (and not onto Lake Town). To gather all his riches, Smaug destroyed and laid waste to all the land around him. Once dead, the wealth of Smaug was shared and used for good; but only after all parties had considered fighting over the stored wealth.

Keywords: Fall of Ancient Rome - Celtic Mythology - Megalithic Star Maps - True Celtic Cross - Picts High Culture

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nature Seeks To Help California Survive Crisis

I found the article below as I was researching future alternatives to taxation. I found it so interesting I am posting it on my blog ...

Marijuana Dealers Offer State of California One Billion Dollars
A coalition of California marijuana growers and dealers has offered Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger one billion dollars to solve the current state budget crisis. The group, calling itself Let Us Pay Taxes, makes the offer through its web site The offer comes at a time when the California legislature is deadlocked on a new budget and California has stopped issuing checks for vitally needed social services. Legislators are currently arguing over which programs will be cut in order to balance the budget.

"It is ridiculous that California can't pay its bills," said spokesman Clifford Schaffer. "It is a tragedy that they will cut badly needed services and programs such as medical care for the elderly and prison drug treatment when the money to fund all these programs and more is there and available. Everyone who is currently waiting for a check from the state should be enraged at this foolishness."

Regulation and taxation of marijuana could produce six billion dollars in additional tax revenue, according to economic studies linked from In addition, it could save up to ten billion dollars in enforcement costs. "That is a conservative estimate," said Schaffer. "By other estimates, the revenues could be five times that. The economists are with us all the way on this one. Marijuana prohibition is an economic disaster."

"Let's face reality," Schaffer says. "Marijuana legalization is inevitable. The situation is already beyond control in California. The state and local authorities have offered safe harbor for medical marijuana use and the Federal Government simply doesn't have the resources for effective control."

More importantly, says Schaffer, the operators of the medical marijuana clubs are no longer afraid of the Federal Government. "If you talk to them, you will find that they know they are going to win this battle. They know that the DEA is vastly outnumbered and can't begin to prosecute all of them. The few that are prosecuted are accepting their fate as martyrs because they know that what they are doing is right. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to make the point that the Federal Government has just gone too far in interfering with very personal and private decisions. There is no way the DEA is going to win this battle. At this point, it is all over but the counting of the money -- and the victims of the DEA."

Schaffer went on to say that the national market for marijuana has been estimated from a low of ten billion dollars per year to more than fifty billion dollars per year. "The first states to regulate and tax marijuana will receive an economic bonanza bigger than the original California Gold Rush," says Schaffer. "Some states will get rich like the Saudis." Schaffer predicts that it will not take long for some local areas to wake up to the economic possibilities. "We are talking potentially big bucks here," he said. "The Canadians are already starting to take note of a cannabis-fueled economic boom in some areas. Politicians can't resist fresh cash, especially when it is coming to their local community. There will be big winners and losers here. The winners will be the ones who recognize the foregone conclusion first."

The group also cites foreign terrorism as a reason to regulate and tax marijuana. "Drug Czar John Walters is being dishonest when he says that marijuana money goes to criminals and terrorists. The only reason any of that money goes to criminals or terrorists is because of the prohibition that Walters supports," said Schaffer. "Marijuana prohibition makes criminals rich just like alcohol prohibition did. The criminals are now so rich and powerful that they can challenge the legitimate governments of their own countries. There is no reason to send billions of dollars per year to foreign criminal gangs when patriotic Americans make the best products in the world. There is no reason to suffer such a huge foreign trade deficit when that money could be providing jobs and funding badly needed services right here in the USA."

Let Us Pay Taxes calls upon all US citizens to sign their petition at their web site Let Us Pay Taxes and press the issue with their lawmakers. "Take the money, please," said Schaffer. "These people want to contribute. Now it is up to our politicians to tell us why they want to send those billions to foreign criminal gangs rather than to their own voters."

Another Timeline

Early in 2008, I awoke from a dream where I experienced an alternative Timeline. The dream was so real that it seemed to merge with our reality. The parallel timeline was experiencing dramatic environmental [weather related] Earth Changes.

Young people had taken refuge in what seemed to be an airport in Switzerland. Outside, the weather situation was cataclysmic. The society at large wished to protect their young. The people I saw were dressed in indigo/purple loose fitting clothing. Everyone appeared calm in the midst of a storm. I had a sense that the clothing was of fine woven Hemp fibres. The clothing was both natural, beautiful and durable.

I had an impression that our world and their world shared the same experience. It was as though all timelines were entering similar planetary cycle upheavals. The difference was in how each of us responded to the situations as they unfolded.

What is society, other than the totality of the behaviour/focus people embrace [live out] at any point in space time?

In the other timeline, nature is our friend. The Hemp plant (in the other timeline) is perceived as a natural and effective woven protection fabric - in the same way our Celtic ancestors used the plant fibres.

Men and women did not have the same psychological problems seen in this timeline. There was a sense of peace. I had the impression that the other timeline had resolved co-operation between parent and child, man and woman, state (federation) and individual, animal/plant and human. I am the world and the world is me.

The base physical-brutal mind believes it is the power/ego force that rules planetary events, plants, ocean creatures, animals, insects, trees, rivers and the feminine (through violence and wars, herbicides, insecticides)

The other world I saw in my dreams was gentle, peaceful, a part of nature - not the enemy of nature...

In some way this is why you see a struggle between the anti-reality, anti-nature matrix mind and the natural part-of-cosmos mind, who have lost their sense of balance.

All rivers lead to the sea, and in some way the dream revealed a timeline-river flowing successfully and naturally to the sea.

2012 is not a physical environmental change. We are spirit (emotion) walking through matter. The cycle transition of 2012 is the shift of those who see facing the sadness of those caught in division, violence and separation.

The spirits who see have to move naturally to another level, leaving behind those they love. The brutal material focused entity is attached to its anger, fears, ego-separation and violence. The finer aethric love/heart based spirit can no longer share the brutal physical attachment of service-to-self (ego).

2012 is not a date from a calendar cycle.. it is a state of consciousness.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Battle for Helms-Deep

The battle for Helms-Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth has begun”!
So says Gandolph the Wizard in the second of Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers.

Gold has beaten back the Orcs and Uruk-Hai to regain the critical $880 level and must now deal with the Ringwraiths (the bullion banks) and Sauron (the monetary lords) as they attempt to defend Mordor (the unbacked paper money system – the root of all economic woes in the global universe). If Frodo can just make it to the fires of Mt. Doom and throw the golden ring of power into the volcanic flow (reintroduce gold into the monetary system), the system will topple freeing the masses from the tyranny of the money masters!

Okay – so it’s a bit melodramatic but gold has smashed through the level which all of the technical studies point to as being the lynchpin of the monetary authorities’ defense – the $880 level. That level marks the upper boundary of the bullish wedge formation I mentioned in yesterday’s commentary as well as the horizontal resistance level which has held it in check since the middle of last December. Bulls were able to take it through this barrage of bullion bank selling who not unexpectedly were attempting to absorb all of the bids and force it back down. The battle could be seen on the 5 minute charts where for a while they were successful at defending their position but a strong wave of buying stormed into the market and effectively routed them out. They were then forced back to $900 where they are regrouping. Dan Norcini

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The First Prophecy tells us about the “time without time,” in it it’s said that starting in 1999, the human being has to choose to make a change of attitude and conscience; to open its mind to integrate everything that exists. This will be a period of 20 years (a cycle that according to the Mayans started in 1992 and will end in 2012, a key date for the indefinite transformation), in which humanity will enter a process of great learning and change. They also pronounced that seven years later will start a period of darkness in which will face every individual will be faced with his own behavior. Humanity will enter the great room of mirrors; materialism will be left behind and will give way to liberation from suffering.

The Second Prophecy states that the answer to everything is within every individual, that its behavior determines its future. It confirms that beginning with the solar eclipse of the Aug. 11, 1999, the behavior of all humanity will change rapidly. They assure that starting after this eclipse, men would easily lose control of their emotions or will acknowledge their inner peace. It also indicates that the energy that is received from the center of the galaxy is causing an increase in the vibration of the planet and brain waves, altering their behavior, their way of thinking and feeling. This prophecy mentions two paths: one of comprehension and tolerance and another of fear and destruction. The path to follow will be chosen individually.

The Third Prophecy states that there will be a change in temperature, producing climactic, geological, and social changes in a magnitude without patterns and at an astonishing speed. One of them will be generated by man in its lack of conscience to care for and protect natural resources of the planet and the other generated by the sun, which will increase its activity due to the increase of vibrations..

The Fourth Prophecy points out that the anti-ecological conduct of man and the greater activity by the sun will cause a melting of ice in the poles. It will allow the Earth to clean itself and green itself again, producing changes in the physical composition of the continents of the planet. The Mayans left registers in the Desdre codices that every 117 spins of Venus the sun suffers new alterations, and huge spots or solar wind eruptions appear.

The Fifth Prophecy says that all systems based on fear, on which this civilization is based, will suffer simultaneously with the planet and man will make a transformation to give way to a new harmonic reality. The systems will fail and man will face himself and in this a need to reorganize society and continue down the path of evolution that will bring him to understand creation. Only one common spiritual road for all humanity that will end all limits established among the many ways to look at God will emerge.

The Sixth Prophecy points out that in the next years a comet will appear whose trajectory will endanger the existence of man. This culture considered comets as agents of change that came to put into movement the existing equilibrium, allowing the evolution of the collective conscience. For the Mayans God is the presence of life, has all shapes and has infinite presence.

The Seventh Prophecy
In this prophecy it’s said that from the year 1999 and until 2002, the light emitted from the center of the galaxy synchronizes all living beings and allows them to voluntarily access an internal transformation that produces new realities. The Mayans mention that every individual has an opportunity to change and break its limitations, with it creating a new way of communicating through thought. It’s predicted that limits will disappear, a new era of transparency and light will begin, the lie will end forever.
[Translation from Spanish - Source unknown]

The Tuatha de Danann

The Tuatha de Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, were one of the great ancient tribes of Ireland. The important manuscript 'The Annals of the Four Masters', records that they ruled Ireland from 1897 B.C. to 1700 B.C. 

The arrival of the tribe in Ireland is the stuff of legend. They landed at the Connaught coastline and emerged from a great mist. It is speculated that they burned their boats to ensure that they settled down in their new land. The rulers of Ireland at the time were the Fir Bolg, led by Eochid son of Erc, who was, needless to say, unhappy about the new arrivals.

The Tuatha de Danann won the inevitable battle with the Fir Bolg but, out of respect for the manner in which they had fought, they allowed the Fir Bolg to remain in Connaught while the victors ruled the rest of Ireland.

The new rulers of Ireland were a civilised and cultured people. The new skills and traditions that they introduced into Ireland were held in high regard by the peoples they conquered. They had four great treasures (or talismans) that demonstrated their skills. The first was the 'Stone of Fal' which would scream when a true King of Ireland stood on it. It was later placed on the Hill of Tara, the seat of the High-Kings of Ireland. The second was the 'Magic Sword of Nuadha', which was capable of inflicting only mortal blows when used. The third was the 'sling-shot of the Sun God Lugh', famed for its accuracy when used. The final treasure was the 'Cauldron of Daghda' from which an endless supply of food issued.

The original leader of the Tuatha was Nuada but, having lost an arm in battle it was decreed that he could not rightly be king. That honour went to Breas, a tribesman of Fomorian descent. His seven year rule was not a happy one however, and he was ousted by his people who had become disenchanted with hunger and dissent. Nuada was installed as King, resplendent with his replacement arm made from silver.

Breas raised an army of Fomorians based in the Hebrides and they battled with Nuada at Moytura in County Sligo. The Tuatha again prevailed and the power of the Fomorians was broken forever. The victory had cost the Tuatha their King as Nuadha had died in the battle. A hero of the conflict named Lugh was instated as the new King of Ireland.

The grandsons of the next King, Daghda, ruled during the invasion by the mighty Melesians. The Tuatha de Danann were defeated and consigned to mythology. Legend has it that they were allowed to stay in Ireland, but only underground. Thus they became the bearers of the fairies of Ireland, consigned to the underworld where they became known as 'Aes sidhe' (the people of the mound - fairy mounds).

The Melesians used the name of one of the Tuatha de Danann gods, Eriu, as the name of their new kingdom. Eriu or Eire is still used in modern times as the name of Ireland.

Comment: When you are born with the vision of The Ancestors, you immediately understand the truth and mystery behind the Mythology. This truth can appear in Persia, India, Arabia, Celtia, South America, China... or on another planet, dimension or psychic awareness. I observe Everything

How does a child of the universe reconcile the mystery of awareness with the linear matrix (The Cave). Obviously, they don't. One cannot reconcile cave/matrix mind (thought) with the mystery of creation (always new). Those embracing the mystery of the planetary Aes Sidth, are strangers in a strange land. These people are peaceful warriors, transforming consciousness, powerful, happy, at peace with the mystery, in love with unfolding [heartfelt] universal consciousness and awake to the immense unknown. That which cannot be known.

You inhabit a physical body. Your physical eyes read what is written on this page. Something inside you understands. Who are you? Who is reading, and who is understanding? Who sits behind those eyes? Across this entire world?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New World Begins Within

Human beings on planet earth are entering very brutal times, as the old brain [which has ruled this planet for tens of thousands of years] comes to and end. Only by 2050 will people know that this is true. The ending of the old is not an act of "God". It is a natural process of deterioration as the solar system (galaxy) enters a new energy field. The old brain, accumulated knowledge, ego, cannot function 30 years into this new energy. It is effecting the whole planet.

What we see are whole areas of fear as the hierarchy breaks apart, and the old systems of thought break apart, and the dying beast cannot go peacefully into the night. It fully intends to take most of the planet with it.

Fortunately, this timeline already progressed to a level where we are not following the worst possible future, and so we still have a chance to co-operate and work together - and learn what it is to be human.

There are events unfolding in many parts of the world that are not being reported in the Western media: Millions see UFO crash, Saudi Arabia, and this frozen silence is part of the fear of losing control. The people ruling the world until now have a need to be needed. Unfortunately, the masses like to need some "leader", rather than be responsible for their own lives. If you are controlled, at least you know you are safe... as the other party organises your life for you.

One essentially has the need/needy sickness on both sides of that fence, and all of these dependency patterns feel threatened by people who just live their lives, co-operate with their neighbours, who like to be independent, and make their own decisions. In the coming years, people who like to be free will be looked upon in the same way as the Native Americans were looked upon. They will be regarded as aliens, as outsiders, something to fear as intelligence manifests within the new energy sweeping into our world.

It is not so relevant what human beings think or do. The energy is the energy, and its arrival will alter the world. The energy sweeping into the planet wont intend to alter the world, no more than a tidal wave intends to knock down a village. The sweeping energy of this wave has no sense that humans exist. No more than you know that microbes exist on the path you take to leave your home each day. The real issue is how mankind responds to this energy over the next 40 to 50 years, until 2060 - at which point people will realise that a new era is unfolding.

By 2016 children born in conflict areas will not embrace (accept) the violence of their society, the violence of their parents, and this will trouble and threaten the warring societies. To the old brain, even their own children will become something to be afraid of as the children refuse to follow the patterns set out for them. So, lets have peace and embrace our humanity, no matter what is unfolding in the world around us. The new world begins within. The heart is the navigator.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

ESA Reveals Yellowstone's Deep Secret

1st of January, 2009 - New Year within the matrix square grid of the "Gregorian Calendar". In reality, we do not know where we are nor where we are going. Winter is spreading its blanket across the Northern continents of Earth. Nature has withdraw, seeds are dormant, trees have lost their leaves.

For the European Celts December/January was "The Cold Time". Not really a time to celebrate, but a time to dig in and survive, to wait and ponder, to look ahead in the silence and see what approaches. This was a time to consider strategies and to plan. To be thankful for the health and welfare of the community or tribe. To look into the fragile veil of the darkness, the mirror of the unknown and to wonder.

Some Celtic Seers could see the fast approaching future, some could look many hundreds of years into the forming void. They were careful, as what we do now creates ripples and eddies in the membrane of the void closest to our current reality.

Celtic Seers were observing/feeling movement of energy, powerful tides and eddies, undercurrents and hidden waves rippling through the background aether that makes up the inner surface of the void. Their future formed in and around them, and they were part of that process. They were spirit journeying through physical matter, perceiving their vision guided by the heart. Their world was transient, uncertain and often cataclysmic. Spirit was eternal.

Satellite images acquired by ESA's ERS-2 revealed the recently discovered changes in Yellowstone's caldera are the result of molten rock movement 15 kilometres below the Earth's surface, according to a recent study published in Nature.

Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry, InSAR for short, Charles Wicks, Wayne Thatcher and other U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists mapped the changes in the northern rim of the caldera, or crater, and discovered it had risen about 13 centimetres from 1997 to 2003.

InSAR, a sophisticated version of 'spot the difference', involves mathematically combining different radar images, acquired from as near as possible to the same point in space at different times, to create digital elevation models and reveal otherwise undetectable changes occurring between image acquisitions.

"We know now how mobile and restless the Yellowstone caldera actually is. Ground-based measurements can be more efficiently deployed because of our work," Thatcher said. "The research could not have been done without satellite radar data." Earth Mountain View

This YouTube Video link is a BBC Documentary Drama Based on Future Probabilities, and not on "fact" - Super Volcano: Part 1

Quakes Swarm Yellowstone Supervolcano

Helena, Montana — Scientists are alarmed and concerned after the majestic Yellowstone National Park was shaken up by a flurry of small earthquakes for a third straight day Monday. They will continue to closely observe the park to find out whether the over 250 tremors was an indicator of something bigger on the horizon.

Groups of miniature earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in Yellowstone, but it’s extremely unusual for so many earthquakes to happen over several days, said Robert Smith, a professor of geophysics at the University of Utah.

“They’re certainly not normal,” Smith said. “We haven’t had earthquakes in this energy or extent in many years.”

Smith heads the Yellowstone Seismic Network, which manages seismic stations around Yellowstone. He reported the quakes ranged in strength from hardly detectable to a sizable magnitude 3.8 which hit on Saturday. A magnitude 4 quake typically produces moderate damage.

“This is an active volcanic and tectonic area, and these are the kinds of things we have to pay attention to,” Smith said. “We might be seeing something precursory.

“Could it develop into a bigger fault or something related to hydrothermal activity? We don’t know. That’s what we’re there to do, to monitor it for public safety.”

All of the earthquakes were concentrated beneath the northwest end of Yellowstone Lake. Smith continued that it is hard to pinpoint what may be causing the quakes and noted that Yellowstone is the caldera of a volcano that last erupted 70,000 years ago. Unusual Yellowstone Quakes

Keywords: Hundreds of Earthquakes - Earthquake Swarm - Unusual Earthquakes

Yellowstone Volcano Inflating

The Yellowstone “supervolcano” rose at a record rate since mid-2004, likely because a Los Angeles-sized, pancake-shaped blob of molten rock was injected 6 miles beneath the slumbering giant, University of Utah scientists report in the journal Science.

“There is no evidence of an imminent volcanic eruption or hydrothermal explosion. That’s the bottom line,” says seismologist Robert B. Smith, lead author of the study and professor of geophysics at the University of Utah. “A lot of calderas [giant volcanic craters] worldwide go up and down over decades without erupting.”

The upward movement of the Yellowstone caldera floor — almost 3 inches (7 centimeters) per year for the past three years — is more than three times greater than ever observed since such measurements began in 1923, says the study in the Nov. 9 issue of Science by Smith, geophysics postdoctoral associate Wu-Lung Chang and colleagues.

“Our best evidence is that the crustal magma chamber is filling with molten rock,” Smith says. “But we have no idea how long this process goes on before there either is an eruption or the inflow of molten rock stops and the caldera deflates again,” he adds. Complete Article - Evo Science