Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Battle for Helms-Deep

The battle for Helms-Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth has begun”!
So says Gandolph the Wizard in the second of Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers.

Gold has beaten back the Orcs and Uruk-Hai to regain the critical $880 level and must now deal with the Ringwraiths (the bullion banks) and Sauron (the monetary lords) as they attempt to defend Mordor (the unbacked paper money system – the root of all economic woes in the global universe). If Frodo can just make it to the fires of Mt. Doom and throw the golden ring of power into the volcanic flow (reintroduce gold into the monetary system), the system will topple freeing the masses from the tyranny of the money masters!

Okay – so it’s a bit melodramatic but gold has smashed through the level which all of the technical studies point to as being the lynchpin of the monetary authorities’ defense – the $880 level. That level marks the upper boundary of the bullish wedge formation I mentioned in yesterday’s commentary as well as the horizontal resistance level which has held it in check since the middle of last December. Bulls were able to take it through this barrage of bullion bank selling who not unexpectedly were attempting to absorb all of the bids and force it back down. The battle could be seen on the 5 minute charts where for a while they were successful at defending their position but a strong wave of buying stormed into the market and effectively routed them out. They were then forced back to $900 where they are regrouping. Dan Norcini