Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PHI-RA (mid) - Dark Field Eye

Ideas .. Imagination .. born out of darkness into light!

Dark Light Pyramids
Everything we know is born in darkness [unknown] .. and it comes into the light (of realisation) as an idea .. thoughts and imagination. Before these ideas come to us there is darkness .. nothing .. No-thing. So .. born out of darkness things come into being and take root in our world altering our lives.

The human eye functions on the same principles as the pyramid. The eye is in the pyramid and the pyramid is in the eye. Pi [phi] RA [the god RA] and mid? The space between Phi and RA or put another way The space of PHI and RA .. it is an equation in words and letters.

Inside the human eye is a focused (concise) dark field. The eyes do something incredible that we humans are not aware of. The human eyes confine and contain dark-space. So that the same deep space you look into where the stars exist .. is equal to the deep space within your eyes!

The reason you can see the darkness of deep space is because the dark field is looking at itself. Human beings are walking living forms of dark-field technology. Human beings are their own dark-field technology. We do not really have to build anything in order to see!

Dark-light pyramids are within the eyes.

Therefore .. the ALL-SEEING EYE is WITHIN.

Somewhere along the line all this knowledge was corrupted. By corrupted I mean that the seeing ended and the knowing became KNOWLEDGE .. a FIXED state of intention that does not see and does not move. Knowledge is not expansive .. knowledge is restrictive. Knowing is a fluid state of seeing and knowledge is a fixed state of knowing.

Knowledge is also closely associated with belief.

For example, I see a plane flying or taking off and I can believe that the plane comes from Mars. I can then convince other people that the planes taking off are really flying to Mars. I take reality and I form some kind of personal belief. Knowing is fluid like water in a river. One simply knows what is without forming personal beliefs.

To better understand this go for a walk into town and think thoughts .. and as you are thinking become aware that you are not SEEING. When we think our eyes stop seeing what is taking place around us. Thought seems to disconnect the function of the eyes from mind and brain.

Then .. as you are walking switch between thinking and seeing with the eyes. When you observe the world around you and are using your eyes to see then you are not thinking .. and when you are thinking you are not seeing.

Maybe you are a creative person and you get an idea! The light goes on!

Go back and try to understand or see where that idea came from... Behind the idea is an unknown area of darkness. Ideas come to us out of this unknown field or dark-field [of which we are a part]. We humans are living in world of light but we are also mysteriously part of the dark-field.

Thought will seek to FIX the idea into a rational state called "knowledge". I know THIS .. I believe THIS. However, knowing is a higher state of mind that has no need to fix knowing into dimensions measured by thought.

You can have a thousand year old tree growing in the wild mountains and one person (a scientist) will measure the height of the tree and measure all the known dimensions... Humans can fit the tree to their limited knowledge and yet never see or understand the actual tree.

Within Zen Mind trees are .. like human beings .. part of the mysterious dark-field where human and trees can share and communicate. Ideas and imagination come into the human mind observing Nature and observing the tree .. or observing oneself!

Ideas are like little seeds that fall out of the mysterious dark-field and take root or germinate within the psyche of the human mind. Once an idea grows within Zen Mind it is like a tree. The roots and branches of the ideas grow naturally and they nourish and feed us.

Dark Field Eye
We always think that the eyes can only see OUT .. and see what is OUTSIDE. We do not imagine that the eyes can also see within the eye. Even when the eyes are closed .. even when the eyes are open they can see from within. It is a form of inner middle-distance seeing.

One could say that this is a Spiritual Technology.

You just look inside dark-field of the eye and out of the blue on its own suddenly you see a golden pyramid and this inner pyramid seems a lot bigger that the eye. So .. you have small eye big pyramid but the pyramid is within the eye(s).

Thought fixed all this knowing into KNOWLEDGE and so today we have all the confusion and theory of the All-Seeing Eye [external to ourselves]. When you do not allow the mind to be conditioned by knowledge .. it frees the mind to discover the true mystery of life.

The two physical eyes when mind is looking within become one inner eye - one pyramid. Then you can go inside the pyramid and the one eye appears inside the pyramid with you! It's pretty cool!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dark Enlightenment

The dark surface pool was shallow ..
The bright mind reflected in the pool was deep!

Zen Qi [Location Earth - 2033]

This post began with a dream .. one short dream and two days later followed by a second dream. I knew the title: Dark Enlightenment .. after the first dream .. and the second dream revealed to me how humans and other dimensions can be "lost in the dark". I dedicate this post to those people groups and dimensions who cannot see that darkness and light are ONE FORCE = Yin yang .. undivided.

Into Depths of Darkness
Tonight I looked up into clear cloudless night sky and saw deep deep darkness and the stars. I saw the Pleiades and Orion .. shining bright in deep dark night skies. And as I looked .. the darkness seemed undivided from those bright stars!

Why are humans afraid of darkness .. and imagine only light is purity?

When I look at Nature I see perfect balance between darkness and light. When I look into my own eyes in a mirror I see deep darkness within the center of my eyes [similar to the night skies] .. looking back at me capturing light !!

Within balance of darkness and light .. I see myself.

Into Depths of Light
As a child I fell asleep to waken in a vast expanse of darkness. It was the deep space around us .. in which I saw the Sun .. the Earth .. Jupiter and Saturn. I was experiencing deep dark space filled with the light and life of PLANETS.

Darkness supports the light...

Light shines brightest of all within the deepest darkness.

Yin and yang is balance between darkness and the light .. between male and female .. between positive and negative. When you look into a cloudless sky during the day the Earth is filled with light and when you look into a cloudless sky during the night .. the Earth is filled with darkness.

Deep within dark Universe - points of light [stars] shine brightly into our eyes!

Before the first dream I was having awareness of the eyes and intent of the eyes. Then later .. I was having strange dreams where I was teaching people about the deeper meaning of the eyes. The strange thing was that they were all woman .. and these woman were all wearing long white robes similar to ancient Greece.

In the dream I was wondering: How is it they do not understand the eyes?

A few days later I dream a similar dream where the woman were wearing white robes .. but these women were trying to condition my mind to serve them and their cause [power]. I have to admit I cannot be conditioned by male/female out-of-balance ??? .. and in the dream I see through the whole power-illusion.

It is popular in our world today to say that we have to return to the "feminine" ...

Since I have this dream I discover that both excessive male and excessive female are equally out of balance .. and that humans on Earth have to find yin/yang balance that is like the Universe that surrounds us = male and female .. darkness and light .. positive and negative in balance together.

The funny part of this dream is that I could not be conditioned by this society of women. Because I SAW them and their corruption .. hahaha .. I became a threat to them and they changed from trying to condition my mind to "serve them" .. to trying to kill me !! Don't worry! It was only a dream ...

The woman .. and the men who served the woman on that dimension .. were REALLY UGLY !! POWER MAD ... OBSESSED with POWER! Sound familiar ?? Excessive yin out of balance or excessive yang out of balance is the same thing.

When a Planetary Society is out of balance .. it does not matter if yin is out of balance or yang is out of balance .. it is all the same. This is the beauty of the natural balance of the Universe. The whole Universe is not out of balance .. otherwise life could not exist!

One last note... What I discovered from the dreams is that both out of balance societies seek to take control of and use neutral (balanced) human beings. In the dream it was clear that this excessive female society was seeking to control me [my mind / psyche] because I was "neutral" .. I was a balance between male and female .. yin and yang.

THAT already tells you that BALANCE has POWER *-)

Dark Enlightenment
Now we come to the most important aspect of this post: Dark Enlightenment... Many times I have this vision [totally unrelated to these disturbing dreams] where there is this EYE into the Universe. I call this eye "dark enlightenment" .. a deep part of the mind!

To understand this you have to observe and understand nature of the eyes.

Inside the eye is the deep deep darkness .. dark matter .. and from this phenomenon you see light! Within the deepest darkness you see the light. Simply look at all the things you can see with your eyes: The Sun .. water .. the clouds .. the sky .. a blade of grass .. colour .. texture .. trees .. the night sky [you can see darkness with your eyes] .. stars in the night sky !!

Next .. I saw a large round observatory called "The Eye" .. or maybe it is also called the Eye of RA ?? Inside this giant eye is Dark Matter. Observers can go inside the eye and through interactions can look into .. understand and observe the Universe. All I know is that dark matter and water are ONE.

I am not sure that this deep-space eye is situated on Earth .. because of the Earth's atmosphere. There is probably one on the Moon and maybe on Mars or maybe orbiting the Earth or in deep space [orbiting other Planets].

People in the future who use these dark-matter deep-space eyes call them:
Dark Space Enlightenment.

The key point where all this meets is that excessively out of balance male society is weak and and excessively out of balance female society is weak and both will seek "balance through excessive power". The reason they do this is because they are both inherently out-of-balance and they seek MORE POWER in order to impose their inherent imbalance on the whole Planetary Society!

Both male and female imbalance seek to use neutral yin/yang balance to control.

When I saw the Universe through the dark enlightenment technology of the EYE of RA .. this was beyond all male female struggle to control out of balance situations. In the natural world you do not have this human problem of imbalance and in the Universe you do not have this male/female problem of imbalance.

If you seek personal power through imbalance it will destroy you!

If you look into and observe shallow pools of rainwater lying thin upon land or on an area of asphalt .. everything above is reflected in that thin layer of water. Even at night one can see dark skies and stars deeply reflected in those silent shallow pools of dark water.

Then look at water!

Water reflects sunlight and water reflects the deepest darkest night!

When you take time to observe and be aware of the nature of water .. you can learn a lot about yourself observing the nature of water and its many reflections! Water is the ultimate neutral life-form. Not only on this Planet .. but across the entire Universe.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"

The pool was deep and I was sinking deeper into those depths...
Cold .. dark .. lost .. there seemed no end to the dark depths.
Suddenly .. beyond that crushing force was my own mind.
I found myself on the surface again .. reborn.

I was going to call this post something different! How human beings of all denominations get excited about disaster and mayhem .. but I decided that it is best not to use the "O" word .. and so I shifted my focus to: Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome".

I have noticed over the last three to four years how the World Wide Web is becoming more and more negative .. and is becoming more obsessed with world economic collapse and it is like the problems are so big and we humans are so small .. that our minds are overshadowed by the intellectual "masturbation" over the negative state of the world and world economies.

The worst part is that individuals and groups who see themselves as "outside the corrupted system" .. and who see their own interests as being to "warn others" of the impending collapse and social turmoil .. present their predictions in very excited and colorful almost "Lutherian" ways.

Without a balanced mind .. it is all PROPAGANDA .. conditioning the human mind.

Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"
Even as a kid I knew a lot of the stuff that was going to unfold over 50 years .. the next 100 years and beyond. The most important energy [challenge / initiation] for a "seer" is one's own state of mind. If a human is born as a seer and they see things ahead = they do not get excited .. they stay calm.

You can call that the AIKIDO mind .. the ZEN mind .. it is a form of Inner Martial Arts .. an inner psychic discipline.

YOUR ENEMY is not another human being .. or country .. or state .. or institution! Your enemy is yourself. How you view the world sets up an inner resonance .. an inner frequency. The more excited that frequency .. the more inner turmoil. Then the state of mind of the inner turmoil sets up waves. Those waves affect how you see the world around you and how you react.

Very few people understand or are even aware that how they see the world is how they play with themselves. We are all "playing with ourselves". The best allegory of this is Socrates: The Cave Dwellers

In the ancient world [all around the world] the responsibility of the SEER was to remain calm and to remain centered and to have the inner capacity to move beyond playing with himself .. playing with herself! The amazing truth is that anyone can apply this discipline! There is no law in the Universe that prevents you waking up and shifting your awareness to a new level.

I do not want to dwell on the negativity .. I want to discover energy of New Mind!

Jiddu Krishnamurti would point out to people: You have the OLD BRAIN and all the people caught in the old brain and opposing each other. It is sort of like the human cells of the old brain fighting the cells of the old brain .. around and around .. no one realising that we are ONE! One humanity!

The next issue is the illusion over the past 100 years of psychics predicting one event = X is going to happen in this time frame. But the ancient SEER was aware that single events do not exist. There are waves of events all connected and all part of each other. To better explain this .. try to lift water out of the ocean with your hand. Events are like waves [water] in the ocean.

Go to the sea or go watch a river and observe the waves [ripples] cross.

Humans become obsessed with individual events and they miss the whole spectrum of the waves... What then is full spectrum awareness? One observes the middle-distance and does not focus on each individual event. One does not get excited over every single little wave. One does not analyse the crossing patterns of every criss-cross wave.

The most important factor is not the ability to see the wave patterns!

The most important factor is one's own state of mind!

I rarely get "bad feelings" .. those feelings where without reason you feel that you are sinking into some kind of mysterious dark pool. The fact is we humans all share the same psyche .. and those of us incarnate on Earth are here to heal the human psyche. We are not down here to play with ourselves!

When the physical body dies .. the spirit goes to the "spirit world" and discovers that all the "enemies" and the people and beliefs they fought against are some of their closest friends and family. In the world of spirit this base reality division [conflicts] do not exist.

What I am trying to say is that "Disaster Syndrome" is in and of itself a TRAP.

The people who are corrupt / corrupted .. are still part of the human family.

The most important thing is your own INNER state of MIND. Those ocean waves will criss-cross and criss-cross .. this is the nature of life. BUT what is the state of mind watching those waves? Is the mind excited .. over-active .. is the mind playing with itself?

Or .. is the mind calm?

One clue: It is not THE WAVE .. but HOW you OBSERVE the wave that is important!

I was having this unpleasant dark deep pool awareness experience .. it just happened out of the blue .. and I discovered [became aware] of everything I have written in this post. I saw myself .. I saw the energy of the pool .. and I simply OBSERVED WHAT IS.

I took no action .. I simply OBSERVED .. and the pool disappeared!

Socrates .. The Cave Dwellers .. is about RESISTANCE.

When the mind RESISTS what is .. the mind sets up a counteractive wave.

I wonder if this is clear?

When our state of mind is in RESISTANCE we inwardly [psychologically] become part of the problem. In fact .. we ADD to the problem! the inner reaction of the mind sets up counter waves upon counter waves. Our minds become the problem we think we seek to dissolve or negate!

If you go to the sea and you stare at the waves .. upon waves .. upon waves. There comes a point where time passes and you suddenly realise that as you watched the crossing wave patterns you became the wave patterns. That realisation is The ZEN Mind!

At that point of seeing the nature of waves and the nature of the mind .. you are no longer playing with yourself. One has to free the mind from the old pattern of playing with itself. That is the fundamental core of ZEN MIND!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit

"Overcome it!!" ...
"Overcome material state of mind!" Shouted the Master.
"I'm trying .. I'm trying! Master!" said the disciple.

"Where are you trying?" asked the Master.
"In my mind!!!" answered the disciple.

"Try inside your bones..." said the Master.
In that moment Zen Qi was enlightened.

- ZenSu [One Bone Zen Qi]

You can search for One Bone Zen Qi .. but it has not been born yet [in this time zone] .. because I am still trying to understand it myself. I love writing! But practical application takes a lot longer than to sit at the computer and write ...

One Bone Zen Qi
I am so excited! How many humans on this Earth can get really excited about a piece of bamboo?

There are people on this Planet who feel the same way I do. I feel part of a time travel lineage. Wherever we go in the Universe we take bamboo with us. This is just so exciting...

I was able to capture images of my work with the earlier short cut bamboo style I created. I INVENTED THIS !! By that I mean I have no idea this short form exists .. BUT .. I know it existed in the past. I just know it. This is like coming home. I am so proud of this discovery. To me this is a work of art!

You have to love yourself and appreciate your own inner intelligence. The ego-self arrogance is not love. I am not talking about that. If you REALLY LOVE then the first step begins inside. That love and compassion you have for yourself naturally flows out. I forgot to write in my introductory story that the Master hit the disciple on the top of the head with a large piece of bamboo .. hahaha. Now and then love can hurt a little bit!

The most exciting thing is that this small piece of bamboo really works! It is just totally amazing .. and I know that our ancestors worked like this with different bamboo [Qi] training forms.

The reason we find no evidence of these forms in the past .. is because a lot of the written evidence was destroyed [burned] with changes in control / authority. Most of the bamboo evidence was lost through natural decay of physical time .. and through natural disasters over tens of thousands of years.

The bamboo has to be well sanded .. using very fine sand paper to get that smooth soft silky skin-like finish .. also because the skin loves the gentle soft texture of bamboo! The bones love bamboo. Here you have the perfect yin-yang manifestation of male and female in one form. That is why I love bamboo.

You have the hard male form represented in bamboo and the soft feminine = the core / the hollow center. When you work with bamboo you begin to understand the relationship between the physical / material and the open hollow Qi-Energy space. Talk about enlightenment!

Supernatural Orbit of Zen Qi
What you see in this last photograph is EXACTLY what I tried to capture through INTENT .. and I was testing things out .. looking for "signs". This is my first general attempt to capture the ideas on video: One Bone Qi - Bamboo Form

I was testing everything out - so the video is a bit rough .. the video is not as refined as I would like it to be. But it is an art form.

The other thing is that my mind is not calibrated to linear form of learning/teaching. In the past the Zen Master just hit you on the head with a large piece of bamboo .. and either you got it or ?? So .. as a result .. I always teach myself and encourage others to always teach themselves.

I has this idea that I wanted to find out if the video camera could capture the invisible "supernatural" quality of Qi [the unseen flow of energy]. I used my Panasonic HC V-500 Full HD 50x Zoom. I love this video camera. I still have flight videos I have to upload. This is a nice little camera.

I disabled comments because only Google+ users can comment on YouTube videos!

I was working with the Zen Qi short form bamboo with the camera and I began to experiment with the possibility to show the mysterious [almost supernatural] Qi to be captured on SD Card video. The reason I love this camera is because the camera does what I want it to do.

Some of you may think: EVERY camera is capable to pick up these feelings!

No! Not every camera!

This is not rational .. this is intuitive female with real world hands-on experience. Not all cameras and not all video cameras are created equal. My friends generously also gave me the beautiful .. Infrared [night vision] Digital Video Camera: Panasonic DVC30 [mini-DV]. I love that camera .. it is a UFO paranormal camera of the best quality !!

If you look at all three photographs [video stills] .. you can see that in the last image where you cannot see the physical bamboo you can SEE THE FORM. That is exactly what I intended to capture. The bamboo is hidden and the form is revealed. In the first two images the bamboo casts an energy shadow of the Qi Form. I hope you are still with me ...

Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit
Why Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit? For the same reason as the outer hard bamboo represents unification of yin and yang / male and female forms within Earth space reality! In the last image I captured this form where the physical bamboo is hidden .. but the Qi [energy] space-orbit energy is perfectly visible between the hands.

Look at the nature of the bones: You have energy .. you have matter .. you have space .. you have air. The bones breathe .. your bones suck! Try a very simple exercise. Hold one palm of one hand towards you [relaxed] and look at your hand.

Relax and from the bones in your hand "suck". A more advanced exercise is look at the palm of your hand and breath directly from the bone marrow within the hollow core of your bones.

In this exercise you gently and in a relaxed way go inside the bones .. inside the bone marrow .. inside the hollow space and you BREATHE through your bones. Then you look .. you look .. you look and who is breathing? The next awareness is spirit. There you have the essence of Zen Qi = Bone Air Spirit.

Inside the male is both feminine and masculine .. in various degrees of composition. Inside the female is both masculine and feminine .. in various degrees of composition. For example .. you can have bamboo thin outer skin and a thick [large / open] soft core center. You can have bamboo with a really thick outer core skin and a thick [wide] or a thin [narrow] soft core center.

Combinations of form and space varieties are endless.
You would have to study bamboo to understand all the combinations *-)

Everyone is conditioned to imagine that people in the Earth's future are so technologically advanced that they are no longer in touch with Nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. People in the future are more in touch with Nature than we are today! These people are not stupid!

The reason I call the video presentation: One Bone Qi - Bamboo Form .. is because one bone is connected to all bones in the body. One Qi is connected to all Qi in the body. You effect one bone and you effect the whole body. You effect one bone and you effect the whole mind.

We think soft brain hard skull .. right ??
How about that the brain is the bone marrow of the skull...

In bamboo form we have hard male physical-material and soft feminine space-creation. Without matter you do not have space and without space you do not have matter. Then the skin of the body is both soft and hard [firm]. You then see expanding variations of same principles .. only here the soft and the hard merge into one unit through the skin.

This is why I am so excited! Because .. the bamboo manifests deepest Universal Principles of matter and space .. breath and spirit.

As an example: Take a hollow piece of bamboo and look through the center. Where does the material end and the space begin? In a way this is the highest form of Nirvana in plant form !!

Bamboo also teaches me how human brain learns! Assimilates! Adapts! ... *-)

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Radioactive Nuclides - Mass Electric Field

Radioactive elements are often called radioactive isotopes or radionuclides or just nuclides. There are over 1,500 different radioactive nuclides. Often, radionuclides are symbolized based on the element and on the atomic weight...

Subatomic Particles: Atoms are the smallest pieces of matter... [Really! Are they small pieces of matter ??] Particles that are smaller than the atom are called subatomic particles. [PARTICLES !!] The discovery of RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS... Elements: Matter in its most basic form.

Humans cannot control it because they don't understand it: Radioactive Isotopes.

Natural "radiation" has been part of the Earth since the beginning of time. Natural radiation does not harm humans .. animals .. plants! Otherwise .. life could not exist on the Plate other than black mold. It is possible that - in my view - man made radiation is an altered form .. in an altered state .. altered in ways that no one really cares to research or understand.

That which you do not understand .. you fear!

The next issue I have is called: Radioactive Isotopes "rates of decay".

These concentrated mangled energy fields are shooting off intense variations of mass electrical density and male scientists call this DECAY. Some of these radioactive fields take thousands of years to stop spitting out their electrical energies and we call this thousand year game rate of DECAY !!

If this wasn't so serious it would be funny...

Radioactive Charge
The first problem I have is related to the ATOM and the concept of individual particles. You know! Like individual people / humans. There was once a situation in my life where something strange happened and I saw and experienced a large number of individual humans do the same thing in those moments as though all humans were part of ONE FIELD.

The people did not know each other .. everyone was behaving like individual humans behave shopping in a store. No one appeared to be aware that a glitch in time had taken place and after a few moments life started to move normally again. You may think: But you were not effected .. you observed the event as though watching from outside. Yes! But I was still part of the one field.

There is an area of alternative science that questions the INDIVIDUAL ATOMS theory. The reason for this is that affecting the behavior of one atom in one part of the world .. the same behavior can be instantly observed in another atom on the other side of the world. [Something like that].

The reason I am talking about this is because I have been trying to understand how humans can clean up radioactive contamination in the whole world. Sounds like a BIG PROJECT .. Huh .. the whole world !! It has been on my mind = could it be done? Can man clean up radioactive contamination in the oceans .. the rivers .. the atmosphere and in the soil?

I am going to skip the cr#p .. and tell you how it can be done. Then I maybe explain why!

I have to go back to the old (incorrect) language: Are radioactive particles PARTICLES .. or are they FIELDS. If my theory is wrong then we humans have a SERIOUS PROBLEM and maybe need a new Planet soon .. because cleaning up every little contaminated particle sucks .. and is pretty much impossible.

My theory is that radioactive particles are not particles and they are not part of individual atoms. When we see (or can detect) the rapid spread of radioactive contamination .. are we seeing individual particles floating around .. or are we detecting a UNIFIED FIELD?

Maybe some of you reading this instantly know what I am going to say next! If radioactive contamination is a radioactive field and is not individual little particles [as science tells us] .. then all you have to do is affect one part of the field and you alter the whole field.

Let's say some brilliant mind creates a energizer that can touch one part of a radioactive field. This energizer electrically alters the charge of the radioactive elements changing their state from [unstable] emitting energy .. to stable. The effect would instantly transfer to the whole field altering the radioactive state of all contaminating particles.

Just think that all the radioactive contamination is like individual grains of sand spread all around you in every field .. garden .. river .. ocean and in the air. How are you going to clean all that up? Are you going to wander around picking up [decontaminating] every individual grain of sand? Good luck to you...

The issue I have with this is the intellectual assumption that radioactive contamination is in its particle form .. like that they are individual physical elements of [sub atomic] matter .. and this matter eventually wears down [decays].

No one seems to consider that radioactive contamination is so dangerous because it is not even related to matter. If anything this energy is more like a background electro-magnetic mycelium field. But humans have made the fields into unstable state that later interacts with physical matter in unstable ways.

In a way we are messing with the field .. or with the background field.

It is possible that radioactive fields are high mass or high density electrical fields. We use Geiger counters to pick up bursts of energy within the surrounding field .. leading to the next issue. The next issue I have is radioactive contamination moves around the Planet in slow measurable units of time. I don't think it moves physically .. I think it simply builds up density.

What I am trying to say is that radioactive contamination is a FIELD .. and there is the probability to clean up the field by altering the charge of the contaminated particles within that field. Because they are all part of each other and are "misbehaving" TOGETHER. If humans have the capacity to play with and create this aberration in the field then we also have the intelligence to reverse the damage and electrically neutralize the unstable nuclides.

Whatever this contamination is the dangerous part is that we cannot see it and we cannot touch it .. but it can see us and it can touch us. So .. it has to be electric in nature [electro-magnetic]. Everyone is afraid of the BIG MONSTER when really it is not such a big monster .. it is just that we humans do not understand its simple nature.

We do not understand its nature and so we cannot deal with it!

I imagine there are various electrical [energy] levels .. density and mass. If you create an electrical field with high mass or you create an electrical field with high density? I don't know how hot it can get?

Just as man-made radioactive field starts to spark off within the Earth's magnetic field .. we humans can design alternating generators [frequency resonators] capable of re-balancing the unstable density [mass] of electrical sparking within the planetary field. Because it is not individual particles .. it is ONE MASS.

Instead of playing with every individual highly radioactive plutonium rod .. you simply find a way to alter the charge of the electrical field and you send the charged field back to its neutral state. You alter the density and mass of the energy in the rods and you neutralize them .. altering their highly unstable state.

Everything in life is connected in its balanced and unbalanced states!
One energy field for all living things!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Radioactive Contamination... Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria

RADIATION - Everything in life radiates [emits energy] ...

Radiation - [15th Century] "act or process of radiating," from Middle French radiationem "a shining, radiation," [radiare "to beam, shine, gleam; make beaming," from radius "beam of light; spoke of a wheel"]. From 1560 - "emitted rays or light-beams".

Jiddu Krishnamurti always said to people: Understand the language you are using .. go to the root .. find out the meaning of the words and understand how words condition the mind.

For example the words: Radioactive Contamination are meaningless and do not help you to understand what is really taking place as a result of Fukushima meltdown. I will show you why that is.

Everything in life RADIATES and every living think is "radioactive".

RADIO-ACTIVE = The word radioactive simply means ACTIVE RADIATIONS!

The term "radioactive" is totally misleading in terms of understanding the true nature of "Radionuclides" .. RADIO NUCLIDES. I have to be honest '-) .. I waken up in the morning or sometimes during the night with this information swimming around in my head.

No .. I do not take anything! No substances! Other than Colon Activ [colon cleanse] and Probiotics .. I am totally natural when it comes to living on this Planet! Much of the information you can find on this Blog floats around my mind as I wake up. It can take me a few days to a few weeks to a few months to bring it all together in ways that make sense.

In the FUTURE .. Remote Seers will help guide mankind back to balance technically and energetically.

Radio is a beam or ray = to transmit. Nuclide is a type of atom specified by its atomic number - atomic mass - and energy state. A radio-nuclide is a type of atom transmitting beams or rays [at a certain frequency]. I think another word for this may be "radiation nucleoids" ?? Another consideration is: Human mitochondrial nucleoids.

There are basic laws of Nature that I will try to touch on here where all matter is connected. Matter is INTERCONNECTED. Ego-self [thought] imagines that matter is individual and separated because physical form appears to hold individual density within overall space-dynamics. In other words you can walk your path within space-time dimension on the surface of the Earth. Your body appears to be separate and existing on its own in relation to everything around you.

The problem is that your: Human mitochondrial nucleoids .. are not experiencing this material separation. This is why man-made RADIO NUCLIDES can totally destroy the life of a human being .. fish .. plant .. animal or bird [to name but a few]. I hope you are still with me !!

We [physical life forms] are all radio-active .. we all send and receive electrical transmissions = base life signatures. Life is communication - transmission - reception!

Our human bodies and our minds are 24/24 .. sending transmissions [radio signals] and are also receiving radio-transmissions. It is not RADIATION(s) that disrupt cellular cohesion of living organisms .. it is the FREQUENCY of those transmissions that disrupts physical cellular bonds.

To understand the problem of radioactive contamination is simple...

You can be contaminated by happiness! You can be contaminated by love! You can be contaminated by laughter! Contamination is equal to contagious = laughter can be contagious .. love can be contagious! Is it harmful? That depends on your state of mind. That depends on your state of frequency! The root of the word contaminate means "to touch" and the root of the word contagious means "to touch"...

In relation to the danger of Nuclear contamination we are not talking about CONTAMINATION .. we are talking about FREQUENCY! This is a totally new future science that emerges out of our world today - even though this knowing existed in the distant past. The fact is that LIFE is a CHALLENGE and an INITIATION. The human race on Earth do not actually get to go nowhere / anywhere further without CHALLENGE and INITIATION.

Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria
The next level is INTERACTION and EFFECT. In other words the danger of radio-nuclides is their EFFECT on interactions with the surrounding environment(s). Each radio-nuclides in itself is not a "danger" .. but how the man-made radioactive nuclides transmit [interact] within the natural surrounding environment is a danger.

For example .. there is the potential [in my mind] for toxic radio-nuclides to expand the growth of fungi and destroy beneficial probiotic bacteria(s). Not only within the human body / colon .. but within the entire environment including the rivers and the oceans of the Earth. Also .. disrupting the beneficial probiotics through the whole food-chain.

To understand this you have to understand that beneficial probiotics are designed to build and promote healthy physical life of material body. Fungus is designed to break down and return matter to its micro-cellular form(s). Fungi expand in radioactive environments inside and outside the body. Beneficial probiotics [when not destroyed by radio-nuclides] protect the body against nuclear radiation.

November 2011 - Probiotics protects intestine from radiation injury ...

May 2007 - Chernobyl Fungus Feeds On Radiation ...

Do not think that beneficial probiotics are GOOD and fungi are BAD !! All of life is yin and yang [balance]. Beneficial probiotics are simply doing what they are intended to do in the balance of life and fungi are simply doing what they are intended to do in the balance of life.

October 2001 - Radiation-Loving Fungi Can Remove Toxic Waste !!

It is important to understand that beneficial probiotic bacteria and fungi work together to create BALANCE and they also do this in relation to man-made radionuclide contamination of our Planet! The whole reason I wrote this post is very simple and powerfully important = to understand life and our own life on this world. EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS INTERRELATED!

Man-made radionuclides [certain radio-frequencies] are simply effecting the surrounding environment including fish - starfish - animals - water - plants and humans... Return those frequencies to a less harmful and naturally balanced state and the problem is solved.

Natural elements on Planet Earth are teaching man and showing man how to clean up their mistakes...

The technology to return out-of-balance nuclides to an in-balance natural state already exists in the natural bio-technologies of the physical Planet we humans inhabit. The water is showing us .. the grass is showing us .. the fungi are showing us and natural probiotics are showing us how to do it.

Everywhere in Nature are natural solutions .. and they DO EXIST !!