Monday, March 28, 2016

Glands Organs Bio-Electric Current

Heart oversees all electrical activity in the body [in my body].
I cannot talk about other people .. I can only talk about myself.

The reason I say this is not for "external" reasons = that I am not a professional ExPeRT [and so on]. The reason is a philosophy [awareness] I was born with and have followed since childhood: Do not focus outside .. but look inside.

My inborn philosophy is to see the outer through inner observation [awareness].

This is an inner form of Shaolin Kung Fu awareness [anyone can practice / learn]. Our minds are traditionally drawn out into the outer world .. contact / reaction .. contact / reaction = inner reaction to the outer [contact]. If someone tries to insult me .. what do I do?

My own question began like:
What inner action negates the auto-pilot ego petty self [mechanical thought] from reacting faster than my own inner calm awareness? Calm awareness is always there even when we react = inner thought [emotion] against outer thought [emotion]. We do not use intelligence that also exists inside us when we immediately react.

What I am saying is important .. because it is why I am able to do what I do and see what I see. Thought reactions waste all the energy we need to be aware .. to be silent = energy of the psyche.

This is where the electricity comes in! Many people do not have the electrical frequency needed for the full functioning of their psyche. I am saying: Mechanical thought is a very small part of the brain function and thought depends on but also continually drains the psyche to indulge in all its little functions.

When I observe outer events through inner awareness a space is created between the outer event and the inner psyche. There is no petty ego reaction [being drawn off-balance to the outer]. You don't observe the outer = get drawn outside into something you cannot "control". You see the outer events by observing the inner field.

In general you are taught that you see the OUTER .. but in reality this is not true! We do not see the outer .. we see ourselves .. we see the inner action [reactions]. To show this more clearly .. try walking around seeing the OUTER. You may become aware that you are always seeing / perceiving YOURSELF.

The physical body is not an open system walking around on Earth. The physical body is more like a space biosphere. The body is like a travelling [closed] space biosphere that is able to visit and explore an alien Planet. The body is like a spacesuit. It is not an open system.

Everything In Life Requires Electrical Activity
Humans are taught fragmentation of all the processes of life. The body's glands have one function .. the heart has another function .. the nerves have one function .. the organs of the body have other functions. I am very strange in that I do not see this disconnected / fragmented system. I see things differently!

This may not be true for you .. but it is true for me. We go back to what I said about observation / awareness and the inner bio-sphere. I experience what I experience on Earth .. I learn what I learn on Earth .. but this may not be true for you!

Last night I had a dream experience that the heart is the major gland in the body .. connected to the glandular system. I see that the glandular system / veins are compatible electrical circuits connected to the heart. The heart is generating electrical current through the glandular system as well as though the veins and is affecting blood cells in various ways.

Blood cells moving to the lungs have reduced charge. The heart tweaks the charge to attract oxygen. Those blood cells go to the lungs and draw in / become electrically charged. The electrically charged blood cells from the lungs re-enter the heart and the electrical charge is transformed to body electric charge frequency compatibility.

To explain this better: What is incompatible electrical charge?

Mold / Fungi / yeasts have different electrical charge frequencies incompatible to life force of the human body. They have their own electrical charge that reacts in different ways to the Earth's atmosphere. Physical bodies [complex biological forms] are designed to resist electrical charge during thunderstorms [for protection].

Fungi mold yeast are designed to energize [activate] during increased atmospheric charge.

In my inner world spirit [incarnation] requires electrical charge to connect to the physical body. The first principle is electrical charge. The cells .. blood .. tissues .. glands .. organs .. bones .. nervous systems are all electrically changed. Physical chemistry [biological compounds] are the physical operating system that physically conducts electrical charge.

Obviously the entire body is sharing the same integral electrical frequency. That means a complete [non-fragmented] bio system where everything is operating on the same level / same frequency. There is NO DIVISION. The physical body is a complete system.

The bio-electrical current exchange and operation of the glands and organs is ONE SYSTEM. The glands and organs are bio-electrically compatible. There is dual organ: liver/gallbladder [organ/gland] on right side of the body. There is pancreas/spleen [organ/gland] system on left side of the body.

Kidney/adrenal [organ/glands] sit at the center directly on the spine.

We divide: Organs and glands... In reality organs and glands are connected = yin/yang: The male within the female! The female within the male. The organ is in the gland! The gland is in the organ! THEY ARE NOT SEPARATE SYSTEMS !!!

I have a dream where I am on other dimension or parallel world. This was a long intense dream more real than the reality we inhabit on this Earth now. The people in the dream are showing me the thyroid "gland" is a mini heart. They connect the kidneys [electrical current] to the heart [electrical current] to the thyroid [electrical current].

It is all one integrated current within the body.

In the other dimension there was no organs/gland .. glandular/blood [disconnect] system. Even Tradition Chinese Medicine today fragments: This disorder .. that disorder .. because earlier traditional disciplines were burn and destroyed over hundreds of years.

The original was non-fragmented bio-electric frequency resonance discipline.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Heart Current Duality Flow

Secret key to duality lies in the Heart ...
In the last few Yin*Yang posts I try to show connections between physical 3D reality and what I have been saying in this Blog related to energy / electrical current / consciousness connections. I do this so people are not confused that I talk intellectual non-physical concepts! These principles are true for me .. they may not be true for you?

The reality is so many people in this World today use electricity and they do not understand it .. WHY? I am fortunate in that I instinctively understood the nature of electrical current since a small child. I do not understand why people are kept ignorant about the nature / rules / applications of electrical current.

You use it every day in complete I G N O R A N C E

In that respect you are also partly to blame! You like to use all the appliances without understanding how they work .. why they work and how to fix them. Electrical current kills! Right ? Go ahead and be afraid of it .. #_# .. the electrical god current!

In the last two Yin*Yang blog posts I try to show you in simple terms that electrical fields affect and influence the human body. That the physical human body and psyche operate using natural bio-electrical currents.

Basically you are a walking electrical field!

My question to you is: If your everyday electrical appliances have to be grounded to Earth .. then why is it the electrical industry in the last 100+ years do not pay attention to the fact that H U M A N S [the human body] also has to be GROUNDED [ to Earth] ???

I'm sorry! many of you may not understand what I am saying due to the fact you have never-ever never-ever been educated trained or informed about something you USE every day [DUH] DA ElEcTriCiTY .. ELECTRICAL CURRENT = keep you dumb / keep you STuPiD #_+


I am fortunate to have this built in internal awareness gift .. but I do not see any harm in people finding ways to be FLUENT in electrical current. You learn languages .. you learn the Kung Fu .. how to cook .. you learn how to drive a car .. you learn gardening: How to grow vegetables .. brew beer!

So .. be at peace! Remain in your ignorance! Don't learn anything real and essential!

Everything in the physical body .. the blood .. the glands .. the organs and the cells .. the muscles and bones .. the tendons and brain .. the nervous systems and the spine .. all depend on bio-electrical current to operate as ONE.

Then we have thought .. the mind .. psyche and consciousness >_<

Secret Key To Duality Lies In The Heart
I am briefly going to say what I was shown about the true nature of the HEART. Personally I am not comfortable or accepting that the heart is a manual physical pump. I am comfortable with my own perception of electrical capacitor gland.

What is a capacitor? Unlike a battery that slowly releases electrical charge over time [quartz watch battery] a capacitor releases its energy [charge] rapidly .. in seconds or less .. producing bursts of energy in a fraction of a second when fully charged.

The human heart is more advanced and more complex that electronics.

In my view [vision] we do have duality / polarity .. I may be wrong ?? but in the heart there are four poles 2 x 2. One-two-three-four .. one-two-three-four .. squaring the circle. The heart is Yin / Yang [Male / Female] polarity. In every human heart is the male and the female as one.

In my view the heart is a GLAND .. or is the KEY GLAND in the body. The duality is the heart has relationship to the glandular [circulatory] system .. as well as the blood. Then there is the key deeper relationship to the kidneys especially to adrenal glands.

The deeper key to the HEART is electrical [current / flow].

The heart [gland] is charging the blood with electrical charge also using oxygen from the lungs. Essentially every part of this biological process is dependent on bio-electrical charge. If the body is low oxygen / acid PH .. the cells and blood will not have the essential electrical charge necessary for biological health.

The yang dominated [out of balance] male has built an electrical world that is destroying him .. his family .. his friends and his children. Where is the Yin / Yang balance ?? Right now .. nowhere to be seen! I show this in my posts.

When yin [female] denies the male principle and when yang [male] denies the female principle .. there is chaos in the world. We see this division in how we develop and use electrical current. The heart beat or pulse is an electrical current. Like the Sun .. the human heart is fundamentally electrical.

The human heart is configured to the Yin / Yang principle of male female as ONE.

Within the female is the male principle [electrical current] and within the male is the female principle [electrical current]. Entire Universe is based on polarity [Yin / Yang] current flow. Within the heart [double 2 x 2 = 4] gland is more advanced secrets of higher more subtle electrical current activation.

I explain later: Organs / glands electric current relationships

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Earthing Mat [Tech Geek] Test

I decided to test an Earthing mat for my friends .. 29 Euro .. called Earth Connections EU .. with instructions sent for the bed sheet that was not ordered.

The mat is made of foam that contains conductive carbon fiber. Other than this there is no information about the mat or conductivity / test specifics other than: Place mat under keyboard or feet.
First Conclusions
1. Try to find out technical specifics of product [like conductivity / efficiency]
2. Always have a way to test the product in real world use [how it will be used]
3. Do not have anything that smells bad chemically directly on the skin
Test Findings
Foam carbon fiber conductive mats suck! They smell of chemistry! Do I want to touch that with my skin or have my feet on that even with socks? Noooo .. I don't! I cut the Earth Connections mat in half with scissors and covered both pieces completely with aluminium baking foil #_#

I used my alligator clips grounded to Earth for the comparison test of the mat and my Alu Foil innovation. What I discovered is that the Alu Foil taped to an insulating mat / camping mat or cardboard is more resilient / warmer and lasts longer than just having the Alu Foil on the floor.
Test Results
Aluminium baking foil 10 / 10
Foam conductive carbon fiber mat 0 / 10

How I Conducted My Tests
Carbon fiber conductive earthing mat test with clip to Earth

0.209 Volts [with socks]

Alu foil test with alligator clip to Earth

0.016 Volts [with socks]

Earthing mat bare heel test

0.113 Volts

Alu foil bare heel test

0.003 Volts

This Earthing mat test was really disappointing all round.

My friends and I are doing a colon cleanse regime together with a glandular detox ESSIAC / Flor Essence Teas .. and the last thing we want is a product that may be chemically toxic. Leaving us with a question: Can carbon fibers potentially enter the body through contact with the skin.

I noticed websites give no technical specifics for foam carbon fiber conductive mats. Wearing light socks I had readings ranging from 0.256 +/- [if that range was on a website I would not buy the product]. No claims are made other than the mats "ground you". Get a Tech friend and test test test.

The other issue I have are the cats .. because the mats are warm [isolating materials] .. cats go anywhere that is warm cozy and well isolated. I don't want the cats lying on these chemically smelling mats and then cleaning their fur.

I am going to test other materials that I find or innovate myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How I Read Body Voltage Test

This TEST process is for Tech Geeks. I understood electrical principles / technology age 11 [no training no teachers]. I was born as a Tech Geek. I understand this stuff .. I know what I am doing .. I understand the dangers. Make sure you have Tech Savvy friends to help you understand what I write below.

Grounding Test Research
Voltcraft VC175
AC Voltage (V~) 0.1 Mv / Range 600 V

EU Plug / Socket Type F
Two pins / Grounded
Type C/F

Socket Tester
Correct / Missing Earth / Live-Earth Reverse / Live-Neutral Reverse / Missing Neutral. Used to test sockets are grounded / wired correctly.

Grounded COM Lead / Ambient V~ Reading

Grounded COM / body voltage reading

This is general AC electrical EMF pollution from extension cables .. electric heater .. lights that the human body attracts.

The human body is mostly water [electrically charged] and add that the water is slightly salty. The physical body is a magnet in relation to electrical / electromagnetic Fields. Ambient electrical fields love the body.

The electrons dance around and say: We love you .. we love you .. we fit with your human physical and electrical configurations. We are DRAWN to you: Love at first dynamic electrical sight #_+

Direct body voltage reading at computer: 1.754 V
Alu Foil connected to EU type socket ground using alligator clips. Don't try this at home! I know what I am doing. I can add that I safely know what I am doing!

My right hand is touching the probe and my left hand is on the grounded Alu Foil. Electrical body volt charge from ambient electromagnetic fields falls to 0.002 V

Grounded Alu Foil under feet wearing light socks and without socks [barefoot]

I have been researching electromagnetic / electrical fields for some time and recently ordered a "grounding mat" to test out. I taught myself how to use a Voltmeter to [safely] read body voltage around appliances computers and extension cables. I found that electrical fields love us humans to death!

To use grounding mats or grounding sheets [on the bed] you have to connect the mat or sheet to Earth / Ground. There are two ways to do that. Some people use a grounding rod directly in the earth outside and they connect the grounding wire through the window to the mat or bed sheet.

I used Alu Foil because I got bored waiting for the grounding mat to arrive .. and because I am a total Tech Geek. I have to show my friends how to do this and they have bad cats who like to chew wires #_+ [that's going to be fun].

The other way to ground mats or bed sheets is to use the correct electrical plug earth / ground that happens to be different around the World. This is why I needed alligator clips for grounding to European sockets.

Not every Voltmeter will read as low as AC Voltage (V~) 0.1 Mv

Saturday, March 12, 2016

How I Grow Wheatgrass

Growing no-soil wheatgrass indoors in 7-10 days

Find good quality organic wheat

I soaked wheatsprouts for 12 hours in ozonated mineral water with a TDS reading of 22 PPM [parts per million]

After 1-2 days I put the sprouting wheat berries into plastic trays or containers and cover to stop the roots drying out

After 5 days I moved these wheatgrass mats onto plastic trays .. you can put the sprouts straight onto shallow plastic trays.

After 6 days the grass is 11 cm / rinsed each day with ozone water
[grass grows slower in cold weather]

People usually grow wheatgrass in giant trays. I like to grow little trays and that way I find it easier to control the freshness. Depending on temperatures and location wheatgrass becomes useless after 10-12 days.

One problem is fungus and mold can grow at soil level [mycotoxins] around the roots and berries. Freshness and quality of the wheat berries is most important. Where possible you want the last years harvest. The older the wheat berries the greater the rate of decay of the germ [sprouting mechanism of the berries].

Even if there are no mold problems the green grass begins to rapidly decay after 10-12 days growing in trays. I find I have less problems when growing in smaller containers or trays.

The next issue [what puts people off] is juicing. Wheatgrass press / wheatgrass juicers cost a lot of money. I cannot afford to buy a wheatgrass juicer. I don't want to buy one. Not being able to do things the way everyone else does creates intelligent innovation.

Forget all these purists who give you rules about what you have to do and how you have to do it. Most people probably cannot afford a wheatgrass juicer. I chop the grass into quarters and blend in the blender with some Ozone water.

Alternatively I use a large mortar and pestle and just like crushing up the garlic and chillies I crush the chopped wheatgrass with a little Ozone water. That way I can control how much water I add. I would rather use a mortar and pestle than a wheatgrass juicer #_+

I rinse the grass roots twice a day .. pouring off the excess water. You don't want the roots and berries sitting in water. It is not necessary to give them tons of water. The green grass stalks actually draws moisture out of the air. I don't have air conditioners .. only an open window.

You can grow little pots or bowls of wheatgrass for the cats .. they love to chew on the grass stalks. I always try different varieties to see which grow best. I tried Organic Kamut that originated from Canada. That turned out a mess. The grains were old and bad quality. The grains sprouted more roots than stalks.

People eat that low quality moldy food [the mold is in the grain when old or badly stored]. When you germinate seeds you get to see the actually life force and quality of the food. Organic does not always mean good quality. Often organic means you pay a lot of money. At some point I have to try seeds from the local and Asian stores.

Friday, March 11, 2016

How I Make Ozonated Water

Making Ozone water with 10 minute cycle Ozonator setting

Black Forest natural mineral water [still] with 22 PPM reading using TDS Meter. See my video: How to use TDS meter

Water ozonation 10 minutes

Wheatgrass watered with freshly ozonated water
Roots are clean strong and healthy

Five day old garlic sprouting in daily changes of fresh Ozone water

I do not only feed fresh ozonated water to my plants. I drink three glasses of fresh ozone water a day. If the indoor plants are not enough to give some idea why I use an Ozone Generator to make Ozone water and Ozone oil... I explain why I do this!

Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen / ozone 03 is oxygen. It just so happens that ozone 03 is a powerful cleanser. Our blood can be enriched with oxygen [oxygenated] or blood can be low on oxygen [creating low oxygen environment within the body / tissues / organs / colon and brain].

In a healthy human being the cells and blood have high levels of oxygen. Any type of dis-eased state is a sign of low blood oxygen together with acid PH. A healthy body functions in a state of high oxygen and alkali PH. Cancer cells [as one example] can only exist in a low oxygen acidic environment [like fungus].

The cells of our body have no energy left and die [decompose] in low oxygen environment with high acid PH. Out in Nature when plant cells or tree cells reach the end of their life cycle and die .. the role of fungus is to digest this lifeless no-oxygen structure and return physical matter back to its molecular state.

Fungus mold Candida yeast are designed by Nature to digest and break down physical matter when the cells die and enter a no oxygen state. If my intestine is full of a lot of old rotting pile of crap .. then the yeast and the mold and the fungus is going to expand and grow to digest all that garbage into its original molecular state.

That is why I drink freshly ozonated water each day.

I received two aeration stones with the Ozone Generator. One stone is for water and the other stone is for oil. One stone is grey one stone is white. After I make the Ozone oil I have to clean with warm water [especially with coconut oil] or the timy holes get clogged up with oil.

I only ozonate water and oil in glass containers and never plastic. You cannot use tap water. It has to be high quality low PPM mineral water / good quality low PPM filtered water or distilled water.

Fresh Ozone water acts in a similar way to 2x capsules of colon cleanse Magnesium Oxide. If you drink a glass after food it will have a cleaning action in the colon / intestine. I take 2 Magnesium Oxide capsules once a week at the weekend. If I take them on Saturday it will have the colon cleanse effect on Sunday.

I drink Ozonated water to get oxygen into my gut / colon / cells and blood. I am also testing the Ozone water on seeds and plants .. because plants and roots are very sensitive to water. If the water is low quality the plants and plant roots will rot or there will be problems with fungus.

What is chronic inflammation of the intestines and chronic tissue inflammation [fat]? Maybe it is low oxygen high acid PH inside the cells and the tissues of the body? I am not advising anyone to do what I do #_# -- I just love posting nice pictures on my Blog to create good positive natural loving environment.

How I Make Ozonated Oil

Making Ozone oil with 30 minute cycle Ozonator

Using Organic Coconut Oil
I put the jar into a warm water bath

This is a mixture of two-thirds Organic Coconut oil and one-third Cold Pressed Olive oil

I ran 4x 30 minute cycles [you can do less] I sometimes do more than 4x 30 minute Ozonator cycles

After 4 cycles the Coconut oil starts to solidify even when placed back in warm water bath. When using 100% Coconut oil it starts to form bubbly crystals the more ozone you add

I make small amounts of ozonated oil to keep in the fridge and use as a body wash. Some people ingest the oil .. but I do not like the taste. Pure Coconut oil does not taste as bad .. I prefer to put the oil on my skin.

Coconut oil soaks into the skin fast and is not fatty smeary like olive oil.

Issues I had with chronic inflammation when my colon developed candida overgrowth .. chronic tissue inflammation and leaky gut where candida grows long branching hyphae fungal roots through the walls of the intestine allowing bacteria and contaminants to enter into the bodies circulatory system.

Eventually I was suffering from extreme skin allergies / food allergies .. chronic inflammation of all connective tissues [knees hips shoulders elbows wrists] not to forget inflammation in the spinal tissues. All a result of low-oxygen high acid PH that I gradually reversed by creating high-oxygen alkali PH balance.

I did not want to reverse the candida high acid PH too fast because my organs and colon have to detox all the bad stuff my cells throw out. I just gave my body the tools needed to reverse high acidity and create balanced PH. In the future humans do not use all this water we use today to "clean" the body.

When I would shower every day or take baths I was never as clean as I am today. The shower water and soap only dried out my skin. Because my internal environment was not clean .. I would still smell after a long shower because the inner environment was out of balance and polluted.

When we shower we remove essential probiotic bacteria from the entire skin surface .. while the hot water adds pollutants to our skin such as chlorine / fluoride and all the drugs humans pee into the water table.

Chlorinated showers and baths kill the essential beneficial gut flora. This includes what you breathe into the lungs on top of the water the skin soaks in during a hot shower or bath. Skin and lungs absorb up to eight glasses of water during a 10 minute shower.

I am better off using a wash cloth and a sink full of water than taking a hot shower. I personally find that ozonated oil cleans and feeds my skin better than using tap water.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Past Present Future Human Electrical Fields

“Very well. Bring your sword in and have some tea,”
.. consented Sen no Rikyu.
The Tea-Master and The Assassin

It is very difficult to explain in words what I see in terms of human body [health] electrical fields. When I read my posts after a few days or weeks I see unusual phenomenon. I find it hard to understand my own posts even though I know what this electrical phenomenon is [at its source].

According to the rules of Nature ...
Everything in life inhabits various levels of existence.

Jiddu Krishnamurti strangely said: Truth is its own protection. That is very true... Certain insights and information is in itself protected by various [consciousness] electrical fields.

Those electrical fields are like the dimensions. The first .. second .. third .. fourth dimensions. Even though the dimensions interact [as all is ONE] .. there are cohesive barriers between them.

Past Present Future Human Electrical Fields
When I talk about past present future electrical fields I mean to say that they are essentially all ONE. All of life and all of existence [including the Sun] are basic essential forms of electro-fields.

Who you are .. your physical body .. blood .. glands .. organs .. bones .. vertebra .. brain cannot exist without electro-magnetic current flow [electro-fields].

On energy levels you are walking / experiencing electrical fields inside matter [cohesive human body] .. where the electrical signature is more important that air .. water and food. I am saying that air .. water and food are electrical charge conductors = electrical charge is more important than physical material matter.

Can consciousness [life] exist in a cohesive form without physical matter?
YES !! It can !!

What are past .. present .. future electrical fields?

The universal electrical field is pure and is all ONE. This is what we incarnate into lifetime after lifetime. The physical material body is the servant to electrical frequency [consciousness]. The next related level to harmonic electrical field resonance is OXYGEN.

Electrical fields harmonize with oxygen / water and blood.

The skeletal structure is most important in this electrical field theory. Bones contain water .. but the secret is in the weave [electrical wave] of the bones. Bone marrow forms the life blood cells [like rebirth / rejuvenation]. The blood is electrically charged. I don't know how .. but blood affects hormones.

Blood kidneys adrenal glands have a strong relationship that affect the heart.
I am still trying to figure it all out .. but the key is probably OXYGEN.

Spirit incarnates into energetic fields where [Karma] past-present-future is one pure electrical field. The electrical field is never contaminated. The electrical field is ONE. This unified filed can never be broken apart.

The physical material human being cannot be immortal .. and so COMPASSION of higher awareness is for the fragile life and death of the physical being. Inner compassion is a higher level of awareness than: "I want to live forever." Desire for physical immortality is FEAR.

The future of Intelligent Life is the understanding of electrical charge and bio-electric fields. I will try to share with you where this comes from .. because the vision is greater than human existence.

If you study the Art of AIKIDO .. Tai Chi .. Karate Do .. Martial Arts .. these disciplines are living electrical flows within past / present / future NOW. The vision is the WHOLE and understanding is NOW.

You place your hand on the table in front of you and observe how each finger moves. You have to seriously practice and take some time over this. Place your hand flat on the table and observe .. figure out how fingers move on their own.

Do not stick your palm flat on the table surface... Relax your hand .. be patient .. observe and see [feel[ what happens. You lived with your hand all your life .. and how much attention do you have to your own hand? How much relationship do you have to your hand? How old are you?

At first the hand twitches on its own. That is electrical current!
Then the hand becomes very silent and still. That is consciousness...