Thursday, March 10, 2016

Past Present Future Human Electrical Fields

“Very well. Bring your sword in and have some tea,”
.. consented Sen no Rikyu.
The Tea-Master and The Assassin

It is very difficult to explain in words what I see in terms of human body [health] electrical fields. When I read my posts after a few days or weeks I see unusual phenomenon. I find it hard to understand my own posts even though I know what this electrical phenomenon is [at its source].

According to the rules of Nature ...
Everything in life inhabits various levels of existence.

Jiddu Krishnamurti strangely said: Truth is its own protection. That is very true... Certain insights and information is in itself protected by various [consciousness] electrical fields.

Those electrical fields are like the dimensions. The first .. second .. third .. fourth dimensions. Even though the dimensions interact [as all is ONE] .. there are cohesive barriers between them.

Past Present Future Human Electrical Fields
When I talk about past present future electrical fields I mean to say that they are essentially all ONE. All of life and all of existence [including the Sun] are basic essential forms of electro-fields.

Who you are .. your physical body .. blood .. glands .. organs .. bones .. vertebra .. brain cannot exist without electro-magnetic current flow [electro-fields].

On energy levels you are walking / experiencing electrical fields inside matter [cohesive human body] .. where the electrical signature is more important that air .. water and food. I am saying that air .. water and food are electrical charge conductors = electrical charge is more important than physical material matter.

Can consciousness [life] exist in a cohesive form without physical matter?
YES !! It can !!

What are past .. present .. future electrical fields?

The universal electrical field is pure and is all ONE. This is what we incarnate into lifetime after lifetime. The physical material body is the servant to electrical frequency [consciousness]. The next related level to harmonic electrical field resonance is OXYGEN.

Electrical fields harmonize with oxygen / water and blood.

The skeletal structure is most important in this electrical field theory. Bones contain water .. but the secret is in the weave [electrical wave] of the bones. Bone marrow forms the life blood cells [like rebirth / rejuvenation]. The blood is electrically charged. I don't know how .. but blood affects hormones.

Blood kidneys adrenal glands have a strong relationship that affect the heart.
I am still trying to figure it all out .. but the key is probably OXYGEN.

Spirit incarnates into energetic fields where [Karma] past-present-future is one pure electrical field. The electrical field is never contaminated. The electrical field is ONE. This unified filed can never be broken apart.

The physical material human being cannot be immortal .. and so COMPASSION of higher awareness is for the fragile life and death of the physical being. Inner compassion is a higher level of awareness than: "I want to live forever." Desire for physical immortality is FEAR.

The future of Intelligent Life is the understanding of electrical charge and bio-electric fields. I will try to share with you where this comes from .. because the vision is greater than human existence.

If you study the Art of AIKIDO .. Tai Chi .. Karate Do .. Martial Arts .. these disciplines are living electrical flows within past / present / future NOW. The vision is the WHOLE and understanding is NOW.

You place your hand on the table in front of you and observe how each finger moves. You have to seriously practice and take some time over this. Place your hand flat on the table and observe .. figure out how fingers move on their own.

Do not stick your palm flat on the table surface... Relax your hand .. be patient .. observe and see [feel[ what happens. You lived with your hand all your life .. and how much attention do you have to your own hand? How much relationship do you have to your hand? How old are you?

At first the hand twitches on its own. That is electrical current!
Then the hand becomes very silent and still. That is consciousness...