Sunday, March 13, 2016

How I Read Body Voltage Test

This TEST process is for Tech Geeks. I understood electrical principles / technology age 11 [no training no teachers]. I was born as a Tech Geek. I understand this stuff .. I know what I am doing .. I understand the dangers. Make sure you have Tech Savvy friends to help you understand what I write below.

Grounding Test Research
Voltcraft VC175
AC Voltage (V~) 0.1 Mv / Range 600 V

EU Plug / Socket Type F
Two pins / Grounded
Type C/F

Socket Tester
Correct / Missing Earth / Live-Earth Reverse / Live-Neutral Reverse / Missing Neutral. Used to test sockets are grounded / wired correctly.

Grounded COM Lead / Ambient V~ Reading

Grounded COM / body voltage reading

This is general AC electrical EMF pollution from extension cables .. electric heater .. lights that the human body attracts.

The human body is mostly water [electrically charged] and add that the water is slightly salty. The physical body is a magnet in relation to electrical / electromagnetic Fields. Ambient electrical fields love the body.

The electrons dance around and say: We love you .. we love you .. we fit with your human physical and electrical configurations. We are DRAWN to you: Love at first dynamic electrical sight #_+

Direct body voltage reading at computer: 1.754 V
Alu Foil connected to EU type socket ground using alligator clips. Don't try this at home! I know what I am doing. I can add that I safely know what I am doing!

My right hand is touching the probe and my left hand is on the grounded Alu Foil. Electrical body volt charge from ambient electromagnetic fields falls to 0.002 V

Grounded Alu Foil under feet wearing light socks and without socks [barefoot]

I have been researching electromagnetic / electrical fields for some time and recently ordered a "grounding mat" to test out. I taught myself how to use a Voltmeter to [safely] read body voltage around appliances computers and extension cables. I found that electrical fields love us humans to death!

To use grounding mats or grounding sheets [on the bed] you have to connect the mat or sheet to Earth / Ground. There are two ways to do that. Some people use a grounding rod directly in the earth outside and they connect the grounding wire through the window to the mat or bed sheet.

I used Alu Foil because I got bored waiting for the grounding mat to arrive .. and because I am a total Tech Geek. I have to show my friends how to do this and they have bad cats who like to chew wires #_+ [that's going to be fun].

The other way to ground mats or bed sheets is to use the correct electrical plug earth / ground that happens to be different around the World. This is why I needed alligator clips for grounding to European sockets.

Not every Voltmeter will read as low as AC Voltage (V~) 0.1 Mv