Monday, February 22, 2016

Subtle Electrical Fields Essential to Health

In the last post I talked about the Tesla Pulse technology watch [Tesla Uhr] that was patented by Nicola Tesla [a genius in electrical fields technology]. I still do not have a new watch .. but I was able to successfully use a Purple Tesla Plate [sticking it to my spine] to create resonance.

All physical matter has its own resonant electrical field. The human resonant electrical field can get way out of balance on various levels. On deeper levels they are all connected and affect each other. One example is the relationship between feeling crushed on psychic levels and sick on physical levels .. and then feeling energetically drained.

When human electrical field harmony gets disrupted the effects orbit physical .. psyche .. energy. Within 20 minutes I was able to correct the most important levels .. the energy / internal Qi. It is one thing feeling sick .. but it is totally another thing feeling drained of all inner energy reserves.

In a way it is quite funny that for hundreds of years the western medical system has focused on blood transfusion and totally ignores the vital energy factor. They think blood is "energy" .. but the fact remains that the human body requires energy to make the foreign blood its own configuration.

Of course vital Qi transfusions would end a multi-billion industry cow.

When you get sick one of the worst things that can happen is a feeling of being drained of inner energy or inner Qi [vital force]. If I get sick with a flu or cold I would feel physically run down but I am happy [I still have my inner Qi reserves]. This time I felt so bad because that essential vital core energy was not there.

I used the Tesla Plate and the effect that was most important to me was a deeper feeling of well being. My internal Qi was back [meaning it was no longer disrupted]. The physical body instantly calmed down without spinning "evil winds" whirlwind. As a result the water and the blood calmed down.

That took a lot of stress off the body.

Before that I could not sleep for three nights because the whole psychic and internal energy was disrupted. Once I had that effect of internal Qi balance I slept normally.

I was able to reverse the bronchial infection after regaining internal Qi balance. I used Umckaloabo [liquid drops] .. in only 12 hours most of the coughing has been completely reversed. As long as my internal Qi was spinning the spin nothing I tried was working.

There is a really important connection between energy and physical well being.

I see energy as being the essential ruler of physical material dimensions. First comes energy / Qi [breath] and this electrical force is the ruler of matter. What effects matter? Electrical fields / energy! Does matter effect energy? Not really!

Why would a Tesla Resonance Plate affect my inner vital energy fields?
I don't know #_#

All I know is within 20 minutes lower gut / kidney vital force changed from being in a disrupted [drained] state to being normal. When vital Qi energy is drained it really makes you feel awful. Feeling ill is bad .. but feeling drained of Sacrum field energy feels a LOT WORSE.

Loss of Qi circulation makes you feel tired .. exhausted .. it affects the psyche .. it affects the brain. It affects the circulation and probably drains vitality from the blood. People with Smart Phones will keep the battery charged [connected] but how many people would consider to keep their physical body charged with energy?

Western sciences equate physical material food with ENERGY! Right?

Apparently we get all the energy we need from physical material food. For three days I was drinking a broad variety of fresh juices [four pints a day] and unusually I was not getting any energy from those juices !!

Do you know why? Because my internal vital Qi was disrupted. It is inner vital Qi that transforms energy inside the body. DUH +_# It is very SIMPLE! Electrical fields cannot be altered or transformed by MATTER. At the same time electrical fields can alter and affect matter.

The material sciences are trying to repair or heal physical matter [which is really electrical field pattern disruptions] .. trying to "heal" matter using CHEMISTRY. The people who survive the chemistry do so because their bodies somehow correct the imbalance [as Nature is designed to do].

The connecting and communication pathways in our bodies are all electrical.

Glands .. organs .. cells .. blood communicate = all have electrical signatures. It is the internal disruption of those signatures or energy levels that creates deterioration in physical health of the body. The Qi forces are electrical fields.

Basically you are a walking coherent electrical field.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Energetic Disruption of Vital Qi [Protection]

Due to a series of events .. I am going to share with you my awareness of frequencies and how they can either harmonize or disrupt vital Qi [sexual life force / kidney Jing]. In Chinese Medicine the kidneys are Fountain of Youth. Kidney essence relates to genetic inheritance that determines how healthy and strong we will be in life.

In Taoism and other disciplines vital life force [sexual Qi] is related to all the functions of life and the body. Energetically this Qi sits in front of the kidneys .. although there are other related channels / connections.

Usually I do not get colds or get sick .. and if I get signs of flu then it is usually gone very fast. Sometimes you have to get sick to understand how to help people. Part of the reason I do not get sick is because I have ways to protect myself with harmonic frequencies. For many years I wore a Tesla watch.

Since I was a child .. and growing up .. I could not wear a watch on my wrist .. I never wore a watch. In the 1990's I was working in an environment of high electric fields. I started to get sick and have kidney problems [even though I drank lots of water to protect my kidneys].

I was getting tired .. run down .. losing inner strength .. always aching pain in the kidneys. I knew it was the strong electric field environment because I am a technician who does a lot of research. I just understand the world of energy and electrical fields. I am also interested in Nicola Tesla's work.

This was back in the 90's .. I knew I needed a subtle resonant field to protect the bodies electrical field from the disruption of the high electrical fields I was working in. I did a lot of research and discovered Tesla watches .. I ordered one. Seriously! That was the end of all my problems!

Inside a Tesla watch is a Tesla chip that generates an energy field compatible frequency to the natural bio-energetic field of the human resonance. The Tesla Energy Chip is [from Nicola Tesla's patent] tuned to the Schumann Resonance Field. It is said is connected to vital force.

I am not making any claims .. because this works for me but I do not know if it works for everyone ?? I love technology .. but I am sensitive to electric fields. Normal medications do not work for me [they make me sick] .. but homeopathy works. Not everyone is the same!
This is the Swiss made European info: Tesla Energy Watches
Beginning January 2016 I lost my Tesla watch. A week before I lost the watch I saw the event take place where I knew I was going to lose the watch. Every day I put on the watch I check two times that the metal clip was fixed. I always touched my left wrist to make sure the watch was still there.

One morning I go to put on my Tesla watch and it is not where I always placed it. I searched every corner for days .. but the watch was gone #_# .. I thought: I don't need this anyway. I am not getting a new Tesla watch.

A few days ago I have bad throat .. aching tendons and headache. One thing the Tesla watch always did was protect me from psychic attacks. For years I did not have to use psychic energy shields and similar stuff including Astral Parasites. Everything gets worse and worse no matter what I do.

This morning I said to my body / brain: Okay! Enough is enough! What is going on ?? I had an ocean of water pouring out of my lungs .. with tidal bubbles. Usually this does not happen to me at all. I give my brain a hard time and demand an answer. You should talk direct to your body .. because only then do you get answers realizations guidance.

I could feel the body Qi was in a bad spin [vortex] .. and later the information came to me [like seeing] that something was disrupting inner vital Qi and spinning this water inside my body. The problem was not my lungs / throat / nose .. but the real disruption was kidney Qi [inner sexual life force].

Energetic Disruption of Vital Qi [Protection]
In western sciences the focus is on dense physical base matter [including microbes]. In traditional eastern sciences the focus was on energy .. Qi .. vital force .. bad influences .. harmony of inner Qi / Jing. In eastern sciences energy affects the organs and the organs steer the body.

Even though we are incarnate in 3D physical body .. all around us are unseen dimensions that also affect us. Just as humans eat fish .. meat .. vegetables .. drink water! In the same way other dimensions [astral entities] can feed off the energy fields of humans.

Energy intrusions sometimes called "evil winds" can be entities composed of energy who feed off our internal Qi .. especially sexual life force. The stronger your internal Qi / kidney Jing .. the worse the evil wind spins will be and the effects on the organs.

I do not mean sexual Astral Parasites .. that is another danger.

I am in this watery whirlwind without end and nothing I do to stop it works. I am getting weaker and the whirling water is getting stronger. Of course it is getting stronger! It is spinning on my internal Qi affecting the lungs and all the organs.

The reason it is so painful is because the energy resonance of the human bio-field is incompatible with the energy spin of dimensional entities who need turbulence to suck out our energies. That is why you could say: Evil winds .. because it is really painful and very disruptive.

On energetic levels what western science calls "virus" are the bio signatures of these electrical or energetic disruptions in our electrical fields and the cells / frequencies. Did Royal Rife capture this shifting energy process using the Rife microscope and is this the reason the US Government shut him down and stole the microscopes?

I don't have my Tesla watch to test this out but fortunately I did have a small purple Tesla Plate. I taped the Tesla plate to my lower to mid spine and waited to see what happens. Some kinds of harmonic frequencies must disrupt energy parasites [viruses and bacteria are energy parasites].

Within 20 minutes I had achieved what I could not achieve no matter what I tried. For three days I was drinking four pints of fresh juices in the morning over four hours and it had no effect. That whole exhausting energetic whirlwind stopped. The excess water stopped [kidneys / water] .. the tiredness exhaustion left me.

The other thing that immediately stopped was the heat / cold phenomenon. The skin of my body was like hot dim sum dumplings and my internal Qi was shivering cold. Some people might say: There are no Astral Entities feeding off human vital Qi .. it is just the body out of balance!

The bodies vital force did not get into that state on its own.

The Qi word is PROTECTION. We need to develop harmonic resonance science that understands different electrical field frequencies and how they affect the human body. When you throw out the disruptive fields then the body goes back into balance on its own.

This might also explain psychic intent and so-called "miracle cures" where people recover for no scientific reason other than family and friends praying or sending light and love. This could push out the evil winds caught up in the vital internal force. We need to learn how to photograph or detect those disruptive energies.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Holographic DNA: Water Oxygen Connections

DNA is internally wired for upgrades [through Nature]
In the last posts I was talking about: Five Elements Yin / Yang Balance and how it relates to mankind. I am sure no one wants to consider that the genetic signatures in humans are unfolding [regressing] in some cases. It has to do with how we use the body collectively over hundreds / thousands of years.

It's like a new car of the latest technology. If you drive the car ultra fast [aggressively] into the ground you will wreck the car. Okay .. cars don't have babies #_# .. but humans do. The next generations inherit those damaged genes. This takes place over hundreds and thousands of years.

You are not going to reverse that cultural damage overnight.

Jiddu Krishnamurti had talked about how scientists believe they can genetically change the human being by messing around with the genes. That attempting to change the human being genetically [from the outside] cannot work. The human cannot be given an "enlightenment" gene. Those are my words.

The reason you cannot go into DNA / genes and splice them up to create a super human .. is because the genetic system is connected as one [holographic] whole. No matter how you cut and splice genetic information the cut out information is going to exist in the parts of DNA you want to use.

Then those DNA / genes have a way of reordering themselves in their own way.

Currently it is not Markets and Institutions that are in crisis .. but it is humans [who create Markets] who are in a long term crisis. Everything humans create is the external world created from the internal world. The discipline has to be inside and then manifest in the external worlds.

People live in [focus on] the external world .. and choose to ignore [escape from] the inner world. The DNA [electrical fields] do not get accurate GPS signal connections to the real world .. because most people are in various states of denial. Internally most humans are in a state of disconnect.

At the same time Jiddu Krishnamurti suggested that our DNA / genes can be altered [transformed] from within. The Incarnate Spirit has the potential to affect the genes through transformations in consciousness. In my view this would lead to technical developments of special alternating fields beneficial to higher levels of planetary existence.

In associating with higher consciousness there are natural compounds that can be used to heal damaged DNA / genes. The Incarnate Spirit is the Master .. and the genes are plastic. All humans are doing currently is destroying themselves. Incarnations are frying out the living electrical fields of their own DNA / genes.

What fries out the genes faster than anything else?
Hatred .. aggression .. fear .. suffering .. greed!

When you have thousands of years hatred patterns .. aggression patterns .. victim patterns .. fear patterns = you have a serious problem! I know how toxic this is .. because when I was born I was aware of multiple layers of cultural behavior patterns within my "inherited" genetics.

I was completely aware of the past [cultural genetic encoded information] .. and felt / experienced those toxic encoded memories as though I was experiencing the anger and hatred NOW .. at that time. I think by the age of thirteen I knew I had a serious internal problem.

Then the hatred or cultural anger seeks a way to project itself out into the today world. Fortunately my Incarnate self was not compatible with the genetic toxic pollution. If you tune into it .. then it takes on a life of its own. It is really embarrassing for me to admit that I experienced this hatred.

There are also levels where one has to experience the disease or the imbalance in order to understand how to heal or correct it. I imagine this is the reason many spirits incarnate on Earth .. to dive in there and heal the collective [inherited] disturbance.

Karmically .. it is often the case that Incarnate Spirits re-incarnate to heal out-of-balance consciousness they helped create [in past lives]. As I said before .. it is not the external but the INTERNAL state that is most important.

The next levels of healing are natural compounds from Nature that beneficially alter DNA and genes. They exist .. but we have not exactly discovered them as yet. One important aspect is water [oxygen]. Historically the most violent areas of the Planet have tended to be low on fresh water resources.

The 2016 Year of the Elemental Fire Monkey may potentially bring a breakthrough in newly discovered forms of "water". The reason for this is that water is a slightly more dense form of air. Humans cannot live long without breathing air .. then they cannot live long without drinking water.

Water and air interact in fundamental ways that creates [supports] physical matter. If the air is not rich in water [oxygen] there may be long term physical [cognitive] issues resulting from this.

On subliminal [instinctive] or active [conscious] levels .. areas rich in water would become historical conflict areas. When the genes are deprived of oxygen rich water over long periods [hundreds of years] this would effect the genetic cellular electrical field functions / consciousness connections.

One would actually have to wear an extra skin [similar to reptiles skin] that makes me think of Frank Herbert's Dune series where the Fremen of Dune wore special suits that conserved and recycled water. But .. that is on another Planet !!

The healing processes are internal .. but we are also biological entities. There has to be a natural balance between the two: Between Incarnate Consciousness and physical 3D reality. This implies there is a THIRD Principle involved! What is the mysterious third principle that connects consciousness and matter?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five Elements: The Secret Principles

Within the strong force is the weak .. within the weak force is the strong. The strong force and the weak force are ONE
According to: Yin Yang Secret Principle of Force.
The Martial Arts were founded on yin / yang principles of BALANCE. You did not defeat your opponent .. but they defeated themselves according to these fundamental principles. In the same way .. you are always fighting yourself. When one Master defeats another Master he defeats himself.

This may all sound very strange .. but I have first hand experience of these forces .. how they effect us and what they can do. Each person is their own enemy. The conflicts .. the battles .. the hatred .. the fear all take place inside. They are projected outside onto the external World.

When you fall in love you project it outside yourself even though [according to the Secret Yin / Yang Principles of Force] everything is taking place inside you. The difficult truth is that we Incarnate INTERNALLY [within ourselves]. The relationships to the World are the relationships we have to [within] ourselves.

When the sperm and the egg unite a THIRD entity is born [created]. That entity becomes his / her own being. The THIRD entity becomes the FIRST entity leaving the parents behind the moment its persona forms. The sperm and egg cease to exist as the THIRD entity is born [gives birth to itself]. In the first division of the cells the THIRD entity becomes the FIRST entity = its own being.

What I mean by this is that the Incarnation immediately cloaks itself / forms itself like an ACORN planted in the soil on a forest floor. The dividing cells nourish themselves from the Earth/soil ground of the mother .. but they are already independent .. their own being .. totally unique.

The yin / yang force was originally the mother and the father.

The being becomes their own yin / yang force as the cells divide to form a unique micro-cosmos that we call: A Human Being. When born the yin / yang balance is still active. Gradually according to karma and past lives experience the being forms their own internal Qi / Chi according to their nature ...

Do not think I am so brilliant I have all this knowledge and information in my head. I don't !! This information is as new to me as it is to you #_# .. all that happened is I woke up in the early hours of the morning with this in my head: Within the strong force is the weak .. within the weak force is the strong.

I had to fall back asleep .. and I thought: I am NEVER going to remember this when I waken up !! Now I have to find a way to explain this in ways that make sense. I woke up and the same information was waiting for me [inside my mind].

The sperm and the egg form the SEED.

The Incarnate SEED begins to multiply internal QI [life force] and this force controls the cell divisions through what I call the Primordial Cell. Every cell in your body has a copy or signature of the Primordial Cell. That is what your body is.

Five Elements: The Secret Principles
We do not know what the original Five Elements Protocols of the Middle East was .. because it is buried under sand. The rest was destroyed [for some reason]. Across Europe the Romans destroyed the Five Elements Protocols [some were hidden]. For some reason in Asia they survived more or less intact.

Problems over thousands of years formed probably according to the Fall of Man. In creating Earth humans a mixture of planetary and off planetary genes were used. These original humans were different than we are today. These genes began to slowly unfold in some cases regressing to alternative states of the mixture.

The threat to Mankind is: Genetic unfolding or Genetic regression.

In some cases the more primitive genetics become dominant within a complex mixture of terrestrial and non-terrestrial genes. It's like when someone makes a coding error in designing software .. sort of similar. Was this done deliberately? I don't think so! Also .. I don't think Earth Humans are totally to blame.

It is not only the body of the Horse .. it is affecting the Head of the Horse !!

Until the genes can be "healed" or re-designed [re-coded] .. what can you do?

As Rulers and associates began to go crazy .. and no longer wanted to hear about WEAK principles .. MISTAKES or FAILURES .. they manipulated [destroyed] systems in place created to help Humans find balance [guidance] no matter what. This is because the Incarnate Spirit can affect the plastic genetics of the physical form.

Across the entire World the Masters and the PRINCIPLES were suppressed or destroyed as the #pe mentality took over the affairs of man. No one wanted to hear about BALANCE. No one wanted to hear about WEAK principles. No one wanted to hear about WEAK principles affecting STRONG.

Because their intellect is not STRONG they need weapons +_#

It has been around two thousand years where mankind stands at a crossroads... An INTERNAL crossroads that affects the external reality [World]. Humans have not deteriorated into the base genetic level. That is because genes are electrical systems interacting with eternal spirits [Qi]. It is getting to the point of mechanics trying to hold together an old car.

No matter what .. humans have to return to the Five Elements Principles of Yin Yang Balance. That will give mankind time to figure out a solution. It's a GUIDANCE. It is like a Cosmic GPS System for the psyche. The true force in the Universe is not STRONG .. it is not WEAK .. it is BALANCE.

Only one person has to understand this: That is YOU ...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Five Elements Guidance: The Lost Principles

In yin yang principles the strong and the weak are same force.
All elements have to be in balance at all times. The popular theology was the Universe is in chaos. The Universe is not in a state of chaos. Everything in the Universe supports everything else.

Everything in life uses some form of Guidance at various levels [focus]. The falling rain guides you to protect yourself through its effects. The cold guides you to protect yourself through its effects. Everything you learn is learned through direct interaction.

One could view the Fire Monkey Year and all its Elements both strong and weak as forms of guidance. We interact with those forces and learn. There are higher and more involved forms of guidance beyond direct interaction.

In ancient times one of the forms of guidance was Five Elements Astrology Principles. Other forms were the Tarot and western Astrology. They were originally designed to observe and understand all natural interacting principles [laws] strong and weak. To understand how they influence each other.

The Lost Principles
What I was shown is the effect the lost principles had on mankind over the last two thousand years. A different energy took over East and the West influencing the human consciousness and human society. In the East Five Elements Understanding and Astrology came under attack. Much of the original philosophy and understanding was destroyed.

In the West the Tarot and Western Astrology came under attack and most of the original philosophy and understanding was attacked and destroyed. Later the remains of Five Elements Procedures and Principles .. The Tarot and Western Astrology were designated to levels of superstition.

Guidance of the divine [divination] was originally the art of Five Elements Astrology [Cosmology]. Originally the philosophy was to understand the yin / yang relationships of all principles [weak and strong]. The offending word being: weak.

Throughout the World .. West and East ruling elites across the board desired to promote only the [image of] strong and to eliminate all consideration of balance and especially any principles understanding weak elements. This fear of the weak and its influence on "the strong" exists until today.

In the ancient past it was prudent to observe and understand the weaker elements and their relationship and influences to the stronger elements. At the same time the interchanging elements cycles would experience both strong and weak principles. It was the understanding of these cycles and yin / yang that achieved [created] balance.

It was understood that Five Elements: Fire Earth Metal Water Wood experience both strong and weak cycles .. both strong and weak interactions and relationships. It was not enough to understand the strong .. one had to understand the influence of the weak.

Even when at war ancient Rulers and Masters followed the Guidance of Five Elements Principles. Then an Age emerged in East and West where the "strong" was to be worshiped at the expense of everything else. Rulers must only be STRONG even when they are WEAK.

This out-of-balance principle exists until today.

Observing the common principle of the 2016 Fire Monkey Year .. everyone talks about wishes for success and being strong. No one talks about balance. No one talks about understanding how strong elements are affected by the weak elements and how weak elements are affected by the strong.

I understand why people are not interested .. why very few people are interested: Because the minds of people on Earth are focused on POWER STRENGTH SUPERIOR .. and people most of all fear being WEAK. No one wants to hear about weak elements and everyone wants to hear about strong elements.

The few people who are interested in what I am saying are understanding the yin / yang balance .. Martial Arts / Karate Do / Tai Chi / AIKIDO and the Five Elements... Bringing the World back into balance!

I am going to write more about this .. because it is very important to understand!

The most important aspect to understand is how the weak and strong elements always interact and obey the laws of balance .. the laws of yin / yang. This knowledge and understanding is returning to the World of mankind. Out-of-balance we are going to destroy ourselves.

The first rule of balance is YOURSELF!

Everything you do .. everything you are is relationship with yourself. That is the first yin / yang balance. It follows the dual principle of sperm / egg. Duality: The sperm and the egg. Then the Third Principle of duality unfolds: Sperm / egg are one and that primordial cell begins to divide. The cell divides into two and into three [triangle].

All events happen inside us. When we love it happens inside as a primary experience. When we are angry it is the same. When we feel joy it is the same. When we are afraid it is the same. All primary experiences happen inside as an undivided part of us.

It is a new Enlightenment about to happen...

The lost principles [fear of the weak / weak elements] created the last two thousand years of chaos in the affairs of mankind across the whole Planet. Chaos is when "choice" says: I want to be strong and I do not want to be weak. Fear of the weaker elements [against universal laws] causes suffering [internal and external].

Rulers [eventually the people] did not want to hear about Five Elements or any kind of balance of strong / weak energy cycles and events. The problems facing humans is that yin / yang balance is all about strong weak relationship cycle .. and they are related like the sperm and the egg. It is all one natural system.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Five Elements Art of Scheduling & Positioning

The Chinese art of scheduling and positioning shaped the very core of traditional culture and philosophy. In contrast with the West, divination in China was considered neither supernatural nor superstitious. The information with which the art dealt was thought to derive from the natural universe itself and not from a transcendent power.

The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology:
The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese
- Thomas Aylward
I do not learn much from humans .. and I have been like this since I was a small child. I always easily learn from the streams of the ancient arts. That is where the Masters teach knowledge that has been passed down over thousands of years.

As a child I was not looking at and later reading children's books. I would get all the books of my family on Art ancient and modern. I would read the English translation of the I Ching by Wilhelm as though it was a book. I would study books about the Universe and the Planets.

For my exams at 16 I refused to study the standard "Animal Farm" but I chose to study Herman Hesse Siddartha and I backed myself up with Arthur Clark's 2001 A Space Odyssey.

I received most of my information and training from the Masters in the Dimensions I call: The Invisible Worlds. I call them invisible because most people do not see them nor are aware that these Dimensions are real and are part of our reality.

I tell you this because of what I am going to say next about: Five Elements Art of Scheduling & Positioning. As the Elemental 2016 Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey begins .. I see and hear the energy. I receive teachings from The Masters.

You cannot just incarnate new on Earth and do this. One has to have connected incarnations and be aware of them. The next layer is that the teachings are energy contact [connection] fields within the Five Elements System.

As the Earth related Cosmic System changes to what is called: Year of The Fire Monkey... I see energy information that also translates into physical reality [experiences]. In the transition Monkey Year I was shown how the Five Elements work and what is their relationship to Cosmos.

What I was shown is an awareness now lost but will be rediscovered.

Easy to understand and difficult to explain! The cycle and transition of the Chinese Five Elements Philosophy is based on real cycles. They are not what is called superstitions. They do effect all of us here on Earth.

Earth / Sun / Solar System / Galaxy orbits cycles and relationships also exist on the Planet as energetic / elemental cycles. The ancient philosophers understood this in terms of relationship of elements. In terms of yin / yang .. strong and weak elements.

Relationships of strong a weak elements is vital!

One example of weak and strong elements is the crane that crashed to the ground in New York as Chinese Astrology transitioned into the Fire Monkey element [February 4 / February 5 2016]. The first day of Fire Monkey was February 4 2016. This is the first year of the metal cycle. You have crane [metal] and strong winds [metal is also connected to winds].

Unusually the metal crane comes crashing down onto the streets of New York. There was an unseen weak element involved. This is what I am trying to convey about yin / yang relationship of the elements that also is balance of weak and strong. These are element relationships.

It is difficult to understand what was the weak element involved because no one knows what happened. In Monkey year metal is strong element .. but earth is weaker. I will take earth element as the weak influence. Wind moves according to physical earth matter. Wind also turns vortex [increasing power and velocity] according to earth / matter.

In this case I would say the weak element earth influenced the strong elements of metal and wind. The earth / stone / concrete buildings created a corridor for the strong winds that formed a vortex taking down the strong metal crane. Strong wind took down strong metal crane influenced by weak earth elements.

I try to show that weak / strong elements are governed by yin / yang principles.

I was shown that understanding of these elements [weak / strong principles] was much greater in ancient times. Something we will have to rediscover. This higher understanding was suppressed [destroyed] by rulers who gradually felt threatened by this science.

Over hundreds and then thousands of years various insecure rulers began to battle against and destroy the written and spoken knowledge of the Cosmic Five Elements Principles. As a result this knowledge became re-interpreted into its popular forms of: Monkey .. dog .. tiger .. horse .. elements.

The original Five Elements Astrology could accurately predict the rise and fall of situations .. and this is why later rulers began a war on this information and elements science. Simply because it predicted their own rise and fall. Everyone wants to hear RISE and no one wants to hear FALL.

The study of the balance of the elements was not about RISE & FALL. It was about BALANCE! This is what I am trying to share with you. Balance between weak and strong elements = yin / yang.

What is the meaning of Scheduling and positioning? It is basically timing [understanding] and action [movement]. You see this best of all in the application of the Martial Arts. You may think the Martial Arts are physical .. but primarily they are mental.

Timing is movement!

The deeper understanding of the Five Elements Principles is related to movement and timing. Primary isolated ego does not want to hear or know anything about this. This understanding implies higher principles beyond ego and self. That is the true origins and meanings of yin / yang.

Five Elements Principles apply to cycles of energy that were expressed to humans as: Fire Earth Metal Water Wood. These five elements interact with each other in positive and negative ways. You also have variations in strong or weak element relationships and cycles.

What was shown to me is that you have Five Elements cycles in the same way you have Galactic orbit .. Solar system .. Earth orbit .. Sun = it is all happening in relationship [dynamic relationship]. Each year cycle has an energetic signature / balance. It is an Inner Systems Orbit related to the Earth itself.

All the elemental signatures of the Five Elements Cycles are like an invisible unseen energies [orbits]. It effects the Earth .. it effects the atmosphere .. it effects humans and animals .. plants .. it effect the weather.

This is dynamic yin / yang principles of energy balance.

The cycles are real .. but how do you relate and interact with each cycle? We are undivided part of these cycles of energies. If we are born into and live in long cycles .. the relationship is within. The guidance is within. We are all part of the energetic cycle. When we understand the balance of weak and strong elements that is another level.

There is an elemental cosmos that holds together and governs our physical reality in similar ways to the governance of the physical Universe. As above .. so below. The Elemental Universe governs: Earth Metal Water Wood Fire. This elemental governing cosmos moves in cycles.

We need to understand balance.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]

I wanted to call this: King Monkey Colon Detox... Because I know people would not understand my sense of humor and the Internet does not recognize HUMOR .. I decided to create a more balanced title: Between friends this is .. King Monkey 2016 Colon Cleanse.

Ancient Chinese Masters understood energetic cycles.

The Chinese Five Elements are energetic cycles. Also the cycles of Earth follow mathematical energetic cycles. For easy understanding humans translated this into simple but complex systems such as the Chinese Feng Shui Five Elements Cosmic Astrology [Earth Cycles].

Although this is health related .. I am going to add this post to the Astro*Tarot because it is all one. One example is this has been my whole life. Cosmos [astrology] affects me and I respond.

Even though I am sensitive and respond = listen to those Cosmic influences. I still see this as Cosmos using me as a communication device or Mobile Phone #_#

I tried to explain in: Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal] .. that our lives are not only about the dominant / strong energies or elements .. and pursuing the strong to become "strong". Our lives are essentially about balance [of which strength is only one part].

I will explain later in more detail what this means... In other posts!

Personally as the natural qi elements / energies change to Red Fire Monkey [King] .. I can observe the changes in my perceptions. What I am saying is that these elemental changes are INFORMATION resources [interface resources]. Each person will interact with these forces depending on karmic incarnation experiences.

I am fully aware why the Fire Monkey energies affect me in this way!

I am not a "stupid person" .. I have excellent intellect. I could easily follow the general trend and use language to create a big Internet following. I choose not to do this for various reasons. In this respect I am talking about power and using strong QI elements .. I am Aries .. I could have done this!

I do not want to take this path and I am guided to avoid that path...

Now I teach you about the colon!
The colon is your gut .. the small and large intestine that runs from the tip of your tongue to the anus. If you follow medical convention the tip of your tongue is "clean" and your anus is "dirty". Your tongue is full of clean bacteria and clean functions of your digestive systems and your anus is the last dirty bacteria contaminated hole of your body!

Not exactly true !!

The tongue is more vulnerable to contamination and the anus is really good at dealing with bacteria. From the tongue you will get deadly bacteria quicker directly in the brain than the anus. Welcome to The Year of The Fire Monkey!

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]
Over 40 years I have tried and tested every kind of colon / gut detox along the way out of respect and health for my physical body. Age 17 I began vegetarian and for over 10 years vegan [no eggs milk cheese] .. later raw foods .. Ann Wigmore living foods .. colonics .. enemas every week to clean the large intestine .. Dr Clark herbal parasite cleanse .. colon cleanse detox programs [supplements].

I have done intensive juicing programs.

I discover that we have to be aware and pay attention to the body .. be sensitive .. know what is best for the gut. How many people on this Earth will ever pay attention to what their gut tells them? Some pathless lands have small number of beings sharing the journey .. especially when it is arduous and reflecting deep within the self.

I personally will use this King Monkey Year to seriously clean my colon. That means clean and detox my entire body including organs .. glands .. blood .. hormones. Do you think the hormones can get contaminated and be toxic? No one thinks that!

Let me share with you what King Monkey teaches me already after only a few days into 2016 Year of the Chinese Red Fire Monkey... I learn immediately that the glands / organs / hormones are ONE. It is very difficult to describe because science fragments all the processes of the body.

Glands hormones organs blood tissues are all one = connected.

The gut / colon is a major central part of the health and regulation of the physical body. The gut is one organism that extends from the tip of the tongue to the anus. Technically and electrically the organisms existing at the anus exist at the tip of the tongue.

Garlic is one example of this principle. If you put a clove of garlic into the anus you will taste the garlic taste on the tongue. It is the same with wheat grass. If you do a wheat grass enema / infusion then you will taste the wheat grass in the mouth / tongue.

From experience I never want to detox the colon FAST.

Rather than use enemas I now use Magnesium Oxide once or twice a week to oxygenate and detox the small and large intestine. I also use turmeric [cucurmin] in food as well as supplements. Chinese sweet wormwood [Artimisinin] is also a good colon detox herb.

I found that probiotics [including live milk Kefir] and magnesium oxide and more recently self-made ozonated water were more effective than enemas and colonics [long term] for detoxing and cleansing the colon.

Monkey King teaches us that ego [self image] comes to an end. What is Wu Cheng'en Sun Wukong - Monkey King - Journey To The West? Sun Wukong [Monkey King] faithfully helped Xuanzang on his journey to India.

This is not only a story .. it is also a philosophy of: Energy .. elements .. consciousness .. balance. Same principles apply to the physical body. High oxygen / alkali PH .. live enzyme nutrition.

The key aspect I want to convey is that the physical biological body has a slow natural cycle. We humans are intellectually super fast. We want to destroy issues in nano-seconds .. days .. weeks. Science has the mentality: Kill this .. kill that .. destroy this .. destroy that!

Nature does not destroy .. it transforms *_*

Five elements colon cleanse is sensitivity and awareness that the organs are ONE. The heart works with the lungs .. liver .. pancreas .. kidneys and bladder. The glands seamlessly work with the organs. Add to this that the heart is a gland. The heart is the MAJOR GLAND in the human body.

I gently gradually slowly detox the colon .. the entire gut .. the glandular system .. the blood .. and so on! You cannot do it fast. There has to be respect and trust and giving the body time. This is what I learned / was taught!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal]

2016 is Year of the Monkey. The first day of Monkey Year arrive on February 4, 2016 in China Standard Time. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. Chinese Horoscope signs are determined by the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar.

The first day of Chinese astrology year is first day of Tiger month. That is the day of Start of Spring in the Chinese Astrology Calendar.

The Start of Spring is the time when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. The Start of Spring in China Standard Time is at 17:47 p.m. on February 4, 2016.
Master Tsai - Chinese Astrology
2016 is the Year of the Male Fire Monkey. The first year of the Metal Cycle. Traditional relationships of Five Elements Balance in birth charts originally had nothing to do with the animal signs. Chinese Astrology was originally associated with Feng Shui and Five Elements. Chinese Astrology only later took on a more mundane task of predicting fortune according to the twelve animal signs.

You have to see the animal signatures like elements as well as character elements. Then put all these elements together to understand the nature of the energy and the dynamics [influences] to be faced ot to be dealt with.

In 2016 you have Red Fire Monkey [element] .. but Monkey also contains Metal and Water. I wonder if oil can be associated with the influence of Water? The other concern is the mind / intellect. Monkeys are very sharp and fast. Monkeys can trick humans .. but it is difficult to trick a monkey!

These are not personalities .. these are elements.

One is going to see sudden changes in finances [not necessarily all positive] together with changes in metals commodities and perhaps also oil. If I am correct .. looking at the elements involved and their relationships .. metals and water could be the influence of gold and oil.

There is probably going to be financial turbulence that may be good for some and bad for others. Possibly the key element is the sharp mind or the clear mind. Maybe also the stupid mind? The clever Monkey can outwit all danger and so we will probably see attempts to overcome the volatility with tricks.

Not everything is about strength. You also have to understand what elements are not strong because they also have an influence. Everything in life is yin and yang. Everything is keeping balance between the strong and the weak. Between strong and weak forces. Primarily this means strong and weak natural forces.

When life is released in its natural state it is the unseen force of yin and yang that keep balance between all physical forces. The physical forces are Galaxies .. Suns .. Planets .. Solar Systems .. Oceans .. Physical Landmass .. Atmosphere .. Weather Systems .. right down to the smallest atom.

It is not only about the ellements but is more about the BALANCE of the ELEMENTS!

year of the Fire Monkey is also influenced in harmony with or in relationship with the weaker elements. Although traditionally the primary Monkey energies are yang / fire on top of metal there is also relationship with Earth and Wood to consider. If the conditions for Earth and Wood are not so favorable .. this does not mean they have no effect.

What is missing in modern understanding of the Five Elements is the alchemy of BALANCE between the elements at all times that keeps order within matter [order within the World]. Chinese astrology / Feng Shui was the understanding of the balance between the weak and the strong.

How can there be balance between the weak and the strong? Strong will always overcome weak and the weak will always give way to the strong [forces]. In the Five Elements Balance this is not so. A weak force can overcome a strong force.

Imagine that Liver [Wood] Qi is strong and Lungs [Metal] Qi is weak. Wu Xing / The Five Elements is based on an ancient understanding of the balanced relationship of all forces in the Universe. The weak Metal / Lungs can and do influence strong Wood / Liver.

I don't think they are born yet! In the future there is going to be a Master who writes a new Master Text that will show people in-depth the foundation of the Yin / Yang relationship in terms of balance. So much is going to come from the East and influence the entire World in positive ways.

It is not always: All these strong Elements will affect the World.

It is the balance that is always effecting the World.

Chinese New Year Juicing
I got started with some serious juicing. This year I had been drinking almost a liter of fresh juice every morning.

All of a sudden I got super charged and got myself some serious juicing vegetables and fruits. Yesterday I was drinking juices all day [3 liters].

This morning I had as much juice within 4 hours .. after half a liter of my home made milk Kefir!

I like to mix less sweet juice oranges and blood oranges with celery .. then add maybe chicory .. sometimes a handful of Italian Salad [slightly tangy taste]. If I juice celery / apple then I do not add oranges or citrus fruits. If I juice tomato / celery I do not use apples or oranges.

I rarely juice root vegetables - carrots / beets - I do like to juice Daikon radish with orange / celery. Orange grapefruit celery also makes a nice juice. Juicing celery / cucumber reduces the sweetness of the oranges.

Colon detox is as important as the food you eat when you want to stay healthy. We live our lives eating and eating without being aware that the colon is a very big tube. Over many years the walls of the colon can become encrusted with waste.

In the last few days I got really charged up about health and detox. The funny part of this is in Chinese Traditional Medicine Lung / Large Intestine is associated with Metal. This also is effected through Heart / Small Intestine [Fire].

I will be writing more about this .. but for now it is important to be aware that all the organs depend on the health of the colon [small and large intestines]. This is related to Acid PH / Alkali PH .. low oxygen / high oxygen environment. You are only as healthy as your gut. This is going to be a fun year!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Compassion: Internal Chi Protection

Masters teach me very severe form of Martial Arts!
I know so many people believe that compassion is an external art. Like .. you have compassion for all the people! You have compassion for people who try to destroy you. You have compassion for people who attack you...

Yes and No!

All my life I have people who attack me because I am [was] not afraid to say what I know. I was not afraid to say what I see. I shared my Other Word experiences with people. I did this because I thought everyone could see the world of mystery that surrounds us.

If someone does not see the Invisible Worlds I respect that!

When people try to make me look like a fool .. I am thinking: These people must be very sick. I do not say anything. I observe them and I observe their behavior. I think .. even if I am living in my own world [as they say] why do they want to attack me?

1. Compassion is INTERNAL
2. Compassion is an INTERNAL SHIELD
3. Compassion is more dangerous than all Martial Arts [combined]

Compassion [internal compassion / protection] is not "roll over and die". Internal compassion is not an OPEN DOOR = okay .. you can do anything you want. Compassion is not .. come into my home and destroy it.

That is the wrong philosophy! Inner compassion is VERY DANGEROUS.

Compassion never applies to the outer [outer world] .. but true compassion is always applied to inner world. Compassion is not feeling sorry for something or someone OUTSIDE. Compassion is a very dangerous internal CHI. In its true form compassion is NEVER applied outwardly to [directed towards] the outer world.

Compassion is more dangerous than Samurai sword.

The internal sharp edge of compassion is within and is never applied outside. Compassion is an inner art .. an inner shield and inner protection that has no direction .. no goal .. no target. There is no outer movement. In ancient times that was originally: The Way of The Samurai.

The Masters of Chi were so electrically powerful that no sane human being would attack or challenge them. If someone persisted the rule of the Samurai was: When you draw your sword you kill.

When people .. ideologies or outer situations attack .. there is always deeper inner protection when you learn to apply compassion. Because when outer energies are electrically negatively charged .. this also includes an negative psychic charge. A sensitive person can be drawn into the negativity similar to a magnet.

Attacks in all forms are electrically charged fields.

Inner compassion creates an ultra-field that cannot be affected by outer influence(s). If you study traditional paintings of Buddha you will see this field in the art: The Inner Field of Compassion.

Inner compassion protects against the outer chaos of lower negative fields. You do not use compassion like a sword trying to reform or change the outer external world.

There are universal laws that are more powerful than individual desires. In this sense inner compassion applies its own path in mysterious ways. Compassion is pathless. It is a different energy force. Always new !!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations

In my post Honeycomb of Dimensions [realities] I wrote:
You have to have compassion to protect yourself.
Compassion is the ultimate connector across space and time.
Now I explain why!

Everything in the Universe has electrical charge .. and you can have low electrical charge or high electrical change. It does not matter who you are or what you think and believe. Ultimately all there is are variations in electrical charge.

I will give you examples of variations in electrical charge... If you attack someone .. if you bully someone [negative charge] .. if you love someone .. if you show compassion [positive charge]. How does this affect physical body? Negative charge = acid PH and positive charge = alkali PH [in general]. There are many in-between electrical charge variations.

This is just a general introduction to my basic understanding of what I was shown about the link to Karma [energetic] and physical experiences [electrical charge]. This is a future science.

I simplified this process .. as it is actually much more complicated. There is energy [spirit] .. and there is electrical current [body] .. and there is mind [psyche]. In this respect physical body mind and spirit are connected and they are ONE.

The blood flowing through the body is electrically charged [in its healthy state] to a certain frequency. Apart from this the blood and glandular fluids are electrically charged. The blood flows through the veins using this polarity / electrical charge. The heart [gland] is not a physical pump but the heart is a powerful but subtle electrical capacitor.

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations
The problem is that I am writing in English. If I was writing in Asian languages this would be instantly understood. It does not matter if you use Chi or Qi .. there are languages and understanding outside of English.

Now I have to use the word: Electric / currents.

Most people do not know the effect frequencies of electric currents can have on the body. The mind [psyche] uses electrical currents. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with the body. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with itself. The body uses electrical currents to communicate with the brain. It is yin and yang!

Compassion is also an "electrical current".

When dealing with electricity we have many variations in currents and charge. One example is the electrical charges from a volcanic eruption. Another example is the electrical charge from lightning. Then you have electrical charge within the human body. There are also electrical charges within and around the Sun.

Each cell within the human body has an electrical charge!

Within the human psyche you have connections to higher levels of electrical charge or you have connections to lower levels of electrical charge. This is like a natural filter. If you want to drink pure water without contaminants you filter the water. If you drink water polluted with contaminants you drink water polluted with whatever ??

All connections are variations in electrical frequencies.

The whole physical domain is primarily related to electrical charge. This electrical charge is also related to negative emotions or inner compassion. In ancient times compassion was primarily used as physical and psychic protection. The electrical charge of compassion acts as a shield.

Not many people today understand this.