Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five Elements: The Secret Principles

Within the strong force is the weak .. within the weak force is the strong. The strong force and the weak force are ONE
According to: Yin Yang Secret Principle of Force.
The Martial Arts were founded on yin / yang principles of BALANCE. You did not defeat your opponent .. but they defeated themselves according to these fundamental principles. In the same way .. you are always fighting yourself. When one Master defeats another Master he defeats himself.

This may all sound very strange .. but I have first hand experience of these forces .. how they effect us and what they can do. Each person is their own enemy. The conflicts .. the battles .. the hatred .. the fear all take place inside. They are projected outside onto the external World.

When you fall in love you project it outside yourself even though [according to the Secret Yin / Yang Principles of Force] everything is taking place inside you. The difficult truth is that we Incarnate INTERNALLY [within ourselves]. The relationships to the World are the relationships we have to [within] ourselves.

When the sperm and the egg unite a THIRD entity is born [created]. That entity becomes his / her own being. The THIRD entity becomes the FIRST entity leaving the parents behind the moment its persona forms. The sperm and egg cease to exist as the THIRD entity is born [gives birth to itself]. In the first division of the cells the THIRD entity becomes the FIRST entity = its own being.

What I mean by this is that the Incarnation immediately cloaks itself / forms itself like an ACORN planted in the soil on a forest floor. The dividing cells nourish themselves from the Earth/soil ground of the mother .. but they are already independent .. their own being .. totally unique.

The yin / yang force was originally the mother and the father.

The being becomes their own yin / yang force as the cells divide to form a unique micro-cosmos that we call: A Human Being. When born the yin / yang balance is still active. Gradually according to karma and past lives experience the being forms their own internal Qi / Chi according to their nature ...

Do not think I am so brilliant I have all this knowledge and information in my head. I don't !! This information is as new to me as it is to you #_# .. all that happened is I woke up in the early hours of the morning with this in my head: Within the strong force is the weak .. within the weak force is the strong.

I had to fall back asleep .. and I thought: I am NEVER going to remember this when I waken up !! Now I have to find a way to explain this in ways that make sense. I woke up and the same information was waiting for me [inside my mind].

The sperm and the egg form the SEED.

The Incarnate SEED begins to multiply internal QI [life force] and this force controls the cell divisions through what I call the Primordial Cell. Every cell in your body has a copy or signature of the Primordial Cell. That is what your body is.

Five Elements: The Secret Principles
We do not know what the original Five Elements Protocols of the Middle East was .. because it is buried under sand. The rest was destroyed [for some reason]. Across Europe the Romans destroyed the Five Elements Protocols [some were hidden]. For some reason in Asia they survived more or less intact.

Problems over thousands of years formed probably according to the Fall of Man. In creating Earth humans a mixture of planetary and off planetary genes were used. These original humans were different than we are today. These genes began to slowly unfold in some cases regressing to alternative states of the mixture.

The threat to Mankind is: Genetic unfolding or Genetic regression.

In some cases the more primitive genetics become dominant within a complex mixture of terrestrial and non-terrestrial genes. It's like when someone makes a coding error in designing software .. sort of similar. Was this done deliberately? I don't think so! Also .. I don't think Earth Humans are totally to blame.

It is not only the body of the Horse .. it is affecting the Head of the Horse !!

Until the genes can be "healed" or re-designed [re-coded] .. what can you do?

As Rulers and associates began to go crazy .. and no longer wanted to hear about WEAK principles .. MISTAKES or FAILURES .. they manipulated [destroyed] systems in place created to help Humans find balance [guidance] no matter what. This is because the Incarnate Spirit can affect the plastic genetics of the physical form.

Across the entire World the Masters and the PRINCIPLES were suppressed or destroyed as the #pe mentality took over the affairs of man. No one wanted to hear about BALANCE. No one wanted to hear about WEAK principles. No one wanted to hear about WEAK principles affecting STRONG.

Because their intellect is not STRONG they need weapons +_#

It has been around two thousand years where mankind stands at a crossroads... An INTERNAL crossroads that affects the external reality [World]. Humans have not deteriorated into the base genetic level. That is because genes are electrical systems interacting with eternal spirits [Qi]. It is getting to the point of mechanics trying to hold together an old car.

No matter what .. humans have to return to the Five Elements Principles of Yin Yang Balance. That will give mankind time to figure out a solution. It's a GUIDANCE. It is like a Cosmic GPS System for the psyche. The true force in the Universe is not STRONG .. it is not WEAK .. it is BALANCE.

Only one person has to understand this: That is YOU ...