Thursday, February 11, 2016

Five Elements Guidance: The Lost Principles

In yin yang principles the strong and the weak are same force.
All elements have to be in balance at all times. The popular theology was the Universe is in chaos. The Universe is not in a state of chaos. Everything in the Universe supports everything else.

Everything in life uses some form of Guidance at various levels [focus]. The falling rain guides you to protect yourself through its effects. The cold guides you to protect yourself through its effects. Everything you learn is learned through direct interaction.

One could view the Fire Monkey Year and all its Elements both strong and weak as forms of guidance. We interact with those forces and learn. There are higher and more involved forms of guidance beyond direct interaction.

In ancient times one of the forms of guidance was Five Elements Astrology Principles. Other forms were the Tarot and western Astrology. They were originally designed to observe and understand all natural interacting principles [laws] strong and weak. To understand how they influence each other.

The Lost Principles
What I was shown is the effect the lost principles had on mankind over the last two thousand years. A different energy took over East and the West influencing the human consciousness and human society. In the East Five Elements Understanding and Astrology came under attack. Much of the original philosophy and understanding was destroyed.

In the West the Tarot and Western Astrology came under attack and most of the original philosophy and understanding was attacked and destroyed. Later the remains of Five Elements Procedures and Principles .. The Tarot and Western Astrology were designated to levels of superstition.

Guidance of the divine [divination] was originally the art of Five Elements Astrology [Cosmology]. Originally the philosophy was to understand the yin / yang relationships of all principles [weak and strong]. The offending word being: weak.

Throughout the World .. West and East ruling elites across the board desired to promote only the [image of] strong and to eliminate all consideration of balance and especially any principles understanding weak elements. This fear of the weak and its influence on "the strong" exists until today.

In the ancient past it was prudent to observe and understand the weaker elements and their relationship and influences to the stronger elements. At the same time the interchanging elements cycles would experience both strong and weak principles. It was the understanding of these cycles and yin / yang that achieved [created] balance.

It was understood that Five Elements: Fire Earth Metal Water Wood experience both strong and weak cycles .. both strong and weak interactions and relationships. It was not enough to understand the strong .. one had to understand the influence of the weak.

Even when at war ancient Rulers and Masters followed the Guidance of Five Elements Principles. Then an Age emerged in East and West where the "strong" was to be worshiped at the expense of everything else. Rulers must only be STRONG even when they are WEAK.

This out-of-balance principle exists until today.

Observing the common principle of the 2016 Fire Monkey Year .. everyone talks about wishes for success and being strong. No one talks about balance. No one talks about understanding how strong elements are affected by the weak elements and how weak elements are affected by the strong.

I understand why people are not interested .. why very few people are interested: Because the minds of people on Earth are focused on POWER STRENGTH SUPERIOR .. and people most of all fear being WEAK. No one wants to hear about weak elements and everyone wants to hear about strong elements.

The few people who are interested in what I am saying are understanding the yin / yang balance .. Martial Arts / Karate Do / Tai Chi / AIKIDO and the Five Elements... Bringing the World back into balance!

I am going to write more about this .. because it is very important to understand!

The most important aspect to understand is how the weak and strong elements always interact and obey the laws of balance .. the laws of yin / yang. This knowledge and understanding is returning to the World of mankind. Out-of-balance we are going to destroy ourselves.

The first rule of balance is YOURSELF!

Everything you do .. everything you are is relationship with yourself. That is the first yin / yang balance. It follows the dual principle of sperm / egg. Duality: The sperm and the egg. Then the Third Principle of duality unfolds: Sperm / egg are one and that primordial cell begins to divide. The cell divides into two and into three [triangle].

All events happen inside us. When we love it happens inside as a primary experience. When we are angry it is the same. When we feel joy it is the same. When we are afraid it is the same. All primary experiences happen inside as an undivided part of us.

It is a new Enlightenment about to happen...

The lost principles [fear of the weak / weak elements] created the last two thousand years of chaos in the affairs of mankind across the whole Planet. Chaos is when "choice" says: I want to be strong and I do not want to be weak. Fear of the weaker elements [against universal laws] causes suffering [internal and external].

Rulers [eventually the people] did not want to hear about Five Elements or any kind of balance of strong / weak energy cycles and events. The problems facing humans is that yin / yang balance is all about strong weak relationship cycle .. and they are related like the sperm and the egg. It is all one natural system.