Monday, February 22, 2016

Subtle Electrical Fields Essential to Health

In the last post I talked about the Tesla Pulse technology watch [Tesla Uhr] that was patented by Nicola Tesla [a genius in electrical fields technology]. I still do not have a new watch .. but I was able to successfully use a Purple Tesla Plate [sticking it to my spine] to create resonance.

All physical matter has its own resonant electrical field. The human resonant electrical field can get way out of balance on various levels. On deeper levels they are all connected and affect each other. One example is the relationship between feeling crushed on psychic levels and sick on physical levels .. and then feeling energetically drained.

When human electrical field harmony gets disrupted the effects orbit physical .. psyche .. energy. Within 20 minutes I was able to correct the most important levels .. the energy / internal Qi. It is one thing feeling sick .. but it is totally another thing feeling drained of all inner energy reserves.

In a way it is quite funny that for hundreds of years the western medical system has focused on blood transfusion and totally ignores the vital energy factor. They think blood is "energy" .. but the fact remains that the human body requires energy to make the foreign blood its own configuration.

Of course vital Qi transfusions would end a multi-billion industry cow.

When you get sick one of the worst things that can happen is a feeling of being drained of inner energy or inner Qi [vital force]. If I get sick with a flu or cold I would feel physically run down but I am happy [I still have my inner Qi reserves]. This time I felt so bad because that essential vital core energy was not there.

I used the Tesla Plate and the effect that was most important to me was a deeper feeling of well being. My internal Qi was back [meaning it was no longer disrupted]. The physical body instantly calmed down without spinning "evil winds" whirlwind. As a result the water and the blood calmed down.

That took a lot of stress off the body.

Before that I could not sleep for three nights because the whole psychic and internal energy was disrupted. Once I had that effect of internal Qi balance I slept normally.

I was able to reverse the bronchial infection after regaining internal Qi balance. I used Umckaloabo [liquid drops] .. in only 12 hours most of the coughing has been completely reversed. As long as my internal Qi was spinning the spin nothing I tried was working.

There is a really important connection between energy and physical well being.

I see energy as being the essential ruler of physical material dimensions. First comes energy / Qi [breath] and this electrical force is the ruler of matter. What effects matter? Electrical fields / energy! Does matter effect energy? Not really!

Why would a Tesla Resonance Plate affect my inner vital energy fields?
I don't know #_#

All I know is within 20 minutes lower gut / kidney vital force changed from being in a disrupted [drained] state to being normal. When vital Qi energy is drained it really makes you feel awful. Feeling ill is bad .. but feeling drained of Sacrum field energy feels a LOT WORSE.

Loss of Qi circulation makes you feel tired .. exhausted .. it affects the psyche .. it affects the brain. It affects the circulation and probably drains vitality from the blood. People with Smart Phones will keep the battery charged [connected] but how many people would consider to keep their physical body charged with energy?

Western sciences equate physical material food with ENERGY! Right?

Apparently we get all the energy we need from physical material food. For three days I was drinking a broad variety of fresh juices [four pints a day] and unusually I was not getting any energy from those juices !!

Do you know why? Because my internal vital Qi was disrupted. It is inner vital Qi that transforms energy inside the body. DUH +_# It is very SIMPLE! Electrical fields cannot be altered or transformed by MATTER. At the same time electrical fields can alter and affect matter.

The material sciences are trying to repair or heal physical matter [which is really electrical field pattern disruptions] .. trying to "heal" matter using CHEMISTRY. The people who survive the chemistry do so because their bodies somehow correct the imbalance [as Nature is designed to do].

The connecting and communication pathways in our bodies are all electrical.

Glands .. organs .. cells .. blood communicate = all have electrical signatures. It is the internal disruption of those signatures or energy levels that creates deterioration in physical health of the body. The Qi forces are electrical fields.

Basically you are a walking coherent electrical field.