Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Carbon Empire's 'New Clothes'

The time period was Earth 2010, as the curtain was about to fall on the most brutal and the most ugly Empire the planet had ever known. In truth, the Empire was in ruins. The dynasty had spread its lie across every continent, bringing with it weakness, disease and eternal welfare.

From the mass destruction of the vast forests across Germany by the Romans, to ecological degradation of the planet by 2010, it should have been clear to even the most ignorant inhabitant that everyone on Earth was sort of going in the wrong direction.

But on every continent the fat Emperor wore his new excess carbon robes, and no one appeared to see through the lies and the deception. The mass populations were in agreement that the heavy carbon robes of the Empire were the cause of all suffering and our future extinction.

The Emperor(s), together with every man and woman, would have to take off their heavy carbon robes and lay them aside for the good of the planet, or at least attempt to wear less of the carbon robes, unless you want to be taxed or fined for over-use.

As the Empire paraded its new ethos to the hypnotised crowds, cheering aloud at how beautiful the naked Emperor's new clothes are ... was it that no one dared to point out that somethings do not add up?

"We cannot hope to find an alternative to our old heavy carbon robes within the next 100 years." Cried the town criers. "We are all hopelessly addicted to our heavy robes. With no solution in sight."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Yes, this is true. We should never have cut down all those forests, fought all those wars, ignored the superior works of Nikola Tesla and anyone else who tried to suggest that the Empire exists to feed itself in the least intelligent manner, for the benefits of a few at the expense of everyone else (including the planet).

As the Empire paraded its old decrepit Emperor on the streets of the worlds major cities, a young Irish voice called Steorn, shouted: "Can't any of you see, the Emperor has no clothes. He is naked."

A lot of people got very upset. How dare anyone voice criticism of the system - because in reality it is all 'welfare', handed out in little bits and pieces from the planet's resources, given to the most needy. Just enough to keep everyone dependant and in need of more. The system is great, you don't have to think or question - it just works fine on its own.

That one Irish voice really upset a lot of people who waken up each morning and love to tell themselves how beautiful their world is, with those sleek metal cars and their addiction to the petroleum drug they just cannot do without.

Observers from Lyr, could not begin to comprehend how the inhabitants of a planet would happily destroy the home they live on, and would attack anyone trying to save that planet. It really was hard to understand. Not really the attributes of an intelligent species. The Earth's populations would dance to the piper, fight each other for hand-outs and worship any system, even when their own security was at stake.

Yet, in the midst of social and planetary chaos small organic fields of consciousness began to manifest an old principle of timeless magic. Work with nature, listen to her ways, stay true to her principles and she will reward you with her secrets...

ZenSu is the author of Orgone Dream Codex and Webmaster of Light-Seeds

Monday, October 26, 2009

The White House Goes Open Source

Will future Presidents and President-ins have to be web-prescient and Internet savvy?

Ed Berridge writes, for the Inquirer:
The Whitehouse Website Goes Open Source.

Good Enough For Obama
The Website for the US President's mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a Washington, DC address that had to be rebuilt after the British burned it during the War of 1812, has been converted to open source.

The White House website at 'www.whitehouse.gov' has been switched to open source code in a bid to make the site more accessible. White House new media director Macon Phillips told the Associated Press that open source was state-of-the-art technology and the US government is a participant in it.

Although the website looks the same, apparently the back-end is totally different and the existence of a large open source software community developing and supporting the code makes it more secure. The changes to the website mean that the Administration can use more tools and interact better with the public.

While the software used for the website framework, called Drupal, is one of several web software schemes that are widely used and is not particularly unusual, the fact that the normally paranoid US government has shifted such a high-profile website to open source is a coup for free-as-in-freedom software advocates. After all, if it is considered secure enough for the first website likely to be attacked in any international cyber war, it is probably good enough for ordinary business.

Open Source Zen Garden

The Road to Enlightenment

Littering a dark and dreary road lay the past relics of browser-specific tags, incompatible DOMs, and broken CSS support.

Today, we must clear the mind of past practices. Web enlightenment has been achieved thanks to the tireless efforts of folk like the W3C, WaSP and the major browser creators.

The css Zen Garden invites you to relax and meditate on the important lessons of the masters. Begin to see with clarity. Learn to use the (yet to be) time-honored techniques in new and invigorating fashion. Become one with the web. The Zen of CSS Design

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trading Oil for Gold In Changing Markets

You don't have to be a Market Analyst to realise that global economies are facing a challenge to change in the years ahead. No oil producer is going to sell one of the most valued products in the world in return for a damaged and failing currency. Even if the US dollar was not damaged and failing (due to the size of national debt), it still makes more sense to trade valuable assets against a basket of currencies.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket." It's an old proverb.

Future plans to replace the U.S. dollar, and price oil with a basket of currencies, including oil for gold does are not new. Gold has risen to 1,033 USD an ounce as markets react to the news of changing world economic strategies to the dollar.

It comes as no surprise that oil producers are considering how and when to replace the dollar with a basket of currencies in world market and crude oil trading. The basket of currencies include: Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Euro and gold.

In the not too distant future oil will be traded for gold, especially, if the world enters into a period of conflict. At some point countries may even trade oil for food and other natural resources in a return to barter economics. When banks fail and money has little or no value, countries are going to trade resources.

Most of the people on this planet today have no comprehension of the real value of the resources they consume. Food has become a medium for addiction and profit, rather than to nourish. Water is consumed as though it is as abundant as the air we breathe. A tiny number of people thank the Earth for the food and water they receive each day.

The real value of food and water will only be fully realised when it is no longer there. Everything we take for granted will one day be scarce. The world market traders are not only reorganising how they pay for oil, but also what they pay for food. The most important resources on this planet are water and food. Everything else revolves around that.

Oil EXPANDED food production, it did not replace it.

The endlessly increasing demands of the global human child has reached the limitations of what it can physically extract without causing damage to itself and its environment. We do not have to be caught in a wheel of endless expansion. Local communities can produce their own solutions and grow their own food.

The human race have become slaves to the mechanical 'global trading system'. The bigger the monster grows the harder it will hit you when it falls. Those who have invested their whole lives in this monolith have invested in an illusion. Food, land, seeds and clean water are the only things of real value in times of crisis.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Planet Earth: 2010 Knowing Who You Are

At this point - October 2009 - people around the world are beginning to become aware of "Earth Changes". I saw this as a young child. I was taken above the Earth and I was shown tidal waves so gigantic that they engulfed whole canyons. I had dreams of earthquakes so massive they destroyed whole cities...

But stop and move backwards in time '- ) .. I was born in 1958, in a small coastal town on the West coast of Scotland with no television and no awareness of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Grand Canyon or anything we take for granted today. My Grandmother's apartment was the last house in this small town to use gas lighting...

Fortunately, my family could not afford to buy a television. I grew up in a natural world. There was the sky, there was the garden and we children sneaked into the local golf club (through a hole in the fence) to lie on the grass and look at the sky. When I fell asleep at night I would dream of gigantic tidal waves in the 'future' ploughing through red canyons in a warm desert area.

How did I know the dreams were the future? What would I know of earthquakes so large they destroy whole cities? I had never seen a city. All I knew were green hills and the calm sea waters that I loved on the coast.

My family moved to South England, where I was taken [in my dreams] above the Earth and where I looked down on a blue planet in the middle of a 'crisis' -- America, Russia and Cuba. But I was not shown the images you see today on your media screens... I was shown the planet covered with tiny seeds of light.

All over the surface of the planet I could see tiny beautiful seeds of light. The spirit beings showing me this told me that most of the lights would be lost, die or fail to grow strong. They said that one-third of the lights born on the Earth would have the strength to know who they are... and many of the children would be swamped by forces seeking to destroy mankind.

That's you...
So, do you know who you are?

In some ways you can forget 2012. The current key passage for humanity is 2001 to 2021, a twenty year cycle of transformation and change. In that time humans will see increasing weather fluctuations and catastrophic Earth Changes. But get a BRAIN - we souls have been through this before. If your soul incarnates into physical material reality then you experience Earth Changes from time to time. Physical material life is transitory and anything that wishes or claims physical matter can live eternally is parasitic.

When you inhabit matter you are 'in transit'. You are moving between the worlds. Your soul is moving [time travelling] between the realms. If you can fly or drive to another continent - then imagine your soul can shift or move to other dimensions. If you are advanced then you can move between universes.

In some way, if you physically move from Europe to Nepal, you no longer exist for the people in Europe. In the same way, if you move from material Earth to 4th or 5th dimension, you are in transit. The only difference is that when you fly to Nepal you know what you are doing and when you shift dimensions, you call it DEATH.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Wild Mustang Cloud Lame from BLM Roundup

Cloud the Stallion's Wild Herd Suffering Damage from BLM Capture
While Americans are on holiday, the Labor Day weekend round up decimates Cloud's herd as winter arrives

LOVELL, WY -- September 26, 2009 – On Saturday at noon, 57 wild horses from the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Herd, made famous in part by the PBS Nature documentaries, will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. A large crowd is expected due, in part, to the publicity surrounding the controversial roundup earlier this month.

While the missing members of their herd wait, tagged and branded in BLM holding pens, the damages of this poorly planned roundup are highly visible on the range. Beyond leaving this unique wild horse herd seriously below genetic viability, the horses on the range are clearly damaged.

“We were up on the mountaintop yesterday and the cruelty of this massive roundup has not faded away,” explains Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “Cloud is lame on his right front and his filly-daughter is still extremely sore. It was painful just watching them walk to water.”

One of Cloud’s mares, also injured, appears to have a possible stifle injury. His four-year-old daughter, Firestorm, has significant difficulty walking at all. “I think they will recover but it is hard to know and winter is just around the corner,” Kathrens continues. In the past 15 years all roundups in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range have occurred later in the year when the horses were lower down on the range.

This roundup took place in early September when nearly all the mountain horses were the furthest away possible from the trap site. Foals less than one month old were forced to run over 12 miles along with their families to the BLM corrals at the base of the mountain.

This roundup was scheduled early due to contractor availability, BLM desire to remove all horses from Commissary Ridge outside the designated range (a plan not revealed to the public until day one of the roundup) and National Adoption Day. The BLM is holding adoption events across the country and hopes to adopt out 1000 horses. “This is a significant event and will raise awareness for mustangs, but why they had to pillage this little herd for 57 more horses to adopt out when there are 31,750 wild horses in holding already is beyond me,” says Kathrens.

While at the turn of the century, there were approximately 2 million wild horses in America, there are only 33,100 mustangs left on the western ranges according to BLM. “I think the BLM knows that these horses will draw a considerable crowd and they put all the horses in danger with this early roundup. In what was planned to be a “model” roundup, even the most famous wild horse in the world was injured,” says Kathrens.

Citing “a disturbing round up a few weeks ago,” Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was instrumental in legislation that passed the Senate on Sept. 24, 2009. The legislation directs the BLM “to develop a new comprehensive long-term plan for wild horse populations by September 30, 2010” according to a press release from the legislation’s sponsor, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

“The public outcry for preservation of our wild horses and burros is being heard” says Kathrens. “People are not willing to sit by and watch an unchecked government destroy a Western American treasure: the wild Mustang.” CloudFoundation