Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One day In The Future ...

"Master, how do I talk with the future?" asked the young monk.
"The future is all around you now... " The Buddha replied.

[A Short Discourse With the Buddha, 2080 AD] '-)

It is true, the future is all around you .. now. The future of mankind does not lie in monetary systems and bank casino gambling operations .. who produce nothing but money. But, the future does exist outside of the tragedy of today's Roman Circus.

For example, your genes are the future. Your DNA is the future. So too, are all the plants, animals, birds, insects and sea creatures. Born from the cosmic dust of the Primordial Universe, you are the stars and the stars are you. There is nowhere to go, other than here now. Nature is all around you and Nature is always THE NOW ... in this moment. Like a heartbeat.

Today, in 2012, we are living in the world of The Metallic Man .. depending on copper, silver, uranium, platinum, mercury, cadmium, zinc and rare earth oxides to power our world and make us strong.

The Sumerians were great travellers and explorers, and are credited with the invention of the world’s first boats. An Akkadian dictionary of Sumerian words was found to contain no less than 105 terms for various types of ship according to their size, destination or cargo. One inscription, unearthed at Lagash, referred to docking facilities for ships and listed the materials which its ruler Gudea had imported to build a temple for his God Ninurta c. 2200 BC.

The range of these materials is astonishing, including gold, silver, copper, diorite, carnelian and cedar wood. In some cases these materials were transported more than a thousand miles.

The first kiln is found also in Sumer. The use of a large oven, or kiln: allowed clay products to be fired, giving them extra tensile strength without contamination by dust or ashes. A similar technology was used to extract metals such as copper from its ore by heating the ore above 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in a closed, oxygen starved furnace.

This process, called smelting, became necessary at an early stage, when the supply of naturally occurring copper nuggets had been exhausted. Independent studies of early metallurgy have been surprised and baffled at the speed with which the Sumerians became expert in smelting, refining and casting. These advanced technologies were being used within only a few hundred years of the beginning of the Sumerian civilization.

Even more astounding was the Sumerian development of alloying, a process by which different metals are chemically combined in a furnace. The Sumerians mastered this process to produce the earliest bronze, a hard but malleable metal which changed the course of human history. The Sumerian secret -

Everything we do in our world today depends on the Alchemy of Metals.

Deny human beings access to metallic compounds and we would be living in an entirely different world than the one we live in now. Look around you to appreciate a small fact that most of us overlook every day of our lives.

The metal knives, the blade that prepares our food. The metal cooking pot, the cauldron we use to transform our food. The metal wires that brings energy to the stove (fire) and the metal pipes that brings essential water to wash and cook with. Humans extract oil from the Earth using giant metal drills and they store the oil in giant metal containers transported around the world in giant metal ships. The modern human is nothing without metal.

One day In The Future ...
You may ask: If the future is all around us then how can it change?

To understand this, you have to understand why The Buddha is laughing...

One day in the future plant materials will radically eclipse our use of metals. One example of this will be a breakthrough in plant based Solar Panels. In 2012, Solar Panels mostly rely on silver to generate electricity from the Sun. Silver is used in windows and glass. Silver is used to meet computer and electrical needs/demands. Without silver we humans would have no technological age.

Transitioning through 2080 to 2180 our practical and technological world will be largely plant based. The human race is transitioning to a plant based society/economy. Much of which will be grown in cellular grow-vats. We cannot pull apart the natural world to meet our growing energy and technological needs.

Metal based Solar Panels will never be an effective transformer of sunlight into energy required by human systems. Seaweed and highly efficient plant based technology (chlorophyll) are a far superior medium for the transmutation of light into electricity (photon energy).

Hemp based cellular structures will prove to be one of the most robust and adaptable forms of solar/cellular transformation. Look at the extreme conditions in which Hemp plants can grow. They do not need as much water as other plants and their growth enhances and protects the soil and the environment. A very powerful plant. They are masters of transformation.

The future is all around you now, in the plants, grass and leaves of the trees.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Natural Farming - Masanobu Fukuoka

"The present economy will certainly collapse, I think .. the resources of the Earth, Nature will go down, down down .. the possibility of the survival of the economy is rapidly decreasing. There will be no water .. no green .. no energy .. no oil. These elements of the present economy will be gone and lost... "

"People are hoping that China or India will save the world... Within the next ten or twenty years the destiny of the Earth will be decided... The true reason of lack of rain is no trees .. no trees no rain .. when it is green and cool then the rain will fall." - Masanobu Fukuoka

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Flood Plains: Redesigning The Earth's Cities

One way the dramatic changes we see happening on the Earth will affect the mind of humans living on this Planet is how we adapt to what is happening around us. Not only now - but way ahead in the future - as people realise the unsustainable cost of non-ergonomic building patterns.

No one really took Nature into account in the last hundred years of rapid building, where every square inch of land is used to expand Real Estate value, sales and increase that value exponentially (over time). The first realisation is that human beings cannot sustain these levels of growth. The next realisation is that we first need BALANCE, where "growth" becomes natural outcome of that balance.

In my opinion, over the last few hundred years Nature entered a mild period that allowed man to build relentlessly (against the laws of Nature) with no real challenge from extreme weather .. unlike what we are seeing today. It was short-sighted of the "urban planners" or it was just pure greed .. let the future take care of their mistakes.

In August, 2012 half the City of Manila was submerged by floods during torrential rains. Manila is built on and around large natural Flood Plains. Natural water channels were blocked, built over and altered to accommodate each layer of human development. Since 1991 the severity and destructiveness of the storms have increased dramatically. This is what happens on Earth.

It is my theory that severe weather is the norm on this Planet and that the gentle cycles are rare. I have one reason for this and that is my observation of Nature. We live on a "water Planet" .. a Planet of water .. and to maintain the complex bio-diversity of all life forms water surges are a key part of the Earth's success in sustaining so many varieties of creatures, plants and aquatic life.

Our collective experience over the last two hundred years is of a rare and gentle Earth cycle that has apparently robbed us of the radical truth about the Planet we inhabit. I feel that the rapid population growth over the last two hundred years from one billion to seven billion people was also partly due to the Earth's rare and quiet climate cycle.

There has been a kind of non-intelligent desperation in the building of ever larger cities, with the largest cities built in potentially severe weather zones. By this, I mean, natural flood plains, areas vulnerable to storm surge, areas vulnerable to changes in sea levels (sitting on land below sea level).

The challenges facing human beings will be the largest populated areas being most vulnerable to the growing extreme weather cycles. I don't think that the extreme weather is a matter of a few short years .. but that it will alternate over the next thousand years completely altering life on Earth.

Redesigning The Earth's Cities
The real challenge facing us is the challenge of our minds. Not how we deal with the ongoing floods and increasing drought .. year after year .. but how our minds change to meet this vast challenge. How does the human mind adapt to deal with this reality?

I think if we just muddle along, making the same mistakes, not paying attention to the intelligence of the Earth .. then that is not going to work for us. Then, we invite the disaster over and over again. One could say: Our non-intelligent cities are the disaster.

I think the one key value that is going to change us is: CARING

You have to care to change something. You have to care to correct something that is wrong. You have to care to help those around you. This includes caring for the environment as well as caring for the lives of human beings. The two go together.

It will probably take a thousand years to fully re-design towns and cities to allow the natural force of Nature to flow in the right way and re-establish the balance that was lost over the last two hundred years. I am talking about waterways, dams, rivers, coastal plains, creating more space, creating more green areas between human habitations.

Cities will function better when re-designed into communal areas, rather than continued urban sprawl. But the most revolutionary change in the human mind will be taking Nature into account as the primary force and human beings as the secondary force.

Nature gives us everything we need .. it is humans who depend on Nature and not the other way round. When we build against Nature's laws we harm ourselves and we create suffering for future generations as well as causing severe stress to the natural environment. We are currently stressing the environment we rely on for our existence and well-being.

Vulnerability and Flooding In Metro Manila

The real challenge facing human inhabitants of Earth is themselves... The real change that lies ahead is within the human mind. Where the primary concern is to re-align our needs with the natural world on which we depend for our existence. That re-alignment begins within the mind.

Re-designing cities to match their natural environment is going to require a high level of intelligence - or intelligent use of the human mind - realising it is better to co-operate and change than to continue as we are now.

As a Planetary Race, we are going to have to think differently, become aware of the world around us and learn to share with Nature rather than just take what we can get. How humans use their mind is key to the value of life that lies ahead for anyone on this Planet.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Transforming Forces From The Future

Imagine you are one rainbow prism aspect of your complete past, combined with who you are now and who you are in the future .. and you are deeply connected to the deeper aspects of you own self in mysterious ways.

The "mysterious" part is simple .. the mystery protects us from messing up our own continuum when we don't know what we are doing. The mystery also protects against nefarious planetary hierarchies messing with the background Operating system of Cosmos.

You could say that the mysterious Universal life-system that was created to maintain physical life is accessed on a deeply personal level. I would say that is Soul level access to prevent us from doing serious damage to our unique signatures.

If our current time-line was the worst possible future, then I do not think that I would be experiencing this information as we now enter the next level of our quantum century, observed through the cycles of the Stars and positions of the Plants.

On January 1, 2012 I wrote: The Weather Is King
The year 2012 is not the end of the world .. but it could be the end of humans "ruling the world". Human dominance over all things on the Earth is about to end.

The weather is king, because it is going to challenge humans and change humans all over the Earth. One aspect of this is our ability to adapt to change. We have to adapt to meet the challenge that lies ahead. The shifts in weather are going to challenge the belief that man is the dominant ruler of all the animals and that we can do what we want with no thought of the consequences.
The reason I wrote this .. is because I "saw it" .. I listened to Nature, I was very quiet, feeling the energy of this world. We humans live inside the energy of the Planet .. we are part of that energy .. part of the future.

The only thing on this Planet that totally challenges mankind is Nature .. the weather .. the climate .. disasters .. floods .. earthquakes and drought. When Nature .. Planet Earth .. changes weather cycles .. the white western alpha-male says, this is: MAN MADE.

I personally think that the white western alpha-male (who was apparently given dominance over all creatures on Earth) has a severe personality complex. He now thinks that his warped personality is capable of creating all the temperature and climate changes we see happening on this Planet .. and on Mars .. and on Jupiter .. and on Saturn...

From my own Celtic point of view I would say we humans are not causing it .. but that we are part of it. Planet Earth is communicating directly with our minds and our physical existence. The Planet is affecting us whether we want it or not. Taking that approach creates a totally different relationship to everything that is happening around us now and in the future.

Transforming Forces From The Future
The next thing that happened to change how I approach the future was a shift in information. I personally feel that this information comes to us from our own intimate connection to the past and to the future.

Our Ancestors survived (in the past) what we now face .. the force of Planetary change that is coming towards us and that is about to challenge us. Our future selves have also survived - emerged from the Alchemy of these transitional forces shaping our lives now in this era.

What connects all of us .. past, present and future? Our minds...

On a deeper level this is not really past, present and future .. but it is all related to the mind .. to the state of the mind .. to the energy within the mind and to the spirit of the mind.

If you imagined that you could talk with yourself from a past life and you could talk with yourself from a future life .. then what is your connection? Your mind is the connection.

What I am trying to communicate is that the physical events - event cycles - transforming the Earth .. are now pretty obvious, as we are sharing those events together .. even if they do not seem to directly impact us on a personal level. The Earth is being kind to us .. a flood here .. a drought there. It could be a lot worse than it is...

What do all these changes really challenge?

They challenge the depth and strength of our minds.