Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One day In The Future ...

"Master, how do I talk with the future?" asked the young monk.
"The future is all around you now... " The Buddha replied.

[A Short Discourse With the Buddha, 2080 AD] '-)

It is true, the future is all around you .. now. The future of mankind does not lie in monetary systems and bank casino gambling operations .. who produce nothing but money. But, the future does exist outside of the tragedy of today's Roman Circus.

For example, your genes are the future. Your DNA is the future. So too, are all the plants, animals, birds, insects and sea creatures. Born from the cosmic dust of the Primordial Universe, you are the stars and the stars are you. There is nowhere to go, other than here now. Nature is all around you and Nature is always THE NOW ... in this moment. Like a heartbeat.

Today, in 2012, we are living in the world of The Metallic Man .. depending on copper, silver, uranium, platinum, mercury, cadmium, zinc and rare earth oxides to power our world and make us strong.

The Sumerians were great travellers and explorers, and are credited with the invention of the world’s first boats. An Akkadian dictionary of Sumerian words was found to contain no less than 105 terms for various types of ship according to their size, destination or cargo. One inscription, unearthed at Lagash, referred to docking facilities for ships and listed the materials which its ruler Gudea had imported to build a temple for his God Ninurta c. 2200 BC.

The range of these materials is astonishing, including gold, silver, copper, diorite, carnelian and cedar wood. In some cases these materials were transported more than a thousand miles.

The first kiln is found also in Sumer. The use of a large oven, or kiln: allowed clay products to be fired, giving them extra tensile strength without contamination by dust or ashes. A similar technology was used to extract metals such as copper from its ore by heating the ore above 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in a closed, oxygen starved furnace.

This process, called smelting, became necessary at an early stage, when the supply of naturally occurring copper nuggets had been exhausted. Independent studies of early metallurgy have been surprised and baffled at the speed with which the Sumerians became expert in smelting, refining and casting. These advanced technologies were being used within only a few hundred years of the beginning of the Sumerian civilization.

Even more astounding was the Sumerian development of alloying, a process by which different metals are chemically combined in a furnace. The Sumerians mastered this process to produce the earliest bronze, a hard but malleable metal which changed the course of human history. The Sumerian secret -

Everything we do in our world today depends on the Alchemy of Metals.

Deny human beings access to metallic compounds and we would be living in an entirely different world than the one we live in now. Look around you to appreciate a small fact that most of us overlook every day of our lives.

The metal knives, the blade that prepares our food. The metal cooking pot, the cauldron we use to transform our food. The metal wires that brings energy to the stove (fire) and the metal pipes that brings essential water to wash and cook with. Humans extract oil from the Earth using giant metal drills and they store the oil in giant metal containers transported around the world in giant metal ships. The modern human is nothing without metal.

One day In The Future ...
You may ask: If the future is all around us then how can it change?

To understand this, you have to understand why The Buddha is laughing...

One day in the future plant materials will radically eclipse our use of metals. One example of this will be a breakthrough in plant based Solar Panels. In 2012, Solar Panels mostly rely on silver to generate electricity from the Sun. Silver is used in windows and glass. Silver is used to meet computer and electrical needs/demands. Without silver we humans would have no technological age.

Transitioning through 2080 to 2180 our practical and technological world will be largely plant based. The human race is transitioning to a plant based society/economy. Much of which will be grown in cellular grow-vats. We cannot pull apart the natural world to meet our growing energy and technological needs.

Metal based Solar Panels will never be an effective transformer of sunlight into energy required by human systems. Seaweed and highly efficient plant based technology (chlorophyll) are a far superior medium for the transmutation of light into electricity (photon energy).

Hemp based cellular structures will prove to be one of the most robust and adaptable forms of solar/cellular transformation. Look at the extreme conditions in which Hemp plants can grow. They do not need as much water as other plants and their growth enhances and protects the soil and the environment. A very powerful plant. They are masters of transformation.

The future is all around you now, in the plants, grass and leaves of the trees.