Friday, July 24, 2015

Star Humans Electrical Fields

Human body supported by many [energetic / electric] Radiant Fields

Human Star(s)
In this drawing I try to show the basic Radiant Fields connections to the human body. If you see a dead body .. animal .. bird .. fish .. insect .. tree .. all of these energetic radiant fields are no longer operating.

Why human star(s)?

The body functions on the same basis as stars. There is a central radiating inner core resonating in harmony with the central star system and the body operates in the same way as local stars [any stars].

Humans are stars walking on Earth!

Without the central Qi / Chi core there is no physical human life form. The radiations from this central core can be associated with the energetic meridians. They go beyond the meridians and connect physical form with mind .. psychic fields .. the paranormal / supernatural fields and all levels of electrical [energetic] fields surrounding the physical body.

The correct term is: Star Humans [not human stars].

It is not an accident that the central core is orbiting / rotating around the colon [naval]. Radiating out from the colon is a network of supreme intelligence built into every aspect of physical existence on this Planet.

Something deep within the physical 3D human body has to seamlessly connect all these layers .. including energy .. electrical current .. psyche .. mind .. physical movement and Qi [as one].

A hundred years ago there was a scientific split / question: Probiotics or antibiotics. The probiotic researchers were crushed and the antibiotic researchers took over .. antibiotic [$$$].

Guess what #_#
Antibiotics destroy beneficial healthy probiotic gut bacteria! Yey!

In my drawing I am trying to show the deeper interconnected energy [Qi life force] to the physical body .. related to the mind / psyche and hidden in plain sight to the unseen probiotic internal electrical cellular communication systems within the 3D physical body. The body has to be designed to effortlessly interact with the mind .. electrical current .. energy and the psyche.

Star Humans
Humans walking on Earth are tiny stars walking on the surface of the Earth. The central star [Sun] gives energy to the tiny Suns walking on the surface of the orbiting Planet [Earth]. The Earth is not the only Planet in the Universe giving life to orbiting inhabitants.

I am saying the Star Power has to be active inside inhabitants of a Planet no matter if the inhabitants are trees .. plants .. birds .. fish .. animals .. insects or humans. That tiny star energy has to be active within you.

If you study my drawing .. inside the central core there is a tiny star fragment that radiates out like the energy of the Sun. The inner core Chi energy and the outer energy are all one.

If your internal communications systems are disrupted your mind and your body cannot function. The incarnate spirit may be strong .. but if the spirit cannot use the inner communications systems of the body then nothing can be achieved. We could call it a systems crash. The mind / psyche has the power but the body does not respond. There is an internal disconnect.

There are essential micro-physical cellular structures that connect electrical meridian pathways with the glands .. brain .. nervous systems .. psyche and mind. When the micro-flora within the colon are healthy .. the body is healthy. Like the central Sun.

If you study the drawing it can tell you a lot more than I can write...

This is why you see many deeply empowering ancient drawings and cave paintings speaking in a language we do not totally understand .. because we do not listen to that deeper more ancient language.

Let us say that beneficial probiotic molecules within the body are a primordial language or primordial art. This living art has pathways. These primitive microbial drawings create pathways that allow inner communications of mind .. body .. spirit .. psyche and intent.

Everything in life has to have pathways. If the Sun sends out Solar Flares and some anti-force blocks the flares ?? The Solar Flares implode back into the Sun. There have to be universal pathways that channels Solar Flares in beneficial ways.

The meridian [acupuncture] pathways not only need electrical pathways .. they also need probiotic pathways. It is difficult to translate earlier knowledge into this current paradigm .. partly because earlier civilisations did not have this problem .. they relied on fermentation and fermented foods [not pasturised foods].

Chronic fungi yeast mold overgrowth within the body creates a totally different electrical field [abnormal electrical fields]. When antibiotics destroy beneficial gut bacteria the walls of the colon become a feeding ground for Candida [yeast] .. mold .. bacteria and fungi growth. Those electrical fields are anti-human health.

If researchers would study human electrical fields .. they would understand.

The colon is the number one detox organ in the body supported by the kidneys and the liver. Inside the colon the essential elements are probiotic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria also have to have an electrical energy signature. When beneficial probiotic bacteria are wiped out? Yeast .. fungi .. mold take over producing [acidic] toxins.

When I had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut my body was misbehaving and was not listening to me. I had a disconnect with my body. There you have the [abnormal] fungi electrical-signature disconnect. We humans are a series of electrical signatures [interconnected electrical fields].

The point I am trying to make is that the physical body is INTELLIGENT [no matter what] .. and the body works to create life force no matter what .. and so there is a paranormal / supernatural intelligence operating within the physical body. We have to discover this intelligence from 3D physical to brain .. energy .. nervous system .. mind .. psyche and spirit.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beyond Thought [Illusion]

The Path .. passing through the root of fear.

The Internal Path
Have I used this drawing before? I hope not! I have so many drawings...

In some way this drawing is closer to my spirit and many key incarnation experiences.

In general I do not like the outer public field where society says: The codes are available to EVERYONE.

Not in my experience +_#

I am not talking about 'Secret Societies' .. because I see them also inhabiting the public sphere. They do not know any more than the general population. One example of this is: If you have to exert influence to make the general public 'stupid' then you are stupid! Only a lower density awareness would desire to make the surrounding environment STUPID and DENSE.

It's not rocket science!

The public sphere is: Influence as many people as possible. The whole system [including secret societies] seek to INFLUENCE as many people as possible. I hope that is clear as to what I mean by the public sphere. There is one problem with INFLUENCE and that is YOU have to be part of the influence [sphere / field].

All I can say is: Stupid is as stupid does.

To reach out and influence the outer sphere there has to be a CONNECTION .. like yin yang .. so the influencer is influenced by the same level energy [intent] they send out to others. They are simply sending out frequency signals equal to their own internal state. If you see ants on the circular rim of a glass .. the lead ant leaves a trail [influence] and all the others follow. It is the same thing.

The desire to influence is based on fear.

I am not sure that a Central Paradigm Model is based on fear .. because I think that intelligence can function within that paradigm and move beyond fear. The central control paradigm can be a framework for fear based societies. How the humans organize themselves within each paradigm is an indication of their collective spiritual progress or fear based regression.

No one is king forever! When the paradigm field shifts to a new model .. fear based insecure incarnations do not do so well. When the whole cycle advances .. humans will never return to a fear based model. The paradigm shifts are simply open interactive [containment ] fields that allow incarnate spirits to develop or fall behind.

The Root of Fear
We have all the emotions coming out of one central root inside the human being. We normally live within a carousel of emotions from the moment we are born to the end of our lives. Just think about this for a moment! What does a carousel revolve around? ONE CENTRAL POINT.

Let us imagine you see and experience many colored flashing lights like so many emotions. All those different colored lights are powered by one unseen source: electricity. The root of all the colored lights is electrical power.

It is the same for the emotions.

One source powers all the emotions [all those many colors and experiences]. You can be overcome with all the emotions that seem to escape from nowhere .. out of control .. with all their different colors and intensity. You can also step back .. create space [intelligence] and go straight to the root.

What kind of super advanced UFO can travel to the root of emotions? AWARENESS.

Let me show it to you. This is not as simple as it may sound. You become aware of an emotion that appears to overwhelm you. You step back and become aware of it. Rather than run away from the feeling you go right to its center. You observe. The emotion runs away and hides .. you lose sight of it.

You already challenged the source of these emotions and so it is going to throw up more. I may say more about this? All I can say for now is that thought [entity] hides and adjusts as it was designed to do. When you alter the inner mind energy frequency it cannot function in that field.

You decide not to give up and you begin [awareness begins] to question the source of these emotions that you have experienced your entire life. You go look for the source. Then the source starts throwing distractions into your mind in many forms. It can be old experiences .. memories .. fears .. traumas .. desires .. pleasures .. sorrows .. regrets!

You remain calm and silently observe the root source no matter what distractions are throw into your mind. In fact .. the activity is a signal [activity] that leads down a path to the source of these emotions. Again the emotions disappear .. seem to run away and hide.

You keep going .. using the energy of inner awareness to go straight to the root of all emotions .. and they keep running away and hiding from you. That means thought is weaker than awareness!

You allow for no distractions = you do not identify with the mix of emotions being thrown into your mind as you follow the path to the root of all emotions .. the root of the carousel. It has a center. You suddenly realize: This is not ME .. this is a distraction. Before this journey you always assumed the emotions were YOU.

Perhaps you come to the root and everything is SILENT [for now].

You may feel a sense of peace .. at last there is silence...

Do not stop there. If you stop the whole process simply redesigns itself in relation to your new realisations. You do not stop .. you keep going. From that point you conserve your life energy by maintaining a deep repository of awareness to discover and go beyond the root of thought .. the root of fear.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Beyond Meditation

Interacting Electrical Fields
The reason I decided to do photo art to visually explore the interacting electrical fields I call: Beyond Meditation .. is to show exactly what I am talking about in real 3D terms within this physical material world.

The magic mushroom migrated West from its home in the Himalayas long before Buddhism [migrated]. The photo art [Panasonic HC-V550] defined the template pictograph that I was able to slightly alter to give me the whole visual signature as one.

Everything you see visually defines [in my awareness] what I mean by: Beyond Meditation. You have stillness action and silence. This prefect subdued color balance between all active objects .. crystals .. Buddhas and dragon. There are two silent forms of movement .. the open mouth of the dragon and the circle behind the dragon is also moving but silent.

In my world the pictograph photo art defines interacting electrical fields.

The effortless harmony behind interacting electrical fields is what I call: Beyond Meditation. This is because I include the body's electrical field harmonic and the essential hidden probiotic intelligence network that act like capacitors. Explain That Stuff: Capacitors. The clouds in the sky are giant capacitors. In my view probiotics have a similar function.

Probiotics are more complex .. but one of their functions is related to electrical field pathways in the body connected to the mind. I will explain to you how this works and why it is so important. I had to figure this out for myself...

From I was a small child I always had the ability to use my mind in powerful ways. Up until I had leaky gut and Candida overgrowth I could use my mind to heal [affect] the physical body. When yeast .. fungus .. mold take over the gut and spread into the organs and glands the electrical [field] environment changes.

Just imagine that beneficial probiotics are like micro-electrical connection / transfer ions. I don't know what to call them .. they are not biological or like cells. Probiotics are similar to primordial yeast cells but they are designed to bridge the cellular electrical gap and to provide an as yet unknown type of energy to the body.

Certain types of fungus mold and yeasts are designed to unlock physical cellular structures and break down physical matter to return it back to its primordial single cell state. If that did not take place then every physical form that died would exists forever and not break down.

The yeast fungus was everywhere .. leaked through my gut into every part of my body. My knees were swollen and painful [accumulated bacteria and fungus / yeast] .. my joints were aching .. I could hardly walk .. my tendons were f#cked .. my heart overreacted to re-potting a little plant into a new little pot.

For months [not understanding what was taking place inside the organs of my body] I never gave up trying to use the power of my mind to "heal myself". This is VERY important to understand #_# .. for the first time in my life my body was NOT responding to the power of my mind.

Now I will explain to you why and what was taking place...

The Bio-Electric Field
When I had Candida overgrowth symptoms and would go walk in the forest around Autumn .. I would smell [breathe in] the fungus smell of decomposing leaves and mushrooms and immediately all the tendons in my body would shrink and twist and I could barely walk. Once the fungus electrical fields activated in the tissues of my body there was a struggle between my brain / nervous system and the disrupting electrical field of the yeast / fungus.

I have never taken any kind of mind altering anything .. and not mushrooms either. The fact is that certain psilocybin mushrooms have the effect of taking over the functions of the body / brain creating altered states that are out of the control of the rational conscious mind.

In a similar way .. once I had leaky gut and this fungus / yeast all over my body .. in certain environments the electrical field of the fungus would alter my normal body electrical field resonance. I am saying that beneficial probiotics not only detox yeast / fungus overgrowth .. but the probiotics create the bio-electric field essential to physical body health.

I was doing what I always did my whole life .. using the mind / body bio-harmonic field and my body was not listening to me. The body was doing its own thing. That mess was only slowly cleared up when I gradually re-introduced healthy probiotic bacteria into my gut.

We are spirit incarnate into physical material experience .. and if the battery does not work the mind has difficulty connecting with the body. What connects spirit with body are electrical fields. Meditation is an electrical field. For example .. meditation has to have a physical material signature or the body would not be able to experience the bliss of the non-physical mind.

What connects spirit mind and body are electrical fields.

The reason I put probiotics in: Beyond Meditation .. is the intelligence. Probiotics are some kind of energy that allows communication at all levels of the body. They allow cells to communicate with blood .. bones .. tendons .. muscles .. organs .. glands .. nervous system and brain all within one singular electrical field.

Beneficial probiotics have a similar function to fungus and yeast within the life cycle of an organism .. and that is they alter the bio-electrical fields of the food we eat [digest] and break the food into electrical fields compatible with our physical bodies. That can be translated as: Getting energy.

Probiotics connect the communications networks within the body and fungus and bacteria are designed to block the communications networks at the end of life.

All communication pathways are electrical and if they continue to have electrical charge the material pathways will maintain the charge after death. Fungus and bacteria unlock the electrical charge to break the cells back down to their primordial states.

Beyond meditation is a higher electromagnetic charge or field that already exists regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. All we humans do is we harmonize with that field and enter that state. This is why it is: Beyond meditation .. because it is like the ocean.

The ocean exists no matter if someone is swimming or not.

Maybe most important to realize is that this is REAL. I recall it was a secret teaching in some past lives. That this is REAL. Then the reality was converted to: It is the MIND. But .. the mind inhabits the body! The body is designed to experience levels of meditation. Then the next level beyond meditation is that this is something REAL.

One real aspect that we have overlooked is that there has to be a real world element inside the body that connects effortlessly to this higher electrical field. Perhaps the triangle connecting body mind and spirit as one. Whatever we interact with on these higher meditation levels is totally real = it exists .. like another world that is as real as this world.

That which exists is BEYOND Meditation ...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

End of Central Influence [Paradigm]

Time travelers inwardly adapt to external locations.

Central Paradigm Model
Continuing from the previous: Inner Power Paradigm Shifts .. this is a drawing of the paradigm all Earth humans inhabit currently. This is very simple to understand and at the same time is complex!

The way it was shown to me is the central individual influence [power] field has stronger influence far from its center. That is the simple part!

These incarnate spirits who sort of inherit this central field effect do not have or cannot have Inner Enlightenment [balance]. I guess they could change this if they work at it .. but for many reasons probably 98 percent do not do any kind of work to reverse or transform how they deal with power.

The complex part is split in two like yin and yang.

All kinds of different spirit incarnations are born inside these central fields [they inherit at birth]. Some individuals genuinely want to use this power for good. Later I explain why this is inherently impossible. Some individuals desire and are addicted to power and what they do with it is irrelevant [it is like a drug]. Other individuals are self obsessed and only care about themselves and their image.

You see these incarnate spirit individuals in every field from banking to politics .. architecture .. business .. art [the arts] .. science .. health .. literature .. innovation .. all areas of life on Earth. You cannot say right or wrong / good or bad .. it simply is what it is at all the various levels. That's the ZEN part of understanding this phenomenon.

We can say their power is yang: Outward .. active .. penetrating influence.

The second complex layer is: Those who are influenced. We could say this phenomenon is yin: Inward .. passive .. yielding accepting. The way it works is that all the little red energy [blood cells] are the mass of people who are influenced by this basic central paradigm matrix / model.

The really complex part is the unseen third aspect. You have duality: Yin / yang .. and the third principle is the whole field = yin and yang as one. The understanding of the third principle [the whole picture as one] reveals that no one active in this Central Paradigm is well off.

I was shown [as drawn] the further away you are the more influence. That is clearly out of balance as the incarnate individual has to maintain this totally out-of-balance central influence field. Everyone in this picture is suffering and is not in a good position.

The complex yin layer is that people who have reduced inner power and who rely on this [influence] model .. and the yang aspect also has no inner power .. this need to rely on a central influence for EVERYONE involved is f#cked.

In this model you not only have: I INFLUENCE .. but you also have I AM INFLUENCED. The two may seem different but both yin and yang forces are in the same position. No one in this picture is benefiting. No one is in a good position. Each relies on the other within an out-of-balance relationship [existence].

Inner Art of Zen
There are spirits who incarnate into this current [central influence] paradigm who are not part of this external relationship theme [field]. That is what Jiddu Krishnamurti meant by: Be in the world but not of the world. Like that the central influence paradigm relationship does not have to live inside you if you do not inwardly take part in it.

If the central paradigm influence does not live inside you then you are not part of it .. nor are you part of its influence. You can be in this world but the world does not control you or influence you. This concept is Inner Zen [awareness]. What protects you from out-of-balance energy fields? AWARENESS protects you.

The big philosophical and political discussion for thousands of years in the human mind is: WHO is to BLAME for this? The guy in the center influencing everyone is to blame. The masses who accept this influence are to blame. The fact is that they are all one and the same.

This is why I keep saying: The head of the horse is attached to the body and the body of the horse is attached to the head. Remove the head or remove the body and they are BOTH dead whichever way you try to switch it around. Why a horse? Because .. that is what society is! Society is the symbolic horse of mankind [that also relates to time travel].

Is it not obvious the whole discussion: How do we resolve the world's problems [?] .. is being asked by the out-of-balance field [world] paradigm / experience? The key issue for incarnating spirits [always] is: How does AWARENESS deal with this situation? If you are a young spirit transitioning between dimensions you may not be able to cope with higher awareness fields.

This is why they send spirits back and forwards between the transition dimensions [whether we like it or not]. When your spirit is aware of higher dimension incarnations you may ask: What am I doing back down here? If you cannot apply your higher dimension awareness to a centrally planned paradigm world then you have a problem!

At four and five years old I was aware of light ships in the sky .. I could see them with my physical eyes [not only my mind]. I could telepathically talk to the lights in the sky before I could talk to humans or write. I commanded them to: "Get me out of here." They silently ignored me. I am deeply grateful for that.

At first I wanted out of here .. and then I had to adapt. I did not have to adapt to this world. I had to adapt inwardly [if you know what I mean]. So .. there are influencing spirits who never wanted this influence .. in the same way I did not want to be down here in this current world experience.

You have to INWARDLY adapt.

You cannot run away from yourself. You cannot change the world around you. If you look at the drawing it is painfully clear that no one inside that central influence paradigm can change anything. That realization frees you to truly be WHO YOU ARE !! In that picture no one has the power. No one has the power to change that paradigm [energy fields].

I explain in the next post why all this is taking place over what seems a long and painful time period [over 2000 years]. Probably in the year 2000 we came to the end of the: Central Paradigm Influence [model]. Now we are inside a 500 year transition to a new paradigm [model]. I probably should write a book #_#

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Inner Power Paradigm Shifts

Today I woke up ...

The Coming Paradigm Shift
I woke up this morning and I realized this drawing or alternatively I saw this drawing in my mind.

This pictograph was the answer to observing the problems we create in this world and asking why are we creating these problems?

What is behind the world's social and political [and banking] chaos? I also understand these shared issue in terms of a paradigm signature. What do I mean by: Paradigm signature?

The drawing makes it all clear in pictograph form. I woke up and I could see the drawing as you see it now [top left] .. and then the way the brain works is that we have to understand this visual language in terms of idea concepts. I was working on a new post: Beyond Meditation .. when into my brain comes this Art Glyph related to my questions about the way humans currently order their world experiences.

The human on the left: Power / Influence [Outer] was shown to me first in the form I have drawn it. This human has ruled / influenced the world for the past ?? thousands of years... I think that 1000 - 500 BC was the transition period into the current paradigm of small man / big outer power influence.

If you are a visual artist [psychic] and you study the signature you will see a LOT more than I can or want to write about my own understanding of this pictograph.

Let me make one thing clear [my own understanding] .. this [outer] Power Influence is Male / yang [active penetration] and that the feminine true Female / Yin influence is [passive receiving]. The female political influence in this current paradigm is not feminine. They are using outer [excessive yang] penetrating force.

At the same time I have to add that men and woman [in balance] are combinations of yin yang force currently not understood by this paradigm. Men can be balanced [yin / yang force] .. and women can be balanced [yin / yang force]. In our world today woman can be more yang and men can be more yin.

It was shown to me that most people who influence our world today are inwardly not developed [sounds bad] .. and what I mean is that these individuals have an ability to affect extended outer field way way beyond their own internal Qi [Chi]. The person who has this natural large field of influence does not have [in this life] a deeper stronger inner development.

I do not mean this in a bad way! One example is that there are people who do a lot of work to benefit mankind and work for mankind in many ways. The power [outer] influence of these people is massive way beyond their inner Qi power. One could also say in some ways this is karmic or paranormal.

Power of The Future
What I was shown is the Inner Power Development [paradigm] is the future. One pictograph [right] is of an energy that is being demanded of us today .. even though we are currently inside the out-of-balance excessive male yang influence. The other pictograph [left] is the current paradigm experience.

Some may think the small man [male excessive yang] influence is more powerful than the Inner Power Development pictograph / glyph. I am still studying this to understand it... The deeper power is a different paradigm and one we cannot understand completely from this perspective.

What was explained to me is that: The small man who has neglected his own Inner Power and his own Inner development [the small yang including women] .. can have an almost paranormal outer Qi effect [influence] many times beyond their own inner Qi development.

This has nothing to do with right or wrong / good or bad .. such a person has the Qi to extend their influence outward in excess of their inner Qi development. I was shown that this ability is a signature of our current paradigm. That is also coming to an END. We are at the end of this current paradigm!

This is a rough drawing on paper of what I was visually shown. I just drew it as best I could. This is not a developed drawing. This is basic !! The drawing is okay .. it conveys what I was shown.

Inner Power .. is the new emerging paradigm!

I imagine this will be the next 500 years dramatic change where in the next 1000 years Earth humans will experience the beginning of a totally new paradigm change displacing the old paradigm [system]. If you look at the two drawings it is clear that the process is INTERNAL even when we express ourselves out into the EXTERNAL worlds.

Inner Power [Development]
Inner power Qi is that the person does not extend their influence out in massive paranormal ways [that is essentially out of balance no matter what] .. but that Inner Power has a more powerful effect close to the Qi and has an added effect slightly beyond the Qi [life force].

Actually this is more powerful!

One example .. look at the way we use and generate electricity: Power / Influence [outer]. An electrical power plant sends electrical energy to extended locations way beyond its own capacity / space / size. Alternatively a tiny local unit within the home [shelter] generates electrical power / energy close to its local field.

When you are connected to the past present future [inner time travel] something happens inside you. You begin to wake up. You begin to realize what you do today affects tomorrow. So .. inner power development is really much stronger. It is beyond paranormal.

You would have to understand Inner Power Development at this point in time.

Space-time flow is like a river .. its nature is like water. Space time is a cosmic flow beyond human influence. We humans live within the space-time flow [the space-time flow is not determined by humans nor human activity]. Inner Power Development flow totally understands this .. and adapts!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pulling It Together

I should have called this post: The Art of Losing It .. because that is the secret key or hidden internal signature to the Art of Pulling It All Together. How I got there is a long story. The THEME runs through my whole life. The World is currently obsessed with CRISIS. People are not thinking clearly.

My own experience of crisis is radically different than the rest of the world.

The last major crisis I had was some years ago when Candida yeast [fungus] took over the complete inner gut and threaded its way through the walls of the colon = leaky gut. It got so bad I thought I was going to die. No doctor wanted to know the SOURCE all they did was try to treat the symptoms.

I knew I was on my own and that gave me the courage to just figure it out. It took me a couple of months research and trial and error solutions. I knew it was the gut .. I just did not know Candida. The key is and was: Pulling it together! All that really happened was that I just never gave up.

Inner gratitude was key. Such a simple yet powerful skill. When the colon gets out of balance it stores [neutralizes] toxins as fat .. as fatty tissue. I never had to deal with that in my life because I was always healthy and strong. The pulling it together is not overnight. It is a way of life.

It took a year to get my gut back in balance and the physical body slowly began to detox. The point I am trying to make is that eight years later the process of pulling it together is still taking place inside me. I could not have done this without the help of essential probiotics. This is also where the gratitude comes in.

The gratitude is that I can be who I am because of the healthy micro-flora in my gut .. but they are also in the blood .. bones .. nerves .. glands .. organs .. brain and skin. Did I leave anything out? We often do not express gratitude for the really small things in life.

I never did any kind of weight loss program. I did colon cleanse .. but this: Clean your colon in 8 weeks is total rubbish. I tried those programs and they do not work. Cleaning the colon also means keeping it clean. I simply never stopped keeping the colon clean. This is not 6 months .. but it takes years.

Science teaches people to think that the body naturally ages = goes into decline [loss of health]. Given the right cellular conditions the body effortlessly retains electrical and cellular cohesion.

The thought that you can resolve anything [any crisis] with one-off solutions is a from of collective insanity. We extend the crisis by NOT RESOLVING the issues that face us. We end up living INSIDE the crisis. It never gets resolved. The problem is that wrong thinking is the problem and not the crisis itself. The human mind [how we use the mind] is the problem.

I was very patient and I watched my body reverse the effects of Candida overgrowth over the YEARS. This is what I mean about pulling it together. The body is still reversing the whole degeneration process that slowly takes place as we grow 30 years / 40 years .. and our inner gut gets full of toxins .. bacteria .. yeasts .. mold and fungus.

You could apply the same principle to economics: Toxic assets.

I don't like lifting weights or doing push ups [animals don't do that stuff] .. and so I taught myself some exercises that I created for myself and I do each day. It took years to observe if there is any change. There are changes. I think the key is do something every day no matter how small it may seem and eventually it has a big effect.

The Art of Losing It
The strange experience I have had at key points in my life is almost paranormal or supranormal encounter. Always at key fundamental points in my life I totally lose my nerve [for no reason]. There is nothing rational about this. It just happens out of the blue. It is a feeling of losing one's nerve at a key point.

Then that feeling goes away on its own [for no reason] .. but is life changing in its effects.

Alternatively the feeling comes just in the moment of a life changing transformation. Maybe the feeling is like an energy transition pathway. Something very powerful happens but you cannot see it and do not know what it is. Like you are coming out of a tunnel and you do not know what lies ahead.

That phenomenon happened recently as I was doing important work on a website. Usually it happened at times in my life where I am in the middle of nowhere on a mountain or rock face and I have to make a decision. I totally lose my nerve .. cannot see the way ahead .. and then suddenly the path all fits together and my life has changed .. the way ahead has changed.

Obviously it was not the website I am working on .. but to complete the site I have to have my nerves and be able to focus and know what I am doing. The feeling came out of the blue and I just could not complete any task. I totally lost my nerve and could not see the path ahead.

The next day it was gone and I could make decisions cleaner and faster than before.

There is never a day off with regard to: Pulling it together! There is no point where you reach the final solution. This is the problem with finding solutions. Nothing in life is static. The Masters often lose their nerves. There is no fixed and static state of mind. The static mind IS THE PROBLEM. Change is inevitable. Nothing can be held fixed in time and space.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

No Black White Opposites Only Yin Yang

Do not push and shove against your opponent ..
simply balance [internally] all energy interactions.
I was one part of our small video-tech background crew behind the cameras filming a recent friendly international conference meeting. I add intuitively-filming .. because we have no professional technical video training living in a world that is obsessed about BEING TRAINED...

I did not go to Art School .. because I AM an ARTIST .. and I don't need TRAINING.

The SYSTEM trains you to be part of [serve] the SYSTEM .. and that is why it trains you on all levels of society. If you do not follow the system CODE .. then you cannot be part of the SYSTEM !! Inside that system there are layers of black and white = opposing opposites.

It is my own theory that ALL PARTIES are "victims" of THE SYSTEM! This includes the individuals and organisations who believe that by using the system they gain an advantage .. that they are superior .. better off .. ahead of the game .. more powerful .. and in a superior position.

I will say to again [as many times as it takes] = The HEAD of the horse is attached to the BODY of the horse. When the body of the horse gets sick .. the head of the horse gets sick. When the head of the horse gets sick .. the body of the horse gets sick.

Yin yang .. the body and head are ONE !!

If you have earlier Chinese / Asian physical incarnations and you maybe have studied or study the I Ching .. you will understand what I am talking about. If you have not studied the I Ching .. then study it! There is no black / white struggle anywhere on this Planet or in the surrounding Universe.

I still have to talk about the latest ESA / Philae Probe / The comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko discoveries RT - Home to extraterrestrials? - Philae probe could be sitting on comet filled with alien life.

Basically these comets swing around the Sun and yet
they contain LIFE [Yey!] = Yin yang intelligence.

Only Yin Yang Balance...
It does not matter how much aggression you use .. how much you bully and threaten the weaker opponent or seek to crush and humiliate them it will all come back to you one day! That is yin yang balance. For 2000 years the Roman Empire tried to dominate the power structures on this Planet [our current time-line Earth].
They are still struggling for dominance after 2000+ years! Why?
The whole system is out of balance!

Yin yang / East West .. now begins the planetary Yuga cycle of the rise of the East and the demise of the West. We already experienced a much earlier [pre Roman] Yuga cycle where the East fell into decline thousands of years ago as the western powers ascended.

If the East adopt this current out-of-balance system? We're done #_#

You have to stop thinking in terms of opposites = black white positions / black and white solutions. Let the outer World do what it does .. but YOU stop thinking in those terms: Black opposite white / white opposite black .. my position / your position .. my future / your future .. my success/ your defeat [and so on].

Our World is in chaos!

At the same time each one of us are SPIRIT incarnate in 3D physical reality.

There are multiple time lines and we all inherit the associate [attracted] world that we internally create inside ourselves. The bullies may very well inherit future worlds where there is a much worse situation than here and the otherworld bullies are a lot worse than here .. where bully attack spirits from this world are the victims.

Yin yang balance applies to this principle .. on deeper Spirit levels.

People who work really hard to create balance / harmony in this World are also working not to end up in the brutal worlds their opponents may inherit. This may sound like spiritual self-preservation .. but really it is spiritual intelligence.

In AIKIDO and true Martial Arts .. it is not who opposes you .. but it is about who YOU oppose .. or if you seek to apply higher levels of compassion and gentle deflection [not to attack / hurt anyone]. Your problem is NOT who opposes you!

It is irrelevant who opposes you or who tries to bully you or who tries to stop you or who tries to attack you .. crush you .. humiliate you .. all that does not matter. What REALLY matters is who you are INSIDE. What really matters is how you internally deal with the situations and most important of all the ENERGIES!

That is INTERNAL Qi [Chi] life force! [Applied]