Sunday, July 19, 2015

End of Central Influence [Paradigm]

Time travelers inwardly adapt to external locations.

Central Paradigm Model
Continuing from the previous: Inner Power Paradigm Shifts .. this is a drawing of the paradigm all Earth humans inhabit currently. This is very simple to understand and at the same time is complex!

The way it was shown to me is the central individual influence [power] field has stronger influence far from its center. That is the simple part!

These incarnate spirits who sort of inherit this central field effect do not have or cannot have Inner Enlightenment [balance]. I guess they could change this if they work at it .. but for many reasons probably 98 percent do not do any kind of work to reverse or transform how they deal with power.

The complex part is split in two like yin and yang.

All kinds of different spirit incarnations are born inside these central fields [they inherit at birth]. Some individuals genuinely want to use this power for good. Later I explain why this is inherently impossible. Some individuals desire and are addicted to power and what they do with it is irrelevant [it is like a drug]. Other individuals are self obsessed and only care about themselves and their image.

You see these incarnate spirit individuals in every field from banking to politics .. architecture .. business .. art [the arts] .. science .. health .. literature .. innovation .. all areas of life on Earth. You cannot say right or wrong / good or bad .. it simply is what it is at all the various levels. That's the ZEN part of understanding this phenomenon.

We can say their power is yang: Outward .. active .. penetrating influence.

The second complex layer is: Those who are influenced. We could say this phenomenon is yin: Inward .. passive .. yielding accepting. The way it works is that all the little red energy [blood cells] are the mass of people who are influenced by this basic central paradigm matrix / model.

The really complex part is the unseen third aspect. You have duality: Yin / yang .. and the third principle is the whole field = yin and yang as one. The understanding of the third principle [the whole picture as one] reveals that no one active in this Central Paradigm is well off.

I was shown [as drawn] the further away you are the more influence. That is clearly out of balance as the incarnate individual has to maintain this totally out-of-balance central influence field. Everyone in this picture is suffering and is not in a good position.

The complex yin layer is that people who have reduced inner power and who rely on this [influence] model .. and the yang aspect also has no inner power .. this need to rely on a central influence for EVERYONE involved is f#cked.

In this model you not only have: I INFLUENCE .. but you also have I AM INFLUENCED. The two may seem different but both yin and yang forces are in the same position. No one in this picture is benefiting. No one is in a good position. Each relies on the other within an out-of-balance relationship [existence].

Inner Art of Zen
There are spirits who incarnate into this current [central influence] paradigm who are not part of this external relationship theme [field]. That is what Jiddu Krishnamurti meant by: Be in the world but not of the world. Like that the central influence paradigm relationship does not have to live inside you if you do not inwardly take part in it.

If the central paradigm influence does not live inside you then you are not part of it .. nor are you part of its influence. You can be in this world but the world does not control you or influence you. This concept is Inner Zen [awareness]. What protects you from out-of-balance energy fields? AWARENESS protects you.

The big philosophical and political discussion for thousands of years in the human mind is: WHO is to BLAME for this? The guy in the center influencing everyone is to blame. The masses who accept this influence are to blame. The fact is that they are all one and the same.

This is why I keep saying: The head of the horse is attached to the body and the body of the horse is attached to the head. Remove the head or remove the body and they are BOTH dead whichever way you try to switch it around. Why a horse? Because .. that is what society is! Society is the symbolic horse of mankind [that also relates to time travel].

Is it not obvious the whole discussion: How do we resolve the world's problems [?] .. is being asked by the out-of-balance field [world] paradigm / experience? The key issue for incarnating spirits [always] is: How does AWARENESS deal with this situation? If you are a young spirit transitioning between dimensions you may not be able to cope with higher awareness fields.

This is why they send spirits back and forwards between the transition dimensions [whether we like it or not]. When your spirit is aware of higher dimension incarnations you may ask: What am I doing back down here? If you cannot apply your higher dimension awareness to a centrally planned paradigm world then you have a problem!

At four and five years old I was aware of light ships in the sky .. I could see them with my physical eyes [not only my mind]. I could telepathically talk to the lights in the sky before I could talk to humans or write. I commanded them to: "Get me out of here." They silently ignored me. I am deeply grateful for that.

At first I wanted out of here .. and then I had to adapt. I did not have to adapt to this world. I had to adapt inwardly [if you know what I mean]. So .. there are influencing spirits who never wanted this influence .. in the same way I did not want to be down here in this current world experience.

You have to INWARDLY adapt.

You cannot run away from yourself. You cannot change the world around you. If you look at the drawing it is painfully clear that no one inside that central influence paradigm can change anything. That realization frees you to truly be WHO YOU ARE !! In that picture no one has the power. No one has the power to change that paradigm [energy fields].

I explain in the next post why all this is taking place over what seems a long and painful time period [over 2000 years]. Probably in the year 2000 we came to the end of the: Central Paradigm Influence [model]. Now we are inside a 500 year transition to a new paradigm [model]. I probably should write a book #_#