Saturday, December 12, 2015

Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells

You have cells in your body that current science does not know exists and if they knew they would not understand the capacity and nature of those cells #_# .. [It is true] .. and we currently cannot create this cell rejuvenation water [technique] .. but they could create it in the distant past and they can create it in the future. Secrets of Life
I talked about as yet undiscovered cells in the human body that science would not understand [their functions] even if they discovered the existence of cells. I have a good imagination and I share with you my imagination of the future that today is only a mythology. Let me share with you this mythology. The mythology of: Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells.

When spirit incarnates into physical reality the relationship between incarnate spirit and physical [electrical] body is not like sitting at a computer interacting with the computing systems. The difference is that the cells of the physical body are: 1. Plastic = the cells adapt to and respond to the psyche. 2. There are antenna cells.

Spirit becomes one with the body and the cells of the body become one with spirit.

I was thinking about this today and it seems whatever created spirit created physical matter. I would imagine that spirit was first created and physical experience was created after the creation of spirit dimensions. In a sense spirit is the egg that gives birth to the physical chicken.

I imagine that originally the concept of spiritual purity and spiritual power was related to physical body detoxification because the cells are electrical [frequency] receptors .. and any tech geek will know that you have to keep your electrical connections [frequencies] clean to receive voltage and signals.

The missing electrical energy link is: What connects incarnate spirit to physical cells and physical cells to incarnate spirit? Again you have the three principles [triangle] of spirit .. physical and ???

Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells
Why should physical humans take time to clean the cells of the physical body? Why is this cleansing process of the physical body so strong in the process of ancient religions over the centuries? In my view because there is an aspect of the cells of the body acting as higher consciousness antennas.

Why would you have to keep cells of the body clean #_#

Hidden in the body are what I call: Incarnate Spirit Antenna Cells. These cells represent the Third Principle. Their frequencies interact with and connect incarnate spirit with the physical body. In this sense the triangle [pyramid] represents physical reality merged with spirit.

Some people argue do the deities of Ancient Egypt represent physical extra-terrestrials or dynamic inter-dimensional energies [persona] .. and the answer is BOTH !! Simply because the higher interacting dimensions are part of the electrical energy matrix and are part of extra-terrestrial intelligence [phenomenon].

If you are aware of electrical fields and the transmission of electrical frequencies .. then you will know that you cannot transmit and receive signals through dirty [corroded] degenerated hardware [receivers]. Are all of you still with me +_#

My own mythological experience is that I have a built in cellular transmitter / receiver [psychic] activated through electrical energy fields powered by my incarnate spirit interacting with the physical body. So .. physical nutrition [food] is only one part of a dynamic physical process. I have to keep my cells clean!

As the body ages the toxins build up ...

To make this clear about the necessity of clean purified cells .. imagine electrical circuit transmission lines that send electrical power to your homes where the lines become degraded. It's the same thing... You use electrical frequency in your homes to power lighting .. heating .. computers .. WIFI .. telephone .. communications and so on. Imagine the carrier lines became degraded.

Electrical field degeneration is known in the sound transmission field. Cables transferring sound frequencies can pick up electrical interference where the signal becomes distorted. It is the same for the cells in the physical body. Toxic cellular degeneration means a degeneration of the electrical capacity of the cells.

Humans eat and eat and eat throughout their lives. Our ancient ancestors probably took as much time to cleanse their biological system as they took to eat nutrients and nourish their system. Today that simple but powerful yin yang balance has been lost. We live our lives and rarely make an effort to clean the cells of the physical body!

Some ancient spiritual traditions saw deep physical cellular cleanse as being a necessary part of higher consciousness awareness levels [psyche / meditation]. There are reasons for this!

As with balance of yin yang duality forces that are one .. the cells of the body prosper in states of both nutrition and cleanse. For example .. cells cannot absorb nutrition when they are compromised by toxins. In the same way super clean cells cannot function without necessary nutrition. Both aspects are essential to life.

Physical body cells have to be both clean and energised with nutrition. When there is only cleanse cleanse cleanse .. there is no nutrition. When there is only eat eat eat there is no cleanse. When people have no food cells starve and when people have only food cells starve.

Antenna Cells
We inhabit 3D Third Dimension .. so inside the Third Dimension there is the foundation of duality and there is the higher 3rd principle. We have the triangle in which duality is incorporated. The unseen antenna cells are part of the third principle. This is the principle that unifies matter and spirit.

The whole physical-spiritual mix is in there inside every human being.

As a technician it is not my concern how people connect with this tri-dimensional phenomenon. I am concerned with the purity of cellular electrical fields and the efficiency of electrical currents [receivers and transmissions] .. which is basically about communication fields.

All cells in your body are communicating.

In inter-cellular terms: Toxic degeneration is NOISE. As cells degenerate the disruption of the cells can be described as noise or INTERFERENCE. Because cells have to be able to LISTEN in order to COMMUNICATE.

To activate the third principle: Antenna cells .. the ancient traditions would regularly detox the body to PURIFY the SIGNAL. Balanced nutrition is one part and detoxification is another part of the puzzle. The electrical signal [frequency] is another part of the puzzle.

Antenna cells require unified functions between spirit and matter = frequency.

In this respect balanced physical and cellular detoxification becomes incredibly important. The cells can only absorb nutrition when they are healthy. What defines health? What defines balance? In some respects: Electrical resonance. Transmission / receiving is related to noise / silence.

The cells have to be clean to transmit and receive information.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Connecting Across Space-Time

Why do I have so many skills ..
because I am connected to myself
across space-time and beyond.
I am a storyteller! I combine different awareness levels to create connector pathways. The work I do is to inspire you to inspire yourself. The connector pathways are the signatures behind my work and behind my storytelling.

You have to understand that when I tell a story that there is maybe 40+ years of hard work taking place inside myself that is supported by connections to many lifetimes [incarnations] into physical 3D realities [plural]. More difficult to connect are other experiences of 4th Dimension and higher layers of reality.

I am trying to draw a picture of you not being alone. A picture of you NEVER having been alone right from the very first spirit cell division of creating a unique coherent spirit being. Then at some point that coherent unique spirit being begins to incarnate into dimensions of physical reality.

In a way you inherit yourself lifetime after lifetime.

Maybe not all incarnate experiences were peace and love .. but this is how we learn. There may be quite a few bad experiences in there along the many pathways of your development. But .. what is the key to bringing together all these aspects as one singular force?

The KEY is LOVE .. you have to love yourself and bring all those aspects together. This was the original meaning of washing the self clean of all experiences. You see .. you cannot even hold onto the good experiences. What you inherit as a unique spirit is your total self beyond knowledge and memories.

The power that is you never changes from the first creation of your spirit.

The spirit power that is cleansed of the past [ego-self] is an energy being who is capable to enter any time-space and function as a whole. This spirit can adapt to any space-time experience in balance at higher states of awareness. That is the true meaning of POWER.

You are never alone unless you are divided inwardly from who you are across all spectrum(s). The self-pity experienced when feeling sorrow that we are isolated and alone [in life] is really ones own self-created isolation from oneself. Humans look outside not to feel lonely rather than look inside to understand ourselves.

Connecting Across Space-Time
Many coherent spirits specialise in various zones rather than enter time and space locations across the board. One of the reasons for this is that once the spirit has cultivated higher levels of coherent energy they are much more capable of entering unknown zones and functioning at higher states beyond experience.

Those who have exceptional adaptation abilities do not need to specialise.

It does not matter which path you take as the inner work is the same. The only difference is how each unique spirit teaches themselves [learns] to cultivate high levels of coherent energy. You follow your own path .. your own paths. The WAY [the path] is cultivated out of levels of coherent energy.

It is the Inner levels of coherent energy that create THE PATH.

You can test this out for yourself and try your own applied experiment [whose control level is awareness] .. you have to be aware and pay attention to test this out on yourself. You can be sad .. feel sorry for yourself .. experience deep sense of loneliness .. feel isolated .. who loves you ?? Right !!

Then be aware how this state of mind affects people around you.

You can try to apply deeper inner sense of your connected coherent self. You do not need to rely on other people for love and support .. but inside you there is a deep connection across time and space. You begin to feel the end of loneliness as you build this inner coherent energy.

As you begin to feel a deep sense of connection to your coherent self across space-time you no longer feel isolated or alone. You feel stronger and perhaps more compassionate. Coherent self is much more connected as there is no sense of being disconnected or isolated.

Then be aware how this state of mind affects people around you.

There is another reason to do this beyond searching for balance within 3D existence. If your spirit does not cultivate coherent spirit energy then there is no Inner Power of Spirit. You may affect others in beneficial ways .. but this is simply a side-effect of your own Path and your own Inner Journey.

The most precious thing you can do to honour life and respect the Planet(s) you live on is to do what you were born to do. That is to cultivate coherent spirit energy rather than lose energy to ego-self. You were not born to do this in the sense of individual physical incarnations. The birth was the creation of that original soul.

There are two major polarities of ego-self: One is attachment and greed for physical material wealth [including desires]. The other polarity of ego-self is denial [including suffering]. Attachment to physical worlds and denial of attachment are same ego-self.

When you are inwardly balanced you do not have to be greedy fired with desire .. and you do not have to deny attachment to physical reality. Both approaches take a lot of energy to live ones life as both are rooted in INNER CONFLICT. Where there is balance there is no conflict.

Something really beautiful takes place as you are doing the work inside.

Of course you are not only connected to the totality of yourself from that original creation of the soul [spirit] .. but you have connections to your friends across many lifetimes. That is a mystery I will not talk about. You only discover the truth when you do the work inside yourself.

You do not live your life to rely on the outer world first and be strong inwardly second. You do not uncover the mystery lifetime after lifetime unless you connect inwardly and cultivate energy coherence right inside the spirit [soul]. Then like good nutrition coherent spirit energy fills the mind and physical body.

The third level is that coherent energy radiates around the body from within. This is why they likened the soul to the activity of the Sun. Cultivation of coherent energy has no direction and no goal. It is what it is. Acts in mysterious ways. Directs its own Path in natural and organic ways.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Secrets of Elixir of Life!

The secrets of the Elixir of Life?
DISCLAIMER: It is not what you think ...
As I said I can time travel through the circle of life. Some people think that the past is behind us and the future is ahead of us. The truth is that all of life is one big circle and that whole circle affects us now.

If there was a Utopia thousands of years ago and we are heading into a future conflict? How can we imagine that things are progressing and advancing? Where would you rather go if you had a choice: Into nuclear war or into a society that is highly advanced and beyond conflict.

The first filter on your awareness after being born on Earth are the many layers of the past [memory] and the attached self-image ego that develops and lives inside all those personal and collective memories [past experiences]. If you live only within those limitations of self you become like a small fruiting body [mushroom] that grows from the collective mycelium pathways of human genetic base system.

I cannot eat mushrooms or fungi because they cause allergy reactions in my gut... There are different layers of conscious awareness other than base level. Just as in Nature there are common mushrooms and there are rare and powerful mushrooms. In the same way [throughout history] there has been common self awareness and a secret priest order who seek some form of higher enlightenment.

After the fall of Mu Lemuria and Atlantis the secret order of priests looked to more rare psychoactive fungi to allow them to attain higher levels of awareness and higher levels of consciousness .. where the base collective self were forbidden to search and achieve these rare states of mind.

The elusive Amanita Muscaria [Magic Mushroom] cannot be seeded or grown productively in human created environments. This fungi is one example of a rare mycelium strata beyond base general levels of physical material self. The ancient priest class [after the fall of Atlantis] sought [struggled] to maintain some kind of higher level of awareness using the rare strata of conscious [psychoactive] mycelium network.

Amanita Muscaria refuses to grow anywhere other than where it chooses to grow!

One part of the secret of psychoactive mushrooms is that the compounds activate dormant connector neurons inside the brain. Higher consciousness activity within the mind is triggered by psychoactive chemicals within specific fungi .. but the experience of altered awareness are pathways already existing within the secret pathways of the body. As a result there can be distorted dis-harmonic experiences leading to power-up self [ego].

The gateway of Initiation leads always back to: The Self .. who you are .. why you are who you are .. how you live your life .. why you live the way you do [lifetime after lifetime]. In Ufology circles it is popular to talk about: The Breakaway Civilisation .. when in reality this is simply the breakaway SELF.

One example is that you cannot act against Nature. There are certain rules to the functioning and order of physical 3D existence including mind and psyche. Let us say small "elite" groups attempt to move to safe [alternative] worlds leaving behind Earth [Planets] destroyed by nuclear war .. right ??

Of course such groups cannot exist without the hidden layers of mycelium consciousness out of which they have grown. So .. what do you think they take with them? They take everything from the past [unresolved] as it is .. including the destruction of the Earth. What do you think haunts them in this "other world" hi-tech escape .. EXACTLY THAT.

The breakaway SELF is the fruiting body that depends on the entire existence of that total-consciousness mycelium network beyond space-time. There is no escape .. you just plant the network somewhere else. There is no escaping who you are and why you are who you are. There is no escaping ONESELF. It does not matter where you go .. the SELF goes with you in its ENTIRETY.

What I am trying to say is that psychoactive ENLIGHTENMENT is not guaranteed on spiritual levels in higher spiritual terms. As a result [historically] the world of mankind experienced good experiences and bad experiences according to the nature of individuals using these [psychoactive] plants to gain power or control over EVENTS .. or seeking control of THE FUTURE.

The mind .. the intentions .. the fears connected to desire for power .. the compassion or humility and the love all influence the experience of psychoactive presence once used within the original schools of Initiation [that was a long time ago]. They used these psychoactive fungi to weed out potential psychopaths who only have their own interests at stake. So .. the INITIATION was the weeding out process of undesirable forces.

Secrets of Elixir of Life!
Everyone is searching in the wrong places .. looking in the physical material world for answers only to be found inside. The journey is inside .. the path is inside .. the knowledge is inside .. the foundation is inside .. the solution is inside ONESELF.

No physical material 3D form is immortal or eternal.
The answer to this mystery is ONESELF.

For many tens of thousands of years we knew the answers to the Elixir of Life. It was not something that gave "the gods" eternal physical life. The Elixir gave the physical body youthful ability only until the eventual ending of the incarnation. Physical matter is designed to begin and end no matter what! Even if this is a time span of a thousand to three thousand years. There is entry and there is exit.

This is the cycle of physical existence. So .. get used to it !!

I was working with the future and they have direct connection with the past. In this sense the past and the future are the present NOW. When I returned I had the answer to this question of an ancient Elixir that was used by our ancestors to rejuvenate the cells of the physical body.

The so-called Elixir was [is] a deep cellular detox >_+
[You heard it here first !!! Okay !!! ]

I am not kidding around .. this is true! All paths of ancient rejuvenation rivers were said to meet at a place where the WATERS of LIFE could be found .. that rejuvenated the cells of the body [there were many locations] and this was one of the places where they produced [I am laughing] .. where they produced these LIVING WATERS !!!

Just like you go to an oil terminal to pick up oil today .. the people of the past and the future go to a location to pick up the WATERS of LIFE [being produced] at key locations. They are creating a very special way of cleaning impurities from the cells at all levels of the body.

You have cells in your body that current science does not know exists and if they knew they would not understand the capacity and nature of those cells #_# .. [It is true] .. and we currently cannot create this cell rejuvenation water [technique] .. but they could create it in the distant past and they can create it in the future.

So simple and so powerful ... DUH !!

The physical body cells will function more efficiently and will absorb nutrients more efficiently when they are REJUVENATED .. which means when the cells have been cleaned .. when the cells have been detoxified .. when all the contaminants have been removed. Then the cells are young again.

Like .. you cannot stuff high grade NUTRITION into old contaminated [toxic] cells .. right ?? Just stop and take some time to think about this. Think about feeding fresh clean drinking water into a toxic contaminated sewage sludge.

The secret of life is cellular DETOXIFICATION. Rejuvenation is its non-toxic state. Out of respect I would like to give thanks to my past and future incarnations in collaborating with this post !! Thank you so much...

Thursday, December 03, 2015

You Are: Past Present Future

I just returned from a long time-zone journey into the future .. where they understand that the past present and future are one. They teach me that the past and the future are NOW.

Then I get back here and the Masters are waiting for me. They know I love to Time Travel. Like that .. I do not want to call it an escape !! Which is essentially not applied Martial Arts.

When the Art of Time Travel is an ART you can usually turn it around so that it is not an escape .. unless you have ultra diligent Masters who know what you are doing #_# [that really pisses me off]. It is one of my specialities that I have ability to travel into the past or travel into the future.

When dealing with everyday normal human beings this ability is hidden [cloaked] and cannot be challenged because no one knows what you are doing. In general it is not a good idea to tell others what you are doing. But .. when dealing with The Masters ?? that it another story !!

On a human level my tricks are pretty cool .. but on a Masters level my tricks are really not cool .. and I have to learn how to apply higher dimensions geometry and balance. This is why I say to you that: You are past present and future NOW.

I admit I do have a tricky side to me! But at the same time that tricky side gives me a sense of humor and a sense of fun. Like that .. when you are learning you cannot take yourself too seriously. So .. I teach you about the relationship between human dimension and the Masters.

When we are smart we can get away with a LOT on the human dimension.

Even though we are smart we cannot get away with anything on the Masters dimensions... So .. the problems in the physical World are caused by being smart in 3D and being stupid within the spectrum. I will try to explain this in my past to future posts. I was writing Transition Zones posts in November [past] that I will talk about in the future!

I do have the ability to connect past present and future as one.

Of course .. the way we interact with past present future now [as one] is the key.

Let us say that past present future is a triangle [pyramid] .. but there is also trans-dimensional interrelated zones of The Masters that interact with our dimensions. Past present future is like a pyramid within a circle [orb] where the surrounding dimension is greater than the pyramid.

The Masters teach me the surrounding orb [circle] Planet is the NOW .. balance of yin yang. I am in the middle moving through the triangle of past present and future. I am taught by The Masters that past present and future connect only within the NOW.

Due to this I can teach you that NOW connects past present and future.

I have to admit that I love to transit past present and future = I am a Tech Geek. I love nothing more than crossing the dimensions and interfacing with other levels. This is a skill I have .. and was born with. At the same time I have to admit that this is not the highest skill.

In some ways my skill is useless at base levels.

In any given Incarnation I can effortlessly move around the dimensions and time zones without restrictions and I can understand them and what I am doing. This is similar to a computer programmer. I understand the background signatures of realities.

You can imagine my attitude when The Masters tell me off...

It is much more difficult to remain centered .. to remain balanced .. in the NOW. Understanding that the past present and future are NOW. This fact is not easy to understand .. but it is worth your effort and energy to understand lifetime after lifetime.

The various pyramids sit on the surface of the Earth.

The pyramids are past present and future where the Earth [sphere] is NOW.

The sphere [circle] is NOW which is the totality of past present future. So .. we have past present future within the NOW in its entirety beyond time and space .. beyond space and time. That [basically] is who we are. We are past present future NOW .. the pyramid withing the sphere. Without the NOW we do not exist!