Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spirit World Internet

We are connected to and are part of all dimensions.

It would be arrogant of us humans to think that we - on Earth - are the creators of technology, think that our technologies are "advanced" and assume that our technological world operates outside of Nature.

The psychological structures needed to learn about, develop and teach everything required to use technology already exists before we develop it. Just stop and think about that for a moment.

What I am saying is that humans are pre-designed to develop, understand, share and use technology. Most important of all is that the actual technology is a construct of our natural world. It is an undivided part of Nature.

Our technologies have to be constructed from natural resources we take from the Earth. The communication frequencies already exist all around us .. called the Planet's magnetic fields. Humans did not create electricity. In fact, we did not create anything. We use what is around us, we adapt the physical resources to our needs. In other words, we totally depend on Nature and Planet Earth to do what we do.

The human mind is fully tuned to and is fully part of Universal Mind .. that is where we get all our ideas, abilities and potential from.

I love reading and watching Kubo's Bleach Manga Series. I thought it was really funny to see Soul Society using technology created by their department of Research & Development. But why do we humans assume that we are the only one's using these kinds of technologies?

Spirit World Internet
Since the Winter Solstice, 2012 there has been a dramatic increase in the spirit energies connection surrounding the physical world. You have to think more in terms of the psyche being an Internet connection between the physical 3D world and the frequencies of the spirit worlds that surround this reality.

It is possible that some people would have a high speed awareness connection to the Spirit Internet, some people may have a slower connection to the Spirit Internet and others may have little or no direct awareness connection.

The keyword is: Awareness.

To be born into this world one has to be "connected"; but in the last few thousand years "other world" spirit connections have been unconscious or sub-conscious. A lot of what we are building already exists in the Spirit World, where the connecting frequency is the psyche and where the psyche is the operating system of the soul / spirit.

Increase awareness and you increase spirit energy.

My first introduction to the "Spirit Internet" was in a dream. However, not only humans have a dream psyche! Cats, dogs, wild animals and birds etc .. the whole natural world has a dream psyche.

The Universe connects us...

In the dream I saw spirit world frequencies and various connecting spirit / energy levels. In the dream physical 3D was one small part of an infinite and complex cosmic mind awareness. The physical material worlds exist because they are created out of the chi energy of the spirit worlds.

Although, spirit world energies are more powerful than spirit energy in the physical worlds .. the spirit worlds do not use that power to force order or peace in the material worlds. Spirit energies incarnate inside physical reality to alter physical existence. That is why we are here!

Yin / yang balance between the physical and spirit worlds is love.

Awareness activates love and compassion as a living Cosmic Technology where the mind is the operating system inside the 3rd dimension. The brain is the computer. Spirit is the navigator.

Going beyond limited physical resource energy to develop free-energy is a spiritual process and not a physical process. It is the aware spirit-soul connection using the spirit-psyche that develops advanced non-central energies inside the physical worlds.

In the dream, people (spirits) were using highly advanced technologies to navigate and communicate inside the worlds of spirit. Only, their spirit technologies were powered by a living Cosmic Chi and not by "electricity".

The only thing that gets me excited is that once I return to the spirit world I can continue to do what I love most and that is to develop totally advanced technologies.

You may think that the advanced technologies on Earth are MALE .. sort of masculine .. but that is not really the way it is "out there". The advanced technologies are largely female, but are mostly a balance between male and female. Yin and Yang !!

When a man has a male/female balance he is advanced. When a woman has male/female balance she is advanced. When technology has male/female (yin/yang balance) then the technology is advanced.

The Spirit World Internet flows from the invisible worlds of spirit into the physical material worlds. We create inside physical reality what already exists in the spirit worlds.

Our spirit transmigrates .. back and forth .. between the spirit worlds and the physical worlds. That means there is a living connection between SPIRIT and MATTER !!

We are not alone !!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How Ego Makes Us Weak

"IN EXTREME SITUATIONS, the entire universe becomes our foe; at such critical times, unity of mind and technique is essential--do not let your heart waver!"
The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba
[Founder of AIKIDO]

We all want to be strong .. no matter who we are. Although our personal interpretation of what strength is can vary enormously. Even the smallest child can throw a tantrum and express a wish for "strength". Some children can simply find the strength needed to overcome extreme situations.

However, a situation does not have to be EXTREME for humans, male and female, to express: "I wish I was strong!"

To a banker "strength" can mean the ability to do whatever he or she wants. Cunningly take out your perceived opponents and critics - destroy them - make them pay for their critisism... In this case strength is perceived as the ruthless Alpha Dog who can destroy anything that stands in his way and feel no remorse.

To a Buddhist, strength may mean the ability to see something through to its very end with Ultimate Compassion. In this respect, strength becomes the direct application of inner principles one holds sacred. To experience and show compassion, no matter who tries to destroy you...

To some, power is the strength to destroy whatever stands in their way .. and to others, strength is the power to forgive and feel compassion no matter what happens.

Most of us imagine extreme situations to be external to ourselves, coming at us from outside, unrelated to our inner world and to who we are. It's outside! Right? Outside of me!!


Give ten people a camera and put them in the same spot with the same light at the same moment, and you will get ten different photographs of the same scene. For example, I may lie down and photograph the scene from ground level rather than standing up. But even without such changes in perspective, each photograph will be different. That is "our experience".

The next level is what each person will make of the photographs (the past event) .. "I don't like my photograph, yours is better." .. "I love them all!" - "I like my own photograph best." .. "I wish I could do this better." It's called REACTION.

How we react is usually dictated by THOUGHT. The inner ego personality with all its experiences and conditioning. How I see myself, how I think about myself, how I feel about myself. Therefore, the outer EVENT instantly becomes an INNER EXPERIENCE the moment it happens.

A small example of this: It is the two day holiday period and the roads are almost totally empty .. and people are having accidents with their cars on these almost empty roads. My inner reaction to this is .. how stupid can you get ??

The only difference is that I observe my own behaviour and I pay attention to the reaction - right! Usually, we are on auto-pilot thinking our thoughts and really not paying attention. We indulge in our thoughts. Thought lives in its own fantasy world. Awareness of who we are does not play a big part in our lives.

We watch the other drivers having car accidents on empty roads; but we do not pay attention to our own reactions.

When we see other drivers having silly accidents on empty roads, we always feel better than them .. don't we? Hey! I am not so stupid to do something like that!! Because, the inner reactions of each one of us are very complex. Like that you can experience an inner multi-dimensional reaction in less than a nano-second. The reaction is like a complete hologram .. in an instant!

If I do something stupid - it is the SAME REACTION !!

I will react to my own stupidity, in the same way I react to the other driver. The source is very important to understand. You may think that you have one personal reaction for yourself and another reaction for people outside of you. But! No! It is all one .. it is simply THOUGHT.

You are not reacting, THOUGHT is reacting!!

Have you ever noticed your thoughts giving you a bad time?

Well! Try this! Be aware of your thoughts. Turn around 180 degrees to face the other half of the circle .. and ask yourself .. wait a minute! Question those thoughts with awareness. You may notice something change inside you!

The moment you become aware of thought, it goes quiet. The moment you challenge thought, it has nothing to say. One could say awareness is like switching off the auto-pilot.

In ancient texts most of the world's cultures had some story that, the "gods" left Earth thousands of years ago saying: We will be back... We will return in "the future".

The Maya and Native Americans say: The Future Is Now!

When the physical human being's Spirit is allowing the auto-pilot (thought) to navigate through life .. that is like the owner of the temple has gone off and THOUGHT becomes king. One could say the monkey (thought) takes over the daily life and navigation of the human being / the human temple / our lives.

One could also say that SPIRIT (awareness) reaches over and switches off the auto-pilot setting in the mind / brain. The energy of the mind is no longer concentrated up in a small area of the frontal lobe; but the energy is seated in an older central area of the mind / brain called "awareness".

How Ego Makes Us Weak
When our minds are on auto-pilot (ego-thought) it means the whole energy of the human is controlled and directed by thought (ego). Thought can do what it wants and tie energy resources of the body up in so many ways - both functional and dysfunctional. We are usually a mixture of the two extremes.

Thought - the petty ego - becomes the reaction to any and all events in our lives .. both external and internal. If you pay attention and become aware .. you see that thought reacts to external events and internal events in the same way.

To thought, you are as stupid as the next guy on the road.

The worst part of all is the way we humans fall apart when THOUGHT starts to go negative on us. You know! Personality complex, loneliness, sadness .. the fears. This excessive use of life energy for the ego WEAKENS us. The life energy of the human beings becomes weak as ego increases.

Thought-ego is strong and the human being is weak.

Thought-ego is master and the human being is the slave.

When the life force (energy) leaves the human body, THOUGHT dies. The Spirit is not thought. The petty ego does not survive death. Therefore, why do we humans allow the ego to rule physical life? Why do we live on "auto-pilot"?

There is one simple solution!

When the mind pays attention to all this, something changes.

The moment one refuses to accept this automatic internal dialogue draining away all resources of the body, something changes. Refusing to accept thought using the life force energy to create internal negativity - makes us stronger.

Why do we as living beings accept to live on auto-pilot?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are Space Gravity Waves A Form of Water?

Sorry! In a future life I was an ET !!

This is a complex post .. sort of like Bilbo Baggins (the Hobbit) running out of the door at Bagend, not really knowing where he is going to end up .. or even where he is going. But the journey changes the Hobbit and affects future generations of Hobbits as well as affecting all of Middle Earth !!

I was looking for the 12 particles at CERN and I ended up taking a journey I did not intend to take .. although Gandalf would say that strange and mysterious forces affect the destiny of Men and Hobbits...

Then I read: Van Allen Belt Instability As Monitor for Earth Seismicity

Keywords: particle bursts earthquakes - energetic particle bursts sumatra

I came to this because I noticed a chart on the Van Allen Belt Instability PDF that showed: Sumatra - December 26, 2004 - Examples of Particle Bursts.
Observations from space support the evidence for detectable precursor phenomena influencing the magnetosphere producing precipitating particle burst taking place 1-3 hours before major earthquakes. - Roberto Battiston (INFN) Nov 7, 2012 CERN
In simple English .. Observations from space satellite remote sensing detected phenomenon hitting the Earth's magnetosphere 1 to 3 hours before major earthquakes occur. I hope I got that right !!

Next I found: DEMETER satellite observations of energetic particle prior to Chile earthquake Chinese Journal of Geophysics
Abstract The lithosphere activity during seismogenic process or occurrence of one earthquake may emit electromagnetic waves which propagate to ionosphere and radiation belt, then induce disturbance of electric and magnetic field and the precipitation of high energy charged particles induced by pitch angle scattering from interaction of wave and particle.

This paper, based on the data detected by DEMETER satellite, presents the high energy charged particle burst (PB) with 4 to 6 times enhancement over the average value observed about ten days before Chile earthquake in the center of epicenter within longitude 10 degrees and Mc Ilwain L 0.1. The obvious particle burst was also observed in the northern hemisphere mirror points conjugate of epicenter. The energy spectra of the PBs are different from average value within the first three months in 2010. At the same time, the disturbance of the VLF electric spectrum under 300 Hz and in 13~20 kHz frequency band in ionosphere over the epicenter detected by the DEMETER satellite are also observed in the same two orbits.

Finally we calculated the coupling relation between the energy of PBs and frequency range of VLF electric spectrum disturbance by wave and particle cyclotron resonant interaction, then obtained the consistent result of observation and theoretical calculation. It is indicated that the PBs are indeed caused by VLF electromagnetic wave in ionosphere possibly transmitted from earth's surface or lithosphere, which is a typical wave and particle coupling event. Eliminating the possible origin of PBs including magnetic burst and solar activities, we think the PBs and VLF electric spectrum disturbance are likely to have a certain link with Chile earthquake.
The scientists are talking "gravity waves" in space hitting the Earth .. and I am thinking it has to be some form of water! I may be wrong but I think water can be light or water can be heavy. I don't know why I think that!

In the same light, gravity can be light or gravity can be heavy. For example .. the way gravity interrelates with your body .. it does not crush you .. but apparently gravity waves from space can trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.

Are Space Gravity Waves A Form of Water?
I have this theory that there are many forms of water seen and unseen, known and unknown. There is water on the Earth and there is water in deep space. I mean! Obviously water has to come from somewhere .. like that it forms on Planets from the Cosmos.

The ancients said, as above so below. Essentially, the human form is a tiny microcosmic system .. a tiny compact reflection of greater Cosmos. The Cosmos from which the human being is formed.

An example of this is: Sperm (comet) and egg (planet) or sperm (spaceship) and egg (planet). Inside a human female the egg is in a womb of water. The sperm comes from the Fathership [don't laugh] .. and the sperm finds a landing site on the surface of the egg (Planet) / physical existence.

That is the Interplanetary occupant landing on Earth "-)

We humans just copy Nature !!

I am talking space, navigation, magnetism, gravity, water, earth.

It is all "water" .. the waters of life.

Imagine that there are unknown manifestations of water in the Universe, in Galaxies, in Suns (Stars), on Planets and Moons, in Comets and surrounding Star formations, and inside you.

Is Dark Matter an unknown form of water?

Are Space Gravity Waves unknown forms of "water"?

I am thinking of penetration and mass. Water (rain) falls to Earth and soaks into us. Water penetrates the skin. In the same way Gravity Fields easily penetrate the Earth, or Particle Bursts easily penetrate the Earth. It is all life!

Gravity Waves spread out like ripples in a pond.

It is the expansion of the wave hitting the Earth that cause successive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the Planet, days and weeks after a major mega earthquake.

There is water out there .. in deep space...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December12 - 2012: The Mind Transforms

19 Lin / Approach

The Chinese word lin has a range of meanings that is not exhausted by any single word of another language. The ancient explanations in the Book of Changes give as its first meaning, "becoming great."

What becomes great are the two strong lines growing into the hexagram from below; the light-giving power expands with them. The meaning is then further extended to include the concept of approach, especially the approach of what is strong and highly placed in relation to what is lower.

Finally the meaning includes the attitude of condescension of a man in high position toward the people, and in general the setting to work on affairs. This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month (January–February), when, after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again.

The earth above the lake:
The image of APPROACH.
Thus the superior man is inexhaustible
In his will to teach,
And without limits
In his tolerance and protection of the people.

"This hexagram is linked with the twelfth month (January–February), when, after the winter solstice, the light power begins to ascend again."

You may think I chose this Hexagram .. but I didn't chose it .. the Hexagram 19. LIN chose me .. in association with my insight into the phase called: Mind Transformance.

The Mind Transforms
Between now [12.12.2012] and the Winter Solstice [21.12.2012] a window of transition opens where humans are affected by unseen energies - good and bad.

Our inherant natures are magnets to psychic energies similar in frequency to our thoughts. Being jealous or wishing people harm bring negative energies to bear upon ourselves.

Being of good mind and cultivating a good and balanced nature surrounds us with energies aligned with high spirits and good intentions. Our state of mind actively cooks the psychic energetic food we eat or absorb. How we use our mind is how we cook "our food".

If an animal dies a cruel death and we eat parts of that animal, we digest and absorb the fear. There is a lot of decay in the cruel death of an animal. But if we follow the rules of nature we would not harm animals in the way we do.

What comes around goes around...
What humans do to animals they do to themselves!

Between now and the Winter Solstice, energies of transition and transformation are criss-crossing the Earth. Enegetically, this is the beginning of a new era.

It is so strange that people are "afraid" of the ending of life on Earth in December 2012 .. because we just came though 2,000 years of the worst period .. the darkest period in terms of our SPIRIT and loss of humanity.

Humans just survived the "darkest period" / the "darkest hour". The real danger was the last 2,000 years of wars .. destruction of our planet .. destroying Native peoples to take over their land and resources. I mean! The darkest hour is behind us .. we have survived it...

If planetary tranformation is to be feared .. then I seriously need to immigrate back to the Pleiades. Life on Planet Earth is not ending .. it is beginning.

I Ching: Becoming Great
When times are hard and difficult .. always keep in mind that the dark leads to the light and the light leads to the dark. Hard becomes soft and soft becomes hard. The water in a river can freeze and become hard. The ice covering a river can melt and become soft.

Nothing lasts forever !!

To have a balanced mind, one simply pays attention and suspends judgement. One observes the nature of things and the movement of energy. Observing ones own nature .. one learns. Truth is not static, but it moves ahead like a bright lantern in deepest darkness.

Life is constantly changing... from our perspective.

Tonight, I saw the Constellation of Orion rising sideways into the night sky. I usually notice Orion when the stars are higher above in the night sky. It's all a matter of perspective. Where you stand - who you are - what you see.

Winter Solstice 2012 - February 28, 2013
Okay! So! December 2012 will come and go as we enter the early phase of 2013 January/February moving towards March and April...

When you seriously pay attention to the December 12 / December 21 transition .. then the sensitivity of awareness is like an inner psychic antenna for the energies forming in January-February 2013.

Your brain does not remember your experience in the womb before you are born .. because the experience is pure energy as the physical body is forming. Your womb experience was "spirit energy" .. it was not physical. This period of transition is the same.

Linear Though Is Afraid of Change
Why are some people around the world afraid of some kind of catastrophic ENDING ?? Some kind of Mayan Calendar catastrophe. When perhaps .. you personally are not afraid? It is ENERGY versus ego-thought!! Linear thought is afraid of change.

Like in the womb .. the human and planetary transition is energy. This is something we do not remember in terms of rational thinking or thought. It is not people who are "afraid" .. it is thought who is afraid.

Energy does not fear energy .. energy understands energy at any level .. at any frequency. Energy is not fear. Energy cannot experience fear. We are transitioning into the period/zone of energy .. which is SPIRIT.

If you have lower energy and higher energy .. this has nothing to do with fear. Thought - divided from spirit - creates fear. Oh! I am afraid of dying! I am afraid of ending! I am afraid of death!

Sure! Thought is afraid of ending = death .. because thought is limited and comes to an end in the same way physical life comes to an end when the life cycle is reached.

Love transforms the mind!