Monday, April 08, 2013

Europe Is .. The Sum of Its Parts

Imagine you are a time traveller... Looking back into the past!
Just imagine that the entity called "Europe" is a whole body made up of all the human, plant, bird, animal and resource cells of the whole European body .. where some of the individual cells are called Catalonian, French, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, Greek, Cypriot, Italian and German ... etc

You get the picture .. these unique EU human cells potentially work together. That is what makes humans one of the dominant species on this planet... We work together and co-operate to make things happen. Each individual human is one part of the whole.

Human co-operation and planetary compassion for all life forms .. does not mean the Irish cells become the German cells .. or that the Portuguese cells become the Italian cells .. or that the Spanish cells become the French cells... I hope this makes sense!

Think of the planetary human society as working living cells in the whole body of Earth humans. We are each part of the whole. On a fundamental essential basis: We are one.

Europe Is .. The Sum of Its Parts
The same fundamental principle can apply to China, Africa, North and South America or the Middle East etc .. where the total sum of the planetary human is made up of the total sum of its individual parts. To understand this, research how healthy body cells interact to support a healthy human body / mind.

Observe Europe, as a basis, for the whole planetary society of humans on Earth! In a healthy physical body, there is no problem that individual organs and cells exist .. each with their individual and unique benefits, characteristics, abilities and resonance... Such as [for example] the Celtic Scottish / Irish resonance, the Spanish resonance, the Catalonian resonance, the Germanic resonance, The Greek resonance, the Italian resonance .. and so on.

Within the body, liver cells do not fight kidney cells .. colon cells do not fight brain cells .. the stomach cells do not fight muscle cells, bladder cells do not fight skin cells. Otherwise, one would be dead and not alive !!

Look also at all of Nature that surrounds us .. and then at the whole Universe... You have Galaxies and Suns, Planets and Moons, Water, Fish, Birds, Insects, Plants, Trees, Soil, Minerals etc

All these elements from large to small, to microscopic are not trying to kill each other. Why are human beings struggling and trying to destroy each others unique skills?

Europe [as an example of the entire world] is made up of a combination of living organs, similar to the organs within the human body. In the physical body there are the intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, nervous system, glandular system, the brain etc ... All of that is Europe!

In similar variations of frequency, we have the colder, more austere Northern Europe .. and the warmer equally hard working Southern Europe. Just because Southern Europe is associated with the warmer [more relaxed] organs of the body .. this does not mean that the humans in Southern Europe contribute less than the more rational [linear/cold] Northern parts.

We currently, have a Western Culture [of last 2,000 years] that try to impose the mindset that pleasure is bad, sex is bad, enjoyment is bad, the senses are bad, fun is bad .. and so on... Now, once again, we see this extreme polarization taking place between the rational mind and the more relaxed southern organs of the body.

If we apply those Lutherian principles to our lives .. we cannot enjoy light! We cannot enjoy the Sun! We cannot enjoy sex! We cannot have pleasure of life! We cannot feel love! Equals = We humans may as well be "dead"...

In a state of balance: Each human cell is equal to every other Universal cell ...

What I am trying to share .. is that the whole cellular structure of Europe and the whole organ structure of Europe is equal to the total sum of its parts. When one part of the whole attempts to impose its structure on the other diverse and living organs of Europe .. then terminal cancer begins to destroy all cells of the complete EU body.

We humans are made of all physical composites of Earth, including water, air, plants, animals, birds, fish, insects and trees. The living / psychic human form is a composite of all living elements. We are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of us.

Within the human body each unique organ contributes to the whole. Uniqueness is not devoid of harmonic, harmony and balance. Uniqueness contributes to the greater balance of a healthy body. It is the same with the spirit that dwells within the diverse genetics of many countries. The fact that people in the South of Europe do things differently, does not make them "wrong", "bad" or "inferior".

One cannot stereotype a whole culture. Nature is diverse.

Imagine You Are Looking Back In Time
Think of yourself as a time traveller .. and never be dis-heartened by the chaos you may see around you. Think of compassion and feel the compassion in your heart, as you observe the struggles that you may see around you. If you have a longer vision, you will not become dis-heartened. A greater vision empowers you [with compassion] .. like watching a seed that is growing ever so slowly from year to year.

An oak tree grows very slowly .. yet the oak can grow to become one of the strongest, largest and oldest of trees. It may be that in one earlier lifetime of your soul a small oak seedling planted itself. It may be that hundreds of years later your soul returns to this Earth and the oak seedling is a large two or three hundred year old tree. It may be that the tree recognises your soul and you recognize the tree, as each life form has their own unique sovereign frequency (resonance).

Compassion of the heart is a higher resonance "Navigation Frequency".

I do not know if this world will navigate to a higher, more compassionate frequency ?? For those of you who read my Blog .. I have this to say:
Do not invest your mind, your energy, your sexual life-force, your spirit/spirit-energy or your soul into this fragmented "world turmoil". Because, you are the world and the world is you! Invest your mind and your heart into universal Principles. It is up to you how you [as a sovereign being] apply and understand "universal principles". Truth is a pathless land!

All the essential organs of the world [organs of Planet Earth] either work together as one .. and are healthy .. or the various organs fight against each other [like a cancer]. We humans are the living cells [consciousness], part of the human / planetary organs of Earth.

Some observers suggest that Europe should be formed like the United States of America. It took two hundred years to create the United States, under vastly different historical circumstances. First, the indigenous tribes with their own unique cultures and languages had to be destroyed, the tribes who survived the wars were placed on Reservations.

France and England wanted to control the new colony of American. The desire to maintain their own sovereignty and individuality created the American mindset that established a common language and a common purpose. Perhaps, in a similar way the Italians, the Spanish, the Greeks, Portuguese and the Irish would have to be put onto Reservations to diminish their unique cultures and sovereign identity.

On the other hand, maybe it is time for human beings to grow up and grow out of this colonial, resource oriented struggle .. and learn to share in meaningful ways. Give up the dominance of the metal man, and learn to live with compassion. Show some level of maturity and allow for the natural order of diversity. Show some tolerance for uniqueness. Learn to live in balance with each other's uniqueness.

Then you have the historical example of China.

It took the Qin Emperor, creating the Qin Dynasty, to create modern China. From 221 BC to 207 BC the influence grew over two thousand years. On a historical note, the people of China are still manifesting their own form of doing things in their own unique way. Behind this cohesive mind-energy is a much older philosophy that has influenced Asia for thousands of years.

One would have to destroy Europe to create Europe...
Using old fashioned methods!

It just seems such a waste of time, energy and resources to use the next 500 to 1,000 years taking apart something to rebuild it again .. rather than apply a totally different principle of unique perception and universal co-operation. Because, further down the road, you are going to have the same problems we see in the United States. The identity of each State is now a threat to the whole.

After a few hundred years, the people in California began to adopt a Californian identity. Texas have formed a Texan identity. Florida have formed a Floridian identity. This is the harmonic principle when you break all the cells apart, life will reform back into a complete structure with its ratio equal to a governing balance. My observations are based on magnetism = life.

This is the Golden Mean that applies to all life forms throughout the Universe. This principle also applies to consciousness and the mind. The governing principle is the balance of the population within the ratio of physical space, where communication and person to person agreements work best within micro-managed human zones.

The larger the zone, the harder it is to "govern" with the populations agreement.

By this, I mean that the local indigenous populations co-operate in agreement and this agreement governs each local area. The unique aspect of the community grows from their adaptation to the local climate, weather, land and resources. In the future, people will come to understand and appreciate the positive and necessary skills and ability of adaptation .. rather than try to destroy it.

If you go to Mars .. in 200 years your genetics will begin to adapt into a different kind of human being. The physical body, as well as the mind, are designed to adapt to changes in the environment. Live on the Moon, and it's going to change you! Diversity and uniqueness is a human strength, not a weakness.