Saturday, August 30, 2014

Volcanic Masters of Water [Alchemy]

In a future life .. I fly anti-gravity sky disks #_*

Okay! So: The future is the present .. is the past!

To understand volcanoes and their relation to "climate" .. you have to somehow understand the past - the present and the future. How do you understand the future? You understand by observing the past [geology] .. by observing the present [your life incarnation timeline] .. and this helps you understand the future. Essentially .. the signature of the future exists now.

Why are volcanoes [fire] the Masters of Water?

Fire and water are related .. but science does not understand this relationship. In the future we will have to understand the yin yang relationship of the elements fire and water .. understand the relationship of masculine and feminine .. of positive and negative and magnetism = the four directions.

Water is very important to mankind and fire is very important to mankind. All life forms on Earth are a precise combination of fire and water! Life is a precise combination of water and fire... Water and fire have the same origins. There is water in fire and there is fire in water.

Volcanoes: Masters of The Future
North America was once covered in a gigantic sheet of ice .. covered in absolutely giant glaciers that we call The Ice Age. All this ice melted to create the world we know today. How did all that ice melt without an industrialized world and cars and greenhouse gasses ??

Planet Earth is a living beyond intelligent life system .. of which volcanoes are a part. Volcanoes and volcanic activity are not only about heat fire and intense pressure! Volcanoes are also about ice .. water and life!

Volcanoes create more life than they destroy!

In the icy Northern hemisphere [Iceland / Alaska / Kamchatka Peninsula] active volcanoes [eruptions] combine frozen glacial surface water with deep underground fire [magma] and deep underground water vents. Yin is the female force .. the Moon [Water]. Yang is the Male force .. the Sun [fire].

On Earth fire and water combine to create life on this Planet.

When volcanoes in Iceland erupt there is an intelligent combination of water and fire .. of fire and water. Ice .. fire and deep underground water all expand out into the lower and upper Earth atmosphere. This activity is not an ACCIDENT.

Within the Sun there is water and within the hot magma there is water [life].

Yin and yang .. hot and cool .. is part of one unified process throughout the whole Universe. Also .. in the Universe there are hot star clouds surrounded by cool [water] dark matter. The cool dark matter [water] contains the vibrant fire of hot star clouds and Suns...

Here on Earth the same process is taking place as in the deep space Universe. As above .. so below! Volcanoes .. glacial ice and deep underground water sources play the same intricate game as the deep space Universe. The same process is going on within human beings: Heat / fire .. cool/ water.

You have to observe and understand your yin and yang forces!

Volcanoes are the MASTERS of WATER ...

If you can put your mind deep underground! There is an unending process of deep relationship between explosive fire / heat [magma] .. and water [surface ice] but also deep underground water. Under the surface of the Earth there are magma vets and there are powerful water channels.

Why do they exist?

Just as male and female create life .. fire and water create life!

Volcanic glacial eruptions on Iceland will [over time] alter the Earth's climate .. the same as your body !! You are maybe not aware of the ongoing intelligent temperature process within your own body that regulates your health? Your body regulates its temperature in relation to the Planet you live on!

When there is glacial volcanic activity [eruptions] on Iceland .. you are talking about deep underground water vents as well as heat / explosive magma combining with surface ice glaciers .. all of which are sent out into the Earth's atmosphere as heat water and gas.

I have a deeper level I want to go into later related to climatic balance.

This is the combination of heat [fire] and oxygen [ water] balance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bárðarbunga's Volcanic Bunga Bunga

Not bunga bunga .. but Baroar-bunga #_* ... Scottish joke !!

Recently I see all kinds of hysterical bunga bunga in the media about the immenent eruption of Iceland's subglacial stratovolcano Bárðarbunga situated in the Vatnajokull glacier .. in the southern part of Iceland. I imagine most of the people producing the BARDARBUNGA media-bunga not only do not know what a stratovolcano is .. but they probably do not have any clue what subglacial means!

I am going to use this post to show you = always stay calm .. find your inner center .. listen within .. suspend judgement .. create space in time and apply Inner AIKIDO [peace]. I am going to show you the line between excitement and calm observation of the facts. The human brain and the nervous systems get damaged though too much EXCITEMENT !!

Iceland's Bárðarbunga: The Facts
If you have a sense of humor one could say that seismic Baroarbunga activity is a sign of volcanic bunga bunga .. and I tell you why! Iceland's Baroarbunga eruption vent fissures interact below the surface with Grimsvotn and this is why I say volcanic tremors and earthquakes [movements of underground magma] can be a sign of Icelandic interglacial bunga bunga *_*

Historically .. a strong earthquake in Bararbunga could have started the eruption in Gjálp. In 2010 a similar earthquake swarm took place in Bararbunga: On September 26, 2010 an earthquake swarm was recorded with over 30 earthquakes. This is some quick research I did because I know that in general volcanoes have very similar regular cycles.

Unless there is a catastrophic eruption [that I suspect are related to comet strikes or meteors / asteroids hitting the Earth] .. in general volcanic cycles appear to follow the Sun and the Earth's seasonal orbits around the Sun. Historically active volcanoes like certain months and some appear to have 100 year cycles to thousand(s) year cycles. Most volcanic eruptions are not catastrophic .. or humans would not survive on Earth!

Major volcano eruptions can be locally catastrophic [if you are living under an active volcano] .. but they are generally not landmass catastrophic or world wide catastrophic. Now .. I noticed that the recent August 2014 Bárðarbunga tremors and quakes seem to have set off volcanic tremors where around 1.200 earthquakes have been automatically detected under northwestern Vatnajökull.

What I am trying to say is [in a humorous way] is that these Icelandic subglacial volcanoes share a common deep underground magma vent sharing activity that is part of sustaining life on Earth. I may be wrong .. but I imagine that Bárðarbunga volcano is a pretty dangerous deal in terms of sudden long Earth span eruptions.

Over less dramatic time periods Iceland's Bárðarbunga stratovolcano is an integral part of a powerful and interrelated volcanic vent system that controls and shifts the movement of deep underground magma. Interestingly .. Grímsvötn erupted in 2011 .. I hate to gossip #_* .. but apparently [and keep this quiet .. okay] .. but apparently Grímsvötn, Bárdarbunga and Kverkfjöll subglacial centres have a shared Holocene volcanic activity beneath Vatnajökull, Iceland.

Always remember you heard it here first!
Interglacial volcanic .. Iclandic bunga bunga .. hidden beneath Vatnajökull !!

What does this mean in basic down to Earth terms? It means Grímsvötn and Bárdarbunga have a deep underground relationship [but don't tell Kverkfjöll] .. that could lead to eruptions! It also means that underground interglacial relations of the unknown kind are part of ongoing creation transformation of Iceland and probably Europe.

In general terms groups of volcanoes have big parties underground and sometimes [most of the time] the volcanic party is silent and very quiet and no one knows it is taking place. Now and then the volcanoes have a big party and they explode and there is a lot of noise and everyone locally gets affected and no one can sleep! Sometimes things get destroyed.

Compared to the danger of volcanoes / eruptions .. humans are like ants crawling on the surface of Earth. We are affected by volcanic activity + and - .. + = life on Earth .. rich soil .. abundance of life that grows from volcanic ash. Things can also get pretty dangerous from time to time and - = death destruction transformation and change.

I am suggesting that deep underground volcanic relationships are more important than the associated eruptions [that follow on later]. We currently do not understand the deep rift interconnected volcanic magma relationships .. because most of it takes place beyond our ability to comprehend.

On a future scientific level .. ability to remote-sense deep underground magma rifts and associations and activities do not allow for UNDERSTANDING. In the future volcanic rifts and magma flows are not elements of predicted eruptions or earthquakes. Something else is involved!

Actually .. ants can predict eruptions #_* .. but that is another story !!

Generally as volcanoes go Baroarbunga likes to set off other volcanoes and if it does not set of other volcanoes often nothing happens in terms of eruptions .. in general [so to speak] as volcanoes are very complex systems .. more complex than earthquakes. [Disclaimer .. I am not a specialist]

*For media stalkers+ who steal my posts ideas and creative content:
Bárðarbunga's Volcanic Bunga Bunga, Copyright ©2014
original content, creative writing and ideas by ZenSu

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will I Need A Scottish Passport?

Question: Will I need a Scottish passport?

Answer: Scottish citizens will be able to apply for a Scottish passport from day one of independence, with a Scottish passport costing the same as a UK passport. On the other hand, people will be able to continue using their existing UK passport until it expires. They can then choose to get a Scottish passport when their existing passport is due for renewal.
Yes Scotland 2014

Remember also that the Scottish Government will allow dual citizenship. It will be for the rest of the UK to decide whether it allows dual UK/Scottish citizenship - though we know that dual citizenship is allowed for those with any other nationality, and the UK Government has said that "it is likely that it would be possible for an individual to hold both British and Scottish citizenship".

So it will also likely be possible to buy a replacement British passport - either in addition to a Scottish passport or as an alternative.

Scotland’s Future explains that we will remain part of the Common Travel Area between the nations of the British Isles. Being part of the Common Travel Area means people won’t need a passport to travel to the rest of the UK or Ireland.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spirit Incarnations Do Not Make Family

I was always alone in a big family ...

This is one of the most difficult awareness to describe to people. I understand this through my own experience .. and it is perhaps one of the most difficult lessons to learn when incarnating on Earth. Spirit incarnations within a family can be a "mixed bag" .. and through experience I discovered that there is nothing one can do to change other spirit incarnations.

Those of you who read my Blog are perhaps similar to my own experience? Perhaps you are unique souls. You discover your own inner power and integrity .. but you also discover you cannot effect the people you love = inner balance.

So .. what do you do? Do you suffer? Why do you suffer?

Perhaps we imagine that in an ideal state dynamic parents will give birth to dynamic children. Life on Earth does not currently work this way. I will try to explain why this is! Within my own understanding! I was a very unusual disciplined child born into a chaotic .. self-indulgent .. undisciplined family.

This chaos did not effect me.

For some strange reason an unusual or gifted child will appear in a primordial clay family .. for no apparent reason !! This child will have skills way beyond the general basic experiences and structure of the family. In Celtic cultures such children were said to come from the Elves. I now understand what they mean but I wont explain it.

From my observations .. a gifted and unusual child can appear out of a basic almost innocent family timeline .. but for some strange reason such gifted incarnations cannot produce similar extraordinary spirit incarnations within their own family. It seems this unusual state is not INHERITED...

As a young child I once watched thousands and thousands of flying ants dying .. and I may talk more about this later ?? I was camping on a remote Island with my family and from nowhere a giant cloud of flying ants appeared and were drawn to the bright orange cotton tents.

I had to wrap towels around my head and pull up the hood of my jacket to protect my head and eyes from the swarming cloud of flying ants. I could have hidden in the tent and zipped up the door .. but instead I walked around observing the ants.

I felt compassion for the ants .. but I could do nothing to save them .. all I could do was to observe and watch them: Living ants trying to save their dying colony members .. and sometimes this is not possible. But the ants never gave up .. they were all part of a cycle of a dance of death.

Unlike the ants we humans have higher levels of awareness. We may be caught in our own cycles .. but we are not necessarily caught in the ant cycles of responding awareness. Earth humans may not be the highest level of awareness .. but we are not restricted to insect levels of awareness.

Spirit Incarnations Do Not Make Family
I do not mean this to sound bad .. because human beings hold high levels to their origins and their families. I have to be honest and say that as a young child I took a look around my family and extended family and I found them to be [from my point of view] brutal .. undisciplined .. erratic .. self-indulgent and basically out of touch with the Earth they lived on!

Like the ants trying to save each other .. we humans like to think that biological family manifests the same values of integrity and discipline or higher values .. and this is not necessarily the case. I don't know why there are variations .. but they do exist. Spirit incarnations are their own incarnation. Spirit incarnations do what they do for reasons of their own.

Unique incarnations often appear out of the deep clay of basic genetics for no apparent reason. I find this to be the deepest mystery of all. It happened to me .. I was born out of the most basic family genetics where no one around me was aware of anything I could see. In Celtic culture we were called Seers.

You can see with your body and not only with your mind where movement is a form of seeing. Ability is a form of seeing. Skill is a form of seeing. Awareness is a form of seeing. Art is a form of seeing. Discipline is a form of seeing. The seeing comes from within.

I do not know if the dying ants story is clear enough?

When I observed the ants it was clear = there is nothing you can do! I was maybe 13 years old and watching them the message was clear. There are some situations we cannot change .. we have to accept. Karmic situations beyond the intellect and beyond the ego!

Humans are more complex than ants.

Earth humans have the ability to be aware of consciousness itself. A vibrational field that allows humans to become aware of their own existence and to be aware of the psychic state of the humans around them. That is very complex state of awareness. In a way it is a challenge! An inner discipline an inner challenge.

You can only be who you are .. it is that simple.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Wouldn't Go In There ...

I Wouldn't Go In There Ghost Histories
Korea's Ghost House Origins

I Wouldn't Go In There YouTube .. For Researchers

I personally do not like anything to do with the paranormal. I would advise people to stay away from that area and protect themselves .. because it is not an area anyone wants to go into. Usually .. that phenomenon associates itself with interconnected incarnations. We currently do not have a balanced education [teachings] to deal with this area of human existence.

The reason I post this documentary is because it is balanced and very well done. These documentaries are closer to how I was shown to deal with trapped spirits [ghosts] in my late 20's to late 30's. Related to healing. I could always see the world of spirit [that has nothing to do with ghosts] .. but I am not a "shaman".

In my late 20's I began to encounter "ghosts" or trapped spirits .. and in some instances they would follow me out of a location [at first] and eventually I learned to help them without them following me. I was taught to sense their presence .. take them to an exit point and help them leave their trapped existence to return to the spirit world.

Who taught me this?

The invisible Worlds taught me this [something I did not want to learn]. I was not taught ritual I was taught love .. connection and brighter than the Sun light connection between heaven and Earth .. energy between the sky and the land.

I had some really mean trapped spirits follow me home at first because I was too dense to be aware of their presence. No matter what emotional state they were in: Anger .. fear .. sorrow .. jealousy .. guilt .. deep shock .. I could always convince them to see the stupidity of their self-created pattern [attachments] and let go. Not an easy task and always a moment of tears.

I don't like to be overwhelmed by these emotions and so this is not something I chose to do! As the "I Wouldn't Go In There" Documentary Series shows .. there is a HISTORY involved. That history is connected to the present and the future. The past the present and the future are one.

In relation to the origin of the Korean Ghost House Mystery the researcher [Robert Joe] eventually finds out that the Americans used High School Korean Students as a sacrifice / decoy to draw the North Koreans into a fake attack while the Americans carried out another safer assault with few casualties. South Koreans Dunkirk using untrained High School Students ??

The survivors believed they were used as a decoy .. we were sacrificed under MacArthur's military command. By sunset there was not a single ship supporting us .. technically the untrained Korean students were left to die = mission accomplished !!

Ghost World and Human World
Unfortunately .. you are not going to heal the ghost world connection with diplomatic mission and political agreements. This may be the reason why the current rational society prefers to ignore or deny the ghost areas. They are pointing a COMPASS at us now .. across the time space spectrum.

These documentaries are an intelligent STEP ONE in resolving a Planetary self-healing process that could potentially end all wars on Earth. Sounds dramatic .. doesn't it ?? It is not dramatic .. it is balance of yin yang forces.

The present has to heal the past to create the future.

After many years learning how to return lost spirits to the spirit world .. I found that I no longer had to do this .. it just happens around me .. I don't have to do anything. Sometimes if a new event takes place I do act outside of my location. But .. in my location it just happens on its own.

I may say more later about the need to clear the zones and heal local areas in order to create order and peace. It is in no ones interests to promote war .. killing .. sacrifice .. conflict .. aggression and general economic and social chaos. It is in NO ONES INTEREST #_*

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Left With Nothing ...

I had nothing... Then I was strong!
- Earth Chronicles - Back In Time

I was fortunate to have been born into a situation where I did not have material wealth .. but I had spiritual inner wealth. Do not mistake this with any kind of religion when I say "spiritual wealth". The Celtic people in Scotland and Ireland associated spiritual wealth with NATURE. Forget the word PAGANISM !!

I am talking about Nature = all that surrounds you and feeds you [the Universe].

I did not have material wealth .. as I grew up I did not have money. Any small amount of money I had I used to buy books on Japanese style Karate Do and books on UFO's. I used my small resources to feed my mind and to expose myself to ART. If we did not have food at the end of the week? I always had my books and my learning to feed me.

I was born aware of my CULTURE... I knew the past without knowing how or why. A broken Celtic culture where people were forbidden to speak their own language [Gaelic]. After two World Wars they never tried to stop the Germans speaking German. Why was the Gaelic language such a massive problem ??

I could deal with having less .. it was not a problem to me. I preferred my inner freedom than servitude to a "false god" of money and desires and greed and wealth based on service-to-self. I was attuned to be inwardly strong [no matter what] .. but always to follow the inner principles of peace and respect.

The truth is the people in Ireland and Scotland were left with nothing...

The same process is now happening in other parts of the world .. but it will not take root .. because there are areas of the world that gave birth to the regional cultures and no one can destroy that origin field. We humans are born from and come into being through the origin fields.

Please do not try to take this concept of Origin Fields [you stalkers out there] as you have no idea what you are talking about. You will only look cheap and stupid .. as I know what I am talking about!

People do not yet understand that when factions destroy cultures over long time periods = 10 years .. 100 years 2,000 years .. this destruction returns to the destroyers. Karma is not a totally accurate description for this mirror destruction process. What I am describing is worse than Karma!

Jiddu Krishnamurti said about Karma:
You do not know what you are talking about.

People think that he is negating Karma philosophy and the effects of Karma .. when in reality he probably understood this principle in its truest and most devastating form. Perhaps .. he was saying to people: You have no idea what you are playing with.

In Colonial terms one country does not invade and possess another country or culture in order to create EQUALITY #_* [Duh !!] .. they invade and colonise land and resources for their own POWER .. but POWER without CULTURE is totally meaningless. When you take land and resources [organisation of shared resources] from the CULTURE you IMPOVERISH those generations of people.

To be honest .. this model is outdated and impotent [self destructive]. I will explain to you why this is so. The Universe is designed to operate organically = Galaxies .. Suns .. Planets .. Eco Systems .. Biological Forms .. Bacteria .. Fungi .. Probiotics .. Micro Biological Life Forms. We all interrelate NOW in space time.

Scotland and Ireland entered into extreme poverty as a result of colonisation.

I don't care what anyone has to say about this intellectually .. because I was born with the ability to see back down the entire timeline. This is not an intellectual exercise as I can see the whole DNA information in the same way you can access the Internet. SEEING is energy.

Left With Nothing ...
I was born many times in Japan .. in the East [Asia] .. in Tibet .. in North America before western colonisation. The issue we all face is balance .. compassion .. integration and empathic awareness of the Planet and the Universe. As well as awareness of ourselves.

I know a lot of hardship and I know what it means to be left with nothing lifetime after lifetime. It does not feel good. One can sink to the deepest depths and beyond. When you push a ball filled with air deeper and deeper into water .. what does it do? The ball springs up in your face with EFFORTLESS power. The ball just springs out of the water!

What no one on this Earth today understands is that we are connected to the past .. the present and the future. This connection creates all shared life across the whole Planet .. where the ball can pop up any time any place with no warning = a reversal of the APPLIED FORCE.

I am very bad at Maths and Arithmetic and I reverse numbers .. but I totally understand reversal of applied force. I give you an example of reversal of applied force: Try to hit water over and over again and keep going .. that is one example of applied force.

This is related to "Left With Nothing.."

The Colonial Paradigm is an illusion. It is a non-organic short term illusion. By this I mean that it cannot sustain itself. By short term I mean 2,000 years [give or take a year]. Then it starts to collapse. When the Colonial Paradigm seeks to repeat itself beyond the collapse .. it then creates total Planetary collapse.

On a personal level .. being left with nothing made me stronger.

Even as a child I never feared death. I helped people. I saved people in extremely dangerous situations where I understood the mountain environment conditions and the people around me did not understand the natural conditions. I could lead older people to safety although I was the youngest in the team.

Where did I get this courage from? Where did I get this wisdom from?

It came from inside .. but not only that! The wisdom and knowledge came from my incarnate past .. present .. future heritage. Sort of like an inner life compass. I understand the inner compass. I listen to the inner compass. This is my Inner Guidance.

What made me strong was a deep inner awareness of past .. present .. future awareness of who I am. People can say: I am connected to "the past". But this is different to being AWARE of the PAST. You can be connected to the past and this is like a consciousness system. To be aware of the past is more fluid. I don't know how to describe this !!

Simply be aware .. you have nothing to lose.

The repository of the past is set like an information data base. Awareness is superior to this past data base. Inner awareness is organic .. transforms .. it is the Chi [Qi] life force. Like water is flows with no restrictions. When you have nothing you have everything.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Art of Sorrow: Protect Yourself

The Art of sorrow ... Is Love!
- Earth Chronicles - Back In Time

"The truth of what is happiness will come if I know how to listen. I must know how to listen to suffering; if I can listen to suffering I can listen to happiness because that is what I am." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

I know some things I write [my style of writing] are not always easy to understand .. and THAT is good! Easy to understand is like intellectual fast food .. and not easy to understand = you have to digest it for yourself. It is the same with suffering .. often not easy to understand.

I have faced many hardships in my life .. and I am grateful for this .. because it helped make me who I am today. As a young student travelling with backpack and tent I had a chance meeting .. a millionaire saw me and wanted whatever he saw in me. I just listened politely as he explained that I could travel the world with him .. he had houses all over the world and a castle #_*

To be honest I was not impressed.

As I was leaving the boat / ferry ?? he gave me his card and begged me to contact him. Out of Celtic politeness I took the card and later threw it away. When I held the card in my hand I saw a life of servitude .. I saw cold misery and confinement .. restriction .. I saw myself within restricted walls of a castle I could not leave. What does this have to do with SORROW ??

Sorrow .. suffering .. is endless poverty !!

I was often without money .. sometimes for weeks I lived without food and simply had to survive. This is in the middle of relatively rich European society. Since I was a child I know what poverty is. I know what it means to have nothing to eat .. where the solutions are unseen and you just have to stay calm.

No different than all of you .. I know what it means to SUFFER!

Invisible Guides: Protect Yourself!
The Invisible Guides had no sympathy for my suffering nor sorrows. I watched myself and out of the corner of my eye I watched the Invisible Guides. How can I resolve this? How can I climb back out? Please guide me? How can I end suffering? And .. all I heard was SILENCE !!

Okay .. Invisible Guides do not give me a solution!

So .. what can I do? All I am left with is sorrow and suffering! Like a deep pool I am caught in .. I swim in .. the waters surround me .. I am part of the pool of suffering! I AM THE POOL of SUFFERING! [No one can teach you this .. you have to realise it for yourself].

There are many forms of suffering .. but all forms go back to one root.

Poverty creates suffering .. indulgence creates suffering .. war and conflict create suffering .. natural disasters create suffering .. death creates suffering .. excessive wealth creates suffering .. illness .. disease .. greed .. fear .. loneliness .. isolation creates suffering!

The Invisible Guides say to me: Protect yourself!

What do they mean by "protect yourself"? How do I protect myself from sorrow and suffering? They say to me .. it does not matter good or bad .. be grateful .. show gratitude! WHAT ?? If situations are bad I have to show GRATITUDE ?? You seriously have to be KIDDING? Right? I mean ... #_*

After my bad outburst I feebly try to show "gratitude" .. and that was the birth of my inner freedom that even I did not recognise at the time. All I had was one Euro and no food and for some strange reason I gave that one Euro to a homeless woman on the street and said: THANK YOU! I did not know what I was doing .. I simply had the desire to apply and understand THE GUIDANCE.

One part of me said [at the time] .. you just gave away your last Euro and you have to get through a crisis! I smiled .. maybe because something deep inside me knew exactly what it was doing = many incarnations of inner knowledge. That is my own experience.

The next factor is that I do not mean this as a general TREND for people to test and experience what it feels like. Never play games with SORROW .. it may backfire on you! I simply explain how I was able to face my own sorrow and transform it. Very often groups try to skim the cream off my posts and use the cream to make money .. so I can tell you = you cannot make money out of this.

What does it mean to protect yourself?

Sorrow is an art .. awareness is an art .. it is a skill .. like Martial Arts!

The English language is not suited to communicate the Art of Self Protection = Awareness. Words condition the brain .. but there are other areas of the human brain that communicate without words. Jiddu Krishnamurti often said wordless communication is deeper that the intellect / the WORD.

Inner Martial Arts
The only way to convey how I overcome negative emotions [that sometimes seem out of control] is to point towards the Inner Martial Arts. Original Martial Arts were not outward / physical dominance .. they were ?? 70 percent inner power [mind / psyche] and 30 percent physical material application.

I am saying that ancient [70 percent] of Martial Arts training could easily move [shift] 30 percent physical application. Within the 70 percent Martial Arts you can overcome sorrow .. fear .. suffering .. anger .. jealousy .. conflict [inner conflict] .. ego-self .. desire for power.

I will not go deeply into ENERGY in this post .. I want to go into energy and use of essential energy [Qi] on its own. Also .. one has to be aware that something .. some energy powers emotions .. feelings .. sorrows .. our reactions. Religions [thought] says: Good energy / bad energy! This is not the case .. energy is energy [not good or bad] .. yin yang .. it is simply energy.

Earth humans can take energy = power their homes .. live .. stay calm. Earth humans can take the same energy and attack each other .. fight wars .. promote conflict .. become agitated. The key is not the energy used .. but the key is the human psyche = how we use energy in this world.

What does protect yourself mean?

Sensitive people are often EMPATHIC: Sensitive people can experience emotions of other less balanced human beings. Let us say that Empaths are generally NEUTRAL .. they are sort of balance between yin and yang. Empathy - passion / state of emotion .. but be aware that one can drown in deep waters!

How does one protect oneself?

Passion is love! Sorrow is love! Suffering is love! It is all relative! These are all the passageways .. but we do not pass through and go beyond the lower forms of experience. We humans get stuck in the passage and we often drown in the deep waters of collective human experience / consciousness.

The reason we drown is THE EGO !!

Humans focus on individual suffering .. individual fear .. individual sorrow .. individual anger .. individual passion. This is not the foundation of the Universe. Human beings on Earth are simply playing with THEMSELVES and are not passing through the Inner Passage of initiation.

Passage of initiation is LOVE. Passage of Initiation is ONE. Sometimes the Master totally defeats the student out of compassion. Why? The student can only overcome anger and frustration when they have nothing to lose other than to lose THEMSELVES. I hope that makes sense !!

The greatest warriors in this world knew no fear and yet they made mistakes!

Why did they make fatal mistakes? What defeated them? There was no DISCIPLINE .. the individual who moves beyond fear and has no discipline is without compassion. Buddha is ENERGY SYSTEM !!

Doorways of illusion exist within the passage of transformation.

When we move beyond fear we often feel powerful beyond belief and that is a TRAP set within the Passage of Initiation. It is a basic law of the Universe. This is where inner self-discipline comes in [free energy of the extra-terrestrial kind]. Love is passion and love is discipline. This is often the most difficult lesson to learn. No one can teach you this .. you can only teach yourself!

How do you protect yourself through the Passage of Initiation? Discover love!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Contamination & Probiotic Bacteria

BACKGROUND: Probiotics are live microorganisms, which as drugs or food supplements help to maintain health beneficial microbial balance in the digestive tract of a human or other host. Probiotics by their properties may help strengthen homeostasis and thus reduce side effects associated with cancer treatment. Experimental evidence suggests that probiotics might have beneficial effect on the toxicity of anticancer therapy.

METHODS: A computer-based literature search was carried out using PubMed (keywords: "probiotic" and "lactic acid bacteria" in association with the search terms "cancer" or "oncology" or "chemotherapy" or "radiation"); data reported at international meetings were included.
Probiotic bacteria in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

This is not intended as "health advice" .. it is simply my own personal theory gathered from my own experience and observation = I am not a researcher. I would suggest that researchers look more closely at the effects of Nuclear Radiation [contamination] effects on healthy probiotic bacteria in the body.

To understand beneficial probiotics one also has to understand their relationship to bacteria .. fungi and yeast [candida]. It is all one cycle. Yin yang balance = bacteria yeast and fungi break down unhealthy or dead matter. That is what they are designed to do. Beneficial probiotics build healthy tissue and functions within all physical material bodies.

What does Nuclear Radioactive Contamination do? It promotes the growth of fungus .. bacteria .. parasites and yeast [Candida] while destroying natural healthy probiotic bacteria. Where does Nuclear Radioactive contamination destroy healthy probiotic bacteria? In fish .. plants and animals .. birds and humans? On the skin .. tissue of the eyes .. nose .. mouth .. gut .. deeper tissue and organs.

You have to think of the skin as being an undivided whole connected to the deeper tissues .. blood .. organs .. muscles and skeletal / glandular systems. By this I mean that beneficial gut bacteria are not only in the intestines .. but they are all over the body. One could say they are the Grail Secret of Life for physical material existence.

I am quite sure probiotics keep bones healthy and elastic!

Having read other materials from other sources it would appear that chemo radiation therapy also completely destroys any health probiotic bacteria in the gut! That cancer is a fungus! What does fungus do when beneficial probiotics are removed? The fungus and yeast take over the local environment. Just apply this to the world outside...

I imagine that radiation has two sides like yin and yang. Natural radiation supports life and human use of radiation destroys life. Why does Nuclear Contamination destroy life? Because it is a background force TO LIFE !! Therefore .. life can give life and sustain life or the same force can withdraw life = destroy material existence and return all molecules back to the molecular source.

Plutonium is not "out of control". The problem is that humans do not understand what is taking place. Humans are in awe of God like destructive forces. People worship out of control forces when in reality they can be reduced back to a non-invasive state. The raging tiger can be transformed into a kitten. The raging tiger can kill you .. the kitten is another state [stage] of the same force.

Is it possible Nuclear Radioactive Contamination destroys many levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria and promotes mold .. yeast .. fungi .. bacteria and parasites? Is it possible that beneficial probiotics can reverse those effects? I don't know?

February 2014 I wrote: Radioactive Contamination... Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria

The human race on Earth is relatively young in terms of the Universe and we are currently playing with forces we really do not understand. It is this lack of UNDERSTANDING and not the forces themselves that are a danger. If we understood those forces we could return them to their harmless colloidal state. We humans are dividing ourselves through endangering all levels of physical existence.

One could say we currently have a large percentage of four years old's [mental state] in the bodies of adults. The physical body may be an adult but the mental state is of a four year old child. Just give a four year old child radioactive materials .. they don't know any better than to play with it !!

In essence .. there is a relationship between radiation .. fungi .. yeast (Candida) .. bacteria .. mold and beneficial probiotics. I am talking about BALANCE .. positive and negative / yin and yang .. Qi life force. When the energy swings to death there is the growth of mold .. yeast .. fungi .. bacteria. When the energy swings to life there is the growth of beneficial probiotics throughout the body.

If you see fish dying? Look at their guts! Look at the probiotic bacteria! Look at the fungi/mold and parasites/yeast growth. If you see animals dying? Do the same! Observe the micro-molecular state of the tissue .. look at bacteria .. fungi .. yeast and bacteria and where are the beneficial probiotics?

I am not sure if anything I have written is clear enough? I leave it at that!

The next key is: Water may carry radioactive contamination around the world but it is not affected by it. There you have the secret neutralizing factor and the REAL POWER on this Planet or within the entire Universe .. the secrets of water !! The mystery of water !!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Herbal Colon Parasite Cleanse

The Chinese Medicine Parasite Cleanse (China Origin)
Chinese Traditional herbal medicine prescriptions are a cocktail of many herbs tailored to the individual patient. One batch of herbs is typically decocted twice over the course of one hour.

The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then the practitioner adds many other ingredients to adjust the formula to the patient's yin/yang conditions.

Often, ingredients are needed to cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients. Some herbs require the use of other ingredients as catalyst or else the brew is ineffective. Unlike western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients. A key to success in TCM is the treatment of each patient as an individual.

Chinese TCM Medicine often incorporates ingredients from all parts of plants, such as the leaf, stem, flower, root, and also ingredients from animals and minerals.

For Parasite Cleanses Chinese medicine relies on bitter herbs to stimulate the liver to produce more bile. One theory is that it is the bile that kills intestinal parasites, not the toxic properties of the herbs. The two formulas below target all parasitic worms and will work in the intestine, stomach and all other organs, as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), relies upon the holistic healing approach, which treats the entire body living organism, not just targeting one area.

Dr Clark Recommended Chinese herbs for Parasite cleanses

Most people would not associate intestinal worms .. parasites .. liver flukes .. round worm .. ascaris .. tapeworm or heart worms with allergies or neurological symptoms! They are all related.

I am talking about my own experience and I am not presenting anyone with health information. I know what I am doing with my body. Maybe others do not know what they are doing. This is simply an account of my own personal experience and is not intended as "Health Advice". In other words: I work extensively with my body and I share my own experiences...

In general .. many years ago .. and since I was a child! I experienced during sleep grinding teeth syndrome. Now and then I would waken up in the early hours of the morning grinding my teeth. Later in my late twenties .. I read books by Dr. Hulda Clark that grinding teeth was a sign of intestinal parasites / worms.

What do I know ??

I did the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse over many months .. and since then I never grind my teeth. Wow! That is my own experience. At that time I took the herbal capsules .. because I had also been applying Mantak Chia's abdominal self-massage of the colon. Guess what? Out came this long white hook worm [not to be discussed in polite circles].

I knew absolutely nothing about stomach parasites .. intestinal parasites .. worms .. flukes .. lung and heart parasites. I knew nothing. We all think we are "clean" and we do not like to consider what is in our intestines / colon.

We Inherit our Parents Parasites!
This is an unpopular consideration: We humans inherit the parasites living in the guts of our parents. Not only do we inherit the worms and parasites .. but we inherit Candida .. mold .. yeast and fungus overgrowth.

You may say: Why do parasites and worms exist?
I say .. Why do worm / parasite cures and anti-parasite herbs exist?

Most important .. I discovered: Do not kill worms and parasites at once in very short time .. because the toxins from the dead parasites have to be neutralized by the liver .. the kidney's and the colon! My body had to detox this toxic sh#t.

Over many years I do many stages of gentle herbal worm / parasite detox.

I personally discover that the chemicals injected into the body by worms and parasites cause physical .. neurological .. hormonal and physiological abnormalities. I am talking about my own body. You have to understand that intestinal worms and parasites inject chemicals into the human body. They also pass their own waste [pee pee] into the human body. That parasite pee pee is highly toxic to the human system. Highly toxic !!

Worms Versus Immune System
No one likes to talk about worms .. hookworm .. roundworm and intestinal parasites .. liver flukes and tapeworm! But .. how much does the acidic chemistry worms expel into the physical human body advance allergies? How much does this acidic toxic chemistry advance immune disorders .. neurological disorders .. hormone disorders .. inner digestion disorders?

I know the answer for myself .. working with my own body.

I love and respect my body. I am grateful to my body for supporting my incarnation in this life. I hope to carry this wisdom into my future lives. At the same time I feel that past lives have guided me to re-discover these simple truths.

Essentially .. we are the past .. present and the future .. now!

In my own experience I discover that the toxic chemical [pee pee] of parasites [acidity] ends up in the joints of the body. The acidity affects the wrists .. the elbows .. shoulders .. neck joints .. the vertebra .. connective tissues .. hip joints .. knees and ankles. IT IS ALL - ACIDITY !!

This is what I observe in my own body and it may not be the same for your body?

In the last few days I try the Dr. Clark Bitters [containing alcohol] .. the herbal capsules do not contain alcohol. I am not sure how effective this is. I use it together with a gentle colon cleanse. Gentle is always best as one does not want all the toxins to swamp the body. The liver and the kidney's have to detox any colon cleanse .. and I do not want to overload my organs!

The fluid Dr. Clark [Bitters] parasite cure tastes VERY BITTER.
I like the taste ..

I am a person who does not like sweet sugary foods or drinks. I do not eat puddings or sweet cakes. I never drank sweet carbonated drinks. I don't know why? I just never liked them. I was always attracted to bitter foods and drinks. That is just something I was born with.

Working together with my friends .. we are now testing and experimenting with different colon cleanse detox, beneficial probiotics .. anti-parasite cures / cleanse. Not all colon cleanse supplements are effective. One really has to research and test the different herbs or consult with a genuine Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner [TCM].

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dr. Konstantin Meyl: The New Tesla!

International Research Society: Dr. Konstantin Meyl discusses vortex energy variations and the use of "the electrical system". Energy and the use of energy can be described as STRUCTURES. We are currently indoctrinated to think of energy systems as outside of physical structure [nonsense] .. and that energy is unrelated to physical structures [nonsense].

For example, energy powers the human body and without energy the physical structure of the human body "dies". What is death? Loss of ENERGY or in Eastern philosophy death is the loss of Chi / Qi inner life force. Dr Meyl's research is a continuation of The Maxwell Theory.

On a day-to-day simplistic level DR Meyl is describing a process that plants and trees use ever day .. that the human body is designed to use every day .. a process that water .. Planets .. Sun's and Galaxies use every day. I hope that makes sense #_#