Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dr. Konstantin Meyl: The New Tesla!

International Research Society: Dr. Konstantin Meyl discusses vortex energy variations and the use of "the electrical system". Energy and the use of energy can be described as STRUCTURES. We are currently indoctrinated to think of energy systems as outside of physical structure [nonsense] .. and that energy is unrelated to physical structures [nonsense].

For example, energy powers the human body and without energy the physical structure of the human body "dies". What is death? Loss of ENERGY or in Eastern philosophy death is the loss of Chi / Qi inner life force. Dr Meyl's research is a continuation of The Maxwell Theory.

On a day-to-day simplistic level DR Meyl is describing a process that plants and trees use ever day .. that the human body is designed to use every day .. a process that water .. Planets .. Sun's and Galaxies use every day. I hope that makes sense #_#