Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bárðarbunga's Volcanic Bunga Bunga

Not bunga bunga .. but Baroar-bunga #_* ... Scottish joke !!

Recently I see all kinds of hysterical bunga bunga in the media about the immenent eruption of Iceland's subglacial stratovolcano Bárðarbunga situated in the Vatnajokull glacier .. in the southern part of Iceland. I imagine most of the people producing the BARDARBUNGA media-bunga not only do not know what a stratovolcano is .. but they probably do not have any clue what subglacial means!

I am going to use this post to show you = always stay calm .. find your inner center .. listen within .. suspend judgement .. create space in time and apply Inner AIKIDO [peace]. I am going to show you the line between excitement and calm observation of the facts. The human brain and the nervous systems get damaged though too much EXCITEMENT !!

Iceland's Bárðarbunga: The Facts
If you have a sense of humor one could say that seismic Baroarbunga activity is a sign of volcanic bunga bunga .. and I tell you why! Iceland's Baroarbunga eruption vent fissures interact below the surface with Grimsvotn and this is why I say volcanic tremors and earthquakes [movements of underground magma] can be a sign of Icelandic interglacial bunga bunga *_*

Historically .. a strong earthquake in Bararbunga could have started the eruption in Gjálp. In 2010 a similar earthquake swarm took place in Bararbunga: On September 26, 2010 an earthquake swarm was recorded with over 30 earthquakes. This is some quick research I did because I know that in general volcanoes have very similar regular cycles.

Unless there is a catastrophic eruption [that I suspect are related to comet strikes or meteors / asteroids hitting the Earth] .. in general volcanic cycles appear to follow the Sun and the Earth's seasonal orbits around the Sun. Historically active volcanoes like certain months and some appear to have 100 year cycles to thousand(s) year cycles. Most volcanic eruptions are not catastrophic .. or humans would not survive on Earth!

Major volcano eruptions can be locally catastrophic [if you are living under an active volcano] .. but they are generally not landmass catastrophic or world wide catastrophic. Now .. I noticed that the recent August 2014 Bárðarbunga tremors and quakes seem to have set off volcanic tremors where around 1.200 earthquakes have been automatically detected under northwestern Vatnajökull.

What I am trying to say is [in a humorous way] is that these Icelandic subglacial volcanoes share a common deep underground magma vent sharing activity that is part of sustaining life on Earth. I may be wrong .. but I imagine that Bárðarbunga volcano is a pretty dangerous deal in terms of sudden long Earth span eruptions.

Over less dramatic time periods Iceland's Bárðarbunga stratovolcano is an integral part of a powerful and interrelated volcanic vent system that controls and shifts the movement of deep underground magma. Interestingly .. Grímsvötn erupted in 2011 .. I hate to gossip #_* .. but apparently [and keep this quiet .. okay] .. but apparently Grímsvötn, Bárdarbunga and Kverkfjöll subglacial centres have a shared Holocene volcanic activity beneath Vatnajökull, Iceland.

Always remember you heard it here first!
Interglacial volcanic .. Iclandic bunga bunga .. hidden beneath Vatnajökull !!

What does this mean in basic down to Earth terms? It means Grímsvötn and Bárdarbunga have a deep underground relationship [but don't tell Kverkfjöll] .. that could lead to eruptions! It also means that underground interglacial relations of the unknown kind are part of ongoing creation transformation of Iceland and probably Europe.

In general terms groups of volcanoes have big parties underground and sometimes [most of the time] the volcanic party is silent and very quiet and no one knows it is taking place. Now and then the volcanoes have a big party and they explode and there is a lot of noise and everyone locally gets affected and no one can sleep! Sometimes things get destroyed.

Compared to the danger of volcanoes / eruptions .. humans are like ants crawling on the surface of Earth. We are affected by volcanic activity + and - .. + = life on Earth .. rich soil .. abundance of life that grows from volcanic ash. Things can also get pretty dangerous from time to time and - = death destruction transformation and change.

I am suggesting that deep underground volcanic relationships are more important than the associated eruptions [that follow on later]. We currently do not understand the deep rift interconnected volcanic magma relationships .. because most of it takes place beyond our ability to comprehend.

On a future scientific level .. ability to remote-sense deep underground magma rifts and associations and activities do not allow for UNDERSTANDING. In the future volcanic rifts and magma flows are not elements of predicted eruptions or earthquakes. Something else is involved!

Actually .. ants can predict eruptions #_* .. but that is another story !!

Generally as volcanoes go Baroarbunga likes to set off other volcanoes and if it does not set of other volcanoes often nothing happens in terms of eruptions .. in general [so to speak] as volcanoes are very complex systems .. more complex than earthquakes. [Disclaimer .. I am not a specialist]

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