Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Left With Nothing ...

I had nothing... Then I was strong!
- Earth Chronicles - Back In Time

I was fortunate to have been born into a situation where I did not have material wealth .. but I had spiritual inner wealth. Do not mistake this with any kind of religion when I say "spiritual wealth". The Celtic people in Scotland and Ireland associated spiritual wealth with NATURE. Forget the word PAGANISM !!

I am talking about Nature = all that surrounds you and feeds you [the Universe].

I did not have material wealth .. as I grew up I did not have money. Any small amount of money I had I used to buy books on Japanese style Karate Do and books on UFO's. I used my small resources to feed my mind and to expose myself to ART. If we did not have food at the end of the week? I always had my books and my learning to feed me.

I was born aware of my CULTURE... I knew the past without knowing how or why. A broken Celtic culture where people were forbidden to speak their own language [Gaelic]. After two World Wars they never tried to stop the Germans speaking German. Why was the Gaelic language such a massive problem ??

I could deal with having less .. it was not a problem to me. I preferred my inner freedom than servitude to a "false god" of money and desires and greed and wealth based on service-to-self. I was attuned to be inwardly strong [no matter what] .. but always to follow the inner principles of peace and respect.

The truth is the people in Ireland and Scotland were left with nothing...

The same process is now happening in other parts of the world .. but it will not take root .. because there are areas of the world that gave birth to the regional cultures and no one can destroy that origin field. We humans are born from and come into being through the origin fields.

Please do not try to take this concept of Origin Fields [you stalkers out there] as you have no idea what you are talking about. You will only look cheap and stupid .. as I know what I am talking about!

People do not yet understand that when factions destroy cultures over long time periods = 10 years .. 100 years 2,000 years .. this destruction returns to the destroyers. Karma is not a totally accurate description for this mirror destruction process. What I am describing is worse than Karma!

Jiddu Krishnamurti said about Karma:
You do not know what you are talking about.

People think that he is negating Karma philosophy and the effects of Karma .. when in reality he probably understood this principle in its truest and most devastating form. Perhaps .. he was saying to people: You have no idea what you are playing with.

In Colonial terms one country does not invade and possess another country or culture in order to create EQUALITY #_* [Duh !!] .. they invade and colonise land and resources for their own POWER .. but POWER without CULTURE is totally meaningless. When you take land and resources [organisation of shared resources] from the CULTURE you IMPOVERISH those generations of people.

To be honest .. this model is outdated and impotent [self destructive]. I will explain to you why this is so. The Universe is designed to operate organically = Galaxies .. Suns .. Planets .. Eco Systems .. Biological Forms .. Bacteria .. Fungi .. Probiotics .. Micro Biological Life Forms. We all interrelate NOW in space time.

Scotland and Ireland entered into extreme poverty as a result of colonisation.

I don't care what anyone has to say about this intellectually .. because I was born with the ability to see back down the entire timeline. This is not an intellectual exercise as I can see the whole DNA information in the same way you can access the Internet. SEEING is energy.

Left With Nothing ...
I was born many times in Japan .. in the East [Asia] .. in Tibet .. in North America before western colonisation. The issue we all face is balance .. compassion .. integration and empathic awareness of the Planet and the Universe. As well as awareness of ourselves.

I know a lot of hardship and I know what it means to be left with nothing lifetime after lifetime. It does not feel good. One can sink to the deepest depths and beyond. When you push a ball filled with air deeper and deeper into water .. what does it do? The ball springs up in your face with EFFORTLESS power. The ball just springs out of the water!

What no one on this Earth today understands is that we are connected to the past .. the present and the future. This connection creates all shared life across the whole Planet .. where the ball can pop up any time any place with no warning = a reversal of the APPLIED FORCE.

I am very bad at Maths and Arithmetic and I reverse numbers .. but I totally understand reversal of applied force. I give you an example of reversal of applied force: Try to hit water over and over again and keep going .. that is one example of applied force.

This is related to "Left With Nothing.."

The Colonial Paradigm is an illusion. It is a non-organic short term illusion. By this I mean that it cannot sustain itself. By short term I mean 2,000 years [give or take a year]. Then it starts to collapse. When the Colonial Paradigm seeks to repeat itself beyond the collapse .. it then creates total Planetary collapse.

On a personal level .. being left with nothing made me stronger.

Even as a child I never feared death. I helped people. I saved people in extremely dangerous situations where I understood the mountain environment conditions and the people around me did not understand the natural conditions. I could lead older people to safety although I was the youngest in the team.

Where did I get this courage from? Where did I get this wisdom from?

It came from inside .. but not only that! The wisdom and knowledge came from my incarnate past .. present .. future heritage. Sort of like an inner life compass. I understand the inner compass. I listen to the inner compass. This is my Inner Guidance.

What made me strong was a deep inner awareness of past .. present .. future awareness of who I am. People can say: I am connected to "the past". But this is different to being AWARE of the PAST. You can be connected to the past and this is like a consciousness system. To be aware of the past is more fluid. I don't know how to describe this !!

Simply be aware .. you have nothing to lose.

The repository of the past is set like an information data base. Awareness is superior to this past data base. Inner awareness is organic .. transforms .. it is the Chi [Qi] life force. Like water is flows with no restrictions. When you have nothing you have everything.