Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Art of Sorrow: Protect Yourself

The Art of sorrow ... Is Love!
- Earth Chronicles - Back In Time

"The truth of what is happiness will come if I know how to listen. I must know how to listen to suffering; if I can listen to suffering I can listen to happiness because that is what I am." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

I know some things I write [my style of writing] are not always easy to understand .. and THAT is good! Easy to understand is like intellectual fast food .. and not easy to understand = you have to digest it for yourself. It is the same with suffering .. often not easy to understand.

I have faced many hardships in my life .. and I am grateful for this .. because it helped make me who I am today. As a young student travelling with backpack and tent I had a chance meeting .. a millionaire saw me and wanted whatever he saw in me. I just listened politely as he explained that I could travel the world with him .. he had houses all over the world and a castle #_*

To be honest I was not impressed.

As I was leaving the boat / ferry ?? he gave me his card and begged me to contact him. Out of Celtic politeness I took the card and later threw it away. When I held the card in my hand I saw a life of servitude .. I saw cold misery and confinement .. restriction .. I saw myself within restricted walls of a castle I could not leave. What does this have to do with SORROW ??

Sorrow .. suffering .. is endless poverty !!

I was often without money .. sometimes for weeks I lived without food and simply had to survive. This is in the middle of relatively rich European society. Since I was a child I know what poverty is. I know what it means to have nothing to eat .. where the solutions are unseen and you just have to stay calm.

No different than all of you .. I know what it means to SUFFER!

Invisible Guides: Protect Yourself!
The Invisible Guides had no sympathy for my suffering nor sorrows. I watched myself and out of the corner of my eye I watched the Invisible Guides. How can I resolve this? How can I climb back out? Please guide me? How can I end suffering? And .. all I heard was SILENCE !!

Okay .. Invisible Guides do not give me a solution!

So .. what can I do? All I am left with is sorrow and suffering! Like a deep pool I am caught in .. I swim in .. the waters surround me .. I am part of the pool of suffering! I AM THE POOL of SUFFERING! [No one can teach you this .. you have to realise it for yourself].

There are many forms of suffering .. but all forms go back to one root.

Poverty creates suffering .. indulgence creates suffering .. war and conflict create suffering .. natural disasters create suffering .. death creates suffering .. excessive wealth creates suffering .. illness .. disease .. greed .. fear .. loneliness .. isolation creates suffering!

The Invisible Guides say to me: Protect yourself!

What do they mean by "protect yourself"? How do I protect myself from sorrow and suffering? They say to me .. it does not matter good or bad .. be grateful .. show gratitude! WHAT ?? If situations are bad I have to show GRATITUDE ?? You seriously have to be KIDDING? Right? I mean ... #_*

After my bad outburst I feebly try to show "gratitude" .. and that was the birth of my inner freedom that even I did not recognise at the time. All I had was one Euro and no food and for some strange reason I gave that one Euro to a homeless woman on the street and said: THANK YOU! I did not know what I was doing .. I simply had the desire to apply and understand THE GUIDANCE.

One part of me said [at the time] .. you just gave away your last Euro and you have to get through a crisis! I smiled .. maybe because something deep inside me knew exactly what it was doing = many incarnations of inner knowledge. That is my own experience.

The next factor is that I do not mean this as a general TREND for people to test and experience what it feels like. Never play games with SORROW .. it may backfire on you! I simply explain how I was able to face my own sorrow and transform it. Very often groups try to skim the cream off my posts and use the cream to make money .. so I can tell you = you cannot make money out of this.

What does it mean to protect yourself?

Sorrow is an art .. awareness is an art .. it is a skill .. like Martial Arts!

The English language is not suited to communicate the Art of Self Protection = Awareness. Words condition the brain .. but there are other areas of the human brain that communicate without words. Jiddu Krishnamurti often said wordless communication is deeper that the intellect / the WORD.

Inner Martial Arts
The only way to convey how I overcome negative emotions [that sometimes seem out of control] is to point towards the Inner Martial Arts. Original Martial Arts were not outward / physical dominance .. they were ?? 70 percent inner power [mind / psyche] and 30 percent physical material application.

I am saying that ancient [70 percent] of Martial Arts training could easily move [shift] 30 percent physical application. Within the 70 percent Martial Arts you can overcome sorrow .. fear .. suffering .. anger .. jealousy .. conflict [inner conflict] .. ego-self .. desire for power.

I will not go deeply into ENERGY in this post .. I want to go into energy and use of essential energy [Qi] on its own. Also .. one has to be aware that something .. some energy powers emotions .. feelings .. sorrows .. our reactions. Religions [thought] says: Good energy / bad energy! This is not the case .. energy is energy [not good or bad] .. yin yang .. it is simply energy.

Earth humans can take energy = power their homes .. live .. stay calm. Earth humans can take the same energy and attack each other .. fight wars .. promote conflict .. become agitated. The key is not the energy used .. but the key is the human psyche = how we use energy in this world.

What does protect yourself mean?

Sensitive people are often EMPATHIC: Sensitive people can experience emotions of other less balanced human beings. Let us say that Empaths are generally NEUTRAL .. they are sort of balance between yin and yang. Empathy - passion / state of emotion .. but be aware that one can drown in deep waters!

How does one protect oneself?

Passion is love! Sorrow is love! Suffering is love! It is all relative! These are all the passageways .. but we do not pass through and go beyond the lower forms of experience. We humans get stuck in the passage and we often drown in the deep waters of collective human experience / consciousness.

The reason we drown is THE EGO !!

Humans focus on individual suffering .. individual fear .. individual sorrow .. individual anger .. individual passion. This is not the foundation of the Universe. Human beings on Earth are simply playing with THEMSELVES and are not passing through the Inner Passage of initiation.

Passage of initiation is LOVE. Passage of Initiation is ONE. Sometimes the Master totally defeats the student out of compassion. Why? The student can only overcome anger and frustration when they have nothing to lose other than to lose THEMSELVES. I hope that makes sense !!

The greatest warriors in this world knew no fear and yet they made mistakes!

Why did they make fatal mistakes? What defeated them? There was no DISCIPLINE .. the individual who moves beyond fear and has no discipline is without compassion. Buddha is ENERGY SYSTEM !!

Doorways of illusion exist within the passage of transformation.

When we move beyond fear we often feel powerful beyond belief and that is a TRAP set within the Passage of Initiation. It is a basic law of the Universe. This is where inner self-discipline comes in [free energy of the extra-terrestrial kind]. Love is passion and love is discipline. This is often the most difficult lesson to learn. No one can teach you this .. you can only teach yourself!

How do you protect yourself through the Passage of Initiation? Discover love!