Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Herbal Colon Parasite Cleanse

The Chinese Medicine Parasite Cleanse (China Origin)
Chinese Traditional herbal medicine prescriptions are a cocktail of many herbs tailored to the individual patient. One batch of herbs is typically decocted twice over the course of one hour.

The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then the practitioner adds many other ingredients to adjust the formula to the patient's yin/yang conditions.

Often, ingredients are needed to cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients. Some herbs require the use of other ingredients as catalyst or else the brew is ineffective. Unlike western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients. A key to success in TCM is the treatment of each patient as an individual.

Chinese TCM Medicine often incorporates ingredients from all parts of plants, such as the leaf, stem, flower, root, and also ingredients from animals and minerals.

For Parasite Cleanses Chinese medicine relies on bitter herbs to stimulate the liver to produce more bile. One theory is that it is the bile that kills intestinal parasites, not the toxic properties of the herbs. The two formulas below target all parasitic worms and will work in the intestine, stomach and all other organs, as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), relies upon the holistic healing approach, which treats the entire body living organism, not just targeting one area.

Dr Clark Recommended Chinese herbs for Parasite cleanses

Most people would not associate intestinal worms .. parasites .. liver flukes .. round worm .. ascaris .. tapeworm or heart worms with allergies or neurological symptoms! They are all related.

I am talking about my own experience and I am not presenting anyone with health information. I know what I am doing with my body. Maybe others do not know what they are doing. This is simply an account of my own personal experience and is not intended as "Health Advice". In other words: I work extensively with my body and I share my own experiences...

In general .. many years ago .. and since I was a child! I experienced during sleep grinding teeth syndrome. Now and then I would waken up in the early hours of the morning grinding my teeth. Later in my late twenties .. I read books by Dr. Hulda Clark that grinding teeth was a sign of intestinal parasites / worms.

What do I know ??

I did the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse over many months .. and since then I never grind my teeth. Wow! That is my own experience. At that time I took the herbal capsules .. because I had also been applying Mantak Chia's abdominal self-massage of the colon. Guess what? Out came this long white hook worm [not to be discussed in polite circles].

I knew absolutely nothing about stomach parasites .. intestinal parasites .. worms .. flukes .. lung and heart parasites. I knew nothing. We all think we are "clean" and we do not like to consider what is in our intestines / colon.

We Inherit our Parents Parasites!
This is an unpopular consideration: We humans inherit the parasites living in the guts of our parents. Not only do we inherit the worms and parasites .. but we inherit Candida .. mold .. yeast and fungus overgrowth.

You may say: Why do parasites and worms exist?
I say .. Why do worm / parasite cures and anti-parasite herbs exist?

Most important .. I discovered: Do not kill worms and parasites at once in very short time .. because the toxins from the dead parasites have to be neutralized by the liver .. the kidney's and the colon! My body had to detox this toxic sh#t.

Over many years I do many stages of gentle herbal worm / parasite detox.

I personally discover that the chemicals injected into the body by worms and parasites cause physical .. neurological .. hormonal and physiological abnormalities. I am talking about my own body. You have to understand that intestinal worms and parasites inject chemicals into the human body. They also pass their own waste [pee pee] into the human body. That parasite pee pee is highly toxic to the human system. Highly toxic !!

Worms Versus Immune System
No one likes to talk about worms .. hookworm .. roundworm and intestinal parasites .. liver flukes and tapeworm! But .. how much does the acidic chemistry worms expel into the physical human body advance allergies? How much does this acidic toxic chemistry advance immune disorders .. neurological disorders .. hormone disorders .. inner digestion disorders?

I know the answer for myself .. working with my own body.

I love and respect my body. I am grateful to my body for supporting my incarnation in this life. I hope to carry this wisdom into my future lives. At the same time I feel that past lives have guided me to re-discover these simple truths.

Essentially .. we are the past .. present and the future .. now!

In my own experience I discover that the toxic chemical [pee pee] of parasites [acidity] ends up in the joints of the body. The acidity affects the wrists .. the elbows .. shoulders .. neck joints .. the vertebra .. connective tissues .. hip joints .. knees and ankles. IT IS ALL - ACIDITY !!

This is what I observe in my own body and it may not be the same for your body?

In the last few days I try the Dr. Clark Bitters [containing alcohol] .. the herbal capsules do not contain alcohol. I am not sure how effective this is. I use it together with a gentle colon cleanse. Gentle is always best as one does not want all the toxins to swamp the body. The liver and the kidney's have to detox any colon cleanse .. and I do not want to overload my organs!

The fluid Dr. Clark [Bitters] parasite cure tastes VERY BITTER.
I like the taste ..

I am a person who does not like sweet sugary foods or drinks. I do not eat puddings or sweet cakes. I never drank sweet carbonated drinks. I don't know why? I just never liked them. I was always attracted to bitter foods and drinks. That is just something I was born with.

Working together with my friends .. we are now testing and experimenting with different colon cleanse detox, beneficial probiotics .. anti-parasite cures / cleanse. Not all colon cleanse supplements are effective. One really has to research and test the different herbs or consult with a genuine Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner [TCM].