Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Wouldn't Go In There ...

I Wouldn't Go In There Ghost Histories
Korea's Ghost House Origins

I Wouldn't Go In There YouTube .. For Researchers

I personally do not like anything to do with the paranormal. I would advise people to stay away from that area and protect themselves .. because it is not an area anyone wants to go into. Usually .. that phenomenon associates itself with interconnected incarnations. We currently do not have a balanced education [teachings] to deal with this area of human existence.

The reason I post this documentary is because it is balanced and very well done. These documentaries are closer to how I was shown to deal with trapped spirits [ghosts] in my late 20's to late 30's. Related to healing. I could always see the world of spirit [that has nothing to do with ghosts] .. but I am not a "shaman".

In my late 20's I began to encounter "ghosts" or trapped spirits .. and in some instances they would follow me out of a location [at first] and eventually I learned to help them without them following me. I was taught to sense their presence .. take them to an exit point and help them leave their trapped existence to return to the spirit world.

Who taught me this?

The invisible Worlds taught me this [something I did not want to learn]. I was not taught ritual I was taught love .. connection and brighter than the Sun light connection between heaven and Earth .. energy between the sky and the land.

I had some really mean trapped spirits follow me home at first because I was too dense to be aware of their presence. No matter what emotional state they were in: Anger .. fear .. sorrow .. jealousy .. guilt .. deep shock .. I could always convince them to see the stupidity of their self-created pattern [attachments] and let go. Not an easy task and always a moment of tears.

I don't like to be overwhelmed by these emotions and so this is not something I chose to do! As the "I Wouldn't Go In There" Documentary Series shows .. there is a HISTORY involved. That history is connected to the present and the future. The past the present and the future are one.

In relation to the origin of the Korean Ghost House Mystery the researcher [Robert Joe] eventually finds out that the Americans used High School Korean Students as a sacrifice / decoy to draw the North Koreans into a fake attack while the Americans carried out another safer assault with few casualties. South Koreans Dunkirk using untrained High School Students ??

The survivors believed they were used as a decoy .. we were sacrificed under MacArthur's military command. By sunset there was not a single ship supporting us .. technically the untrained Korean students were left to die = mission accomplished !!

Ghost World and Human World
Unfortunately .. you are not going to heal the ghost world connection with diplomatic mission and political agreements. This may be the reason why the current rational society prefers to ignore or deny the ghost areas. They are pointing a COMPASS at us now .. across the time space spectrum.

These documentaries are an intelligent STEP ONE in resolving a Planetary self-healing process that could potentially end all wars on Earth. Sounds dramatic .. doesn't it ?? It is not dramatic .. it is balance of yin yang forces.

The present has to heal the past to create the future.

After many years learning how to return lost spirits to the spirit world .. I found that I no longer had to do this .. it just happens around me .. I don't have to do anything. Sometimes if a new event takes place I do act outside of my location. But .. in my location it just happens on its own.

I may say more later about the need to clear the zones and heal local areas in order to create order and peace. It is in no ones interests to promote war .. killing .. sacrifice .. conflict .. aggression and general economic and social chaos. It is in NO ONES INTEREST #_*