Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The pathways from this world [experience] simply lead into other worlds.

For the soul [spirit] death does not exist. Just as the body can easily walk from one room into another .. leave the house .. travel to other continents .. so does the soul walk out of this 3D world into other more powerful worlds unseen by physical eyes of the mind.

Death Is Transition .. Beyond Fear!
In this photograph you can see many layers of the same reality .. but is it all the same reality? Each aspect in the picture is experiencing its own unique perspective!

The rain drops on the window are different than the water on the ground. Essentially you may say they are one and the same? However .. the water droplets are experiencing different forms of reality. The raindrops are creating a different kind of visual art. Everything outside in the rain is wet .. the people inside are dry.

All physical objects outside [in the rain] take on a form of ghost like shadows. In the picture the reflected shadows are indistinguishable from the real objects. This is similar to the experience of death.

Death does not exist .. only the physical is born and dies. The body experiences death .. but the soul never experiences death. The soul can be aware of other dimensions and that it has just walked out of the room it left behind. The soul does not EXPERIENCE death.

When there is no death it cannot be experienced.

When the spirit departs .. leaving the physical body behind .. the physical body and its operating system experience death. The intelligent operating system [designed to allow spirit to navigate physical existence] is shut down. You could say it is like the blue screen of death. Nothing will reboot the computer nor the operating system .. the Hard Drive cannot be recovered.

The spirit using the body and having the 3D experience does not end. The spirit simply uses another operating system in another life [if they reincarnate again]. The incarnate spirit does not experience the blue screen of death. The computer system may no longer function .. but the spirit functions as it is not dependent on those systems to exist.

Up until my last post In September 13 .. the situation I was working with seemed to be more or less stable. I am good at saving people's lives and I am not so good with stagnation and "death". Not so much "death" but I am not so good with the long stagnation. A no-mans-land where people do not live but they do not die.

I am good working with ghosts or lost spirits inhabiting the between worlds. I can help them rediscover themselves [beyond fear] and return to the spirit living cycle. I am not good with paranormal that gets stuck and in a similar way is not alive and is not dead.

What does this have to do with being a Tech*Geek and the new Tech Aquarius Cycle?

Life and death are highly sophisticated highly intelligent self-sustaining living technologies. Life and death are ONE = it is the same energy taking different forms. Go back to the picture of reflections of the rain. The water in the picture is all the same rain taking on different dimensions and different forms.

That one picture shows you visually what I am talking about.

1. Death is a BIG trauma in this world for those left behind = and that is wrong!
2. For the Irish & Celts happiness in birth and happiness in death were the same things.
3. The ancient world celebrated both life [birth] and death as one and the same process.

Let me put it this way why the Celtic people knew to be happy and celebrate death [transition] the passage from this world into the next. Do you as an eternal spirit want to get caught for thousands of years in a degenerated decaying comatose suffering body?

As a Tech*Geek what I observed aver the last months is similar to shut down operating systems that no longer function and cannot connect to the World Wide Web .. but the operators keep sitting at the computers trying to use them [even though they do not work].

With Venus in Aquarius .. I would say go transition to a new network #_#

When I was a kid in the 60s family and friends just DIED .. there was no long procedure of interference with medications and drugs and artificial means. People died naturally and sort of fast. In my own family people were just gone from one moment to the next [leaving nothing to hold onto].

I admit in western society mindset just walking out of the space time room without saying anything is no longer "popular" with the residents [those left behind]. Jiddu Krishnamurti called it ATTACHMENT. Even when something ENDS you don't let it END .. you psychologically and emotionally hold onto it.

Do you know why people are attached and hold on? Because people are attached to SELF .. the EGO .. and are afraid of death [ending]. Humans are psychologically afraid of their own death [ending of thought (ego)] and so they hold onto everything around them out of that internal fear.

So .. let of of yourself [ego] NOW and FREE YOURSELF from ILLUSIONs of DEATH.

If we are to spiritually progress on this Planet there has to be an understanding of life AND death without separation or division. Advanced planetary consciousness does not fear death. In terms of technology in the Aquarius Cycle is a return of the Atlantean Cycle. That is a new understanding of energy .. as well as new understanding of energy pathways.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Journey of Death ... Into Another World

Pathways called: A journey through death .. lead into other Worlds ..

That was scary .. it happened .. this really took place? It is where I mentioned in my first Aquarius Tech*Geek post that I have been working many Months with DEATH and The Paranormal. Something we humans have to understand if we are to successfully transition into another World at some point in the future.

A Journey .. Through Time
I got lost .. and I do not often get lost. But .. at first I sort of thought I was lost in this Dimension?

I had to get home .. but I was driving around .. and around .. and around in never ending circles .. and then my heart started to pound. No matter what the danger I never get stressed out and from an early age I have saved other peoples lives through my ability to stay calm and apply balanced inner chi.

So .. when my heart started to get really heavy and was behaving in unnatural ways .. I really had to apply myself to stay calm.

I wont put all this in one post .. but for now I had to navigate and transition the "Paths of The Dead". This experience completely changed my life. I got back here and I know what I know .. but most people would have died on that journey.

I now know what it is like when incarnate spirit [souls] gets lost in the transition worlds.

How did I get lost? Usually I have [utilize] an inbuilt spirit geo-navigation system and I also have what I call the Guidance [of the invisible worlds]. At the time I got lost neither navigation systems worked for me. I was driving to where I had to go [in a familiar situation] and suddenly nothing made sense.

I ended up driving through a bleak no-mans-land of circular roads ...

This is what I mean about the transitional Aquarius Cycle. I had to get home and home did not exist. I was driving in circles with nowhere to go. This was at a time when I was working to save someones life. Later I had a dream where the person left Earth and left this 3D Dimension.

I experienced what it is to be a spirit lost in multiple worlds going in circles and not knowing THE WAY. As horrible as it was .. I can tell you ONE THING .. when you stay calm and stay focused you can find your way home no matter what !!

Aquarius Cycle Technology is also NAVIGATION [skills]
The strange thing is that I knew from the feelings that I had entered another Dimension similar to the one we inhabit now. I often go to these dimensions in my dreams .. but I have never knowingly consciously entered these alternative Dimensions inside my physical body experience.

To get back into this dimension I stopped in the middle of nowhere and talked to a man how to get back onto the main road. This man was in the middle of nowhere like a scene out of an end of the world film. He told me how to get back .. but I did not understand a word that he spoke.

I had to trust myself and in the end I did get back here ...

But .. my HEART got me back .. and that is the key I want to share with all of you! The heart is not what we think. The heart is a navigation instrument of the most powerful and advanced kind. You talk about the human BRAIN? The human HEART is more advanced.

My brain was fine [rational] .. but my heart KNEW and showed me the way back into this reality. My mind was relating to this other world experience and was able to adapt .. but my heart was sending out the danger signals and guiding me on superior levels = the heart is the KEY!

Listen to your heart!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coming Aquarian Tech Revolution

Emergence of a completely new paradigm .. beyond the known.

In the past a very small number of "gate keepers" controlled and designed how humans are to perceive other humans = how to perceive themselves. Many brilliant minds who experienced the last 50 year cycle were restricted .. as they could not go through the gates to communicate with the rest of mankind.

I am talking about art .. publications .. media .. politics .. architecture .. agriculture and food. The reason these people could not go through those gates is because they could not fit the pattern = it was impossible for them to conform to an externally imposed format.

Some people got around it through some kind of internal chi allowing them to be who they are no matter what. The general picture [of control] was not looking good. It was not looking good for mankind.

On one hand an incarnation revolution is taking place according to the emergence of the new Aquarian Cycle. On the other hand this tech revolution is coming out of the psyche of mankind. Incarnations are powerfully manifesting their creativity.

Creativity is extremely important step in this cycle.

We are going to see a movement away from the Greek tradition of personalities and career politicians circus entertaining the observers. In the past the populations were enthralled by the circus [acts]. But .. in the technological revolution there is no one watching the show .. people are watching THEMSELVES.

The yin creative feminine force [in balance with the yang] is the key factor in this emerging Tech Revolution. It is not about control or influence .. it is about CREATIVITY. The beauty is: If you don't understand it then you cannot utilize this tool.

Any attempt to use this creative tool to control or create [impose] old gateway patterns will fail completely. The Aquarian Tech Revolution is water .. it flows .. no one can control the oceans. No one can control the seas. Water makes up most of the mass of the Earth. That is also electrical / electricity / energy.

So .. you have a lot of energy !!

The human brain is composed of up to 78 percent water. Salt water .. a conductor of electrical fields. Humans have an ocean inside their skulls. That is a vast ocean going back millions of years. Right there is your Aquarian Tech Revolution! It is going on right inside you!

Aquarius is originally a double sign like Pisces and signifies energy [electrical] flow. Just as there are two fish [yin yang = balance / harmony] there were two vessels out of which "water" is said to flow. Therefore Aquarius is a sign of two corresponding wavy lines [pictograph].

Similar to Pisces yin yang male female harmonic balance .. Aquarius is a symbol of the male / female yin yang balance creating the world. The origins of the sign are two energy flows onto the fish [Pisces] creating mankind on Earth .. or energizing mankind on Earth.

Earth humans have two water sources of creation = humans came from the waters of the Universe [deep space] and humans came out of [were created out of] the oceans of Earth. Humans walk on dry land but were born from the water of the Earth's oceans.

Of course .. anyone who understands electricity and electrical flow will see the Aquarius signature as direct energy flow [chi] or the flow of electrical current. Just as with male female existence [duality] electrical current has dual polarity flow [magnetic] affecting physical and non-physical realms.

This is why humans with balanced male / female polarity are having such a love relationship with the Internet. This has nothing to do with sexuality .. Aquarius [like Pisces] is neither male nor female but is about BALANCE. So .. Aquarius is beyond the sexes creating a universal harmonic.

Aquarius men and women would have a tendency to affect both sexes in neutral ways and be loved by people in general rather than have an overly yin or overly yang following. It's about equality [electrical flow] where all households receive the same electricity no matter who they are as "personalities".

There is no left wing nor right wing electricity! There is no right wing or left wing electrical flow! Both the left wing and the right wing use [receive] the same electricity. Now the direct flow is coming to Earth = to everyone.

Pisces was all about the fish [mankind] and Aquarius is all about the energy flow coming into the fish [humanity]. The old world getting washed away by the increased energy flow .. yes that happens too. The water flow gives birth to the new child and it is the same with society.

It is not that "old people" are dying .. it is that old systems are dying.

The child in the womb ends as the being is then born onto the physical Earth. In humans conception is all about water [energy] flow .. ocean [the womb] .. physical Earth [birth]. The child in the womb ends as the waters break to give birth to a new Earth child.

The now emerging Tech Revolution is about energy flow and not personalities.

Technology is energy [exchange and balance]. Energy and water are one and the same. The Sun is filled with water. The Universe is made up mostly of water. The salt water in the human body conducts energy [electrical current]. The human being IS THE Aquarius Cycle.

The Tech Revolution is the universal energy now flowing into the human mind [human psyche]. Humans are a highly developed natural self-sustaining bio technology created to interact with Planet Earth. In this 2,000 year Aquarius Cycle Earth is going to give birth to humanity [a new humanity] .. that will eventually leave the Planet.

Arthur C. Clark - Childhoods End ...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Aquarius Tech Cycle [Feminine]

Aquarius tech cycle transition .. IS FEMININE *_* IN NATURE ..

I am not going to get into personal internet political male female struggles just recently taking place .. but I see them taking place here and there between women who have [and are developing] a natural instinctive and artistic [exploring new] TECH SKILLS that no one yet understands in terms of what this new phenomenon is and why it is happening.

Most recently I have been working with DEATH and the PARANORMAL #_# .. and I have also been making and edting new videos #NewTech .. I am a TechGeek woman with Venus in Aquarius = beauty art & high tech skills. I understand the coming Aquarius [tech] cycle and its revolutionary association with women [the feminine].

I am not talking about politics [old world / old brain] or any kind of political or social male female struggles taking place on Earth today. I am talking about TRUE FEMININE and TRUE CYCLES .. beyond anything human beings on this Planet understand [but Tech Geeks understand].

Fortunately my friends [male compatriots] appreciate and can use my unique [feminine Aquarius Tech Skills] without having a nervous breakdown that they have to "control" or feel threatened by my skills and have to "diplomatically" tell me that "I have to take care of the children" [DUH] .. I am my own child +_+

.. and Technology is my child = this is the Aquarius birth cycle I will talk about.

The feminine [not only in women but in males too] GIVES BIRTH !!! The yin [feminine] gives birth to ideas .. innovations .. technology .. inspirations .. developments .. new mind .. growth and everything to do with expansion and creation.

Specifically in this new emerging Aquarius [hi tech] cycle the feminine and especially REAL WOMEN [not fake] are now giving birth to a new wave of innovation across the Internet. A fake feminine is someone who is aggressively [dominant] yang energy with weaker or zero nurturing yin elements .. who want to kill .. go to war .. attack others .. destroy .. and all that stuff.

The true feminine is not "compliant" or submissive .. the new Aquarius female Tech Geeks are dynamic .. creative and highly innovative. They do their own thing in their own way and they are ALWAYS LEARNING. Obviously more conservative [non-tech-geek] partners may have problems with this new [Aquarius] wave appearing now.

Just take care of the kids ladies .. and put down the vlogging cameras #_# [Ha Ha]

As a female [feminine] Aquarius TECH GEEK .. I am going to explain what is taking place no matter whether we like it or not [IT IS NOT BAD] .. for our Planet this is a major and necessary development that cannot be cancelled and cannot be reversed.

We are currently entering a new world.

As innovative intuitive creative Tech Geek women drop out [as demanded by x y & z] new Aquarius women will take their place. I am not talking about a past "feminist" movement .. I am talking Star Trek precision and beyond: Open the pod bay doors please HAL.

I am a natural born Tech Geek [Aquarius woman] who was made exactly for the time I was born into. I am not interested in old brain politics .. old brain power struggles .. my energy is not in the past .. it is in the NOW. The FUTURE is NOW.

I don't care what anyone's opinion is = I KNOW THE FUTURE ...

This may sound arrogant .. but it is not .. as technology in all its forms IS THE FUTURE !! Hybrid technology living space is where we humans originally came from. Look at us = we are HYBRIDS. Humans cannot live without structures [houses] .. we cannot live without heat [fire] and clothes! We fly across continents and we drive cars.

The human was clearly designed to interface with and use technology at very high levels.

Males have these skills [feminine] without being gay. This cycle has nothing to do with sexual orientation. In fact sexual orientation is an anathema to this new Tech [Aquarius] Cycle. This cycle is also beyond politics. It is transformational. It is social. It is cultural. It is creative. It is art. It is innovative.

This is all I wanted to say for now: You can see the transformation taking place across the Internet. The Aquarius cycle is art / creative .. it is not political or influence / control. The cycle is unique individual. Tech Geek women play a key part in this transformation.

The old institutional male/female brain is not going to like this transformation [but they are not the FUTURE NOW]. Their world has ended [a long time ago] and we are at the end of the dinosaurs. The emerging cycle is now totally new. This has never taken place before on Earth.

The reason why woman play such a key role in the development of the Tech Geek birth .. is because women give birth to the new. The feminine gives birth to a new generation. The female gives birth to new consciousness and new ideas. There is another reason ...

Women are impeccable TECH GEEKS !!