Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Aquarius Tech Cycle [Feminine]

Aquarius tech cycle transition .. IS FEMININE *_* IN NATURE ..

I am not going to get into personal internet political male female struggles just recently taking place .. but I see them taking place here and there between women who have [and are developing] a natural instinctive and artistic [exploring new] TECH SKILLS that no one yet understands in terms of what this new phenomenon is and why it is happening.

Most recently I have been working with DEATH and the PARANORMAL #_# .. and I have also been making and edting new videos #NewTech .. I am a TechGeek woman with Venus in Aquarius = beauty art & high tech skills. I understand the coming Aquarius [tech] cycle and its revolutionary association with women [the feminine].

I am not talking about politics [old world / old brain] or any kind of political or social male female struggles taking place on Earth today. I am talking about TRUE FEMININE and TRUE CYCLES .. beyond anything human beings on this Planet understand [but Tech Geeks understand].

Fortunately my friends [male compatriots] appreciate and can use my unique [feminine Aquarius Tech Skills] without having a nervous breakdown that they have to "control" or feel threatened by my skills and have to "diplomatically" tell me that "I have to take care of the children" [DUH] .. I am my own child +_+

.. and Technology is my child = this is the Aquarius birth cycle I will talk about.

The feminine [not only in women but in males too] GIVES BIRTH !!! The yin [feminine] gives birth to ideas .. innovations .. technology .. inspirations .. developments .. new mind .. growth and everything to do with expansion and creation.

Specifically in this new emerging Aquarius [hi tech] cycle the feminine and especially REAL WOMEN [not fake] are now giving birth to a new wave of innovation across the Internet. A fake feminine is someone who is aggressively [dominant] yang energy with weaker or zero nurturing yin elements .. who want to kill .. go to war .. attack others .. destroy .. and all that stuff.

The true feminine is not "compliant" or submissive .. the new Aquarius female Tech Geeks are dynamic .. creative and highly innovative. They do their own thing in their own way and they are ALWAYS LEARNING. Obviously more conservative [non-tech-geek] partners may have problems with this new [Aquarius] wave appearing now.

Just take care of the kids ladies .. and put down the vlogging cameras #_# [Ha Ha]

As a female [feminine] Aquarius TECH GEEK .. I am going to explain what is taking place no matter whether we like it or not [IT IS NOT BAD] .. for our Planet this is a major and necessary development that cannot be cancelled and cannot be reversed.

We are currently entering a new world.

As innovative intuitive creative Tech Geek women drop out [as demanded by x y & z] new Aquarius women will take their place. I am not talking about a past "feminist" movement .. I am talking Star Trek precision and beyond: Open the pod bay doors please HAL.

I am a natural born Tech Geek [Aquarius woman] who was made exactly for the time I was born into. I am not interested in old brain politics .. old brain power struggles .. my energy is not in the past .. it is in the NOW. The FUTURE is NOW.

I don't care what anyone's opinion is = I KNOW THE FUTURE ...

This may sound arrogant .. but it is not .. as technology in all its forms IS THE FUTURE !! Hybrid technology living space is where we humans originally came from. Look at us = we are HYBRIDS. Humans cannot live without structures [houses] .. we cannot live without heat [fire] and clothes! We fly across continents and we drive cars.

The human was clearly designed to interface with and use technology at very high levels.

Males have these skills [feminine] without being gay. This cycle has nothing to do with sexual orientation. In fact sexual orientation is an anathema to this new Tech [Aquarius] Cycle. This cycle is also beyond politics. It is transformational. It is social. It is cultural. It is creative. It is art. It is innovative.

This is all I wanted to say for now: You can see the transformation taking place across the Internet. The Aquarius cycle is art / creative .. it is not political or influence / control. The cycle is unique individual. Tech Geek women play a key part in this transformation.

The old institutional male/female brain is not going to like this transformation [but they are not the FUTURE NOW]. Their world has ended [a long time ago] and we are at the end of the dinosaurs. The emerging cycle is now totally new. This has never taken place before on Earth.

The reason why woman play such a key role in the development of the Tech Geek birth .. is because women give birth to the new. The feminine gives birth to a new generation. The female gives birth to new consciousness and new ideas. There is another reason ...

Women are impeccable TECH GEEKS !!