Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Journey of Death ... Into Another World

Pathways called: A journey through death .. lead into other Worlds ..

That was scary .. it happened .. this really took place? It is where I mentioned in my first Aquarius Tech*Geek post that I have been working many Months with DEATH and The Paranormal. Something we humans have to understand if we are to successfully transition into another World at some point in the future.

A Journey .. Through Time
I got lost .. and I do not often get lost. But .. at first I sort of thought I was lost in this Dimension?

I had to get home .. but I was driving around .. and around .. and around in never ending circles .. and then my heart started to pound. No matter what the danger I never get stressed out and from an early age I have saved other peoples lives through my ability to stay calm and apply balanced inner chi.

So .. when my heart started to get really heavy and was behaving in unnatural ways .. I really had to apply myself to stay calm.

I wont put all this in one post .. but for now I had to navigate and transition the "Paths of The Dead". This experience completely changed my life. I got back here and I know what I know .. but most people would have died on that journey.

I now know what it is like when incarnate spirit [souls] gets lost in the transition worlds.

How did I get lost? Usually I have [utilize] an inbuilt spirit geo-navigation system and I also have what I call the Guidance [of the invisible worlds]. At the time I got lost neither navigation systems worked for me. I was driving to where I had to go [in a familiar situation] and suddenly nothing made sense.

I ended up driving through a bleak no-mans-land of circular roads ...

This is what I mean about the transitional Aquarius Cycle. I had to get home and home did not exist. I was driving in circles with nowhere to go. This was at a time when I was working to save someones life. Later I had a dream where the person left Earth and left this 3D Dimension.

I experienced what it is to be a spirit lost in multiple worlds going in circles and not knowing THE WAY. As horrible as it was .. I can tell you ONE THING .. when you stay calm and stay focused you can find your way home no matter what !!

Aquarius Cycle Technology is also NAVIGATION [skills]
The strange thing is that I knew from the feelings that I had entered another Dimension similar to the one we inhabit now. I often go to these dimensions in my dreams .. but I have never knowingly consciously entered these alternative Dimensions inside my physical body experience.

To get back into this dimension I stopped in the middle of nowhere and talked to a man how to get back onto the main road. This man was in the middle of nowhere like a scene out of an end of the world film. He told me how to get back .. but I did not understand a word that he spoke.

I had to trust myself and in the end I did get back here ...

But .. my HEART got me back .. and that is the key I want to share with all of you! The heart is not what we think. The heart is a navigation instrument of the most powerful and advanced kind. You talk about the human BRAIN? The human HEART is more advanced.

My brain was fine [rational] .. but my heart KNEW and showed me the way back into this reality. My mind was relating to this other world experience and was able to adapt .. but my heart was sending out the danger signals and guiding me on superior levels = the heart is the KEY!

Listen to your heart!