Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thangka Buddha - Pyramids of The Sun

Tibetan Thangka Art is a Spiritual Technology

Higher Spiritual Technology
I am showing you this Tibetan Thangka because it is difficult to explain how each series of traditional Buddhist imagery has layers of effects on the mind [also touching the heart]. Humans currently use a low resonance technology [frequency]. This has to do with the state of our minds.

You see the colours .. designs in the braids! All those designs are important. They are just as important as the Buddha at the center. People tend to focus on the Buddha when they should be looking at everything.

The whole art work is teaching: We are part of everything. We are surrounded by a force that gives us form. In the Thangkas the colours and depths of design seem to make no sense. These surrounding designs are endlessly varied on every individual Thangka. That is the whole point!

The variety of braids .. the designs [which have non-linear meanings] and the colours interact with the rising Sun. The whole spiritual technology is acting like a window to reality. These spiritual art forms are reflecting the light and the dark-light that the brain silently understands.

You are seeing a intelligently designed mirror that opens processes inside the human brain .. and that effects the whole nervous system .. also effects the heart. There is no set levels of interaction in terms of what you start to see. There is no set level that effects all people in the same way. This also acts as a mirror to ourselves.

Thangka Buddha - Pyramids of The Sun
These are two drawings showing what happened since April 21st experience: Thangka Buddha - Secrets of The Sun

I can only draw pictures of what I see .. and these pictures make visual sense to me in non-rational ways. Earth humans are not using the whole brain! The human brain has incredible capacity beyond thought.

Pyramids are physical representations of the rising and setting Sun.

Over the last 7 days I attempted to observe the language hidden in plain sight within the design of the Thangkas. A lot of the time my eyes would close [on their own]. I would keep opening my eyes and the brain [mind] would dramatically close my eyes. Most of the time I would fall asleep.

Once the brain [mind] is effected it then needs space for itself. A natural internal organic process begins. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes the brain will shut down because the energy is being used inside you for deeper things.

Today I saw the pyramid of the Sun. This is how my mind understood visually the process of light [dark-light] revealed in watching the Sun rise reflected in the braids surrounding the Buddha.

At some point you begin to see the Buddha more clearly and you begin to understand more clearly.

Step pyramids are structured physical [matter] geomantic energy signatures representing the rising Sun. When you represent the Moon [pyramid of the Moon] you are still representing the Sun .. because the Moon is reflecting the Sun [light].

You may ask: Where is dark-light or dark matter when the Sun is rising? Dark energy [darkness] is all around you. It is physical space. When you look at a mountain or a tree the space between you and the object is dark-energy [darkness]. Dark-energy gives light its form. If the darkness did not contain the light there would be so much light it would blind you.

It is obvious when you apply the yin yang principle that darkness and light directly interact to create balance of force. Take the speed of light. Everyone talks and theorizes about the speed of light. If light travels at speeds we can measure then something has to be containing light particles .. and that something is dark-light.

In the physical material Universe light has a generally defined speed because of the unseen medium that light is interacting with. It is a similar concept to water. In the Ocean water contains and defines speed of travel within that medium. Light is travelling WITHIN SOMETHING that defines and contains its nature and speed [distribution].

This is also why light measurements can deviate from the accepted human measurements of the speed of light. The deviations [fluctuations] are related to dark-energy containment / relationship. Deviations show there are holes in the theory of the speed of light. There are probably holes in space-time.

In the same way material objects cast shadows .. observing light can reveal to some extent the hidden or unseen medium [dark-light] that is influencing the light. To discover there is a much stronger force affecting light is like discovering the Earth is a sphere [not flat].

Next comes the existence of flat space...
THAT is going to be fun .. flat space dimensions!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Earthquakes Without Borders

Changes In Land and Sea Strabo cited Democles "who recalls certain great earthquakes some of which long ago took place about Lydia and Ionia as far north as the Troad, and by their action not only were villages swallowed up, but Mount Sipylus was shattered—in the reign of Tantalus. And lakes arose from swamps, and a tidal wave submerged the Troad."

Planetary Disaster Without Borders Planning
I try to give a detailed assessment in the way I was taught to view things and see .. but this is not easy to do in such a short time. The difficulty is that to be accurate you have to allow the brain space [no-time] to gather effects of the two waves. Events that change the world [physical and energy] have two simultaneous forms: Explosion / implosion.

It is also like an earthquake or tsunami and deformation satellites may see signs of this on the maps. A wave of energy goes out [explodes] as a wave of energy comes in [implodes]. It is the action of these two waves crossing that causes the devastation. People only see the physical material devastation. There is also a more massive energy wave devastation [deformation].

Shortly before the massive April 25 Nepal earthquake 50 earthquake scientists from around the world arrived in Kathmandu to help advise the Nepalese how to better prepare for an inevitable large earthquake hitting the area.
Earthquakes Without Frontiers brings together a group of earth scientists with long track records in: Integrated earthquake science, social scientists who have extensive experience in exploring the vulnerability and resilience of communities in disaster-prone regions, experienced practitioners in the communication of scientific knowledge including policy makers. ewf.nerc.ac.uk

A sheet briefly describing Earthquakes without Frontiers may be downloaded in Chinese, English, Hindi, Nepali and Russian.
Be aware that even the 'experts' were caught off guard! No one could predict when where or how the next major earthquake would hit this highly active tectonic region of the Himalayas. I am using my skill to give some kind of long term map of what humans now face in the future.

To understand the future you have to understand the past. Earth Sciences are attempting to understand the geological past [tectonic signatures]. With a catastrophic loss of energy [electrical technology] we will all be cast back into a dark age of the past. Even without this potential danger you are going to have to teach people no matter what. Teach people rather than teach machines.

Fall of Ancient Troy and Greece
I will be brief... The lost city of Troy was re-built many times and the last and final destruction of Troy was not war but catastrophe. The people of Troy disappeared and the city was not rebuild because of some unknown massive natural devastation of the area. Velikovsky: The Dark Age of Greece

Ancient Greece was very powerful [a power that rapidly declined] .. due to a number of factors. The success of Greece depended on its trading relations with other distant advanced and powerful civilizations. The power of ancient Greece before its gradual decline was due to the fact that there was much more landmass.

Where is the lost Greek landmass? Under the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Very quickly I am putting the two together without any explanation: Two things happened simultaneously that created perhaps 300 to 500 years of a 'Dark Age' and brought about the gradual decline of powerful ancient Greece. I also suggest that these two related events [really one event] led to the creation of Rome and the Roman Empire.

Greece declined as a result of a NUMBER of truly catastrophic events [natural] that were probably related but that took place over an inter-related time period of 100 to 300 years [??] .. totally destroying the powerful civilizations trading with Greece [loss of income] and creating a chain of tiny Islands in the Aegean Sea. Greece and Turkey were certainly part of one above sea landmass before experiencing a series of natural disasters.

Most probably refugees or migrants from these disasters colonized the area now known as Italy and founded Rome. The reason they were able to dislocate the inhabiting populations of that landmass is because they were military soldiers. There were no women and for this reason you have the historical documentation of Romans stealing women from local tribes.

How does this fit into the 2015 Nepal Earthquake disaster?

I think we are living at the beginning of a new disaster cycle and that we can either walk into it blindly or we can organize on a PLANETARY level. We Earth humans inhabit a highly unstable Planet. This Planet has regular natural devastation destruction cycles.

Some devastation cycles repeat over thousands of years and can last 200 to 300 years when they become active. I am suggesting that this 200 to 300 year unstable Earth period is what makes it very difficult for human societies to hold together and rebuild. Related to Nepal .. people are going to rebuild and 100 years later [if not sooner] another massive earthquake will hit the same area.

Let us take the worst possible scenario: A potential series of devastating Earthquakes not 100 years apart but close enough together to cause long term unsustainable damage to life and to the community happen in the future. Is it going to do any harm to plan for this potential threat?

Everyone is reacting without thinking: Rebuild .. rebuild .. rebuild. Rebuild what? The old structures in the same way that were so easily destroyed in the April 2015 Nepal earthquake(s)? They say 'afterquakes' but really they are all a continuing series of earthquakes.

If these earthquakes were like the quiet tectonic Earth period of the last 2000 years we could simply provide help and relief and rebuild the basic structures humans need to survive. In the future communities need much more than finances and resources to rebuild.

Vulnerable communities need: Disasters Without Borders Planning.

If we are in a similar period to the one that devastated the Old World and Ancient Greece? Then at some point the Black Sea is going to join with the Aegean Sea [Mediterranean] potentially covering a few Islands in the process. Why would that happen? Because of changes in gravity-fields altering water to land ratios.

Think of water as being like a balloon. The water to land ratios change due to alterations of the surface tension [of the balloon]. In a similar way landmass can re-appear above sea level because of a change in gravity-field ratios. In a way water is king on this Planet. It would make more sense to live under water than to live on land.

When you fill a balloon with water and you squish one point on the surface of the balloon .. that point displaces all the other points on the surface of the balloon. Draw lines on the balloon and imagine lots of little dents around the surface affecting each other. Change those dents and you displace other associated areas on the surface. That is why the Black Sea will one day join to become a significant part of the Aegean sea.

When the Black Sea floods the Aegean Sea it will influence the whole Mediterranean basin changing sea levels and flooding all surrounding coastlines. This is why I am saying we have to create a Planetary [Without Borders] Structural Plan. The reasons for this are very LOGICAL!

At this point in time all you people think you are NATIONS. Each Nation [especially when it is powerful] believes that it can survive catastrophes hitting other parts of the World. I already made my point earlier in relation to ancient Greece. That is the reason why no one Nation can survive alone.

The challenge is how to transition from an INTERNATIONAL to PLANETARY society?

Myself and my generation are going to eventually incarnate back into that future world and I do not want to come back to a totally messed up Planet. Nature can organize itself perfectly without the help of humans .. but the humans on Earth have to co-operate and build rather than destroy. It's obvious!

It is similar to Gene Roddenberry's vision in Star Trek of a: Planetary Federation who are part of a Federation of Planets. First we have to integrate ourselves on the surface of the Earth to become a Planetary Federation rather than International Federation.

Natural Disaster is a greater danger to mankind that Nuclear War!

We all stand at a crossroads where our actions create 'The Future'. I was returning home in the rain quietly looking or seeing how the past effects the future. The iconic tower re-built after the last devastating earthquake in Kathmandu was destroyed again in the devastating 2015 earthquake killing people.

I will explain how the present can (will) effect the future. Maybe 100 years from now (if not sooner) there will be another devastating earthquake in that same region of the Himalayas. If they re-build the tower it is going to fall down again.

If you cannot build or do not have the resources to build a tower that can withstand Mag8.0+ earthquakes .. just don't build a tower. At some point humans have to develop some kind of shared intelligence! We humans are part of Nature and we are effected by Nature. We also have the intelligence and ability to work within the HARMONICS of Nature!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Power of Darkness: Configuring Dark Light

There is no way to avoid using the word darkness. Those people who religiously do not like this should not be reading my Blog. Darkness was split from the light over 2,000 years of ignorance and stupidity. There is light in darkness just as there is darkness in light. Whatever force began making humans afraid of the darkness basically castrated society in terms of power [energy] and development.

Everyone gets really excited seeing or filming lights in the sky [mainly paranormal] called 'UFOs'. I have seen more dark UFOs crossing the night skies than I have seen light ones. It is a really good way to hide because no one is going to see you!

Nikola Tesla brought electrical light into the world [electrical current] and in his lifetime came the hydrogen / atomic bomb. Even today everyone gets really excited about nuclear energy. No one realizes that this is the most primitive power source a human can build or use.

The heavily male excessive yang society gets totally excited about the power of light .. atomic light .. lasers .. turning night into day. They do not realize [obviously] that they can extract power [energy] from darkness. That is also because no one really understands darkness. If you cannot see it you are not going to understand it!

In the future they extract [absorb] energy from darkness more efficiently than extracting energy from light [Sun]. In the future people understand that the leaves of trees extract [absorb] energy from darkness .. and they do this very efficiently.

Dark-energy is dark-light. No one understands that dark-light exists. There is a lot of fear associated with the darkness. If you study human history those of 'the light' have created more death and destruction on this Planet than any other culture.

The human eye can be damaged or irritated by excessive light [snow blindness] but is not damaged by excessive darkness. When doctors want damaged eyes to heal they put a patch over the eyes to keep out the light.

In similar ways excessive light [heat] can burn out motors .. power generators .. conductors .. solar panels and electrical circuits. No one is taught that our excessive use of and obsession with the power of light leaves us very vulnerable to THAT LIGHT. The same light source energy that we use is also a danger to us!

The reason light becomes a danger [Solar Flares] is because we do not configure the cooling and balancing power of 'darkness' into our research / understanding and applications. We currently [pun] have no space for darkness in the way we configure the technical electrical world we rely on.

Essentially .. we rely on an OUT OF BALANCE system!

If I was a real bitch I would say that Einstein's equation(s) leave out darkness and are painfully incomplete. The statement: NOTHING is faster than light? Apart from the fact that light is relative .. darkness is faster than light. He was calling dark-light 'nothing' and telling you it is faster than light.

At the end of the day the physical Universe including ENERGY is configured to yin yang principles. In that respect darkness and light interact and orbit each other. Only stupid humans would even attempt to measure that. When societies in the future can travel instantly .. this has nothing to do with the speed of light!

What I really want to talk about is configuring dark-light.

First you have to understand that dark-light exists. Then you have to understand the rotational relationships [interaction] between solar light and darkness. It is possible to observe dark fields by observing the behaviour of light. The only thing holding us back technologically is that we do not know what to look for and we do not yet understand HOW to observe.

In a similar way to physical 3D material reality darkness casts its shadow onto or through light. If one is really smart it is possible to detect and to some extent observe dark-light [dark-energy] through the effects this force has on LIGHT!

To configure dark-light?

The configuration could possibly be done through light and observing [understanding] light. That would ultimately lead to humans discovering the ability to detect dark-light at its source. It can be seen .. but not with the technology we have today. The primitive electrical current we use today does show abnormalities one could attribute to the shadow [action] of dark-light [darkness] .. dark-energy.

Understanding this abnormality field brings you into the area we are most afraid of: The paranormal. In a way the paranormal does not exist. It is simply another converging electrical field interaction [science]. Really we humans are most afraid of ourselves. That other invisible dynamic field is sort of like a mirror. One has to face whatever appears in the mirror at any point in space-time.

The space-time distortions are inside us. People keep repeating the same problems or attachments in each incarnation over and over again. We become stuck in our own attachments. Life becomes a secondary issue to our self-obsession and attachments to ourselves. Dark-light is the obsidian mirror to the soul.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thangka Buddha - Secrets of The Sun

Physical matter absorbs light. Is designed to absorb light & darkness.

Buddha Thangka Secrets
After the Thangka experience this drawing was designed in my mind. I will explain this in detail as part of the experience.

In my March 27 post: When Shadows Touch The Sky I began to explain how scientific theories about light are wrong. In terms of understanding light and how light interacts with matter we are living on a flat Earth.

March Solstice Solar Eclipse changed how I observe and understand light. Hidden in the darkness are the secrets of light! Straight away I wanted to go further into this .. but something said to me: You do not yet understand the next stage. I thought: That is cool! I do not understand the next stage! I get 'impatient' .. like .. just give it to me #_# guys !!

They just gave it to me!

For this hands-on experiment you will need a... Traditional Tibetan Thangka. The reason is The ART. In the drawing you see the Sun rising in the East onto an East facing window with a Tibetan Thangka hanging on the South facing wall. It may not matter where the Thangka is hanging .. you are probably going to experience it no matter what.

The next part of my drawing you see reality [light] merging through the wall as though the wall does not exist. Essentially you are seeing through the wall. That is because it is all ONE. Key aspect is light and darkness absorb into matter. You can observe darkness interacting with matter.

The next thing you need for this experiment [experience] is a sunrise!

The experience came to me on a bright cloudless day. I have not tested how that is on a cloudy day or rain? The experience is always interactive no matter what the conditions of Earth-light.

I have different Tibetan art on the wall beside my bed. Since the March Spring Equinox Eclipse I SEE differently. Not only with the eyes .. but with the mind. Even at night in darkness I will stare at the Tibetan art on the wall beside me [middle-distance seeing].

When you stare you do not focus on detail. You use non-focused middle-distance awareness. The experience answered a question I have had for years staring at these Tibetan art forms. WHAT does it all MEAN?

You have to look with the eyes of an artist .. at colour and form .. detail .. but not only detail because there is form in colour hidden in the detail. As the Sun rises the art can have almost a holographic effect [which it was designed to do]. I think you do need a sunrise or sunset to truly experience this phenomenon.

I cannot explain this .. you have to see it for yourselves. What I can explain is that the Tibetans totally understood light and darkness. The two are one and the same phenomenon. When you see bright light during the daytime there is also hidden darkness containing the light and giving it form. The darkness is right in front of you hidden in plain sight .. or hidden in plain light!

I see best of all when I am lying down. There are ancient statues of Buddha lying on his side. There is a reason for those statues... It is all designed to teach and to show you the codes [the inner codes]. The Buddha at the center of the Thangka comes alive last of all. To see this you have to watch [gaze] the whole sunrise.

Rather than write the teachings in words .. the Tibetan paintings [also on cave walls] were designed to SHOW rather than EXPLAIN. Every part of the Buddhist [Tibetan] designs are a highly complex language that interacts with consciousness and the brain. You have to see it to understand it!

I have never experienced anything like this [in this life] .. the deep sense of emotion as the sunrise [light] interacted with all aspects of this pictorial coded language. It is all in the colours and it does not make any sense to the rational brain. It is a brilliantly designed teaching form where you switch off the rational mind and listen [observe] with only non-rational mind to receive 'the teachings'.

The whole point is there is no linear logical rational meaning encoded into the art [design] and colours. The art is designed to trigger the meaning inside YOU. Each student understands themselves at their own levels at any point in space-time. This is where time travel comes into the picture.

A future or a past you may absorb the inner meaning more rapidly than you in this life. The whole picture across space-time is you ... and so in terms of time-travel you are always experiencing yourself using the Universal codes that is part of the whole picture = the whole picture of yourself.

Perhaps most important of all is that light enters matter and matter absorbs light. Darkness enters matter and matter absorbs darkness. The mathematical theories we use today are simply a limited self-created analysis of one tiny part of the whole picture. It works because it is based on an analysis of one part of the structure of reality.

Using mathematics you could prove the Earth is flat and in a sense the Earth is flat. You can also prove mathematically that the Earth is round. You can also prove mathematically that the Earth structure is a dodecahedron. You can also prove mathematically that time portals exist.

You can prove mathematically that light bounces off matter. You can also prove mathematically that matter absorbs light. Physical matter is designed like a sponge full of space and holes. The physical human body is not as dense as you may think it is. Neither is the mind as dense as you may think it is.

Ancient Tibetan and Buddhist art is a conscious spiritual interactive technology.

The art does not awaken the mind. The mind awakens itself. This is what it was designed to do. The inner understanding is left to the experiencer. It was so well designed that it seamlessly interacts with the mind no matter what the time-zone incarnation level is. A humanoid species from Mars could arrive here and see these paintings and totally understand what they are seeing or experiencing.

The only reason humans cannot [today] communicate on those levels is because the limited rational mind REFUSES to do so. The linear rational logical mind refuses to allow any kind of inter-species communication outside of thought. Communicate with life? No! Communicate with the Planet? No! Communicate with light? No!

The speed of light is relative !!