Friday, July 29, 2011

Seismic Swarms Under South Canary Island Volcano

In the last week 720 earthquakes have been registered on the South Canary Island volcano known as El Hierro. Irish Weather have a very good update on these seismic swarms and the history of this small volcanic Island.

The Southernmost Island in the Canary Islands chain formed from a series of eruptions .. and in terms of the Earth's geological history is still actively forming. It has been 200 years since the last eruption on El Hierro, which is covered in hundreds of volcanoes. The Canary Islands formed from the summits of an undersea volcanic mountain range that is still active today.

In 2009 researchers explored the underwater Casablanca Seamount, lying at the eastern edge of a long chain of undersea volcanoes that formed the Canary Islands and thought to be extinct. The scientists found evidence of fresh lava flow, the area was teeming with life. Although these areas have experienced a quiet period in tectonic activity - the problem with volcanoes is that they have a much longer activity time scale.

Volcanoes have activity cycles that span hundreds of years and some volcanoes have activity cycles that span thousands of years. In my opinion, the Earth itself has its own volcanic activity cycle that can trigger many eruptions worldwide within a key period of activity .. I think we are experiencing this greater cycle now. The movement of the plates may unfold as a hundred years of tectonic change - which is nothing in terms of the Earth's time cycle.

The other part of this is something neither science nor religion address. Religion states that: God created the Earth (past tense) .. and science ignore the other state entirely. The other state is that the Earth is in a permanent state of transformation (creation) .. not in the distant past .. but it is endlessly so. The beauty of this is not that life WAS created; but that life is endlessly BEING created. It doesn't stop. It is an ongoing process.

Islands of Fire
Not all volcanoes form where tectonic plates meet.

Don Anderson, "Volcanic Bombs"... Over the past decade, his work at the California Institute of Technology has made him famous for his belief that mantle plumes simply don't exist. Forget fountains from the centre of the Earth, he says: volcano chains are due to cracks or rents in tectonic plates. After all, plates stretching 10,000 kilometres are unlikely to remain perfectly unbroken. Break the skin and it seems reasonable that molten rock would flood up to fill the gap. Bingo, you've got a volcano - without a mantle plume.

Life Is Not An Accident
The Sun, the Earth [the entire Galaxy] together maintain the conditions for life here on this Planet. Humans live on the Earth, orbiting the Sun - which orbits the Galactic Center. The Earth maintains temperature, oxygen levels, moisture levels, precipitation etc. In my view, a big part of the Earth's life supporting climate system relies on volcanoes. Modern science have totally underestimated the regeneration effects of volcanic ash, gasses, water vapor and unseen elements in maintaining life on Earth.

We are currently seeing a gradual increase in volcanic activity around the globe. I don't think current volcanic science can account for that nor even take it into consideration. Science has become monocular, rather than observing the larger picture behind the small event. The changes that devastated the ancient world were not isolated incidents. There were earthquakes, tsunamis and catastrophic eruptions that affected every civilisation at that time.

It is not only the Earth. We can look out and see shared signs of change in the Sun, in Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The effects sweep through the whole Solar System, as though we are one organism - as though we are all part of one body.

I imagine that this effects the whole Galaxy. The Native Peoples called it a "purification". I see it as a living intelligent 'operating system', from which humans based their science of computers. I don't think we are coming up with anything new. We are copying nature .. which means someone knows about the background force.

Our ancestors based their sciences on this force. One can see evidence of this in the alignments of megalithic structures, in pyramids, in ancient temples above and below ground and in the design of ancient cities .. most of which now lie hidden under the sea. They were not worshiping 'gods', they used ART as a science. Look around you - at nature - it is what the Earth does .. which is to use Art as a science.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Future Design: End of Power Grids

Future Design - Volcanoes: Design Tectonics, are going to revolutionize our world. In the next few years scientists are going to find new compounds and new organisms issuing forth from volcanoes around the world. So, pay attention! Our future is being created from the Dragon Volcano's Breath!

Future Design: End of Power Grids - in a way is also due to the changes these ongoing volcanic eruptions will bring to the Earth and to humans living on the Earth. Volcanoes don't just spew ash, water vapor and lava .. volcanoes emit forces we don't even know exist.

Some words that come to mind are: magnetic ash, vapor magnetic eruption, local magnetic field eruption, volcanic radiation (it's an energy / source), volcanic electricity .. and there is a lot of activity we don't yet have words for. For example, science will discover that the biggest part of an eruption is an unseen energy that radiates across the land and fills the atmosphere. This radiation can alter or effect the winds circling the Earth.

We are seeing that now, as a significant number of serious eruptions have taken place in a short time span from Eyjafjallajökul in March, 2010 until the current eruptions of Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Iceland has a larger role to play in the long term mixture of gasses, water vapor, particles and electro-ionic ash emissions high into the Earth's atmosphere. The reason all this will lead to the end of the Power Grids is not due to the eruptions alone; but the effects they have on the weather and the climate.

Take some of the big European producer economies. They could only sustain themselves from monolithic central grids, because the climate was mild, there was an extended historic fall in major eruptions (world's volcanoes), and there has been no real weather disruption or Solar flares to worry about in our modern electronic world. The problem now is that volcanoes do not only affect the Earth; but they cause an interchange in the magnetic relationship between the Earth and the Sun, as well as alterations in magnetic density between the Earth's outer atmosphere and what we call 'space'.

It is rather simplistic; but 'space' is everything outside the Earth's biosphere.

Central power grid's supply masses of energy over long distances. They are not 'eco-friendly' - as they are not so efficient - and they are very vulnerable to power disruptions. That is what we are headed for: multi levels of power disruptions over long periods of time. Either people will realise now that it has to change or people will adapt and create new local systems as the power surge goes down and it becomes clearly non-efficient.

In the future, science will discover plant like materials to create 'solar nets'. This will be a fine mesh material that captures energy and that can easily be placed on the roof or fitted to outer walls, used like a mosquito net and can even be added to sailing vessels or community areas floating on water. The 'solar mesh' will capture energy during the day and at night. You may wonder how they capture energy at night; but that happens when people begin to realise that the night (after the Sun goes down) is packed full of energy.

The Earth stores energy on the night side.

These solar nets will capture energy at night in a much more efficient way than during the day. They just soak it up. You can imagine what this will mean for impoverished rural communities all over the planet. What this will mean for Africa and Nepal etc. This future discovery is going to revolutionize their lives. Volcanoes are going to make all of that happen.

So much new science is going to come out of volcanoes - you have no idea! They are the great alchemists of this planet. Volcanoes bring us life. They hold secrets that we have no idea exist. The most surprising secret of all is that sustained eruptions of volcanic materials and energy affects the human mind. Eruptions do not only bring life to the planet; but they affect biological man, his brain and his mind. That is very important to understand.

Modern man began to look OUTSIDE at the world seeing himself separate from the OUTER environment he was studying. Future man will understand that he is PART of the environment - not only in consciousness; but biologically. The volcano particles become part of us. They enliven the biological animal changing his/her structure magnetically as well as chemically. Humans will begin to understand that information from these particles also comes into our bodies and into our minds.

You brain - including the major organs and glands - is continually carrying out chemical analysis of your environment. It analyses and responds to pollution, toxins, ions, yeasts, fungi spores, oxygen levels, moisture levels and micro-nutrients. Heavy metal toxins can damage the tissues - but living organic micro-nutrients in the air can nourish the tissues. Depending on the levels of moisture or dryness in the air the brain alters the breathing capacity right inside the lungs. When you are healthy you don't even notice the change.

So, all our brains have been analysing the changes in air chemistry since the first major volcanic eruption and some of that is being built into the inner structure of the cells and into the tissues, also into the tissues of the brain. Really, this is where all our 'discoveries' come from across the ages of man. The brain - acting on its own in-built intelligence - analyses the environment and sends the information to our consciousness. The brain tells us what we need to know and we respond to that information with 'science'.

From 2013 we are going to see a massive shift to local energy sources - and by local I mean at house level. There are too many factors weighing down on the way we do things today. Monolithic central power grinds are no longer sustainable. When the disruptions begin to hit industry, as in Japan, then it would be self-destructive to try and hold together a paper house in a hurricane.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Iceland To The Mediterranean

Almost running through the middle of Iceland is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the divide between the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Iceland's Hekla and Katla volcanoes stand on either side of the ridge in the Southern part of Iceland.

Hekla began showing signs of unrest around June 5, 2011 - as sensors began to pick up unusual movements in the Earth's crust. Mount Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes, usually erupting every ten years. However, Hekla has been quiet for the past eleven years in terms of active eruptions - the last eruption took place in February, 2000. Moving South-East to Katla, one of the largest volcanoes on Iceland, a big melt sent floodwaters cascading across the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, with floodwaters making their way to the sea destroying two bridges on the way down.

There is a very nice video by on Irish Weather showing the changes in the glacier and the extent of the flooding. The flooding took place on July 9, 2011 following the slight tremors at Hekla days earlier.

I personally, think that the July 9 eruption at Etna is related to what was happening on Iceland. The reason is the upward movement of the African Plate. I don't see it as the African Plate simply moving upward; but that the plate is twisting - almost rotating - as this movement triggers changes all the way from Iceland to Southern Italy and the Mediterranean. In a way Iceland is still in a primordial state as the glaciers continue to form the landscape and perhaps so is the Mediterranean.

Earthquake Report: Etna Erupts 9/7/2011

The ongoing plate boundary activities not only show signs of tectonic stress release; but there is also the process of changing landscapes, tectonic design, rifts forming, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes and tsunamis. All this is part of Europa's ancient past: A volcano avalanche in Sicily 8,000 years ago triggered a devastating tsunami taller than a 10-story building that spread across the entire Mediterranean Sea, slamming into the shores of three continents in only a few hours. Ancient Tsunami Devastated The Mediterranean

Although this was a truly spectacular event of its time, smaller eruptions and avalanches occur on Mount Etna until today.

A devastating tsunami every century in the Mediterranean
Tsunamis can occur in European waters due to earthquakes caused by the African Plate drifting northwards underneath the Eurasian Plate.

Ten percent of all tsunamis worldwide occur in the Mediterranean. On average, one disastrous tsunami takes place in the Mediterranean region every century. Geological research and historical records report of many powerful tsunamis that have taken the lives of thousands over the ages. Greece and southern Italy are mostly affected. Tsunami Alert System

In our time the beautiful Mediterranean appears stable and peaceful .. it is a seismic active region .. but no one has seen the kind of devastation experienced in 1628 BC at the end of the Minoan Civilisation and later in 365 AD when 50,000 people lost their lives in Alexandria. In today's world we imagine that the past 2,000 years of tectonic stability is normal and usual for the Earth ...

Iceland & The Mediterranean
Okay, Iceland is way up in the North Atlantic, an Island of "Ice and Fire" .. covered in glaciers with active volcanoes and in my view still forming in an almost primordial state. The landmass emerges from the backbone of the "Mid-Atlantic Ridge". Sicily and Mount Etna live down South in the Mediterranean, where temperatures can rise - on average - to 35°C [95°F]. Iceland and Sicily do not seem to have a lot in common; but historically they may be related.

People today do not seriously consider that we live on a dynamic changing Planet, on which landmass upheavals are common. Two thousand years may seem a lot to humans who live up to 80/90 cycles around the Sun - but two thousand years is less than a nano-second to the Earth. In my mind the events, in 1628 BC that ended the Minoan Civilisation and devastated the Mediterranean coast, were part of a much bigger picture of events that probably stretch all the way to Iceland.

Irish Tree Rings and an Event in 1628 BC
In prehistoric times, oaks growing on the surface of Irish raised bogs were recording rare extreme events.

These extreme events are characterized by the simultaneous occurrence of the narrowest rings in the lifetime of trees throughout a wide geographical spread of sites.

Significantly the dates of these extreme 'narrowest ring' events coincide with the estimated dates for major volcanic eruptions as recorded in the Greenland ice-cap. One of these events occurs in the decade of the 1620s BC and coincides very precisely with a previously suggested volcanic event at 1626 BC (now 1627 BC) put forward by LaMarche.

One is led to the inevitable conclusion that some major hemispheric event took place in the decade of the 1620s BC, and a strong circumstantial case can be constructed that the event was volcanic in origin. Since the dating is based on precisely dated tree rings no further refinement of the date of the event - probably 1628 BC - is required. Thera Foundation

I do not think that everything unfolded in 1628 BC .. but that generally there was an age of upheaval affecting probably the entire world. However, at the same time unusual catastrophic changed affected much of Europe, altering Scandinavia and reaching all the way to Iceland. Although some researchers point to a possible asteroid impact, already we are seeing increasing tectonic upheaval worldwide with no asteroid impact. If anything, it is more likely effects from the Sun and the orbits of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the Moon.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Great Changes To The Human Mind

Naturally - the current 3D obsessed human being focuses on 3D physical survival .. which is a primary mistake as the human (and animal) 3D forms are a tiny drop in the ocean of the human soul and of the spirit. Some of my best friends are trees .. others are volcanoes .. others are clouds .. then there is the wind .. then there is the rain .. rivers bring water and the oceans are rich in fish...

"Great Changes To The Human Mind", will be much greater than changes to the 3D world (on which we depend physically).

All humankind, on all continents, are entering a thousand year revolution, in which the SOUL will imbue the SPIRIT with energy and light .. but do not be afraid of the 'shadows' because darkness is the container in which the light shines brightest of all .. all duality is born of the light and the dark .. neither is good and neither is bad .. yin and yang are one.

First there is an incredible change happening in the heavens above our heads .. but what are the heavens? Well, we are the heavens!! We are born from the heavens and we passage the heavens when we leave the Earth. We come and go .. and this process has taken place for many millions of years.

For those of you who have the sensitivity to look deeply at the sky .. pay attention to the light .. watch the depth of colour .. you will see the changes ahead.

Ordinary science and ordinary 3D thought sees only what it invents - interprets - measures in its own terms .. but there is a much greater change (challenge) approaching, that will totally dwarf all thought, all measurement and all interpretation. We may inhabit 3D bodies; but we are SPIRIT walking on Earth representing the SOUL.

The greatest challenge that lies ahead for human beings is the "Great Change To The Mind". Of course, the mind is beyond all limitations of human thought .. but the human being has to be able to be one with the mind - without methods or techniques and without fear.

It is not about volcanoes, it is not about continental shift, it is not about 3D transformation of the physical environment (all of which will take place) .. it is about the integral structure of the human mind and the relationship to universal mind. It is not even a question of extra-terrestrials and other world Galactic Federations .. because the beginning and the end lie within our consciousness.

Each human consciousness is a universe in itself. Soon, scientists will begin to rediscover ALCHEMY and its true meaning.

The whole universe is inside us and we are inside the universe.

Realising this will create a much greater change on Earth than any physical 3D upheaval or physical transformation. Such a transformed mind can easily deal with the radiation contamination spreading from Fukushima. We cannot currently deal with the man-made radioactive contamination, because we are fragmented, partial and at odds with our planetary environment.

Extraordinary change is coming to our world. The tectonic shift lies within.
This is a change of consciousness, a change of the workings of the mind.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Design Tectonics: Extraordinary Beauty of Colour

The past few days have been extraordinary day in terms of brilliant colour and depth of light...

I am watching the almost magical volcanic rejuvenation of fluffy clouds in the skies above. Clouds that are once more vibrant and alive - whose colours range from white to dark grey - with shades of burgundy red, yellow ochre, orange and various shades of brown. Over the last five years cloud cover (when it happened) was mainly of a pathetic flat, dense, gas like chemtrail variety. More like particle layers of aerosol than of dynamic living natural clouds.

In the 60s and early 70s the skies were filled with bright dynamic colour, fluffy clouds, high levels of rainfall (in Europe) and cooler temperatures in Spring and in Summer. Because I am a cloud watcher I always paid attention to the varieties of cloud cover and their affects on climate and on the weather.

Mainly in the 90's blue skies began to look a dull pale lifeless blue-grey as the beautiful dense clouds (and the valuable rain) dwindled almost to 'extinction'. The skies were not as blue as they had been and the clouds were scattered - or absent .. to be replaced with days of long white chemtrails and seemingly endless battles between man and nature. Ozone levels rose and Northern Europe began to see Summer temperatures more common to Southern Greece.

As I watch the skies change - since the increase in volcanic activity around the world and the increase in the duration of eruptions - I see an 'Alchemy of The Skies' taking form above us. Nature is the artist and the heavens are the living canvas upon which Nature paints its magical living work of art.

Today, the skies were filled with giant fluffy white and grey cumulus clouds of every shape and size .. bright with light and alive with colour, the natural clouds had returned. However, even more spectacular is the brilliant colour of the sky behind the giant floating clouds. It was not just the colour 'blue' - but the atmosphere was alive and filled (overflowing) with an intense light.

By mid-afternoon the sky was alive with so many densities of blue, indigo, light-blue, purple-blue, violet, ultramarine, ocean-blue .. it was truly amazing. This was not only the colour of the sky .. there was a depth of light shining through and out of these colours. This 'artists' depth of light returned after the recent series of volcanic eruptions since Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull in March, 2010...

Since the re-awakening of Eyjafjallajokull I have observed stunning climate and weather changes as the various living alchemy of the volcanoes slowly spread and mix across all layers of our atmosphere. From the upper to the lower atmosphere, volcanic emissions seen and unseen affect our world. I think current human knowledge is aware of (can measure) ten percent of the true volcanic emissions from eruptions.

The steam, dense and fine water vapour, gasses, aerosols and ash particles visible to man - billowing out of volcanic eruptions - are simply the shadow we see being forced out of the vents by a more powerful invisible force. A more powerful, life enriching force, issues forth during volcanic eruptions. Wilhelm Reich called the rich blue life giving force 'Orgone Radiance'. I think that life forces we do not know exist pour out from volcanoes during an eruption that feed and nourish the Earth in complex ways.

Even more mysterious volcanic forces bolster the Earth's atmosphere. We may not be aware of it, nor notice the difference, because the process is slow and involves the work of many chemically different volcanoes over many years - and then it takes a long long time for those alchemical forces to significantly alter the Earth's atmosphere. Planet Earth re-forms life giving matter over hundreds of years.

If you look up now you will see the changes taking place above you.
Changes that will effect future generations for a long time ahead...