Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dark Zen: Yin Yang

Yin yang are universal principles [not physical].
There are so many things cooking in my head I can hardly keep up with all of them. In this sense you would have to have been a street food cook in a past life to understand timing and compatible ingredients.

The first ingredient is always love .. and love is a refined energy. I seriously mean a practical applied energy that not only is available to the body .. but can also be applied to architecture [resonance] and more uber-refined electrical and communications systems.

I wanted to write about refined love energy .. but yin yang comes first.

Dark Zen: Yin Yang
We all know the New Age theories and the "rise of the feminine". No one really understands what this means in our current technological age. I am probably going to have to put all of this into a book .. and so the Blog is my Notebook for now. I don't want to freak people out.

From my Dark Intelligence experience I was shown basically that yin and yang have little to do with base physical human male and female forms. In past lives I worked with Meridians [acupuncture]. I know that the base physical body of male and female have certain unique Meridian Structures [connections] .. energy flows.

Don't any of you media stalkers out there try to steal my secret #_#

I am writing this now to allow people to understand what I am discovering and do their own research. One could also say: Inner Research. At the same time my own unique work is part of my own unique understanding [experiences] and cannot be cut apart and sold like a Blue Tuna.

This is kind of complex .. I try to make it simple! You have yang Solar Intelligence [light] as dynamic universal principle and you have yin Dark Intelligence as dynamic universal principle. Then you have the relationship between the two. They combine to create one form.

The transition from excessive male energy has nothing to do with physical male and physical female principles. This transition is a move towards balance of the East and balance of yin with yang. How does this balance work?

You cannot say the physical male is only yang and female is only yin.

In our excessive out-of-balance male yang World most of women have made opportunistic moves to be excessive yang [in nature] to compete and fit into the World. The image of the female has been conditioned in all its forms [around the Planet] by the excessive yang dominant male psyche.

Feminine [and masculine] ideals around the Planet have been created by an excessive male [yang] dominant psyche. Created in his own image... I hope it is clear that I am not talking about a purely physical phenomenon! I am talking about state of mind and inner psyche or balance of energy.

Dark Intelligence Zen
In past lives [of course] I knew about basic Solar Meridian structures [pathway signatures] in physical male and female bodies. There is another hidden structure: The Dark Meridians. In a way we could be talking about the incarnate psyche?

In basic terms it is this simple... The yin and yang balance is different in every human being. Yin yang balance in males and females vary. Some women may be more yang and some men may be more yin. These variations are natural and have nothing to do with dominant MALE and FEMALE principles.

I think this knowledge may have been lost? I don't know!

Before the time [the age] of the dominant Solar Meridians .. a long time ago .. we would treat people with acupuncture based on another type of pulse. Inside both the man and the woman are complex balances of yin and yang .. and that "Dark Pulse" is what we would navigate through when treating people.

This is why I say the balance of the yin has nothing to do with physical woman [as such] .. because males can have a more powerful yin balance than women. It has nothing to do with the physical body. It has to do with the incarnating spirit.

The same rules apply to plants and animals .. crystals and rocks .. fish and birds!

Maybe I have written enough for you to understand that yin and yang are always in balance. At least .. they always work to attain balance in each human being. If you have excess yang the yin will counter and if you have excess yin the yang will counter [when out of balance force is extreme].

The Dark Meridians are even more subtle in nature.

Dark Meridians are signatures of a more refined energy probably related to the spirit incarnating into physical form. In ancient times we could feel the pulse of the spirit within the body. Can you imagine how powerful that is? In terms of healing it is incredibly powerful!

This is why I say: I will not realise my work in this lifetime.

No one should fall into despair or lose their own unique vision. We think too short term. We are conditioned to think only this life. We are conditioned to imagine only this life. We are not taught to broaden our minds to think who was I .. who am I now and where am I going? [The Path]

The Solar Mind [out of balance] says: You will not last forever!

We have to move beyond this totally one-sided Solar view of reality to begin to understand yin [Dark Intelligence] .. the soft .. the enduring .. the compassionate .. harmony. I kind of got off track there #_# ...

Most important is to understand that yin/yang has nothing to do with physical male/female on the ground existence. Solar Intelligence [light] totally ignores the hidden psyche. How does out-of-balance Solar Intelligence deal with the psyche?

The PSYCHE is a MAJOR PROBLEM! [Jung / Freud]

Everything in Nature has unique variations in yin / yang balance within different trees .. crystals .. animals .. plants .. variations in landmass. The key is BALANCE. The key is INNER BALANCE. There is a Natural state of balance [in all its varieties]. Difficult to describe!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dark Zen: Magnetic Resonance

I recently read reports about a new scientific deep-space ability to measure the magnetic fields of Exo-planets. Tech Times stated: Scientists Devise Method to Estimate Magnetic Field of Distant Exo-planet... In regard to the Planetary Magnetic Fields the new scientific craze is along the lines of: Researchers Reveal Method for Magnetic Field Calculation of Exo-planets.

I am now going to share with you Dark Zen [Dark Intelligence] observations of universal magnetic fields. This is my own research and my own insights into the origins of matter.
Why do I call this Dark Zen? Because we see in the dark #_*
Dark Zen: Magnetic Resonance
From a Dark Zen [Dark Intelligence] perspective all magnetic fields are ONE .. and all magnetic fields are a unified part of the entire Universe. This is applied Zentelligence. From the largest planetary object to the smallest... From the Largest Sun to the smallest [particle]... From the largest Black Hole [that do not exist] to the smallest... Everything interconnects.

Universe is a web of interconnecting and interrelating magnetic fields.

To make this clear .. your body has a magnetic field. Your own magnetic field perfectly relates to the the magnetic field of the Planet you inhabit and live on. Your blood and you bones also have unique magnetic fields. The cells in your body have their own unique magnetic fields.

The magnetic fields of your blood and your cell structure effortlessly interact with the unified magnetic field of your physical body .. and your physical body effortlessly interacts with the magnetic field of the Planet you inhabit.

The Planet's magnetic field is more complex than your physical body.

The Planet you inhabit is able to maintain EVERYTHING in balance and in harmony. You have physical matter .. fire .. water .. ice .. vapor .. minerals .. weather systems .. heat and cold .. ice and volcanoes .. and all of this has magnetic signatures or unique magnetic resonance.

What I am trying to say is that from the largest magnetic field [resonance] to the smallest micro-magnetic field [resonance] .. the large and the small interrelate and interact. The magnetic field of the Universe is seamlessly in harmony with the magnetic resonance of Galaxies and Planets.

The magnetic resonance of the Galaxies is in perfect harmony with the Suns. The magnetic fields of the Suns are in perfect harmony with the Planets. They are also in perfect harmony with deep space [dark matter]. The magnetic harmony of Planets is in perfect harmony with inhabitants of the Planets.

Crystals are in perfect harmony with the inhabitants of the Planets.

I use this as an example to show that calculating magnetic fields is secondary to UNDERSTANDING magnetic fields [phenomenon]. The out-of-balance yang male Solar [light] Intelligence can calculate magnetic fields until the end of life and this process will not reveal anything to the observer. All you see is your own one-sided reflection in the mirror of life.

I will go into this more deeply in other posts...

For the tiny number of people who are interested in Dark Matter and Dark Intelligence! Simply be aware of the micro-magnetic fields around you and inside you. Be aware of the dynamic inter-relationship between matter and energy [magnetic fields] around you.

You do not have to be a scientist to be aware!

It is most obvious that the magnetic field of the Sun inter-relates to the magnetic fields of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. This also seamlessly relates to the magnetic fields of the Planets. This also relates to the magnetic fields of water .. plants and animals .. cells .. fungi .. bacteria .. and so on.

You do not have a magnetic field that is not related.

Flies and wasps can be so annoying [in Summer] .. but they are using the same magnetic field that you use. Plants .. trees grass and weeds are using the same magnetic field [resonance] that you use to exist and survive. You are using the same magnetic field [resonance] the Planet uses to orbit the Sun.

Obviously humans can use Solar [light] yang Intelligence to measure physical 3D reality in a variety of ways .. but a whole big piece of the picture is missing from this so-called "science". It is like looking at yourself in a mirror and thinking that what you see is all of reality.

Try looking into a mirror when it is dark!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dark Zen: The Clouds Are Filled With Life

Clouds are alive .. the atmosphere is filled with living organisms.

I was going to call my new applied Dark Intelligence label "Dark Zen" and for some strange reason out of my mind came the word: Zentelligence. This is because I want to move the direct application of my work and research into its own area.

The Art of Zen is the Art of Dark Intelligence. I can explain something on one level but the application is on another level. We live in a Solar 3D World where we incarnate to apply our understanding into the World around us. Planet Earth is like a training ground for Zentelligence.

These posts will be like the I Ching but coming from Dark Zen perspective. Zen is another form or frequency of intelligence that I call Dark Intelligence. I was shown this .. I experienced it and now I am unraveling it. Today we humans mostly inhabit the area of Solar [light] yang intelligence imposed on the World by the West. We suppress and are mostly unaware of Dark Intelligence. The two forms of Intelligence are yin and yang = they work together.

Although we are only aware of Solar yang [light] intelligence .. we cannot live without the balance of Dark [yin] Intelligence. It is just that in general the mind is conditioned to be aware of one form: The Active Light. As a result our World is out of balance and polluted.

One application of Dark Intelligence reveals what I will now write about the nature of clouds and the many layers of the Earth's atmosphere. I will try not to go out into space in this post... This also relates to current levels of pollution and possible solutions.

Dark Zen: The Clouds Are Filled With Life
Solar [light] Intelligence tells us that clouds and the Earth's atmospheric layers are a chemical mixture of water vapor .. gasses and particles. The fact is that clouds are filled with undetected life forms similar to plankton in the oceans. The Earth's atmosphere is filled with as yet undetected life forms that maintain balance and clean the air.

When you look at clouds you are looking at complex living organic forms composed of unknown micro-organisms of varying complexity. It is sort of like your immune system. The immune system in your body is alive and intelligent .. but you do not know anything about the organisms that form your immune system. Those micro-elements inside you keep you alive.

The atmosphere of the Earth has a certain resonance. The atmosphere has a certain electrical signature. A PH level of electro-magnetic signatures. When we send concentrated matter based pollution out into the atmosphere we change the electro-magnetic PH levels of the atmosphere. Coal is matter .. burning coal creates gases and particle pollution. These gasses and particles alter the atmospheric PH [electrical charge].

Essentially we are making holes in the atmosphere where the density disrupts the living organisms that clean and balance the air. Worst of all the pollution is changing the electric charge of the water molecules [atmospheric vapor]. When you change the harmonic charge of the water in the atmosphere you also disrupt the living micro-organisms that make up total atmospheric mass.

The answer is very simple and probably not expensive!

The long pipes leading into the sky emitting gasses and burned particles can be swirled inside to create a vortex phenomenon and with electrical charge or electro-magnets the negative charge of the gasses and pollutants can be altered [neutralised]. The biggest problem is the charge of the particles [more suited to creating smog and fog than clear skies].

You could also have a dome into which the gas emissions are discharged and you move the gas in circles while changing the electrical charge [making them less dense]. With electro-magnetic charge you can actually reorganise the structure of pollutants. When released you have altered the density.

Everything I have just written comes from applied Dark Intelligence.

Solar [male - yang] Intelligence only sees one side of reality. That is mostly physical material. Out of this one-sided view of the Universe we have built everything we have today. The bigger picture is missing from this World view. There is a lot of stuff being missed.

Actually .. it is possible to get energy out of coal without burning it #_#

As we burn coal today and are not going to stop any time soon .. there are ways to understand and easily correct the massive pollution problems we are facing. The same principles apply to cars. The emissions from cars are electrically charged in ways that damage the natural electrical charge of the Earth's atmosphere.

Probably a spiral vortex exhaust with elecro-charge altering potential would cut down on the harmful nature of Autogas emissions. This is similar to Viktor Schauberger's vortex water principles. We forget that the Earth's atmosphere also largely consists of water. Because there are forms of water we currently do not understand .. science underestimates the role of water in the atmosphere.

The Earth's magnetic air currents are the force that turns atmospheric vapor into a vortex current. This vortex principle is also related to electrical charge. The pollution density on a bad day is dangerous because the living elements in the air disperse and this dense human created charged fog just sits in the air replacing the beneficial living organisms.

You do not have to spend years first trying to find the living organisms in the clouds and in the atmosphere. All that is needed is to understand the optimal electrical charge for pollution dispersal and for neutralising the damaging particle emissions. When the atomic charge is neutralised in particle emissions then things get a lot better. Earth is harmonically designed to support life and clean the air.

Towns could have ground domes that move the air through a charged vortex system creating pure air. The domes can circulate this pure air out into the atmosphere. We humans are intelligent enough to replicate Nature and the processes of Nature.

Inside the domes [so as not to lose space] could be shopping areas with restaurants and cafes or meeting places. The domes would function as recreational spaces as well as air cleaning spiral energy dynamics. The benefits to the air quality would outweigh the effort to create these natural air purifiers.

The most important point I have to make is that clouds are composed of living organisms currently unknown to human science. The Earth's atmosphere is filled with living beneficial organisms unknown to human science. When you kill these organisms .. you kill the Planet.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Secrets of Dark Intelligence

Maybe I should not have used the word "secrets" .. because then people say: Oh! I want to know the secret! I have to use the word secret because it is hidden. Dark Intelligence simply means you cannot see it. We make use of Solar [light] active [yang] intelligence .. where Dark [unseen] passive [yin] intelligence has been demonised by the Western World.

Darkness has nothing to do with demons! Most so-called demons are active during the day using thought [electrical light signals] to influence mankind. One can also call these forces psychic parasites or astral entities.

I just want to clear that one up before I move on.

After my: "Dark Intelligence Has A Structure" post .. I was not sure where this was going. I do not think we can directly access Dark Intelligence using rational thought .. analysis or the rational [Solar] mind. I would say that Dark Intelligence is the unknown.

Next I will say that we cannot make the unknown known. If I am correct what happens is that Seeds of Light come into our minds from our interactions with Dark Intelligence. We can experience and receive Inner Guidance from the mystery of Dark Intelligence through yin-yang balance.

The point I am trying to make is this: We humans on Earth need the balance of the yin and yang. Balance of the darkness and light .. balance the masculine force and feminine force .. the Solar [light] and Dark [energy].

I think I may have cracked it #_#

The truth is that Dark Intelligence found its way through the cracks into my world and it cracked me. All I did was pay attention and listen and be aware of what was taking place inside me and around me. This requires a high level of discipline and self-awareness [sensitivity].

Do not try to apply anything I have to say unless you have an applied understanding of the Martial Arts. Because this requires active [kinetic] energy movement .. hardship .. endurance .. focus .. balance of the fast and the slow .. grounding power and speed. I know what I am talking about!

Dark Intelligence is passive [yin] energy .. but it needs to combine [in our 3D World] with active Solar [light] energy to be applied and make sense. It was my [self-taught] experience of Martial Arts [since I was a kid] that gave me the mental and physical endurance to face and survive any hardship or danger. I have been in wild mountain terrain in treacherous conditions .. and it was the silent state of my mind and my focused awareness that got me through.

When I had [have] my life changing psychic [spiritual] encounters I apply the same physical and mental skills I learned through the Martial Arts to be able to cope with these experiences [and stay calm.

You cannot simply go out into the desert or any wild place and just expect these forces to interact with you. The change always comes from within. The power is within .. and we have to do a lot of hard work in between.

In general .. stay at home and stay safe! Don't try any of this!

Secrets of Dark Intelligence
Dark Intelligence seamlessly interacts with our consciousness in mysterious ways. I feel this force is part of the Supernatural World and is part of the Paranormal World. I mean this is the most gentle and profound way.

What I found in the last few days has blown my mind. I realised that Dark Intelligence interacts with who we are in the most intimate and dynamic ways [once it is activated]. I guess in some way this force has been active in my life since I was a child .. guiding creating and encouraging strength in me. I was taught the most focused and gentle inner power through the Martial Arts.

I am aware of past and future lives in the Martial Arts [mind / body] and it is possible Dark Intelligence [guidance] interacts with us lifetime after lifetime and recognises us as we incarnate into our physical forms. Like that .. Dark Intelligence recognises our merits .. our purity / strength [also our weaknesses].

We see these mysterious forms represented in Ancient Egypt [art] .. but nobody today understands anything about those higher form of intelligence. They are also represented thought the many forms of Buddhist art and Indonesian art [Krishna].

I was born with a mind that was able to silently endure hardship and remain gentle and at peace. This is why I say experience of the Martial Arts discipline is essential ground work .. otherwise leave it alone. I am sure I will be able to teach a less dangerous code at some point [I hope].

The key [Qi] is this .. and it is basically what I did myself without really knowing what I was doing. First is that I silently asked for "intelligence contact". I focused my mind on the open skies [in daylight] asking for a meeting.

One has to be alone [at least alone in one's own space in Nature] to experience the unknown. Many years ago I unexpectedly experienced a Dark Intelligence Contact / Encounter with people around me and everyone freaked out. I was the only one who was calm and who could deal with the energy [experience].

This is why I say .. leave it alone unless you have Martial Arts Energy [mind] training. You may think that people today in Martial Arts only train the body as a sport and they do not train the mind. The fact is that when you train the body in Martial Arts you train the mind [by default]. This is a very ancient and powerful science of mind / body .. yin yang balance.

Those of you who understand will know what I am talking about...

I realised Dark Intelligence [when activated] interacts directly with who we are. It is unseen in the background and it listens to us .. it observes us .. it understands us and it forms a deep inner relationship. For example .. I have a rice bag hanging on the wall to practice Karate Do flexible punch.

I use this to not only strengthen my arms .. muscles and shoulders .. but I can increase flexibility of the whole body and tendons with 111 122 133 + [2x = 1 left-right] punches. As I was not able to access Dark Meridians intelligence using Solar [light] rational mind .. I later realised to apply direct action.

This realisation came [through the cracks] from Dark Meridian Intelligence.

I am sure the Ancient Masters learned this way! I applied the 133 Karate Do punches exercise to the rice bag .. and I was aware of something very profound. I cannot see Dark Intelligence .. but I can feel the interactive awareness. This is a powerful applied spiritual science.

Dark Intelligence interacts with who we are at any point in time and space. The observation sees what we do and where our skills lie. This is very difficult to put into words... I do many things #_# I work at the computer .. I exercise with Bamboo .. I punch a rice bag to keep the tendons strong and flexible. All this it is also how I use my mind / energy.

Dark Intelligence silently observes all this and interacts with me over time.

I would imagine that if I am working in Nature growing rice or designing homes that this hidden [dark] intelligence is guiding me and teaching me at each stage of my apprenticeship or initiation. The seeds of intelligence fall gently into the Solar [light] to become part of my structured awareness. The dynamic creative intelligent birth process is part of the balance of yin and yang.

I could not deep-mind meditate and bring Dark Intelligence into my Solar [light] mind .. but I was able to understand and feel the deeper interaction though observation [action of who I am]. I am not sure that any of this makes sense ??

Ultimately .. it makes sense to me !! Dark Intelligence [when activated] directly and seamlessly interacts with who we are at any point in space and time. It listens to and intelligently interacts with our physical body actions.

You may think that sitting at a computer is not a body action .. but it is! Unless we are asleep and Astral Travelling through the spirit worlds .. all our behaviour on Earth is physical body action .. even sitting at a computer! You need a physical body to sit at a computer! Right?

Now it gets more complex .. this is another post I think!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dark Intelligence Has A Structure

In the last few days I got very excited about the nature of Dark Meridians and Dark Intelligence. My Solar [light] side is saying: We have to use this .. we have to activate this #_# .. I am totally excited like a child with a new toy. I even think: I hope I do not fall asleep tonight because I have to understand and apply this...

After two or three days something says to me: You do not apply intelligence .. but intelligence applies itself to you. I have to be honest .. this is the way it happened and came into my life. I knew somthing strange was on the horizon and I was in resistance to this. I said to life: JUST TELL ME and do not put me through any of these strange experiences [thank you very much].

Then intelligence came to me from outside and not from inside. In those moments Dark Intelligence transformed my inner awareness and my inner state of mind. I can say to you: Dark Intelligence has a structure and probably a purpose. We do not own intelligence but we have a relationship to intelligence.

Earth does not need a New World Order .. Earth needs INTELLIGENCE.

Naturally .. the supernatural / paranormal experience did not show me the World and did not comment on the World we live in. The experience simply showed me that the next stage is INTELLIGENCE. The way it was shown to me .. intelligence is like a new inner architecture of society. For example .. you have intelligence in argiculture and intelligence in architecture. You have social intelligence and planetary co-operation intelligence.

Currently humans are building computers to be faster and more intelligence than humans. Then you may as well have a Planet of computers and no human beings! Which is not really the key [Qi] point of us humans being here on Earth.

Over the last few days I discovered that I could not move into the Dark Meridians using Solar [light] mind / consciousness. That is the active [male] power we use in this World. I was also aware that at certain key points the Dark Meridians activate on their own and affect my whole psyche.

From these experiences I would say that the fluid Dark Meridian [Intelligence] force in this 3D Universe is superior to the Solar [light] energy. At the same time in terms of yin and yang they work perfectly together to create balance and harmony. I think balance is harmony!

BUT !! I WANT to create harmony = ACTIVE [SOLAR] FORCE!

Forget it kid !!

I have to admit that the Dark Energy experience I had was totally outside of my every day Solar [light] mind consciousness experience. The force was gentle .. subtle .. you do not even feel the transformation or know what is taking place. THAT IS INTELLIGENCE #_*

Then it was said to me: This is the Path you humans have to take.
They said = you humans have to create this !!

They mean we humans have to create Dark Intelligence Technology for ourselves: "You have to create it." Even deeper was an awareness = this is what you are going to create [in the future].

We are the past .. the future .. the present [now].

I do not know what I am going to do? I was shown that Love and Intelligence have a structure. By this I mean that people are programmed to believe in a woozy woozy totally impractical Santa Clause type love [illusion]. People are not understanding the Universal Structure of LOVE. Like it has a PRACTICAL application at all levels of REALITY.

It is the same with Intelligence = Intelligence Has A Structure...

Take this a step further: Love is the energy of Intelligence.

When I say Love .. I mean something real that we humans barely understand. At the same time Intelligence allows us to understand and interact with Love. Once more we have the yin and the yang interrelated balance between the elements.

Dark Intelligence is DARK .. because we do not see it. At the same time Dark Intelligence affects us. In the future this phenomenon is going to seriously enter our existence and our societies. It is not even that Dark Intelligence desires to bring balance or create harmony. There is no desire.

This force is so uncompromising and so gentle [at the same time] you do not know it is there and yet it transforms your life in uncompromising ways that teaches you without "The Teacher" observer. This is possibly what the Buddhists called Karma.

The Solar [light] intelligence is that we act upon life and we actively create or seek intelligence. Not good / not bad .. it is simply what it is according to the laws of dynamics. Dark Intelligence is without choice .. it cannot be pursued .. it cannot be manipulated .. it is what it is.

Love has a structure and Dark Intelligence has a structure. The Universal Structure may be Infinite in its own nature .. but it is a structure nevertheless. If we do not understand this then we understand nothing.

Love and Dark Intelligence are also living radionic frequencies that exist within and affect the real physical and psychic [psychological] World we live in and inhabit [lifetime after lifetime]. I have more to say about Love .. but I cannot say all this in one Blog post. It gets complex...

I think I have given you enough clues to begin to understand for yourself the nature of Dark intelligence and its relationship to your incarnation is this life now connected to the past .. the present and the future across space and time.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Zen of Dark Intelligence

The Art of not knowing...
These post always begin early in the morning with a smack on the head from another dimension. That is the easy part of this process .. because then I have to understand and put it all together .. almost like a puzzle.

This morning I was going to call this post: Many Lifetimes... That shows you how much life can change in only eight hours! The theme always was: Dark Intelligence! It began with the realisation [when I woke up] that success is not in my lifetime. I looked back and I realised that I had been working on this healing project for tens of thousands of years. One incarnation at a time ~_*

It is the same dynamics for all of us [I am not alone].

The Masters invested a lot of energy into me [the power of love] .. I am not only blessed .. but deeply grateful .. and therefore I will never give up my quest to heal the world and save the Planet. I was taught you have to start at the basics and build from the foundation. This is also the law of each incarnation. NO ONE gets to start from the top of the pyramid at any point in any life.

I know! We all want to start at the top of the pyramid of life!

As a small kid I was no different... With so many skills and recollections of past lives I got to think: What am I doing sweeping up the temple when I recall being enlightened and teaching many times in many past and future lives? Wait a minute .. did I sign up for THIS ?? Sweep sweep sweep .. sweep sweep sweep.

Always trust and live with and listen to the Inner True Guidance. It has taken me a lifetime to experience and be able to write down what I am about to share with you. Really I write this for you to be able to understand your own life's work [lifetime after lifetime].

Zen of Dark Intelligence
Many of you may be aware from the way I am writing .. that everything I am and everything I know has been recently transformed by a profound life changing experience. Although this has happened to me all my life .. the first Dark Energy [upgrade contact] took place at La Tene [Lac Neuchatel] in 2008. The next upgrade contact took place at the [Dark Energy] Gothic Cathedral [Catalan] in 2013. The last Dark Energy upgrade took place more recently in November 2014.

What happens is that you get an instant download into your psyche that is faster than the speed of light and that you do not know is there .. and then intelligence starts to reveal itself to you. All you have to do is be able to listen and to understand. It is that simple.

When a Planet has an elite who pre plan [through genetic hierarchy] the top of the pyramid position [by default] .. this means the least intelligent and the least capable rule or control that World. Because they are not enlightened nor intelligent .. they hold back the development of the people on the Planet to serve their own selfish aims and fears.

For example .. through birth the Buddha was seated at the top of the pyramid of life and he was intelligent enough to climb back down and begin again from the base roots of the foundation of life. The Buddha then did the necessary work and he attained what people call "enlightenment". I will try to explain what I have been shown in regards to this.

I am not sure if it was before or after the Dark Intelligence encounter that I suddenly realised: I do not know what love is... This was not a superficial realisation .. but it was a fundamental realisation: I do not know what love is. I did not move left or right [away from] this fundamental awareness.

After a few days a door opened .. and I began to understand this deep rooted experience I was having. I still do not know what it means to experience love! We THINK we know what love is [in its many forms] and because of this close the door to the unknown. This is all related to Dark Intelligence .. especially love!

When I have these contact experiences every atom .. every particle of air is filled with love and compassion. This powerful and transforming force even follows you around .. and you go into town and it is there waiting for you. As you look around the love and the compassion is in EVERYTHING. The compassion is even inside the people who are not aware that it is there inside them and around them. THAT is how subtle love is: So powerful and so gentle.

Dark Intelligence Spiritual Technology
We live in a world of Solar light .. knowing .. external visual [seeing] .. the power of the Sun [Male]. Two thousand years ago the Christian powers of the light took the feminine yin principles and reset how humans on Earth experience the yin [feminine] force. You were to fear the DARK yin feminine force [water] in all its DEMONIC forms #_#

Darkness is to be feared .. all spiritual and technological power comes from the light [the Sun]. Physical matter is primary and water is secondary. Wait a minute! crude oil is a black fluid !! Shut up! We turn that black [dark energy] fluid into LIGHT .. to work for our World of light. Black coal? We turn that into light too... Alchemy of the dark into the light.

As I began to realise I do not know what love is .. my mind was free to simply be aware. To be short on this one: Dark meridians and Dark Intelligence are powered by energies of love and compassion. This is why Human Intelligence does not power up and this is why Dark Meridians do not power up in our lifetime.

Love and compassion are actually very high grade super refined energies that have technical applications. I do not mean the technologies we have on Earth today. I think some of you are instantly going to understand what I am saying here.

The man who lives his life to forge the perfect Samurai sword is applying very precise high technology love energy to accomplish his work. The farmers who plant grow and harvest rice are applying very precise high love technology energies available to them to accomplish their work. The chefs who cook the perfect meal are using high grade love energy [technology] to accomplish their work.

I am saying love is the force behind natural higher intelligence.

The Zen of Dark Intelligence is love. The Zen of Dark Meridians is love. Dark Intelligence and Dark Meridians are powered and upgraded by the energy of compassion. This is not an intellectual phenomenon .. this is a deep energy source .. sort of like Dark Energy. This is the Free Energy of existence .. and the hardware is the human body / the human mind.

Love is not what we THINK it is...

The Universe is not woozy woozy! The Universe is very down to Earth and practical. Every layer and energy signature in the Universe is applied Alchemy of the Enlightened kind. The Universe works .. it has laws .. there is nothing going on that is not applied and real. Even ghosts are part of an applied universal science of the unknown kind.

Love is not woozy woozy! Love is a serious hard core applied energy signature little understood by humans on Earth because we do not align ourselves to the frequencies. What we know as religion today was once a SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY. An applied spiritual technology.

What is the science of love?

First it is higher intelligence... I do not know how I am going to write about that? Then the high tech love energy frequencies create totally new architecture .. bio-diversity co-operations .. stewardship of the oceans and the many water ways .. agriculture and town planning.

Those few examples give you some idea of what I mean when I talk about: Dark Meridians and Dark Intelligence being awakened inside us through the energy of love and compassion. This is a hands-on basic universal life-technology.

Now I feel kind of awkward trying to explain to you or share with you something I experienced directly that has totally changed my life. I don't know what love is .. but I know what I am talking about #_* = we have to leave the inner [psychic] door open .. to experience the unknown. This is an infinite source of knowledge that will allow us to harness energy in our World without destroying our World.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dark Meridians

In future incarnations I was a: Dark Meridian Master.
I was going to call this post: The Master of Dark Meridians... I though that is maybe a bit dramatic and using the word Master will catch too many people's attention .. who will read this for the wrong reasons. You see, the human brain is most conditioned by words rather than silent inner intelligence and inner navigation beyond the word. I decided to use ultra-light "Dark Meridians".

In general very few people understand what I am talking about in these new style posts since my Path was changed by: Another Unwelcome Adventure. We all have our minds every day in the wars and the threats .. aggression(s) and the conflicts .. fear .. gravitational pull into the alpha male struggles. It is all still the Gladiator entertainment of the Roman Circus. The only difference is we now sit at computer terminals and the Circus covers the entire Planet.

I only began to understand this for myself during and after my latest Dark Sky encounter. I have had these Dark Sky encounters my entire life. Even as a baby I experienced [late at night] waking up to be aware not of my physical material surrounding .. but to be aware of stars and deep space and a Dark Sky Intelligence so vast it blows the current human mind.

I know .. people say: UFOs .. extra-terrestrial encounters .. influenced by ETs ..

This is not my fundamental experience. The mind does tend to translate these experiences of the deeper kind into mysterious UFO experiences or ET encounters that we cannot understand. I never experienced it like that. I always experienced Deep Dark Sky Transformation. It was always a Spiritual Encounter of the Third Kind... Ha! Hahaha!

These are probably the most important posts I have ever made to date...

Usually .. I tend to just put things out there and leave it alone .. and move on. In terms of Dark Sky Intelligence .. Dark Energy and Dark Meridians? This is my own special adapted area of a lifetimes work. The Alpha Male environment boosted by the whole burn fast media claim: If you do not realise your dreams [success] by the time you are 30 .. drop off a cliff #_#

I'm sorry! This is the erectile philosophy [I meant reptile / typo-error].

All this that I am writing relates to Dark Meridians and Dark Sky Intelligence... As a young kid I was very HIGH-ENERGY .. At four years old until I was seven years old I was going crazy discussing with my spirit guides how to get a Healing Center established where I could start teaching NOW !!! Can you image four years of high energy frustration and nagging from an obsessed child?

They said to me: SLOW DOWN #_#

This is very important to Dark Meridians [reality]. The light .. energy .. the visual [to be seen] .. projected sexual chi [external] .. excessive male drive .. attainment .. power .. success. Humans today are burning at high speed and we are getting nowhere. Our world is polluted and human intelligence is decreasing. We learn to kill each other and how many people learn compassion? Sorry! That is another word for something-dysfunction!

I am writing about Dark Energy in a world of LIGHT... If you cannot detect Dark Intelligence or you cannot detect Dark Meridians .. no one is going to listen to you. Some beings I am in contact with live 3,000 years. They seriously begin their work at 1,000 years. This is an Earth time based translation of time. For these beings time is different and they try to translate information to our time scale.

Success is now always big and bright .. fast and powerful. I wanted that success too for different reasons. From an early age I wanted to heal people and to heal the world. By HEAL I do not only mean physically .. I wanted to heal peoples minds and their emotions and free them from suffering.

At six years old I was demanding of my spirit guides to show me how to create a Healing Center on Earth = NOW was not soon enough! Instead .. they taught me about Dark Energy .. Dark Sky Intelligence and more recently Dark Meridians. In the last few days I realised that it all [the teachings of Dark Energy] seamlessly combine as ONE FORCE.

Dark Meridians [Masters]
I am the Dark side of Matter = I understand Dark Meridians [a very ancient secret awareness]. I understand Dark Energy and Dark [sky] Intelligence. Light moves very fast .. and darkness absorbs the light. If darkness existed before light then it is the oldest form of life in the Universe #_*

I understand and can experience Dark Energy because I am Dark Energy...

You have the white [light] Buddha and you have the black [dark] Buddha forms. You have the white [light] Tara and you have the black [dark] Tara forms. These are the two basic principles for all life on Earth. Out of these two principles comes the visible and non-visible spectrum[s] = colour .. mass and volume. Are you still with me ?? Ha! Hahaha!

I can detect Dark Energy because I am Dark Energy.

Our world is currently out-of-balance. Our psyche is programmed to fast .. super fast .. light .. Solar energy .. speed .. get it while you can [and get more]. This is all excessive yang male energy. It is totally destroying our world. This psychic light obsession is destroying our Planet.

Hidden inside our bodies are Dark Meridians.

From an early age the spirit beings patiently taught me to apply and understand Dark Energy .. Dark Intelligence .. Dark Sky Intelligence and now to be conscious of the Dark Meridians. Because this is yin [feminine] Dark Water .. very few people are going to understand this.

In this post I just want to explain to you the existence of Dark Meridians [a very ancient science] and how this interconnects to Dark Intelligence .. Dark Energy and Dark Matter. This internal / external yin-yang force is not fast moving in terms of light-dominance reality .. but in some instances it is faster than the speed of light. I hope that makes sense!

I am still working on this... It is new to me in its current form. Our super-fast world is not in touch with reality. Our excessive world of light power is not in harmony with reality. We are living in excess at the cost of future generations. In the future we have to learn to live with the dark side of matter. I mean to live with awareness and application of Dark Energy .. Dark Intelligence [with all its applications] and deeper understanding of the Dark Meridians in terms of human intelligence and technical innovations.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deep Universe Inner Emotions

My signature is: Small is big .. and big is small.
This signature emerges from an early child experience where I woke up out of a dream experience where I was shown the Universe in all its simplicity. Planets the size of Jupiter were also part of the smallest micro [nano] particle.

I was show the largest most gigantic [mind-blowing] forms of physical matter together with the most tiny small micro-particles in one complete unified whole. This is real .. more real than anything we know today.

You may ask then why am I not an astrophysicist or an astronomer?

In the Celtic Culture the knowledge was shared to the benefit of all people in the community. I am aware that many theorists try to claim that Celtic [Druid] culture was the beginning of the secret behaviour of the modern secret societies .. but this is not the case. Knowledge was shared .. hard to explain how this worked in ancient times.

I was born into this world with ancient world awareness .. and the first thing that bugged me were the technical restrictions on observing the night sky and observing the Universe. Everywhere were libraries of BOOKS .. but nowhere were there public sky [telescope] observation centers.

Most of the time public money pays for deep sky observatories...

It bothered me from an early age that we humans on Earth have no public sky observatories! Why not? But surely the deep sky .. stars and Universe over our heads is just as relevant and important as reading a book !! The sky is a different deeply mysterious interactive language more powerful than words.

I was taught always to observe and be aware. I notice that less people read this Blog since I present life changing phenomenon. I am happy for this. I want to write something new and I do not want to write "old brain". Always stay true to who you are. When you are true to yourself .. those close to you are worth more than xxx superficial friends.

Deep Universe Inner Emotions
The idea for this post began with a deep awareness of how human beings accumulate [and are blocked] by years of emotional experience [and psychological attachments]. I wanted to call this post: Emotional Ghost Radar. Where we collect and become attached to emotional echo [patterns] life time after life time.

Also .. consider why: Deep Universe Inner Emotions?

Jiddu Krishnamurti never taught people how to overcome emotions and thought... Why? If the Masters overcome ego-self and the emotions and thought .. why do they not teach ordinary humans how to overcome these blocks and emotions? Humans pursue desire .. pleasure .. love and they suffer .. get hurt .. experience fear and self-pity [loneliness]. These are complex emotions.

Well .. there are no methods to overcome these Inner Initiations.

If the human race does not go to the next level of consciousness? In a way biological matter is an indicator to the pathways of psychic phenomenon. Future science has to study and understand the frequencies of life .. growth .. energy and decay. I saw recently scientists saying that they can discover the key to life in a comet. Yeh! Subjective analysis. Not life...

Our minds [psyche] are covered with a screen of DEBRIS by the time we arrive at our life destined position on Planet Earth. Everyone talks about DESTINY .. it was meant to be! But .. few of us consider the state of our own minds when we reach or attain the Destiny Point.

Each of us may be destined to reach a certain point in our lives .. but no one considers the state of our minds when we reach that point. The majority of people today may have difficulty understanding this .. but in the future they have no difficulty understanding this.

Are you from the future?

If you want to understand Deep Universe Inner Emotions go out in a safe place in a safe environment day or night and observe the skies. Do not look for anything in particular .. simply observe. Then observe yourself observing the skies. You may find that deep universe reflects inner emotions #_#

No one can teach you this .. you can only teach yourself.

There is no interactive human process capable of defining or regulating ones own direct contact with the Inner Psyche and with the Universe. In a way I am talking about the Inner Telescope as well as the Outer Telescope. I was shown that the inner and the outer are ONE.

If people attack you? So what!

Universal Inner Emotions are more powerful than individual issues and problems. Equally deeper micro-particle emotions are also more powerful than individual emotional issues and problems. I am trying to convey the yin and yang of psychic energy and psychic balance.

The larger deeper Universe uses the same principle as the smallest tiny micro particle within matter. So .. when dealing with emotions one has to apply the energy of the deeper Universe with the depth of the inner psyche. Because .. there is no depth of Psyche without depth of Universe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Energy Meridian Intelligence [Technology]

I say Meridian "technology" .. because of the energy involved...
I had to add the word [Technology] to this concept of [Qi] Meridian Intelligence .. because our spirit is incarnate within physical matter. The spirit is like the ghost in the machine inside physical reality. The base physical human form is a living bio-technology where energy Meridian Intelligence [Technology] has existed for millions of years.

People trapped in lower base reality energy matrix [frequencies] are simply caught on those levels due to inner low resonance energies. Some examples of these retroactive lower level energy experiences are: Obsession .. addictions .. fears .. anger .. self-pity .. sorrow .. jealousy .. hurt .. seeking pleasure .. conflict and violence. It really all revolves around the self and service-to-self.

Even as we destroy ourselves the inner bio-technology energy meridian intelligence continues to silently and compassionately support us without judgement. One example is that your computer or mobile tablet functions no matter how you PERSONALLY use it when surfing the Internet. I hope this makes sense.

In a strange way technology and energy are somewhat neutral. We humans can aggressively use and abuse energy usage and application .. but the energy continues to power our use and our behaviour regardless of our different states of mind and our actions. One example of this is that energy can be used to destroy life in times of wars and conflict. Energy can also be used to heal.

Energy Meridian Intelligence
I was working on the inner psychic energy meridian connections over many weeks [that I created for myself out of my own inner imaginations] .. and suddenly I find myself in a life changing higher consciousness interaction that I did not ask for. The higher consciousness was totally unexpected and uninvited. I would say in general: Do not seek Enlightenment!

I like to work on my own .. I am a technician .. and I do not want anyone interfering in my research. As a small kid I would build things on my own and when adults would appear to help me or show me how to do things I would freak because I already had my own teachers and guidance.

These Energy Intelligence Masters are different than human interactions... They do not give you a choice when they interact with you. The interactions are not like a family interaction or intervention .. the higher forces become part of your inner world where you adapt to the energy interaction taking place.

When you interact with the higher Intelligent Meridian Energies .. it is like having access to a higher consciousness Internet. The only difference is this connection is a deep inner part of you and not outside of you. This is how the inner meridians were designed. We humans are designed to interact with the unknown and we are designed to interact with higher forces.

This is not something I think about and write in a few minutes. The insight may take place in an instant .. but the foundation or ground work takes place over many years or a lifetime. I may take years to build the house .. then suddenly someone turns the light on and the house is filled with energy. This is the basics of the meridians.

You live your life and you do the inner work .. then suddenly the meridian network gets switched on. When intelligence is only in the brain it is like a house without electricity. The whole meridian network has to light up for higher intelligence to interact with the human being.

Inner knowledge and experience of past events was designed as a learning and navigational tool where we learn through experiences. Knowledge and experience are not only encoded in the brain. Experience is also a coded signature in the energy field of the body. We accumulate experience throughout the body [inside the bodies energy pathways].

During the early part of our life energy is focused on survival.

In today's society humans do not go beyond the basic pathways of energy. As we get older we accumulate and accumulate and nothing cleans out those energy pathways. As the Sun rose I fell asleep for maybe half an hour or one hour after being awake all night. After I woke up I could feel that something mysterious had cleaned out the past so completely that I felt as light as a feather.

After what I experienced I know that we can create this natural technology that washes through the meridians and cleans the energy pathways. Part of the reason no one does this is because we are all so attached to our emotions and to past experiences. Not just happiness and pleasure .. because humans most of all are attached to their hurts .. their sorrows and their fears. All of it is selfish ego and self-centered. Attachment to the emotions is inside [not outside].

Fundamentally what I was shown is that thought [the ego] constructs a self-image based on all the emotional garbage we internally collect throughout our lives. The emotions and experiences have little or nothing to do with external reality. These emotions are self-centered attachments to OURSELVES. We become inwardly obsessed about every little thing that happened to us as we accumulate the subjective inner emotional reactions.

All these subjective emotions are also a form of energy. Not only do they run around the nervous and meridian pathways .. but they most often get stuck and create blockages in the natural flow of energy. When a block gets triggered we suffer again. New situations trigger old traumas. We become the victims of our own self-emotional attachments. Emotions have similar effects as drugs.

The senses are simply a highly complex radar system.

Imagine your senses are like a traffic controller radar system where all the planes you advise and guide never disappear from the radar screen. Eventually you cannot see or guide the planes of today [the now] because the radar screen is full of all the other past planes... This is how we live our lives = with a screen full of radar blips no longer relevant but blocking our frequency today.

An intelligent energy meridian flow is something totally different.

We have become so focused on the physical material world that we have lost touch with the higher energy or the higher mind of physical movement. Science focuses on the movement of the muscles and tendons. Science does not consider the essential movement of the bones and the energy meridians. In Qi mind do the muscles and tendons move the bones or do the bones move the muscles and tendons? Does the nervous system move the muscles or do the meridians move the nervous system?

In other words: Do blockages in the meridians create physiological symptoms in the bones .. organs .. glands .. blood .. colon and stomach .. muscles and tendons? Which is the primary force: The physical body or the energy meridians?

The most difficult is to explain the intelligence.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Forgotten Ancient Technologies

Society was not always about wars...
We should be ashamed at how we live .. but instead we are simply conditioned and programmed to automatically fit into a set World paradigm. The dominant paradigm is like alcohol or a drug where people are intoxicated and affected by the system they live in.

When you unexpectedly meet highly advanced and unusual spiritual technologies the World changes for you. Perhaps you feel afraid or feel threatened .. or perhaps you see and understand something beyond the current human conditioning of mankind. Nothing lasts forever...

The main part of the cycles of conflict in the World is that every society is using the same technologies in the same ways: The technologies of war .. where each society builds its war technologies in the same way for the same reasons.

Some societies want to attack and dominate .. while other societies say they want to defend. The fact is that EVERYONE is developing and using the technologies of war. On a basic technical level it puts everyone in the same boat. Using and developing technologies of war and not of peace or healing. THAT is the HUMAN PROBLEM we all share today!

Recently .. close to the dark waters .. I experienced a life changing event!

Ancient forces [associated with mankind] interact with humans on Earth in highly advanced ways. They do not simply hand us technologies that would clean our Planet of chemical and radioactive contamination. We humans can easily do this ourselves when we have healed our disturbed mind-set.

Basically because .. to clean an environment is many times more powerful technology than chemicals and nuclear technology. When you get to the stage where you can clean a Planet of chemical and nuclear contamination .. you are using a more advanced technology than anything we have or know today. A violent mind cannot adapt to this. To a violent mind peace is more dangerous than war.

The violent warlike Roman Empire expanded across the entire world .. meaning the expansion of a psychological war like state of mind with the desire to dominate and rule societies through violence and technical applications of war. Then came wave upon wave of war technologies to achieve the same goals of World dominance. The problem is: No one is going to dominate the world! All we are going to do [on the war path] is totally destroy ourselves.

Forgotten Ancient Technologies
Not only did I experience a life transforming event .. but I was able to see behind and into the event in multiple ways. Imagine that since you are a baby you interact with and experience a highly advanced contact that is also related to a very ancient advanced technology on Earth. The creators of this technology exist in the past .. present and in the future. Meaning .. they are not going to go away. Humans may destroy themselves .. but these beings will surpass us.

These beneficial deities can transform matter .. they can transform the meridians .. the Life Force Chi and also the psyche. It is the most peaceful living technology you can imagine. We humans are capable = we have the capacity to innovate and create this technology of healing. This healing technology is easier to apply and is more efficient than splitting an atom #_#

Instead of giving humans all over the Earth more powerful weapons to kill each other .. we build fundamental healing technologies that not only heal people .. but that advance and intensify their higher intelligence. By this I am not talking about electronic mind control !!

Out of fear .. every society in the world is investing in war.

Essentially .. the whole World is equally responsible for the states of violence we see no matter if one party is the aggressor and one party is defending their territory. They are all using and developing the same weapons. No one is innovating higher intelligence technologies THAT DO EXIST TO SAVE A PLANET !!

Just go ahead and kill yourselves #_*

Not everyone will be caught and destroyed by the forces of self-destructive violence. Depending on your inner energy signature the spirit travels and has access to other parallel universes and other worlds and dimensions. Not every spirit will disappear in World destructive events.

The key point is this: We humans have abilities to innovate and create the Art of Forgotten Ancient Technologies. These are organic natural interactive technologies that heal and promote inner higher intelligence [enlightenment]. The technology does not produce the advanced awareness. The humans interacting with the organic technologies create the Inner Intelligence Force.

Once you have a small number of higher intelligence humans .. they innovate and create higher intelligence technologies. They do not create war technologies. They find ways to heal mankind and to heal Nature and to heal the Planet. Once you eliminate war this is not difficult to do.

I have a Venta Airwasher that allows me to clean the air .. but imagine I have a crystal technology in my apartment that allows me to be aware of and interact with the beneficial deities and the masters! As a young child all I had was my own inner ability to connect to higher intelligence. My whole life I see people like myself trapped in a no-mans-land. They have the intelligence but it is blocked.

I often see highly advanced spirits looking out at me from a monkey type of blocked human interface. Sometimes it is very hard to deal with. One can feel compassion .. but this is not going to change the overall human condition on Earth. We need COMPASSIONATE TECHNICIANS.

Jiddu Krishnamurti often said: Science and religion have to come together as one. I think many of us did not really understand what he was saying. Maybe I am beginning to understand. So much of our technology is about conflict .. control .. power blocks and money. The yin and the yang are not balanced!

My last psychic experience was of a superior energy altering the bodies energy meridians .. totally wiping out the past [that I have to explain later] .. empowering the entire skeletal joints of the body with orbs of pure psychic energy. The key joints are where the skull meets the spine .. shoulders elbows wrists .. hips knees ankles. Hands and feet are complex micro-joints.

The point is that we humans have the intelligence to create natural technologies that heal the physical body and charge the meridians. We have the ability to enhance [support] human intelligence. Really we are talking about an advanced spiritual technology. If you build homes in a certain way with certain materials those homes will enhance intelligence [awareness].

We are seeing this excessive male yang World system across the entire Planet using and building the same technology and facing each other off. This has been going on for thousands of years. Why is no one developing peaceful advanced intelligence healing technologies? The path to endless wars is a one-way road leading to a dead-end.

This is why I tried to explain in the I Ching: Hong Kong post that EVERYONE involved in the problems are restricted by the SAME ENERGY: Obstruction / Restriction... When in opposition we imagine the superior opposing force is free and maybe more powerful. The I Ching often teaches us that all parties are obstructed by the same force. There is not one party one force and another party another force. When you have two forces opposing each other it is often the case that [like yin and yang] both opposing forces are restricted by the same "hardship" or "conditions".

We can build and develop technologies of war and no one admits we can also build and develop technologies of peace. Of course .. technologies of peace are a totally new form of technology unknown to the human mind today. This does not mean that we cannot innovate and develop these technologies. Naturally .. where we have a mind there is a way.

To make this more clear to those who do not like the word "technology" .. the human form is a living bio-technology. Humans can create computers and technology because they recreate their own form externally within the physical World. The computer and the Internet are external brains. Trees plants and animals are living bio-technical forms.

We humans have the potential to intelligently enhance develop and protect our World .. rather than destroy it. We also have the potential to intelligently enhance develop and protect ourselves .. rather than destroy ourselves.

This is a Spiritual Technology that was somehow lost to Mankind...

In yin yang culture the MOST intelligent and the LEAST intelligent does not exist.

An Intelligent society could co-operate together to utilise all shared skills and different levels of awareness to create Universal Cultural Balance. The man who can create a perfect obsidian blade or who can plant rice .. is no less than the man who can write complex computer codes.

I don't know how else to explain this!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Meridian Energy Consciousness

You don't have to suffer...
Three days after my unusual energy / consciousness experience I am physically totally fried out .. but my mind is operating on another level. The first guidance is: You have to know who you are. You have to know yourself. You have to have compassion towards yourself. The inner compassion gets shared with other people like a beautiful flower. The flower does not know it is a flower .. and yet the extraordinary presence is shared with everyone.

I am an innovator and technician .. which means I do the hard work and test everything out and then I create something that makes life easier for everyone. This means that I do the hard work and maybe I have to suffer .. but you do not have to suffer. This simple truth is very important to understand.

Spirit beings incarnate on this Earth who have incredible capacity to move through the blocks and difficulties and transform space and time. Once those blocks have been removed .. people do not have to suffer or struggle or have to go through the same process. For example .. if there is a landslide across a road and people remove the debris .. those who benefit from the open road do not have to experience the dirt and removal of the debris.

It is the same with consciousness...

I can share with you what I experienced .. but higher forces made this experience a reality. I am saying that the higher forces cleared the debris and all I have to do is communicate to you what that process is. Then you can take this and transform without having to suffer or go through difficulty. Humans are social animals .. we learn and we share .. we share and we learn together.

The Conscious Transformation of Energy
In my last blog post I shared the funny story of .. Another Unwelcome Adventure .. where I was face to face with some kind of powerful universal presence that has interacted with me throughout my life. Since I was a little kid I have been having these experiences. But this time I was aware.

The supernatural / paranormal contact mysteriously transformed my body and later I became aware of a total change in what I call the Meridian Psyche .. that are invisible energy pathways throughout the body. Where all the joints: The shoulders .. elbows .. wrists .. knees and ankles were open and had large balls of energy that are very hard to describe.

I want to share with you: Energy consciousness .. or conscious energy.

The Masters or Teachers on Earth experienced these transformations .. and the various Masters WERE the living transformation that they were teaching. They get the energy pathways opened and they teach people the various movements of the Martial Arts. Their joints have this open energy [consciousness]. Everyone around them benefits from this energy flow. It is a communal shared transformation.

In the ancient world the Martial Arts existed as a deeper form of Inner Transformation. The physical exercises were a psychic / body meditation. The physical movements could create the open body resonance. They used the mind to transform the physical body. Key individuals would effect everyone training in the various Martial Arts. Individuals who had this Meridian Joint Transformation Energy transferred it through their training. It was a shared experience.

In the three days since my strange experience I became conscious of this process through my awareness of the past present and future. We are the past present and future. You need inner Qi flexibility to access this inner knowledge or conscious energy. Running through the meridians is conscious energy.

To be free to effortlessly access the past present and future .. there has to be a seamless free flow of life energy that is not blocked by any emotion or fixed state of mind [psyche]. This is what I mean when I say: You do not have to suffer!

If you have to suffer .. then something is wrong #_#

Once a human being has made a breakthrough or has experienced a realisation .. the code has been broken and no one else has to go through the same process to break the code. Energy is released. Balance is achieved. most important of all .. the breakthrough is communicated within the psyche. Once the road is cleared .. you do not have to clear the road.

I think what I am trying to convey is that key individuals can be affected by many levels of transforming forces and these force have interacted with humankind for millions of Earth years. This is not a new phenomenon. The key interaction is this: The free energy flow is shared.

One individual can uplift the shared empathic family. You have to be on the same level to share the key [Qi] energy flow / frequency. The shared energy transfer is not intellectual. The physical body has its own form of communication and frequency outside of thought. This is exactly what I experienced.

At the time I thought: Why did I not see this earlier in my life?

The experience was so profound I felt I had wasted time not understanding such a basic fact of life [effecting all of us]. I was then shown that I had experienced this reality many times in my life. A process I call: The Cleansing of the Energy Meridians. This was the first time I was aware and could clearly observe the transforming energy process. I hope to go into this further...

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Another Unwelcome Adventure

When Bilbo Baggins ran out of his front door in Tolkien's The Hobbit to join the dwarves .. he did not want to go on an adventure. He was happy with his peaceful and contented life .. and he saw adventures as nasty horrible things that he could live without [thank you very much].

The point is that Gandalf and other mysterious forces had other ideas and so Bilbo really did not have a choice and he did not have a clue what he was getting himself into. It changed him forever.

No more adventures! Thank you !! - ZenSu

I have never in my entire life looked for an adventure. They come to me uninvited and usually in an uncivilized way. I don't ask for them and when I start to see them coming .. I do everything in my power to avoid them. Adventures [Initiations] are usually hard relentless unpleasant uncompromising and enlightening.

OH! ENLIGHTENMENT! You WANT that .. don't you !! [NO #_#]

Enlightenment is hard work .. you do not get a day off to bum around and serve yourself. Enlightenment does not happen to YOU .. but you are the servant. You become the servant of enlightenment. The Masters of Enlightenment get all the BLISS and you [on Earth] get all the hard work. You cannot just go and meet friends without having AN ADVENTURE .. and most of it is unwelcome and uninvited .. but that is the way the Masters like it to be.

The Masters do not want happy volunteers who pay to go on Initiations .. or even those who go out of their way to SEEK INITIATION. Few people want to do the on the ground dirty work. People generally want to go up to the illuminated heights and avoid the more uncomfortable lower floors.

If the deities appeared and gave you a choice: What do you want to be? A Zen Master or work from the ground floor? Which would YOU choose #_# I know! I know! I should have said: I want to be a Zen Master! Because the moment you say .. I will work for the ground floor .. the deities are OVERJOYED!

You will NEVER have a day of peace after that decision. You don't ever get to just go visit people and have some FUN .. RELAX .. TAKE TIME OUT! Strange things happen and it always puts YOU in the focal point. Wait a minute you guys! I said NO MORE ADVENTURES .. just let me blend in #_*

When you see me writing about the paranormal you may mistakenly think [because of the way I write] that this person knows a LOT OF STUFF. The truth is that I know nothing. It comes to me .. I get shown things .. I see things and I search my heart to find ways to share this in the most simplest way. Right now I am 24 hours tired [exhausted] .. I want to go to bed and sleep another 24 hours and I am sitting here writing this Blog.

For the last five or six weeks I KNEW something strange was going to happen. I saw it .. I foresaw it happening and I decided I am going to use my super sharp awareness to avoid anything unusual happening. I don't need strange life changing adventures [I am already changed]. I thought I was doing a very good job as the bad feeling drifted away and the warnings stopped. One always gets "warnings".

The moment I let down my guard .. it happened !!

Another Unwelcome Adventure
I don't go out of my way to end up in the wilds .. in uncomfortable situations where everything is taken away and all you are left with is yourself [as you are]. I like safety and order and peaceful transformation and enlightenment. By the way: Enlightenment is not AN END .. it is a PATH or a RIVER. The Self is never enlightened .. the self was not designed for enlightenment. The PATH stretches ahead of you or the RIVER carries you. It's a phenomenon.

These mysterious forces will generally take you outside your nice comfortable life and will directly interact with you on various levels from the most basic to the most mind blowing interactions. For example .. everything that makes your life comfortable is GONE and you are stripped down to the basics of life. With me this is usually: No food .. no water [to drink] .. no warm sleeping bag and cold with rain plus large bodies of water. La Tene was a large body of water [Lac Neuchatel] and this recent one was a smaller body of water.

Like a cat .. I love my sleep. Sleep to me is Nirvana! But .. this energy does not let you sleep. I say: Okay! You got me again this time .. just let me sleep through it. Instead .. you experience all layers of reality pulled together as ONE. The bodies breathing changes in profound ways. You can be freezing cold [wet] or just uncomfortable on physical material levels. But the mind / consciousness is effortlessly set on the highest levels.

Just don't even try to do this .. because this is not an entertainment.

The real reason I am writing this post is because of the Dark Water connections. Bodies of water like Lac Neuchatel just blow the natural mind. They are wild untamed mysterious powerful and dangerous. Little bodies of water in populated areas usually do not seem as attractive or dangerous. They appear tamed by man and the noise of pollution. The waters are ONE!

There it was: The same powerful intelligent force I experienced at La Tene was covering the small town lake. Again there was this Deep Dark Water Mirror. I should say: Living Dark Water. It was as if the Stars and Galaxies were touching the Earth. I had not eaten in 24 hours after the changes and they said: Let us feed you. They mean feed us with dark energy of compassion.

As bad as things may get we are never alone!

After the Dark Water encounter the same energy followed me into town .. and that presence was pretty amazing. The presence of compassion filled every atom. It filled the air. I was seeing all this take place .. but human beings were outside of it and unaware. People were so isolated and alone. Everyone has mobile devices connected to their friends and family .. but no one was connected to this deeper force of LIFE.

The Dark Water presence was as strong within the town as it had been all through the long long night. When you fall asleep and you wake up it feels like 10 hours have gone in a minute .. even when you fall asleep for ten or fifteen minutes. In ten minutes of sleep you can lose all sense of time. While being awake all night makes each passing minute feel like an hour.

When you observe the energy [mind] the effect is similar to the effects of deep sleep = timeless. No amount of training can help you to stay calm in unpleasant situations... It really has to come from within. One thing I can tell you as a clue to what I am talking about! Keep practicing every day to stay calm and balanced in all the small human situations you face.

A little match can light a big fire #_*

Who cares about staying calm in little situations? Right! You want to be able to stay calm in BIG situations! Well .. in a past life when I was a student of a Zen Master .. we had to apply calm mind to all the small irritating petty things in our day to day lives. Like that ordinary people would insult us and [even worse] insult the Zen Master and we had to stay calm and balanced [not react].

Every now and then we would come face to face with what we called THE BIG SITUATIONS. Every now and then [to test us] the Zen Master would silently and unexpectedly jump out of the shadows and smack us hard on the head with a LARGE bamboo pole. That was his favorite bamboo pole. The bamboo never broke but it broke our heads #_'

Then he would say to us:
Can your head [mind] be as resilient and flexible as the bamboo pole!

I have been very lucky... Because that Master I have not met in this life! I hope he is not observing from another dimension! I can apply his teachings .. but I don't get the smacks on the head. I love bamboo. The bamboo taught us .. the Teacher only smacked us [that is very ZEN]. Now you know I am tired .. because I am starting to wander off into other worlds. Those are the worlds I visit when I sleep.

No matter what .. you always have to have a sense of humor! In this life I though I would trick them... Which would you choose? ENLIGHTENMENT or you work from the ground floor? OH! I am HAPPY to work from the GROUND FLOOR [HaHaHa] .. sweep up the leaves and chop the vegetables [and leave the heavy work to others]. Guess what? The ground floor levels are the HEAVY WORK.


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere

An inscription discovered at Ahkenaton's city: "Here is the place that belongs to no prince, to no god. Nobody owns it. This is everybody's place. The earth will find joy in it. Hearts will be happy in it."

More than three thousand years later, on February 7, 1968, The Mother defined the Charter of Auroville in strikingly similar terms when she wrote: Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future..
Origins of Auroville

Life is supernatural .. death is supernatural ..
all matter is born from this unified force! - ZenSu

In last posts I tried to explain that gravity does not exist and as a result anti-gravity also does not exist. If we use the archaic science model of "gravity" to describe and explain reality then we may as well say that planes and birds are evidence of anti-gravity [because they fly]!

The strange reality is that gravity is a simplistic human understanding of a dynamic force and anti-gravity is the poor man's alternative to this flawed science. I am not the first person to question 300 years theories of gravity as set out by Newton .. but I am going to go further than most gravity theory opponents wish to go...

I am going into hyper-space and into the realms of The Supernatural.

At the same time I can say to you that The Supernatural is not what you think. In fact 80 percent of our physical reality is governed by the supernatural .. and as our material reality is somewhat stable then that is a good thing! No?

I do not support base "theories" but I support direct experiences that lead the human mind to have deeper realisation into the structure of matter and the mind .. energy and magnetic [and electrical] principles. This means using direct observation to understand Nature and oneself and to combine the two into a unified energy [realisation].

Where does this approach come from?

I was born many time on this Earth in many situation experiencing many difficulties and truths. Most of all the force I meet time and time again that I always recognise is The Supernatural. I know The Supernatural better than I know current physical reality .. and so in this sense I call this force: Inner Guidance Navigation System.

Material base physical reality cannot form life and changes in the Earth reality.

Base material world cannot move and change or alter its form to adapt to continuous changes and challenges. But .. most of all we do not question or find the answers to the true force that moves and alters physical material reality transforming our lives. Between life and death is REALITY = |0|

I tried to explain that old world gravity theories are the science of Santa Clause and anti-gravity theories are the pixies... Santa's helpers [human science is the mindset of child like four year old's] .. this is not a mature nor realistic science. The ancient world had a much more mature awareness of the workings of the forces of the Universe.

Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere
When planes fly overhead you hear the plane and you see it. When Unidentified Foreign [reality] Objects move around the skies you may see them but generally you do not hear them. Probably most of the time you so not see them and you do not hear them.

Science tries to ignore this phenomenon 100 percent of the time .. but science certainly does not want to accept paranormal forces that cannot be detected as sound waves and cannot be seen. The supernatural is more about feeling .. then seeing [hearing].

Future scientists have to consider: How can I feel something before I hear or see. Add also that sometimes you hear something but do not see it and sometimes you see something but do not hear it! This is what I call a basic guidance to The Paranormal. Nothing to be afraid of .. it is natural but it is strange. So .. consider strange as a challenge.

Science today is hopelessly trying to decode the Earths atmosphere and weather patterns in physical material terms. The current lines of self measurement are based on a mechanical linear system that does not apply to Nature. This is where the psychic / supernatural enters the quantum rabbit hole.

When you see strange and unexplained phenomenon in the sky above .. the first thing you notice is the FEELING. You may be seeing a strange object with your eyes .. but the unusual feeling dominates the experience. Something inside you [beyond thought] instinctively knows that you have experienced something beyond the everyday physical realms.

I am going a step further and I am suggesting that the Earth's atmosphere is 80 percent supernatural phenomenon within which the strange unusual lights and crafts interact. So .. they use the 80 percent supernatural atmospheric force [energy] to move and interact with this World. I am saying that these unusual craft are not using anti-gravity!

We see this reality defying phenomenon from our Earth-bound standpoint and we say: WOW!! We only say: WOW .. because we are not inwardly connected to the source. Maybe I should say that we humans are not psychically connected to the source! The first rule is that it is not WHAT you observe .. it is HOW you observe. Dual observation applies to yourself [inner self] and not only to the external reality you are observing.

Inner and the outer observation are ONE...

To understand what I am saying .. try to be aware and observe planes flying in the skies overhead. Do not just take planes for granted and ignore their presence. Even if it is a bird .. be aware of this life force flying over you. Also be aware = we created planes and they are our created life force. Even better .. be aware how many people look or pay attention to planes [or birds]? I can tell you now = ZERO awareness .. #_*

I have stopped to observe REALLY strange lights and objects floating in abnormal ways over the skies above the town [not every day] and I look around me to see two things! 1. No one else sees these strange lights of objects floating across the skies. 2. Everyone ignores me stopping to look up and observe these abnormal phenomenon objects.

The Supernatural is PART of the physical material .. be aware .. what defines the functions of your computer? First energy! Without energy your computer or mobile device cannot function. Next comes the hidden electronic hardware. Next comes your physical material experience of the interactive screen or keyboard / flat-screen. Where most of your online experience [80-90 percent] is hidden unseen .. and beyond your comprehension !!

The aspects we do not yet understand is that it is not the UFO OBJECT or the strange behaviour of the OBJECT appearing to defy 300 year old Newtonian science theory. The supporting key is the EARTH ATMOSPHERE or what I call the Earth's Supernatural Atmosphere.

Physical material world is like the outer structure of your physical body .. or the physical computer .. or the tablet you use to communicate. Inside these technical structures is ENERGY and a hidden energy-physical related technical connection structure. It is the same with your BRAIN. A supernatural Qi force seamlessly connects our inner reality experience.

I am saying science cannot account for 80 percent of REALITY ...