Sunday, November 16, 2014

Zen of Dark Intelligence

The Art of not knowing...
These post always begin early in the morning with a smack on the head from another dimension. That is the easy part of this process .. because then I have to understand and put it all together .. almost like a puzzle.

This morning I was going to call this post: Many Lifetimes... That shows you how much life can change in only eight hours! The theme always was: Dark Intelligence! It began with the realisation [when I woke up] that success is not in my lifetime. I looked back and I realised that I had been working on this healing project for tens of thousands of years. One incarnation at a time ~_*

It is the same dynamics for all of us [I am not alone].

The Masters invested a lot of energy into me [the power of love] .. I am not only blessed .. but deeply grateful .. and therefore I will never give up my quest to heal the world and save the Planet. I was taught you have to start at the basics and build from the foundation. This is also the law of each incarnation. NO ONE gets to start from the top of the pyramid at any point in any life.

I know! We all want to start at the top of the pyramid of life!

As a small kid I was no different... With so many skills and recollections of past lives I got to think: What am I doing sweeping up the temple when I recall being enlightened and teaching many times in many past and future lives? Wait a minute .. did I sign up for THIS ?? Sweep sweep sweep .. sweep sweep sweep.

Always trust and live with and listen to the Inner True Guidance. It has taken me a lifetime to experience and be able to write down what I am about to share with you. Really I write this for you to be able to understand your own life's work [lifetime after lifetime].

Zen of Dark Intelligence
Many of you may be aware from the way I am writing .. that everything I am and everything I know has been recently transformed by a profound life changing experience. Although this has happened to me all my life .. the first Dark Energy [upgrade contact] took place at La Tene [Lac Neuchatel] in 2008. The next upgrade contact took place at the [Dark Energy] Gothic Cathedral [Catalan] in 2013. The last Dark Energy upgrade took place more recently in November 2014.

What happens is that you get an instant download into your psyche that is faster than the speed of light and that you do not know is there .. and then intelligence starts to reveal itself to you. All you have to do is be able to listen and to understand. It is that simple.

When a Planet has an elite who pre plan [through genetic hierarchy] the top of the pyramid position [by default] .. this means the least intelligent and the least capable rule or control that World. Because they are not enlightened nor intelligent .. they hold back the development of the people on the Planet to serve their own selfish aims and fears.

For example .. through birth the Buddha was seated at the top of the pyramid of life and he was intelligent enough to climb back down and begin again from the base roots of the foundation of life. The Buddha then did the necessary work and he attained what people call "enlightenment". I will try to explain what I have been shown in regards to this.

I am not sure if it was before or after the Dark Intelligence encounter that I suddenly realised: I do not know what love is... This was not a superficial realisation .. but it was a fundamental realisation: I do not know what love is. I did not move left or right [away from] this fundamental awareness.

After a few days a door opened .. and I began to understand this deep rooted experience I was having. I still do not know what it means to experience love! We THINK we know what love is [in its many forms] and because of this close the door to the unknown. This is all related to Dark Intelligence .. especially love!

When I have these contact experiences every atom .. every particle of air is filled with love and compassion. This powerful and transforming force even follows you around .. and you go into town and it is there waiting for you. As you look around the love and the compassion is in EVERYTHING. The compassion is even inside the people who are not aware that it is there inside them and around them. THAT is how subtle love is: So powerful and so gentle.

Dark Intelligence Spiritual Technology
We live in a world of Solar light .. knowing .. external visual [seeing] .. the power of the Sun [Male]. Two thousand years ago the Christian powers of the light took the feminine yin principles and reset how humans on Earth experience the yin [feminine] force. You were to fear the DARK yin feminine force [water] in all its DEMONIC forms #_#

Darkness is to be feared .. all spiritual and technological power comes from the light [the Sun]. Physical matter is primary and water is secondary. Wait a minute! crude oil is a black fluid !! Shut up! We turn that black [dark energy] fluid into LIGHT .. to work for our World of light. Black coal? We turn that into light too... Alchemy of the dark into the light.

As I began to realise I do not know what love is .. my mind was free to simply be aware. To be short on this one: Dark meridians and Dark Intelligence are powered by energies of love and compassion. This is why Human Intelligence does not power up and this is why Dark Meridians do not power up in our lifetime.

Love and compassion are actually very high grade super refined energies that have technical applications. I do not mean the technologies we have on Earth today. I think some of you are instantly going to understand what I am saying here.

The man who lives his life to forge the perfect Samurai sword is applying very precise high technology love energy to accomplish his work. The farmers who plant grow and harvest rice are applying very precise high love technology energies available to them to accomplish their work. The chefs who cook the perfect meal are using high grade love energy [technology] to accomplish their work.

I am saying love is the force behind natural higher intelligence.

The Zen of Dark Intelligence is love. The Zen of Dark Meridians is love. Dark Intelligence and Dark Meridians are powered and upgraded by the energy of compassion. This is not an intellectual phenomenon .. this is a deep energy source .. sort of like Dark Energy. This is the Free Energy of existence .. and the hardware is the human body / the human mind.

Love is not what we THINK it is...

The Universe is not woozy woozy! The Universe is very down to Earth and practical. Every layer and energy signature in the Universe is applied Alchemy of the Enlightened kind. The Universe works .. it has laws .. there is nothing going on that is not applied and real. Even ghosts are part of an applied universal science of the unknown kind.

Love is not woozy woozy! Love is a serious hard core applied energy signature little understood by humans on Earth because we do not align ourselves to the frequencies. What we know as religion today was once a SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY. An applied spiritual technology.

What is the science of love?

First it is higher intelligence... I do not know how I am going to write about that? Then the high tech love energy frequencies create totally new architecture .. bio-diversity co-operations .. stewardship of the oceans and the many water ways .. agriculture and town planning.

Those few examples give you some idea of what I mean when I talk about: Dark Meridians and Dark Intelligence being awakened inside us through the energy of love and compassion. This is a hands-on basic universal life-technology.

Now I feel kind of awkward trying to explain to you or share with you something I experienced directly that has totally changed my life. I don't know what love is .. but I know what I am talking about #_* = we have to leave the inner [psychic] door open .. to experience the unknown. This is an infinite source of knowledge that will allow us to harness energy in our World without destroying our World.