Thursday, November 06, 2014

Meridian Energy Consciousness

You don't have to suffer...
Three days after my unusual energy / consciousness experience I am physically totally fried out .. but my mind is operating on another level. The first guidance is: You have to know who you are. You have to know yourself. You have to have compassion towards yourself. The inner compassion gets shared with other people like a beautiful flower. The flower does not know it is a flower .. and yet the extraordinary presence is shared with everyone.

I am an innovator and technician .. which means I do the hard work and test everything out and then I create something that makes life easier for everyone. This means that I do the hard work and maybe I have to suffer .. but you do not have to suffer. This simple truth is very important to understand.

Spirit beings incarnate on this Earth who have incredible capacity to move through the blocks and difficulties and transform space and time. Once those blocks have been removed .. people do not have to suffer or struggle or have to go through the same process. For example .. if there is a landslide across a road and people remove the debris .. those who benefit from the open road do not have to experience the dirt and removal of the debris.

It is the same with consciousness...

I can share with you what I experienced .. but higher forces made this experience a reality. I am saying that the higher forces cleared the debris and all I have to do is communicate to you what that process is. Then you can take this and transform without having to suffer or go through difficulty. Humans are social animals .. we learn and we share .. we share and we learn together.

The Conscious Transformation of Energy
In my last blog post I shared the funny story of .. Another Unwelcome Adventure .. where I was face to face with some kind of powerful universal presence that has interacted with me throughout my life. Since I was a little kid I have been having these experiences. But this time I was aware.

The supernatural / paranormal contact mysteriously transformed my body and later I became aware of a total change in what I call the Meridian Psyche .. that are invisible energy pathways throughout the body. Where all the joints: The shoulders .. elbows .. wrists .. knees and ankles were open and had large balls of energy that are very hard to describe.

I want to share with you: Energy consciousness .. or conscious energy.

The Masters or Teachers on Earth experienced these transformations .. and the various Masters WERE the living transformation that they were teaching. They get the energy pathways opened and they teach people the various movements of the Martial Arts. Their joints have this open energy [consciousness]. Everyone around them benefits from this energy flow. It is a communal shared transformation.

In the ancient world the Martial Arts existed as a deeper form of Inner Transformation. The physical exercises were a psychic / body meditation. The physical movements could create the open body resonance. They used the mind to transform the physical body. Key individuals would effect everyone training in the various Martial Arts. Individuals who had this Meridian Joint Transformation Energy transferred it through their training. It was a shared experience.

In the three days since my strange experience I became conscious of this process through my awareness of the past present and future. We are the past present and future. You need inner Qi flexibility to access this inner knowledge or conscious energy. Running through the meridians is conscious energy.

To be free to effortlessly access the past present and future .. there has to be a seamless free flow of life energy that is not blocked by any emotion or fixed state of mind [psyche]. This is what I mean when I say: You do not have to suffer!

If you have to suffer .. then something is wrong #_#

Once a human being has made a breakthrough or has experienced a realisation .. the code has been broken and no one else has to go through the same process to break the code. Energy is released. Balance is achieved. most important of all .. the breakthrough is communicated within the psyche. Once the road is cleared .. you do not have to clear the road.

I think what I am trying to convey is that key individuals can be affected by many levels of transforming forces and these force have interacted with humankind for millions of Earth years. This is not a new phenomenon. The key interaction is this: The free energy flow is shared.

One individual can uplift the shared empathic family. You have to be on the same level to share the key [Qi] energy flow / frequency. The shared energy transfer is not intellectual. The physical body has its own form of communication and frequency outside of thought. This is exactly what I experienced.

At the time I thought: Why did I not see this earlier in my life?

The experience was so profound I felt I had wasted time not understanding such a basic fact of life [effecting all of us]. I was then shown that I had experienced this reality many times in my life. A process I call: The Cleansing of the Energy Meridians. This was the first time I was aware and could clearly observe the transforming energy process. I hope to go into this further...