Friday, November 21, 2014

Dark Zen: The Clouds Are Filled With Life

Clouds are alive .. the atmosphere is filled with living organisms.

I was going to call my new applied Dark Intelligence label "Dark Zen" and for some strange reason out of my mind came the word: Zentelligence. This is because I want to move the direct application of my work and research into its own area.

The Art of Zen is the Art of Dark Intelligence. I can explain something on one level but the application is on another level. We live in a Solar 3D World where we incarnate to apply our understanding into the World around us. Planet Earth is like a training ground for Zentelligence.

These posts will be like the I Ching but coming from Dark Zen perspective. Zen is another form or frequency of intelligence that I call Dark Intelligence. I was shown this .. I experienced it and now I am unraveling it. Today we humans mostly inhabit the area of Solar [light] yang intelligence imposed on the World by the West. We suppress and are mostly unaware of Dark Intelligence. The two forms of Intelligence are yin and yang = they work together.

Although we are only aware of Solar yang [light] intelligence .. we cannot live without the balance of Dark [yin] Intelligence. It is just that in general the mind is conditioned to be aware of one form: The Active Light. As a result our World is out of balance and polluted.

One application of Dark Intelligence reveals what I will now write about the nature of clouds and the many layers of the Earth's atmosphere. I will try not to go out into space in this post... This also relates to current levels of pollution and possible solutions.

Dark Zen: The Clouds Are Filled With Life
Solar [light] Intelligence tells us that clouds and the Earth's atmospheric layers are a chemical mixture of water vapor .. gasses and particles. The fact is that clouds are filled with undetected life forms similar to plankton in the oceans. The Earth's atmosphere is filled with as yet undetected life forms that maintain balance and clean the air.

When you look at clouds you are looking at complex living organic forms composed of unknown micro-organisms of varying complexity. It is sort of like your immune system. The immune system in your body is alive and intelligent .. but you do not know anything about the organisms that form your immune system. Those micro-elements inside you keep you alive.

The atmosphere of the Earth has a certain resonance. The atmosphere has a certain electrical signature. A PH level of electro-magnetic signatures. When we send concentrated matter based pollution out into the atmosphere we change the electro-magnetic PH levels of the atmosphere. Coal is matter .. burning coal creates gases and particle pollution. These gasses and particles alter the atmospheric PH [electrical charge].

Essentially we are making holes in the atmosphere where the density disrupts the living organisms that clean and balance the air. Worst of all the pollution is changing the electric charge of the water molecules [atmospheric vapor]. When you change the harmonic charge of the water in the atmosphere you also disrupt the living micro-organisms that make up total atmospheric mass.

The answer is very simple and probably not expensive!

The long pipes leading into the sky emitting gasses and burned particles can be swirled inside to create a vortex phenomenon and with electrical charge or electro-magnets the negative charge of the gasses and pollutants can be altered [neutralised]. The biggest problem is the charge of the particles [more suited to creating smog and fog than clear skies].

You could also have a dome into which the gas emissions are discharged and you move the gas in circles while changing the electrical charge [making them less dense]. With electro-magnetic charge you can actually reorganise the structure of pollutants. When released you have altered the density.

Everything I have just written comes from applied Dark Intelligence.

Solar [male - yang] Intelligence only sees one side of reality. That is mostly physical material. Out of this one-sided view of the Universe we have built everything we have today. The bigger picture is missing from this World view. There is a lot of stuff being missed.

Actually .. it is possible to get energy out of coal without burning it #_#

As we burn coal today and are not going to stop any time soon .. there are ways to understand and easily correct the massive pollution problems we are facing. The same principles apply to cars. The emissions from cars are electrically charged in ways that damage the natural electrical charge of the Earth's atmosphere.

Probably a spiral vortex exhaust with elecro-charge altering potential would cut down on the harmful nature of Autogas emissions. This is similar to Viktor Schauberger's vortex water principles. We forget that the Earth's atmosphere also largely consists of water. Because there are forms of water we currently do not understand .. science underestimates the role of water in the atmosphere.

The Earth's magnetic air currents are the force that turns atmospheric vapor into a vortex current. This vortex principle is also related to electrical charge. The pollution density on a bad day is dangerous because the living elements in the air disperse and this dense human created charged fog just sits in the air replacing the beneficial living organisms.

You do not have to spend years first trying to find the living organisms in the clouds and in the atmosphere. All that is needed is to understand the optimal electrical charge for pollution dispersal and for neutralising the damaging particle emissions. When the atomic charge is neutralised in particle emissions then things get a lot better. Earth is harmonically designed to support life and clean the air.

Towns could have ground domes that move the air through a charged vortex system creating pure air. The domes can circulate this pure air out into the atmosphere. We humans are intelligent enough to replicate Nature and the processes of Nature.

Inside the domes [so as not to lose space] could be shopping areas with restaurants and cafes or meeting places. The domes would function as recreational spaces as well as air cleaning spiral energy dynamics. The benefits to the air quality would outweigh the effort to create these natural air purifiers.

The most important point I have to make is that clouds are composed of living organisms currently unknown to human science. The Earth's atmosphere is filled with living beneficial organisms unknown to human science. When you kill these organisms .. you kill the Planet.