Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dark Intelligence Has A Structure

In the last few days I got very excited about the nature of Dark Meridians and Dark Intelligence. My Solar [light] side is saying: We have to use this .. we have to activate this #_# .. I am totally excited like a child with a new toy. I even think: I hope I do not fall asleep tonight because I have to understand and apply this...

After two or three days something says to me: You do not apply intelligence .. but intelligence applies itself to you. I have to be honest .. this is the way it happened and came into my life. I knew somthing strange was on the horizon and I was in resistance to this. I said to life: JUST TELL ME and do not put me through any of these strange experiences [thank you very much].

Then intelligence came to me from outside and not from inside. In those moments Dark Intelligence transformed my inner awareness and my inner state of mind. I can say to you: Dark Intelligence has a structure and probably a purpose. We do not own intelligence but we have a relationship to intelligence.

Earth does not need a New World Order .. Earth needs INTELLIGENCE.

Naturally .. the supernatural / paranormal experience did not show me the World and did not comment on the World we live in. The experience simply showed me that the next stage is INTELLIGENCE. The way it was shown to me .. intelligence is like a new inner architecture of society. For example .. you have intelligence in argiculture and intelligence in architecture. You have social intelligence and planetary co-operation intelligence.

Currently humans are building computers to be faster and more intelligence than humans. Then you may as well have a Planet of computers and no human beings! Which is not really the key [Qi] point of us humans being here on Earth.

Over the last few days I discovered that I could not move into the Dark Meridians using Solar [light] mind / consciousness. That is the active [male] power we use in this World. I was also aware that at certain key points the Dark Meridians activate on their own and affect my whole psyche.

From these experiences I would say that the fluid Dark Meridian [Intelligence] force in this 3D Universe is superior to the Solar [light] energy. At the same time in terms of yin and yang they work perfectly together to create balance and harmony. I think balance is harmony!

BUT !! I WANT to create harmony = ACTIVE [SOLAR] FORCE!

Forget it kid !!

I have to admit that the Dark Energy experience I had was totally outside of my every day Solar [light] mind consciousness experience. The force was gentle .. subtle .. you do not even feel the transformation or know what is taking place. THAT IS INTELLIGENCE #_*

Then it was said to me: This is the Path you humans have to take.
They said = you humans have to create this !!

They mean we humans have to create Dark Intelligence Technology for ourselves: "You have to create it." Even deeper was an awareness = this is what you are going to create [in the future].

We are the past .. the future .. the present [now].

I do not know what I am going to do? I was shown that Love and Intelligence have a structure. By this I mean that people are programmed to believe in a woozy woozy totally impractical Santa Clause type love [illusion]. People are not understanding the Universal Structure of LOVE. Like it has a PRACTICAL application at all levels of REALITY.

It is the same with Intelligence = Intelligence Has A Structure...

Take this a step further: Love is the energy of Intelligence.

When I say Love .. I mean something real that we humans barely understand. At the same time Intelligence allows us to understand and interact with Love. Once more we have the yin and the yang interrelated balance between the elements.

Dark Intelligence is DARK .. because we do not see it. At the same time Dark Intelligence affects us. In the future this phenomenon is going to seriously enter our existence and our societies. It is not even that Dark Intelligence desires to bring balance or create harmony. There is no desire.

This force is so uncompromising and so gentle [at the same time] you do not know it is there and yet it transforms your life in uncompromising ways that teaches you without "The Teacher" observer. This is possibly what the Buddhists called Karma.

The Solar [light] intelligence is that we act upon life and we actively create or seek intelligence. Not good / not bad .. it is simply what it is according to the laws of dynamics. Dark Intelligence is without choice .. it cannot be pursued .. it cannot be manipulated .. it is what it is.

Love has a structure and Dark Intelligence has a structure. The Universal Structure may be Infinite in its own nature .. but it is a structure nevertheless. If we do not understand this then we understand nothing.

Love and Dark Intelligence are also living radionic frequencies that exist within and affect the real physical and psychic [psychological] World we live in and inhabit [lifetime after lifetime]. I have more to say about Love .. but I cannot say all this in one Blog post. It gets complex...

I think I have given you enough clues to begin to understand for yourself the nature of Dark intelligence and its relationship to your incarnation is this life now connected to the past .. the present and the future across space and time.